GOP Descends Into Madness As Ted Cruz Vaults Into Top Tier Of 2016 GOP Candidates


A Public Policy Polling (PPP) national survey conducted from March 26-31, 2015 shows Ted Cruz pulling into contention with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, for the GOP presidential nomination. The survey, released on April 1st, but apparently not as an April Fool’s joke, shows Ted Cruz gaining ground on the leaders, and sitting in a strong third place position for the Republican nomination. His presidential announcement speech at Liberty University appears to have resonated with Republican voters.


Cruz has surged from 5 percent support a little over a month ago, to 16 percent now. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker still leads with 20 percent support. Jeb Bush is in second at 17 percent and Ted Cruz is at 16 percent. Ben Carson and Rand Paul sit at 10 percent each. Four other candidates (Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, and Rick Perry) remain mired in the single digits.

With Republican Party voters, Ted Cruz is popular. 52 percent of GOP voters have a favorable opinion of Senator Cruz, to just 30 percent who view him unfavorably. His support is especially strong with Republicans who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters. With Tea Party Republicans, Cruz enjoys a 74 percent favorable rating to 21 percent unfavorable rating.


It would be very easy to dismiss Senator Cruz’s candidacy as a joke, given his penchant for outlandish remarks, and impractical proposals like abolishing the IRS and repealing every single word of Obamacare. However, his particular brand of madness seems to have attracted him new supporters from within the ranks of the GOP electorate.

Polling consistently shows that Republican voters are not warming up to Jeb Bush’s candidacy. GOP primary voters are seeking a more conservative alternative who will give voice to their radical right-wing perspectives, informed as they are by talk radio hosts and the 24/7 bash Obama cycle over at FOX News.


Senator Cruz has tapped into Republican resentment, stoking the politics of rage to fuel his campaign. Whether or not his polling surge is but a temporary bump, or a more permanent boost that could make him a threat to seize the Republican nomination, remains to be seen. But one thing is now clear. Ted Cruz’s policy prescriptions may still be a joke, but his candidacy no longer is. America had better be ready because if Senator Cruz’s momentum continues to grow, the Republican primary could descend into madness, dragging the whole country along for the ride.

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  1. He’s in good company! Trump, Cain, the rents to damn high guy, all top Repubs at one time..the clown car is filling up quickly now that the circus is in town….

  2. yeah… OK… @16 months to convention and Ted has moved up in the polls..

    while its been clearly apparent he’s taking Sen McCarthy’s mantle I think 16 months is plenty of time for the polls to change…

    and if he actually does go all the way to the nomination I’m old enough to remember Sen Goldwater…

    ‘extremism in the pursuit of liberty is no vice’ B. Goldwater

  3. Please, even the Republicans I know think he’s as John McCain called him “a whacko bird”. He’ll climb in the polls for a hot minute and that’s about it. It wouldn’t surprise me if the polling was done in an insane asylum filled with Republicans who went mad when President Obama was elected TWICE. Watch his message get even more bizarre when he thinks he actually stands a chance of becoming president. He would probably start speaking in tongues thinking he’s got it wrapped up.

  4. This is like predicting the weather 3 months in advance.

    There are 18 months for the clinically-unstable Reichwingers to further descend into the rabbit hole.

  5. “Imagine a President who says he will honor the Constitution”…Sen Ted Cruz.

    Whether a Tea Party supporter or not, we all can agree, can we not, Sen Cruz; an Art. II §I Cl. 5 natural born Citizen is a person born not subject to a foreign power, with one allegiance, and one allegiance only, to support and abide by the US Constitution?

  6. The GOP-wing of the Democrat party and the Democrat-socialist party have no idea how much pent up conservative energy there is.

    Ted is the only conservative willing to fight.

    This is going to be so much fun!

  7. these republican fools will tear themselves apart now. it is about to get very, very ugly in rightwing wacky world.

  8. folks, believe it or not, the GOP winning the midterms and taking control of congress is the best thing that could have happened to democrats. the country is seeing exactly what a GOP takeover is looking like and they are not approving and not happy- who could possibly blame them? this GOP Koch Kongress is a friggin’ tranwreck. thank god Obama has his veto powers because these rightwing lunatics want nothing more then to sabotage and destroy this country, its economy, and our democracy so they can blame Obama. they will go down with the ship in order to blame the captain. we must not let them.

  9. are you serious? if you are serious you are insane. you want to see anger? just wait till November 2016. I PROMISE YOU DEMS WILL RETAKE THE SENATE AND KEEP THE PRESIDENCY IN ANOTHER LANDSLIDE VOTE!!!

  10. as much as I wish cruz would end up the republican candidate for president, most republicans are not that stupid to vote for such an epic loser. if they do, they will lose epically in the most lopsided presidential election in our history.

  11. The Kochs want little Scottie in there. Their creation-the Tea Party-want Ted Cruz. The main thing going against Cruz is the Kochs won’t be able to control him if he gets in. We’re going to see record-setting spending to try to make the the Koch brothers’ dream of owning the country come true.

  12. All that pent up conservative energy as of yesterday had them fighting to see who could get on the stupid train first.(Indiana) In case you weren’t aware, Teddy boy was first. Most of the lemmings followed.

  13. To use a liberal tactic….you guys are all just racists b/c you dont want to see us have our first Hispanic President. No it’s not b/c of what he might stand for. It’s all about race deep down. That’s what we conservatives had to hear every time we criticized BO. It was always about race in your opinions. I’m speaking in general terms. Not about any specific person on here Btw, even if Mrs Clinton becomes the President, she will still be better than BO. Now I expect you all to start calling me names and saying all kinds of vile things about me b/c that’s what you do when you can’t argue with a valid point. I will vote for Ted Cruz I’m not a racist. Haha

  14. OMG! the republican party is such a hot mess!! what damn difference does it make? the republican party is a boxer with a empty glove. rafael cruz??? really? SERIOUSLY? this AS$ clown doesn’t even respect his BIRTH name!! GET REAL! yes I realize about 20% of americans are severely retarded but that 20% ONLY thrives because of republican GERRYMANDERING districts- our beloved democratic party MINUS, Elizebeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown and maybe allen grayson when he’s got enough sleep! are cowardly little lions!! and even with the democratic party being half AS$ FIGHTERS, the GOP STILL can’t field a decent candidate!! C’mon!! scott walker?? rick perry??? jebby bush????! donald trump?????!!!!! hell, JOHN EDWARDS could be the democratic nominee and beat the GOP !!

  15. Printing this as a definition of “quatsch”. And Cruz is hardly the definition of “Hispanic”.

  16. Pointing out the obvious is not a “liberal tactic”. To then infer that Democrats would never vote Ted Cruz into The White House because he’s Hispanic is hilarious. Extremist views and shutting down the government because he couldn’t get his way is proof enough for any sane adult that this man is not fit to be the President Of The United States.

  17. @jeannette, stop being a idiot! the democratic party has been very friendly to minorities! and women, so your BS ”PROJECTION” games are laughable!! next time you decided to call democrats RACIST, I suggests YOU try going to a democratic party event and LOOK around, about 1/3 of them will be black or hispanic, let alone the vast majority of Asians in the party, now take a peek at a republican party event!! you can count the number of black people on two fingers! HELL even Colin Powell doesn’t bother showing up!! and ben carson??????? LMFAO you’re MORE than welcome to have that lost, confused, grossly socially undereducated, SAVANT.

  18. Sadly, there are fools who don’t know how to distinguish one idiot from another. Have these people no common sense? This Crazy Cuban seems to be leading people by their noses.

  19. Here we go again. It’s the revolving flavor of the month game.. again. This month it’s the cuban from Canada. Who will be next month’s idiot/a**hat?

  20. And he is loved by the crazy, racist, hypocritical, insane Tea Party who, like him, rant against Obamacare while signing up for it.

  21. Where is Cruz’a American mother? We need to know more about her, since his claim of being a citizen depends on her birth. His father is a certifiable nutcase. Religious freak, rampant crazy religious FREAK.

  22. the GOP “descends” into madness!!?! Surely you jest!? The GOP’s normal IS MADNESS!! they thrive on Madness! They Spew Madness! And they demand that we who remain un-sullied be as mad as they.

  23. Here’s an inside tip, sweetie – The President is of mixed descent, as is Senator Cruz and many other Americans. America is the “melting pot”, we’re all of us “mutts” to some extent or other, so why don’t you people with the stick up your ass get off of your high horse and admit that we’re all pretty much in the same boat, and we all need to start paddling in the same direction? Learn to love your brother (speaking metaphorically, so you understand), like your “good book” says you should – it’s really not that difficult, and you’ll feel better about yourself, too.

  24. much prefer to see the like and dislike buttons here so I could express my displeasure and affirmation more openly

  25. American elections are being reported as if they were ‘American Idol.’ This is not a horse race, folks. Forget the polls, which are bullshit on a cupcake, and report on local elections in depth.

    The marketing dept will deal with the national elections. Real politics are local.

  26. like is there some color chart or something that determines the authenticity of someone’s hispanic-ness? I’m confused.

  27. The entire GOP Presidential Primary process is mired in the Koch machine. How does one not equate Dr. Ben Carson to awww shucky ducky..serial rapist Herman Cain? Albeit Herman did pay those women the cloud remains ,and Dr. Carson just keeps coming out with insane remarks, comparable to his predecessor(the totally funded by Koch money) Herman Cain. It was alleged he didn’t even need to fund raise, the bills were sent to the Koch machine.
    Scott Walker, another incoherent chinless dweeb, all the charisma of Jehovah Witness on your doorstep New Years Day.”I can fight ISIS because I fought to ruin good paying middle class jobs in my State”?
    And Ted Cruz, is only surging because of the “squirrel effect”. This is when a bunch of GOP primary voters see a new candidate and flock to him. Like when your dog sees a squirrel. It’s funny when the dog does it, it’s a game, he’s never going to catch that squirrel, I know it ,you know it , the squirrel knows it, Ted doesn’t.

  28. …Yeah Right Sparky! that “pent up conservative energy” is in the REAL world “pent up conservative INSANITY!” And Fun you say!?…for YOU? and your crazy ilk!? Fun for you and your people is seeing just how insane and hateful you can be and how many times you can screed against what the rest of the world knows as fact. YOU are one sick puppy and I can only feel sorry for, to hate you would be letting you live rent free in my head.

  29. Erica, please explain how or even why we should ever take you or Jeanette seriously when all you do is spout thoroughly de-bunked conservative talking points!? Please explain the reason why you have everything bass-ackwards in your minds and claim that the majority of we who live in the REAL world are wrong!? Please explain just what the Hell is wrong with you! Sorry Erica, I shouldn’t ask you what your problem is because if you knew what it was then you could fix yourself…

  30. Since when did we become radicals? The country has been shifted so far to the left that we don’t resemble the once great nation we were. We were the best and the brightest, now we’re a mass collective of dim bulbs out to destroy this nation and take the whole world down with it. The radicals are in the schools, entertainment/media and the white house. Progress would be made if we did an about face and headed in the opposite direction from whence we have come in the last 30 years.

  31. No, we don’t want to see him as President because he is a dishonest and irresponsible con man. He is responsible for a government shutdown which cost the country 24 billion dollars; he promises things to his gullible supporters which are unrealistic and reckless, and he is also demonstrably dishonest, never taking responsibility for his own destructive actions. He has actually been called out on his lies by journalists and denied them to the point that they laugh at him. And THIS is what you want for a president.

    I hope you don’t have children and make choices for them using the same insight…

  32. My only beef is that they only allow the top ten or twelve to participate in the debates. Remember 2012 with Bachmann and Paul, along with Cain? I know there will be at least 25 crazies running, and I would love to see them all debate each other, just to show America the sheer amount of crazy from the Grand Ole Party.

  33. Time to give this man some peyote & have him listen to the Velvet Underground & NICO. Cruz & the GOP really need to turn crazy down a few decibels & get out of peoples faces & lives & chill out.

  34. Erica, don’t you have a dissertation to work on or some convocation to attend at Liberty University instead of spouting off conservative nonsense on a liberal Website? That is unless you’re really a closet liberal, are you? Or is just that your conservative websites lack any intelligent conversation?

  35. rhondar, you have no idea what the frak you’re talking about! That “comment” was just another word salad consisting of conservative talking points sprinkled with a dash of delusion. Why don’t you go back to attempting to de-bunk the TRUTH and FACT about Adolph Hitler being a CHRISTIAN!! You lost that debate and you will lose this one too because you spout NONSENSE!

  36. It’s elections like this that get me missing NBC’s Tim
    Russert who died in June ’08. RIP, Tim, you would have
    loved what’s unfolding in the current political arena.

  37. Ted Cruz doesn’t give a damn about the Constitution, and if you believe he does you’re as crazy as he is.

    Besides, we already have a President who really does possess all those fine traits you mentioned. And I am very proud that I voted for him both times.

  38. My GOD! You don’t even know right from left! We have shifted so far right the Tea Party and radical pseudo-Christian fundamentalists think they can turn this country into a Sharia-like theocracy! Teddy himself is a Dominionist.

    You need help. Seriously.

  39. Umm Cuban is considered Hispanic. So yeah he is Hispanic. Cruz’s father, Rafael Bienvendo Cruz, was born in 1939 in Matanzas, Cuba.

  40. White, rich, reactionary Cubans are technically Hispanic, but damned if they don’t consider themselves many rungs on the ladder above all those icky brown Other Hispanics, and they assuredly don’t represent their interests.

  41. I’ve been to Democratic events. Have you been to any Republican events? I’m not saying that there are a lot of other races there. I just didn’t notice b/c I pay no attention to what race a person is. I treat all ppl with respect and dignity I was just sarcastically trying to point out the double standards that many in your party use. We should be able to dislike BO based on his policies w/o being called racist. I am honestly color blind when it comes to ppl. My daughter pointed out to me that she had only dated one white guy since she started dating about ten years ago. I didn’t even notice it until she pointed it out to me. And guess what, we didn’t care. I am more that happy to have my kids marry any race. And I would be just as happy with a black,Asian, or Hispanic etc. son-in-law as a white one.

  42. Btw, Tim Russert is a distant relative of our family. My last name is Rusert. The difference in the spelling happened when a group of brothers came to this country. One of them had his papers misspelled when the got here and he never changed it. Lol just thought you should know

  43. I wouldn’t care if he was a descendant of the pilgrims, he’s a nut and not fit for the office of the president.

  44. You can actually post your comment to people, claiming that they are racists, most of whom voted for a black man for president, not once but twice?

    Your as crazy as Cruz. And I say this as a person with the last name of Rodrigues.

  45. @jeannette, please stop being IGNORANT, NO, I haven’t personally attended a GOP event!! WHY the HELL would I?? I’ve seen how many republicans treat people of color!!!! just ask the GOP rep. from puerto rico!! during the 2012 GOP convention!! or the black news reporters who had PEANUTS thrown at them by WHITE republican delegates at that same convention, GO EDUCATE yourself @jeannette, you’re a lightweight talking politics!

  46. If a liberal man calls me sweetie or honey, you don’t seem to be bothered by it. See one of the posts from earlier tonight. But if a conservative

    [You’ve been spamming us with the same quatsch all night]

    I have never seen ppl be so mean spirited on Rep websites as I have here…

  47. Tim Russert is not a distant relative of yours! He IS a distant relative of several left leaning Russerts in California!

  48. I did watch a bunch of Republicans in TV once! They were in their minks with their Obama Blackface masks! It was the2012 Election! Somebody had just called the last state for Obama! The mascara started running, women were weeping into their minks!
    Don’t ever watch it with the lights off!

  49. But I’m finished being called names for a while.
    [We devoutly hope so, Jeanette. We’re tired of wasting space on your same old quatsch] ✌️

  50. Enough with the crazy talk. This country has gone so far left that the left can no longer see truth or common sense and instead call it crazy. Ted Cruz is far from crazy and what amazes me is that a LIBERAL professor from Harvard called me off the charts brilliant. What makes you so much smarter than either that liberal professor or Ted Cruz, both of whom have educations from, or good enough to be at Harvard?

  51. Maybe you should educate yourself. Republicans throughout history have been the ones fighting for racial equality. Democrats throughout history have been the ones fighting against it. Again and again, from the time of abolishing slavery, to voter rights.. you name it. Democrats of today know how to do one thing, blame the Republicans for doing what the Democrats were responsible for. Liberalism is a disease of the mind.

  52. Descends? You have that backwards, but then again that’s no surprise coming from a liberal considering many of you are on the wrong side of just about every argument there is.

    Ted Cruz surging is a positive step for this country and for the GOP.

    Remember I said that when he’s sworn in as the next President of the United States of America.

  53. Don’t stand on one leg waiting for that, unless you want to be painted pink and sold for a flamingo.

  54. Alan Dershowitz . Cruz was a “terrific student,” Dershowitz told The Daily Caller. “He was always very active in class, presenting a libertarian point of view. He didn’t strike me as a social conservative, more of a libertarian.”

    “He had brilliant insights and he was clearly among the top students, as revealed by his class responses,” Dershowitz added.

    Dershowitz also gave a high estimate of Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren — who has decidedly different political views than Cruz.

    Dershowitz says he and Cruz would often debate issues presented in Dershowitz’s criminal law class. “Cruz’s views were always thoughtful and his responses were interesting,” the law professor explained. “I obviously disagreed with them and we had good arguments in class. I would challenge him and he would come up with very good responses.”

  55. Alan Dershowitz was the one who came up with the idea of torture warrants after 9/11, so I imagine he agreed with Cruz about something.

  56. So, what’s your point? I’m related to the actress that played the good witch of the north in Wizard of Oz. It doesn’t make me an expert tornado chaser.

  57. Good quote, jc.
    Let’s hope Cruz’s Crazy Train Express crashes and burns like Goldwater’s did.

  58. We heard that same nonsense, word for word, from Republican extortionists Spiro Agnew in 1968. Reading you is “deja’ vu” all over again. This is 2015, time to join the human race.

    ” all over again

  59. I don’t think so. First the economy was in the tank. Second Carter was unpopular Obama is surging. Third the republicans are one bat shit insane party

  60. I’m a democrat (in Iowa) and I’d vote for Cruz before any of the Democrats that appear to be the leading candidates for the party.

  61. FYI, Sen. Cruz had to do that as his wife has taken an unpaid leave of absence from her job, and her company insurance previously covered the family. He’s doing the same thing that lots of the members of Congress have done.

  62. I’m sure that he will point the finger at President Obama for his train crash. It will be fun to watch.

  63. You have no point, no references, no academic argument.
    All you want is Godless Communism YOLO

    [Pointless vitriol]

    Subversion is the cowards way.

  64. People ask me what is my political stance. I tell them freedom. They look confused then I tell them if Democrats supported and defended the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights … I would be a democrat. If the GOP did the same I would be a republican.
    Since neither do, or have in the last 20 years I’m going for Cruz.
    He walks the walk and risks for the walk, then he talks the talk.
    He is the real deal, and he will be a freedomist.

  65. So do you have an argument” Do you have a point of contention against Cruz” Has he done anything illegal? Do you have an academic reference? Or are you on the left all about name calling?

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