Republican Takeover Of Congress Backfires and Makes Democrats More Popular

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid

According to a new poll, from ABC News/The Washington Post, the American people are noticing John Boehner and Mitch McConnell’s failures. Since Republicans took complete control of Congress, congressional Democrats have become even more popular than Republicans.

Via: The Washington Post:

Congressional Democrats get higher approval ratings than congressional Republicans, and the gap has widened since last fall. In October, 30 percent said they approved of congressional Democrats compared with 25 percent who approved of congressional Republicans. In the new survey, approval of congressional Democrats has risen to 38 percent while congressional Republicans are up a slight 2 points, to 27 percent.

Boehner and McConnell are also making President Obama more popular. The President has gained five points in approval of his leadership. He now has a seven-point (45%-38% lead over congressional Republicans on the question of who has taken a stronger leadership role in Washington.

Seventy-three percent of those who believe that Obama is taking a stronger leadership role than Republicans view this development as a good thing. Those who view Republicans as taking the stronger leadership role are more divided (58%-32%) on whether or not this is a good thing.

It might appear to be counter-intuitive, but the Republican control of Congress ahead of the 2016 election is serving a helpful purpose to Democrats. Potential voters are getting an eyeful of the Republican agenda, and so far, they aren’t liking what they are seeing.

Congressional Republicans can no longer sit on the sidelines and blame President Obama or Harry Reid to for their failure to govern. They are the majority in the House and Senate, so it is their agenda, and their jobs on the line. The gerrymandered House is obvious to this reality, but the foreboding sense of looming failure is the key to Mitch McConnell’s desperation to prove that he can pass legislation in the Senate.

The Republican agenda is helping many Americans appreciate what President Obama and Congressional Democrats stand for, which is definitely not what John Boehner and Mitch McConnell had in mind on Election Night last November.

31 Replies to “Republican Takeover Of Congress Backfires and Makes Democrats More Popular”

  1. America will have another year and a half to see what the Republicans priorities are. They are leading off with a budget of tax giveaways to the rich and corporations as well as the removal of much of the poor and middle class’s safety nets. Proceed Republicans at your own risk.

  2. These GOP demons has always been against minorities, the poor and this country. So they will never change, and the results of the last election shows us that, I pray to God to bring them to the limelight so the people can see the evil and hatred they have in their deceitful hearts. And it looks like, it’s happening.

  3. Serious question: I wonder how significant these polls are to our long term political discourse. The MSM relies on them as though they are significant. They seem to change with the wind.

  4. Don’t mean nothing. The American had 6 years to see what their agenda was and if pissing away 24 billion didn’t get the people off their asses nothing will

  5. Their priorities

    GAYS, GOD, GUNS, GREED, and GYNOCOLOGY, repeal Obamacare, more tax cuts for the wealthy, food stamp cuts, more welfare for corporations, more investigations, playing checkers while president Obama plays chess, unable to govern, trying to get us into a war with Iran…

  6. The Republicans brought NOTHING to the table with them when they took over both the House and the Senate. Why? Well, first of all, all they were doing before that was saying NO to Obama and criticizing Everything, plus looking to impeach, sue him. And don’t forget they were incensed (still) with destroying Obamacare. So now, while in the catbird’s seat they are frozen with NOTHINGNESS. Their sole purpose before was to thwart Obama, and now they don’t have Nothing! No ideas, no outstanding regulations, laws, nor a sense of purpose. Their sense of purpose is to continue to fight with Obama, while doing NOTHING. Oh, and also we see them fighting among themselves. What a laugh! Pretty pathetic. Worse Republican representatives EVER!

  7. At their own risk Rick? I have to take issue with that. They can proceed at OUR risk since what they do affects us all.

  8. Rick,

    No one has to wait to see where the Republicans are going, AndyCA said it best in his response the major goals are to deeply *penetrate* GAYS, GOD, GUNS, GREED, and GYNOCOLOGY, repeal Obamacare. Top that off with the not so subtle return to state sanctioned discrimination i.e. the RFRA and all you need is some whipped cream and a cherry to make this Ice Cream Sunday look palatable (though it stills tastes like shit).

    Most of the penetrating is in their heads.

  9. We await the release of more stimulus funds here to get our roads complete. It has helped with the unemployment here, and was spread over ten years, so we have a few to go. That being said, looks like the jobs number will be slim this month, it is being reflected in the markets, that and the interest rates going up. I don’t know if them taking both halls of congress caused the job slowdown, or other mitigating factors. Now would be the right time for infrastructure spending.

  10. Not all Americans are stupid Maxie2014, but the ones that support Republican politicians (both state and federal) and the ones that do not bother to get out and vote are stupid. There is absolutely no excuse for not registering and voting here in America.

  11. The republicans are not only ignorant nasty pigs they are flat out dangerous, after the setter to Iran now McConnell has told the other countries to ignore Obama’s standards
    for protecting the world from climate change.
    What further proof do we need that this country is no longer a democracy but is bought and paid for by big oil, coal and all the filthy stuff that will kill the earth.

  12. It is not going to matter what the polls say. What was Congress’ approval rating before 2014’s election? 11%?

    They still won!

    I believe Americans really don’t give a crap anymore. They think their votes don’t count, which I can understand that with suppression and gerrymandering, but people THAT IS ALL WE HAVE IS VOTING POWER! Use it or lose it!

  13. Everything they have tried has backfired can you say writing a letter to Iran and inviting anyone to speak to them, w/o the President’s knowledge. It couldn’t happen to better bunch of idiots.

  14. Well put! This very situation is ripe for civil war! , Persons, disenfranchised, discriminated against and not allowed to govern themselves resort to this time and time again! The solution these thieves have found? Technology and Fox News!

  15. Kinda like the exposed wizard of oz. Pay no attention to
    the man behind the curtains. Isn’t that Carl Rove?

  16. One thing is certain. The Republicans are GREAT at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. They continue to prove their absolute ineptitude at governing, and they keep getting egg in their faces when their ignorant,regressive political views keep getting rejected.

  17. Too bad folks didn’t vote for the Dems in 2014. When are the left leaners ever going to learn that midterms are just as an important as presidential elections?

  18. That would be 2010! I am still noticing! That wasn’ stupidity! That was laziness! A friend of mine also said it had a lot to do with the bunch that vote for a president of one party and a congress from another party! He says they’re the type that would tie two cats’ tails together to see them fight! Come to think of it, harming two animals and getting scratched in the process ain’t the most Intelligent thing in the world!

  19. Never, the folks who blow off voting in the midterms , are the same ones who wring their hands when something actually affects them! They are the real drama queens! We gotta recruit in spite of them! It is hard because they try and interrupt every conversation with” I don’t know the issues, you need a man/ woman/ life ” , or the one that makes me want to cuss” the politicians are all alike”!
    Then they quote Fox….. From a distance! My advice! If the person you are talking to brings such a person along, he just wants to be entartained! Excuse yourself and give both clowns a wide berth!

  20. Big whoop!

    Doesn’t mean much when congressional districts are so gerrymandered so as to lock in conservatives.

    When Democratic voters stay home on election day what good does a little edge in approval over the GOP truly matter?

    Seems republican cans always get their electorate out to vote in hordes, so this poll excites me not.

  21. While conservative Republicans are _masters_ of propaganda and selling their message, the reality of how bankrupt their philosophy is in the real world come crashing down as soon as they get real power. They start to ram the Koch Brothers/ALEC/Corporate America agenda down the throats of ordinary Americans, and that means working longer, harder, and faster for less so the rich can get richer. For some reason, people don’t like that.

  22. I have to agree with you 100%.If Democrats had balls we wouldn’t be here with all the GOP taking over Congress.

  23. You mean Americans aren’t in favor of bigotry, petty jealousy, and piss poor decision making??

    Who knew?

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