Colorado Republicans Are Pushing Koch Legislation To Seize Federal Land

Most Americans know someone whose life is governed by avarice, or greed, that intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth and power. If nothing else, Republicans and the people they represent epitomize avarice in that there is nothing they will not take from the American people. Over the past six years Republicans have taken unemployment benefits, retirement, overtime pay, equal rights, voting rights, food, and healthcare from Americans to hand over to their wealthy donors. Now, they are involved in a scheme to take federal land that belongs to the government and the people to enrich the Koch brothers due to the billionaire’s greed for wealth and power.

Last month Two Colorado Republicans, state Senator Kent Lambert (Colorado Springs) and state Representative Stephen Humphrey (Severance) began pushing a Koch bill, SB 39, calling for “joint jurisdiction” with the Federal government over national forests and Bureau of Land Management land. It is unclear how a state can have “joint jurisdiction” over land it does not own and has no claim to, but the Colorado Republicans’ effort is a first step in a much more ambitious scheme; seizing and handing authority over federal land to the billionaire Koch brothers to drill for oil, mine, and log without “interference” from the federal government.

The Colorado bill is part of an ongoing Koch-funded and driven initiative started by Utah Republicans for Republican-controlled states to seize control of public lands from the federal government to open them up to oil, mining, and logging interests; interests, by the way that are wholly-owned and operated subsidiaries of Koch Industries. The Colorado Republicans claim, like most Republican-governed Western states that the Koch brothers will better manage the land without federal government interference; government interference includes regulations from environmental and conservation agencies as well as interference by President Obama who has authority to designate pristine ecological and archeological sites as “federally protected” land; something the Kochs and Republicans are not going to tolerate any longer.

When the land is seized by the state, the federal government will have no regulatory authority over what will have effectively become privately-held land including all BLM land, wilderness areas, and national parks; all areas Republicans and the Kochs complain bitterly should be opened up to unrestricted exploitation. This is not a new development and is part of an ongoing conservative campaign asserting that the federal government has no right to own, or claim authority over, any land in any state; particularly Republican-led Western states.

There is a concerted effort underway in every Republican-governed Western state to seize government property to satisfy the greed of the Kochs who, with their Republican puppets, have panted to exploit all federal land, including federally-protected wilderness areas and national parks, for profit for decades. In fact, in 2012 Utah Mormons passed a law demanding that the federal government cede its ownership, and immediately turn over the titles, of all federal lands in Utah including all wilderness areas and national parks to Republicans to sell off to the Kochs to have free rein to “manage” as “owners” and be exempt from federal oversight.

Utah, Colorado, and several Western states have already revealed their plan to pay for the cost of managing their newly-seized federal lands, including national parks, by leasing or selling national forest land to lumber and paper companies that are owned by the Kochs to be logged without interference from the overreaching federal government. They also plan to sell underground mineral rights to the oil  and gas industry for unregulated drilling, and allow mining companies to have unrestricted access in federally-protected, pristine lands such as designated wilderness areas and of course national parks that are on land Republicans, the Kochs, and cretins like Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy claim the federal government has no legal right to own or regulate. This is in spite of the simple fact the federal government purchased and holds the titles to the land which makes it the American public’s land.

Americans surely remember that Cliven Bundy summoned armed militias to wage war on federal officials last year because he claimed the federal government had no authority to remove his cattle that were illegally grazing on its own land; shortly thereafter he repeated the same claim over federal land in Utah despite he lives in Nevada. When Utah Republicans objected to being prohibited from riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) through federally-protected archeologically-historical Indian burial sites on BLM land, Bundy’s supporters made an illegal ride through Recapture Canyon in southeastern Utah anyway. Bundy summoned like-minded criminals with the message that “We need to re-establish who is in control of the land. This is your next stand. Will you be there to help them like you helped us?”

Republicans have spent the past six years taking nearly everything from the American people to provide more wealth for the greed-driven and power-hungry Kochs. They have also taken away Americans’ equal and civil rights for their religious base that the Koch brothers heavily fund. Republicans have even taken Americans’ right to vote away to give control of the government to the Kochs, and now they are on a crusade to seize federal land to give to the Kochs to satisfy their greed. Obviously, there is little left for Republicans to take from the people to give to the Kochs, so they have turned their attention to seizing American public’s federal land and like everything they have seized or stolen, it is to satisfy the greed and lust for power of the Koch brothers.


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  1. This is awful! It has to be stopped. This land belongs to we the people, not corporate America to rape and pillage. America will be a dust bowl, uninhabitable if we let the republicans get away with this!

  2. When the BLM backed away from Bundy and his militia, due to the human targets these chicken sh#ts hide behind, and the government didnt follow up,I dont understand WHY, it appears to have given all these anarchist and this includes the jackals in government Federal and State a voice that needs to shut, whatever the method, it will only get more violent as time goes on. Will anything change after one of these anarchist kills a federal officer.

  3. Only a Republican in an environmentally friendly state could get away with submitting national legislation that serves the 1% and would make it legal to sell off our National Parks and Public lands to the highest bidder, even Chinese nationals, Fossil Fuel industries, or Billionaires. Last year the Republicans snuck a bill into the budget negotiations forcing the Native Americans to sell their burial ground to an international mining company. In some states Governors are now allowed to sell off our public assets, US Post Offices and Schools. The Supreme Court in Citizens United allows corporations to trump the public, common good, and general welfare of all the people, saying corporations are people too. We can see the devastating harm to our National Parks where Fossil Fuel companies have leased our public lands destroying the land and waterways.
    The Quiet Plan To Sell Off America’s National Forests

  4. You forgot to include that the Republicans have also taken our public schools, post offices, an let our totally un fund our infrastructure.


    this message was brought to you by:
    koch industries. “better living, with fascism!”.

    now back to your regular programming….

  6. I post to conservative sites all the time siting truth and reason. always I’m hit with name calling usually being called a a liberal.. looking up the definition I don’t understand why they think this is such a bad thing. what I’m seeing is a intense brainwashing that has been carried out in this country and when you talk against it there eyes glaze over, they quit using logical thought then the names. If anybody has a idea on how to break through the corruption of the american mind I would sure like to hear it.

  7. Drop a few bombs on the gov’t. land that they’re interested in and claim it is a federal bombing area. Any infringement won’t be tolerated and no safeguards will protect those in violation OF trespass without permission. RESURRECTION AGAINST OUR GOV’T. WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

  8. AHHH marvin, take being called a liberal as a compliment.
    advice the rehugs you encounter to please look up the definition of conservative then liberal.
    Then ask, what would you rather be?

  9. Surprised that a state as progressive as CO has so many
    kochroaches scurrying about. Just switch on the lights
    and they usually run to hide somewhere in panic. The
    kochsuckers are obviously using Bundy’s playbook here.
    Thank you again for unleashing these mercenary bast-
    ards, SCOTUS!

  10. Yes let us turn Yosemite into a Koch Brother’s backyard.

    Privatization works wonders- look at Christie and the New Jersey Lottery.

  11. The so-called “conservatives” are, in reality, AUTHORITARIANS!

    Check out Ben Cohen’s website: to overturn Citizens United.

    Remember that these folks worship at the altar of greed whose god rains down green stuff into their pockets!

  12. Will we never learn?

    Whenever a government agency is privatized it becomes more expensive, the quality of service drops and is bled dry into bankruptcy.

    The US Government’s failure to do anything about Cloven Bundy makes it easy to sell national held land & parks. Until the Koch funded GOP is held responsible for their dishonest words & deeds & the public realizes what’s really going on, we’re doomed.

  13. Westerners oppose the seizure, sell-off, or “transfer” of their public lands. These are America’s lands, and we believe we deserve a say in their future.

    A recent bipartisan poll found that Western voters clearly and strongly oppose efforts to seize America’s public lands, believing it would be unfair to taxpayers, lead to higher taxes, reduce access for recreation and result in lands being sold off to private interests.

  14. The Koch brothers won’t be satisfied until they control every inch of land and the U.S. is renamed Kochistan.

  15. From the depths of Mordor:

    Walker in Wisconsin has literally defunded all of the state parks in his proposed budget. The next thing we hear will be that the parks are in such bad shape that they will simply have to be leased/sold/given away. All of this is predicated on the assumption that things like natural lands and recreation areas (and healthcare, voting rights, pay equity, workplace representation, freedom from religious oppression, etc.) are just too fahking good for commoners.

    To say these guys have to go is moot. They will likely have to be forcibly removed, at this point.

  16. I’m sick of Republicans screaming about socialism, when clearly it’s their blatant in your face fascism that is destroying this country. Colorado has some of the most beautiful national parks in the country. Let’s hope any kind of bills like this get the veto stamp, along with not enough votes to override it!

  17. Frankly speaking the Koch led American Taliban all need to be tarred feathered & sent straight to their special place in hell. We must take our country back & vote in 2016, this garbage is overflowing in the USA.

  18. For 6 years now I’ve been watching Repuplican voters throwaway their valuable vote for pie in the sky bogus promises that don’t come anywhere near the practicle beneficial real world workable deals that the Democrats have placed on the voting table. I’m fairly certain the savvy majority of Republican shoppers just like savvy Democrats wouldn’t just go into any store and quickly sign the first deal they saw on a large ticket item but would carefully comparison shop other deals. So why do these so labeled “savvy Republican shoppers” abandon all their common sense tools & vote agains’t their best interests?

  19. It really is time to drag the worthless carcasses of these fascist, anti-American TRAITORS into the street and dispatch them immediately. Seriously.

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