John Boehner and Mitch McConnell Approval Ratings Plummet As Republicans Sink To New Lows


Republicans dreams have turned into nightmares as the approval ratings for Congress, Speaker Of the House John Boehner, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have plummeted since the Republican takeover of Congress.


According to PPP, “Congress (11/78 approval), John Boehner (20/66 approval), and Mitch McConnell (20/56 approval) are all brutally unpopular. It’s a given that Boehner and McConnell are deeply unpopular with Democrats, but they also fare quite poorly with Republicans. The House Speaker has a 35/50 approval within his own party, and it’s 31/43 for the Senator Majority Leader. Both of them are even more unpopular with independents than they are with the overall electorate, with Boehner at 13/73 with them and McConnell at 16/61.”

In other words, Boehner, McConnell and the entire group of Congressional Republicans are universally unpopular. Among Republicans, Boehner and McConnell are disliked because some view them as too moderate, and there is a widely held belief by listeners of conservative talk radio that the Republican congressional leadership compromises with President Obama too much.


For everyone else who resides on planet Earth, Republicans are unpopular because of their refusal to pass popular legislation while they continue to push an unpopular agenda that is far out of step with the non-Republican segments of the country.

The myth that Obama is unpopular president falls apart when his approval ratings are compared with what Congressional Republicans are averaging. President Obama is more than twice as popular as the Republican leaders of Congress. Obama has the sort of approval numbers that Mitch McConnell and John Boehner can only dream about.


Republicans were hoping that their takeover of Congress would lead to a boost in approval ratings, but the opposite has happened. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are being held accountable for their agenda and the poor performance of the Congress that they are in charge of. McConnell and Boehner are in free fall as the Republican-controlled Congress gets less and less popular by the day.

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  1. Great photo! It’s about time the GOP in the house & senate were held responsible for their actions. The stupid people in the US still don’t & probably never will know that the GOP is the cause of the economic woes & the reason the economy has taken so long to recover. The GOP in their efforts to hurt Obama’s presidency has hurt the people in the US far, far more.

  2. Oh, how I love this president. Diplomacy must always be tried first before we send more of our sons and daughters to die in the middle east. Thank you Mr. President and Mr. Secretary. Who cares what the war hawks want. They will never rid of their thirst for war profiteering, making them the scum of this earth.

  3. To me, it’s more than just sinking approval ratings.

    It’s proof of the election shenanigans that GOP has pulled for years.

    Think about it. GOP says “you voted for me, you must like what I want to do”, then approvals sink sink sink. Why? Because of what GOP did/did not do whatever was in line with what voters wanted (depending on what “that” was, could be a ‘did’ or a ‘did not’).

    So…how many of those GOP’ers really were elected legitimately? How many really will do what voters wanted? <– I know, I know…think we already know the answer to THAT!

    Interesting to think about…

  4. wish there was a thumbs up available on your comment.
    Not all want war and destruction, that remains as the rethug way of thinking. Mostly because they make money(lots 0f money) when they start wars.

  5. it would appear that the majority of elected officials to include obama, the dems and republican do no vote, pass laws for spend money as the American voter and taxpayer wants. 6 years ago obama said to campaign followers amnesty is bad for America I’m against it. In all polls I have followed the majority of legal Americans are and were against amnesty as well as ACA estimates for amnesty were reported as 2.1 trillion dollars for 20 years and 15k for each person in ACA. taxpayer money. obama has directed a new program paying for children in other countries to fly to america and be citizens reported just today not his money taxpayer money. the majority are for keystone, he vetoed it. America gives billions to UN and other countries when we have 92 millions not working here, homelessness and hunger here needing the funds. all you ignorant bastards can say is GOP’s fault.its both parties fault. you make me sick adopt of couple of illegals and show support for obama

  6. These guys both look desperately ill. I’d love to see either run the airplane stairs like Obama does. Funny sight that would be.

  7. 1) Please have somebody translate this into English.

    2) Your claims are full of errors.

    3) The GOP consists of nothing but whores who were bought by the super-rich and the corporations to pass legislation enabling them to maximize their profits.
    There is not one GOP lawmaker who has done anything to improve the lives of average American working-class people.

  8. Don’t know where you get your info from but the majority of the country is not for keystone pipeline. Why would we? It’s not our oil, it benifits canada and investors.

    Certainly not worth risking our water.

  9. Are republicans amazingly stupid people, as are some democrats to be fair? Or is their greed so intense that they would sell their soul for another dollar bill? With an Iran deal almost imminent, the world rejoicing, nuclear war averted, thousands of American soldiers will live to serve another tour, millions of Iranians will see their children grow up, the republicans have promised to scuttle the deal. The world, the American people want no more war! The Iranian people and government have made huge concessions, demonstrating that they want peace, not war. Yet, the republicans persist, as should be said-Hillary Clinton is at the head of the pack in marching our soldiers to another profitable, for the neocons, war. It is undoubtedly time to rid Washington of the neocons.

  10. With gerrymandering and low voter turnout, the Grumpy Old Party, while enduring all time lows in approval, will likely continue to control Government on local and National level. Michigan is a perfect example.

  11. Per-Alejandro4-2-15@8:48pm
    sample-“all you ignorant bastards can say is GOP’s fault.its both parties fault. you make me sick adopt of couple of illegals & show support for obama”
    Alejandro, WHO taught ya HOW to speak?
    Had to be a Kochsucker- ALL you said is SHIT!
    No amnesty proposed by President Obama!
    Majority of the CITIZENS of The United States Of America DO NOT want the Canadian Keystone Pipeline!
    Only benefits the Kochroaches!
    Pollutes OUR water tables!
    We get STUCK with the TOXIC WASTE! Fracking ALSO pollutes our water tables & water supply! YOU drink it, Alejandro!
    You are nothing but an ILLITERATE troll speaking out of YOUR ASS!
    The TOPIC is HOW Cry-Baby Boner & Bitch McRacist’s Approval ratings are going down!
    The IGNORANT BASTARDS you speak of, are they YOUR parents!
    You are likely NOT even an American! R U?
    Cry-Baby Boner & Bitch McRacist are “Y” we have NO JOBS Bills, no help for the homeless & STARVING people! WHO paid you to L-I-E – an un-educa…

  12. Where there is a Rep. there is war…
    the congress is a disgrace…
    best thing is that Boehner goes far away
    betcha the Rep lose this election…
    there is not a one of them worth voting for
    what another Bush in the house ha give me a break
    The recent betrayal of the remaining dignity of the U.S. Congress by the House Speaker in allowing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak was an embarrassment to us all. This act by Boehner and his colleagues was clearly intended to undermine the foreign policy of this country, in violation of public policy and the separation of powers clause of the U.S. Constitution.
    Netanyahu was raised in Phila Pa where I live
    he was a warmonger then and has not changed period..

  13. You do realize you’re responding to a Valedictorian of the world-famous …

    “Palin School of Word Salad Composition and Speech”

  14. Repugs are finally being exposed for the traitors they truly are. They are failing at everything they do. Despite all their attempts to destroy President Obama, they have come out the losers and keep demonstrating that they cannot govern.

    America and the world is watching so they better be very careful if they aim to sink the negotiations with Iran. This will not be tolerated.

  15. Interesting numbers. So these two will get re-elected by slightly slimmer margins in their next elections?

  16. Polls for Republicans were very low prior to the 2014 election but Republicans still picked up seats. So what is wrong?

  17. Alejandro’s claims are NOT full of errors. He’s right. I agree that Boehner and McConnell are despicable but you can thank Harry Reid for not allowing over 500 bills to even come to the Senate floor for a vote when he was the majority leader. Many of those bills were bi-partisan, and would have put a lot of Americans back to work and helped the economy recover. Do NOT try to lay that at the feet of Republicans. And as far as the Keystone Pipeline goes, even the left’s beloved bastions of partisanship – Politifact, CNN and Huffington Post – ALL say that Americans support the Keystone Pipeline 2 to 1, so I don’t know where you are getting your information from. It seems as if you are just throwing your personal wishes and views out there as fact. It would put thousands of Americans to work in good paying jobs. And Dan, you are both ignorant and rude.

  18. Boris, I don’t disagree with you about greed, but that is both parties! It’s sickening on both sides. Tom Steyer and all his “green industry” buddies have been raking in BILLIONS of our tax dollars in scam after scam by promoting the same scam Al Gore has made gazillions on. He turns around and spends on the campaigns and in other ways, I’m sure, for the people who will support the agenda that’s making him all that money at the taxpayers’ expense.

    You say,”With an Iran deal almost imminent, the world rejoicing, nuclear war averted, thousands of American soldiers will live to serve another tour…” I know you can NOT be naive enough to believe that Iran will actually abide by ANY agreement. They NEVER have and won’t start now. They have always played this game of stalling for time while they worked like crazy on their nuclear program. If you believe them having a nuclear weapon means peace, you are sadly deluded! What it WILL mean is a nuclear war. And what concessions has Ira…

  19. Now it’s up to 500? I suggest you look to PolitiFact to correct your erroneous beliefs.

    From PolitiFact:

    “Our ruling

    Jenkins said that in the “do-nothing Senate,” there are 352 House bills “sitting on Harry Reid’s desk awaiting action,” including 55 introduced by Democrats.

    In some cases, committee chairs — not Reid — may be blocking or moving slowly on these bills. In other cases, senators are working on their own alternative bills on the same topic. Meanwhile, the claim oversells the degree of bipartisanship in the House; a majority of the Democratic-sponsored bills she cites are relatively minor pieces of legislation.

    Ultimately, Jenkins places all the blame on the Democrats and the Senate, but experts agree that it takes two to tango. Both parties and chambers have played a role in creating the current legislative dysfunction. On balance, we rate the claim Half True.”

  20. Sophie, WHERE do you get your “information”? You truly are on a par with Alejandro. You and your GOTP could never broker a deal as such in the works. Of course we don’t trust Iran…that is why there will be inspections, and tough ones at that. Oh, BTW, I suppose you think all the WW2 Vets should not be angry with Boner the Drunk for inviting the Japanese guy over here to speak to Congress, and AGAIN slapping POTUS in the face for not even mentioning it to him. Typical slimy behavior that the GOTP is known for. You and Alejandro really should move out of the US since you both do not love it. It’s OK, no one here will miss either of you.

  21. Sophie, you couldnt be more wrong. Your exaggerated number of 500 is a joke just like the gop “jobs bills” didnt create any jobs, but had a repeal of ACA sneakily attached by the gotp cheaters and liars and American haters.

  22. History shows that Dems turn out big in Presidential cycles…’16 lookin good, but still get out and vote. Make it an event, bring friends, family, neighbors. We can take it all back with determination by all.

  23. It’s pretty simple. Without a deal Iran will have a nuclear bomb in 2 to 3 months.
    That’s what you want apparently.

  24. I asked for help in translating Alejandro’s post but I could not find anyone who speaks gibberish. Was he talking about amnesty or the ACA or an amnesty for the ACA. And trust, it isn’t Alejandro writing. Because Hispanics would never use the insulting term “illegals” to apply to a fellow Hispanic. 16.5 million Americans have signed up for the ACA — myself included. I don’t get subsidies because I make too much. What I DID get was a decent policy at a decent price. I wasn’t penalized for a preexisting condition which hasn’t been a problem for 15 years. As for amnesty? It is a path to citizenship. Yes give these people entry. Republicans talk about doing it the legal way — one it is virtually impossible to do that and two, you can wait 15 years until your visa number comes up. Let them work legally and pay taxes. Businesses LOVE illegal labor because it depresses the wages they pay to others. You don’t want to work for that? Let me give it to X over here…

  25. Boehnhead said the most honest thing he had ever said recently when he complained that “We have an anti-war President.” As if that were a bad thing. Yes. He. Did. He said that. Republican’s solution to everything in the field of diplomacy is to drop a bomb on it. And you think you will get a change with the crop of contenders for the 2016 election? Nope. All their advisors are from the Bush/Cheney rule. To paraphrase their village idiot Sarah Palin, you can put lipstick on a pig, but…… The only way republicans can win is if they manage to suppress the vote. And trust. There will be a flurry of activity in State Houses to enact voter suppression laws. It has happened in Wisconsin. And the five bag boys on the Supreme Court won’t even review the law. So it stands. They’ve got their boys on the court and super majorities in the legislatures, they are going to make sure the only people who and vote easily are white old farts the majority of whom vote (R)

  26. I feel bad and I VOTED!
    With the way things are going, I worry whether we as a country and public as a whole will make it until election day, November 2016.

  27. You know ReTHUGliCONS will pull all their dirty tricks out of the bag.
    Let’s see, they’ve got gerrymandering districts, voter suppression, preventing registered voters from casting their vote (no I.D. or claiming it’s improper) closing voter precincts early, rigging Diebold voting machines so that Democratic votes register as republican etc.
    This is just for starters.

  28. Sophie,,,, The bills that Reid refuse to take to the table were chocked filled with riders that the Republicans new the Democrats would not support, it was a good ploy by the Republicans to make Reid look bas. Reid did the right thing..”” Your words “” you can thank Harry Reid for not allowing over 500 bills to even come to the Senate floor for a vote when he was the majority leader””

  29. Per the constitution, we have a right to scrap this government and form a new one. Same constitution but a lot of new faces in both parties.

  30. sophie, you’re definitely one of the people (tea party, obviously) who hasn’t got a single clue as to how the world really works.

    Reading your posts is comedy, sweetie. What is so apparen’t is your inability to see the forest for the trees, and a complete whitewash of history. Fortunately for our country, we have a President with the ability to play a “long game” i.e. — to plan our course into the future, and your Obama Derangement Syndrome is eating up all your reasoning skills. I think ObamaCare will cover that illness.

    Oh, and try getting your “news” by expanding your horizons. In other words, turn off FOX Propanda Network. You’ll be amazed at how much calmer your brain will become when you see the world through clean lenses.

  31. The GOP strategists said it themselves, they want governorships to enforce states rights. The governorships have more power and control over the people than the presidency.

  32. And now, we can add the Orange man’s second spit-in-the-eye to our President and anyone who either fought in WWII or loved someone who did.

    I just read the Boehner again invited a Head-of-State to address a joint session of Congress on the 4th of July.

    Please, someone tell me this isn’t true.

  33. Can you imagine where our country would be if the GOPTP had acted as mature adults during the last six years?

    I personally know about a dozen lifelong Republicans who are fed up to the gills with today’s GOP and the decisions they’ve been making.

    They’re finally starting to realize that the only way to fix their party is to vote against it. We have to destroy today’s GOP if we want to survive as the United States of America, and even Republicans are seeing the President as the reasonable one in most issues.

    It can’t come soon enough, as far as I’m concerned.

  34. LiberalandProud,,,, What is wrong? The democrats did not come out to vote. And too, some of those sets where in strong GOP districts.

    Some of those districts where gerrymandered sense the last election to favor the GOP. The GOP ran very affective smear campaigns in hotly contested democrat seats.

    As well, some of the most contested Republican seats will come up in 2016 whereas the democrats will probably win but not win enough to take a supermajority to affectively control both houses.

    Lastly, many Americans have become very angry and cynical. We are divided and basically void of independent thought which favors a very cynical GOP.

  35. Richard, you are so right. The GOP has already stared dismantling the federal government & Constitution through the laws they’ve passed in the states.

  36. Imagining with you, SarahG. When one remembers the
    behind closed door meeting held by those two “patriots”
    with their repug strategists like turd blossom Rove on the
    eve of our president’s inauguration to organize deliber-
    ate obstruction, it’s sickening. Like Bobby K said ” I think
    of the way things could be and ask why not.”

  37. Alejandro…..WTF are you talking about? !!!! Do you proof read, before you post? I don’t think so. Furthermore, you sound as if you are drunk! Nothing you are saying makes any coherent sense. Just a bunch of stupid Right wing talking points. Most of them old and debunked. Yet you stick with foolish premises that FOX and the psychotic Right wing pundits, talk show host, radio jocks, and the common right wing dingbats talk about. NOTHING makes sense. Sara Palin must be your role model. Please. Spare us the cringe factor, as we suffer through having to read your mind.

  38. While I do not have a link for it, but somewhere in the recesses of my mind I remember reading that a greater number of Democrats voted than Republicans in the 2014 elections overall nationwide. But because of gerrymandered districts, a higher percentage of Republicans won their seats. While I agree that more people need to go and vote, it is not just a sheer number proposition anymore. Election fraud is happening through gerrymandering, through voter restriction laws, through blatant lies and propaganda through Republican associated operatives. The nation needs to follow states like Oregon where voter registration is automatic and voting can be done via postal mail.

  39. Buyers’ remorse. These two idiots and their minions wanted the Congress? Well, they got it and they still can’t govern. The president makes a complete fool of these two everytime something comes up for debate. I just wish it was 2016 already, so we can get rid of them all and start afresh.

    I will miss our president and he will go down in history as one of the most successful presidents we have ever had.

    While these two idiots will go down as the two most idiotic and treacherous leaders in Congress, ever.

  40. It is not just the economy that the right wing kills, they are also the bloody war party insisting on a good old fashion barn burning in Iran. As the idiot from Arizona said in 2008 “Bomb, bomb, bomb Bomb bomb Iran.

    Sick degenerate cowards all think Gawd is behind them, and if he is he needs to bring them all home to Hell.

  41. These fakers do not care about popularity, just as long as the Koch/Oil checks clear.They could care less what normal people think, their constituents least of all. I long for the day when it comes home to roost with them, and they finally realize that money can not buy happiness, or peace of mind.

  42. I truthfully believe that that don’t give a damn about their approval ratings. It’s all about passing the agenda of their rich (Koch Bros.) contributors. They could care less whether their approval ratings are the lowest in history. The reason for this is they know they’re probably going to get reelected anyway and to hell with what benefits America and the American people.

  43. They aren’t being held responsible. There are no real repercussions for them not following their oath of office and doing their job.
    They are being called names.
    But they still serve their real “masters”, not the Americans that put them into office.

  44. all they’re doing is what they’ve always done: the bidding of their corporate masters. funny thing is that obama’s policies have rescued the corporations from death but they still hate obama. go figure.

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