Sen. Tom Cotton Thinks All Is Copacetic Because Arkansas Doesn’t Hang Gays Like Iran

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Arkansas Republican U.S. Senator Tom Cotton, the infamous author of the seditious Iran letter, thinks discriminatory “religious freedom” laws in the United States are no big deal, because at least we aren’t executing people for being gay. The conservative Arkansas Senator made his remarks in an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, when he stated:

I also think it’s important that we have a sense of perspective about our priorities. In Iran they hang you for the crime of being gay. They’re currently imprisoning an American preacher for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in Iran. We should focus on the most important priorities our country faces right now. And I would say that a nuclear armed Iran, given the threat that it poses to the region and to our interests in the region and American citizens, is the most important thing that we’d be focused on.

Cotton’s attempt to brush aside a question about right-to-discriminate laws, by pivoting back to discussing Iran was predictable. However, lowering the bar to the point that a favorable comparison to Iran’s treatment of homosexuals, excuses discriminatory laws in the United States, shows just how low Senator Cotton’s standards are.

Senator Cotton wants to put things in “perspective”, but it is interesting that rather than compare the United States to a thriving democracy in Western Europe, or Canada, or Australia, or Japan, or Costa Rica, or South Africa, Senator Cotton decides to compare our treatment of gays and lesbians to the treatment they receive under the Iranian regime.

By choosing Iran as his basis for comparison, Senator Cotton can then argue that since America doesn’t punish homosexuality with death by hanging, everything is copacetic. We can just move on, knowing that because we don’t execute people for their sexual orientation, our work as a nation is finished. In Senator Cotton’s mind that should be sufficient. Call it good.

At least we know where Tom Cotton draws the line. He might even oppose a “kill the gays” ballot initiative, like the one being proposed in California by a homophobic right-wing attorney. However, most Americans see human rights as being more than simply the right to escape the gallows. Tom Cotton’s answer to a question about discrimination is to defensively argue that there is little reason for concern because we don’t kill people for being gay. That speaks volumes about his priorities. How we respond to such nonsense will speak volumes about ours. Sorry, Tom, but discrimination is not okay just because it doesn’t kill somebody.

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  1. Only a couple months and I’m tired of Cotton’s antics already. I wish these jerks would stop seeing the Senate as the fast track to a Presidential bid and start doing their jobs.

  2. The GOP and their ilk are the scum of the earth. And they really “think” that their shit doesn’t stink!!! Tell them who and what they really are people!!! REPUBLICANS ARE “SHIT” ON THE SHOES OF THE U.S.A.and the entire world. LETS SCRAPE THEM OFF!!!

  3. Who died and made this guy the new darling of the Republicans. This guys been in office for 3 months and already has commited treasonous acts against our government which for some reason his party feels qualifies him to become their new mouth piece. God, please help us rid our political system of such trash.

  4. Wow, just about the time I was sure that Kentucky had the two most useless, nonsensical, morons in the senate. Along comes Cotton. There’s a whole lot of stupid coming out of Arkansas lately.

  5. I couldn’t tell from the quote whether he was disparaging Iran for hanging gays or whether he admires them. My suspicions say the latter.

    Keep on digging, Cotton. Pretty soon you’ll have to have a ladder just to reach the bottom.

  6. I hope that this is all really just a “Twilight-Zone” style, political based scenario, weird reality type nightmare that we are all having together!!! Don’t panic folks!!! We will all wake up someday!!! The problem is that I hardly ever “really” go to sleep. Let me know when its all over. Or if this shit gets worse and really hits the fan. WAKE ME UP PLEASE!!! If I’m really sleeping. KLAXON, KLAXON, KLAXON… ENGINE START, ENGINE START,… TAXI, TAXI,… AIR-BORN, AIR-BORN,…

  7. Isn’t this something of an implied threat? Would he use the absence of lynching in his state to suggest that there is no such thing as discrimination?

    Actually it says a lot about the present state of the Republican party that this guy would be receiving so much attention so soon in his political career. The party has run out of ideas and the only fresh faces they can find are more brainless and disreputable, and less intelligent than the tired old faces that none of the voters want to see anymore.

  8. The GOP favorite little trick is to scare ANGRY- OLD- BIGOTS white people, it’s a winning formula EVERYTIME! BTW when our resident FUX TROLLS chime in @jeannette & @Ms
    charlie, try this, turn of FUX for ONE day and actually WATCH & LISTEN to what the GOP offers the country!! NO infrastructure programs, NO education solutions, NO regulating WALL STREET, NO foreign policy solutions, other than the bush docturine, BOMB FIRST , ask questions LATER!! So @jeannette, @Ms charlie, your party just plays YOU on your WHITENESS and your insecurities!! the black guy in the W.H. is a much better friend to you than your GOP overlords are!! WAKE UP!

  9. The Right is big on implied threats — witness the Duck Fynasty guy’s sanguinary little fantasy about the rape, mutilation, and murder of a “little atheist family”. Only slightly less plain is their endless fantasizing that “libruls” are going to put them into concentration camps, a thinly veiled case of projection. In the case of that deranged lawyer in California, there is neither veil nor projection.

  10. Considering that he looks like a dick with ears, he ought to STFU. And after the last cock-up he caused, he ought to slink into well-deserved obscurity and humiliation.

  11. Oh, Knight4444, We need to face the fact that men like Charlie imagine themselves dispossed plantation owners!
    They cannot get beyond that!! They left the Democratic Party and became Dixiecrats! Later The Republicans courtesy of their Southern Strategy, gave us their true strategy!

  12. “Tehran Tom” summarized –

    COTTON: “You lucky bastards should be thankful you’re not in Iran – where they hang fa**ots like you.”

    Looking at this guy gives me the creeps – just like Ted Cruz.

  13. President Obama needs to declare a state of emergency and if the christian taliban teabagger terrorists won’t learn their place He needs to put them there . He’s got the authority , He’s got the man power and he’s got the weaponry to do it . He just needs to do it before it’s too late

  14. All most folks in the US really know about Iran comes from the Jewish owned MSM and the Jewish owned war hawk politicians. Kinda reminds me of the days of Daddy Bush,The Godfather of America’s Crime Family and Craig Fuller’s 11million lie to drag us into the Gulf war fighting for the Arabs. Same country that the 9/11 guys were from. One of the countries funding ISIS. Saudi prince? is second shareholder in rupert’s News Corp.
    I think I will ignore ANYTHING some bought and paid for traitor like Tom Cotton says. That time a diplomat’s daughter went on all the MSM with an academy award performance saying the Iraquis came into the hospital were she worked. Dumping babies out of incubators to die and took the incubators. She lived in an Embassy in America. The script never even changes that much. But why bother when it works? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  15. This goon is nothing but a traitor and should be tried as one in Federal Court. He is lucky that he hasn’t been hanged for treason. Cotton is a rookie in the Senate but for some reason this Southern Cracker thinks he owns the place. He is a complete embarrassment to the State of Arkansas and the people he is supposed to be representing. This is positive proof, ya get what you vote for!!! What were you thinking Arkansas? Does anyone know if this jerk is related to Sarah Palin???!!!

  16. “They’re currently imprisoning an American preacher for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in Iran”

    So Iran’s not entirely backward then ?

  17. So by his reasoning we shouldn’t have ANY need for further “Religious protections” here in the USA because we aren’t beheading Christians here. SMFH [WINK]

  18. I just read today’s Andy Borowitz report. John McCain worries a deal with Iran would severely limit us bombing them. Like Jon Stewart, Andy’s comedy comes MUCH closer to the truth than any of the Main Stream Media’s garbage.

  19. Yeah. Once again, Cotton’s set the bar so low you need a metal detector to find it. (h/t Charlie Pierce)

    The Kochroaches are hot for war against Iran, so we can expect all their bought and paid for surrogates to be beating that drum all the time, no matter how ridiculous the connection.

  20. Well I think people like Tom Cotton-ass should be hung publicly so we can curtail the spread of Conservative Christianity.

  21. If you’d like to tell the numbnutz that put Cotton in our
    Senate just what ya think of him AND the tea party, then
    have at it: It felt extremely satisf-
    ying to inform them that the true Sons of Liberty are
    spinning in their graves because of tea bagger behavior
    and if they could claw their way back from below, they’d
    tar and feather the whole lot of them. Jah bless.[WINK]

  22. Talk about jailing people in Iran, when we should be talking about US jails.

    At the last official count we have 2.2 !!million persons incarcerated, most of which are Black or Hispanic, may as young as HS kids, sent to jail for ditching school. They were not going because of homelesness, bullying, abusive foster homes(because their parens are in jail), mental illness, are on the top of the list.

    Since the privatizing of jails (They run them, we pay) the reasons to go to jail have multiplied and extended sentences are the norm.

    The GOP keeps the population distracted with their Gender distractions while they are robbing the public school services funds and sending our kids to jail instead (such a better system…sort of like boarding school without teachers)

  23. We all know what his reaction would be if democrats withheld money to Israel and said, “Just be glad you’re not living in Nazi Germany.

  24. Yes, and thank goodness we have electricity, plumbing & running water. too.

    Sen. Cotton should also be thankful that he too, lives in the US since in the countries he speaks of they also execute people, especially people who work for the government yet dare to speak out against policies they don’t agree with.

  25. The US may not officially hang gays, but plenty of the RW homophobes are beating, torturing and killing them every day. You know, Tom Cotton’s kind of people.

  26. No Cotton’s not related to Sawah, but she’s got her own RWinger future son-in-law, hooked up to Bristol. He’s a medal of honor winner (due to lies), drinks like a fish, has PTSD, guns in every room & vehicles & is driven by his ambition to become a Congressman. He’s starting the campaign now with many speaking engagements across RW states, all with Palin help.

    Watch for Dakota Meyers in his climb to the top of the next “fresh faces”clown car.

  27. I saw an article about that. I hope to god he’s moving to Alaska. Kentucky already has enough crazies in congress!

  28. “He’s a medal of honor winner”

    So basically He’s just another RWNJ that’s been overseas to murder brown skinned children and in a civilized country would be dancing at the end of a rope for His crimes ?

  29. I refused to call this clown Senator. Tom Cotton is and idiot who likes the limelight, but has no idea about the consequences. When things get really bad for the GOP,( and it will) he will be their escape goat. Using the excuse that he had only been office 3 months. This guys election was nothing but a popularity contest, because not that many people could be so stupid to send him to Washington. He is more guilty of treason than the other 46 that signed that letter. So let’s use him as an example of what happens to those who think they are above the law because they have the title of Senator.

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