Watch Live: President Obama Speaks About Breakthrough In Iran Nuclear Talks


Watch as President Obama will be delivering a statement about the breakthrough in the Iran nuclear talks.


Politico reported:

The U.S., partner countries and Iran announced on Thursday that they have reached agreement on key elements of a preliminary deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

The agreement includes partial sanctions relief for the Islamic Republic if it is found in compliance with the deal, a more comprehensive, technical version of which is expected by June 30.

Sec. of State John Kerry tweeted:

15 Replies to “Watch Live: President Obama Speaks About Breakthrough In Iran Nuclear Talks”

  1. I just heard a loud BOOM in the direction of Phoenix. I think it was John McCain’s head exploding!

  2. The Republicans and Netanyahu will NOT be a happy bunch. Just wait. The frowns on their faces will say it all. Plus they will run to FOX to tear it apart. Whine, sulk and throw hissy-fits. Threaten to “do something about it”. Disagree vehemently with every point in the agreement. Cry foul. Lend a shoulder for BIBI to cry on. Trash talk Obama and Kerry.
    But, on a national and world stage they will look like the buffoons, warmongers, and sore losers that they are. Plus, truly show that they did not WANT any type of Agreement—Just the green light to go BOMB Iran, with Netanyahu’s blessing. Good think we don’t have a Republican President in the Oval Office today, otherwise—The s#it would be hitting the fan in 24 hours.

  3. Oh boo-hoo. Bogeyman Boehner’s Mideast fire just got put out, and without US ‘boots and bombs.’ What will he whine about next? I am so sick of the GOP and their continual need to kill people. Stop it. Grow up. Fix our roads. Fund our schools. Stop fouling up the lives of people who have just as much right to be alive as you do, GOP.

  4. Sad day in America for Rushbo, Beck, Fox,and the GOP “congress”. Rushbo, as of yesterday, was circulating a story that Menendez was indicted because he disagreed with the Administration on the Iran situation. Sick people.

  5. It’s time to send Depends to the GOP. They will need them to catch the feces they are now pooping!

  6. Oh no! Our cities will be in smoldering ruins as the survivors ask “Why? Why did he do this?”

    (Gleichwie der unselige Andreas Lubitz)

  7. Very good news. The bad news is the GOP’s continued inability to accept & trust any deal Obama makes & their continued efforts to undermine & sabotage any steps Obama makes towards peace & diplomacy.

    The GOP cannot allows Obama to succeed in anything. How can the GOP live with themselves if they were to ever allow a man they consider to be beneath themselves any measure of respect or success for his efforts?

  8. What else is this President going to do within the next two years that will finally SHUT these sulking Republican whiners UP! ? It’s going to be Good….For America.

  9. Wouldn’t it be great if our congress & senate would meet our President on issues here at home too. Goes to show what a thinking, cautious, intelligent man President Obama is…. but you will never hear the Republicans give him any credit. God bless you ever day, President Obama. The United States of America, without a WAR….. wonderful!

  10. Don’t go there. Some RWNJ will read that and claim there’s a conspiracy to keep BHO in office. Oh, wait…..never mind.

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