Still Not Sure the Ferguson Police Were Infiltrated with Racism? Here’s the Ugly Proof


Just in case there are folks out there who are still clinging to the hope that the Ferguson police and city officials were accused of racism for no reason, here’s the ugly proof of what went on behind the scenes. For starters, we have an email that shows President Barack Obama, leader of the free world, as a chimpanzee being fed by former President Ronald Reagan.

This image, only possible due to the Washington Post’s records request and titled per WaPo “E-mail forwarded by Ferguson’s court clerk to two police supervisors in 2011,” is among the things that Ferguson defenders must admit now. The photo is captioned, “Rare photo of Ronald Reagan babysitting Barack Obama in early 1962.”

racism Ferguson emails


“These are the racist e-mails that got 3 Ferguson police and court officials fired,” reads the header to the Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery and Kimberly Kindy exclusive. The emails were sent between 2008- 2011 and often targeted President Obama and minorities in general. They were sent and received by Ferguson court clerk Mary Ann Twitty, former Ferguson police captain Rick Heke, and former police sergeant William Mudd. Lowery and Kindy point out that all three were removed from their jobs by the Justice Department after they found the emails.

Here’s a sampling, but you should head over to see them for yourself:

In an e-mail that Mudd forwarded to Twitty — which she then forwarded to others — in May 2011, the body of the message declares:

“A black woman in New Orleans was admitted into the hospital [for] pregnancy termination. Two weeks later she received a check for $5,000. She phoned the hospital to ask who it was from. The hospital said, ‘Crimestoppers.'”

Another, sent by Mudd on June 7, 2011, included a photo of two dogs and compared them to welfare recipients.

Another e-mail Twitty sent both men on March 1, 2010, included a short story titled “Leroy’s last child support payment.”

In an e-mail written Nov. 14, 2008, Henke wrote to a recipient whose identity was redacted in the records, that “we shouldn’t worry about him being president for very long because what black man holds a steady job for four years.”

In case it’s not obvious what’s so egregious about these emails, here’s a portion of “Leroy’s last child support payment”:

Leroy's child support racist email

The bigotry wasn’t contained to race, the emails are also “religiously insensitive.” This isn’t a surprise, because bigotry is always seeking a cheap shot to help the bigot feel better about themselves. They’ll take it out on anyone who isn’t as powerful as them. They are always looking for the easy target.

Bigotry and intolerance are unfortunately rampant in our society, but they must not be tolerated in positions of power — especially among police who have the power to kill at a moment’s notice. We must not allow judgment that is clouded by racism into a position that is designed to protect and serve the diverse public.

These emails are a part of the pattern of racially discriminatory tactics and behavior that the Justice Department found. The emails are damning physical proof that once and for all serve to blow the right-wing defense of the Ferguson Police Department to smithereens.

It’s too bad that victims of the Ferguson officials’ racism didn’t have this proof when they needed it.

12 Replies to “Still Not Sure the Ferguson Police Were Infiltrated with Racism? Here’s the Ugly Proof”

  1. Sadly, no surprise in the Ferguson Police’s behavior. Just look at the Florida Police’s constant problems with KKK related activities. What’s really sad is now thanks to the GOP the US people have lost faith & trust that justice will be served in not only state courts but the supreme court too.

  2. They’re cops. OF COURSE they’re going to continue to be the ass-hat bullies they’ve always been since grade school.

    Perhaps it is over time to start awarding judgments against cops from their operating budgets instead of the general funds?

  3. The WaPo site is awful. Plenty of “Yeah, but Mike Brown did offensive rap, so tit for tat, dude!”

    Excepting that being allowed to resign and find a job half a mile across town and getting gunned down in the street isn’t exactly “tit for tat”, is it?

  4. Yes there are racist cops. Any organization that is traditionally male is also traditionally racist and sexist.

    But having riots because a police officer shot a criminal who attacked him isn’t going to improve things is it?

  5. How many trials do you need saying that Mike Brown was the aggressor in the situation and the officer defended himself till you finally accept it?

    Second is 3 people, 3, does not make the whole of the police force or court system of any town. So to claim the entire system there is racist is a stretch. A huge stretch.

    Do I agree with the e-mails? Not no but hell no. Should these people have been fired? Well that’s a no brainer of course they should have. But you prosecute the offenders not the system.

  6. I wonder how he was the aggressor seeing that he was shot t more than 50 yards? I get it. being the magic Negro you never know

  7. So what you are saying is that it is Ok to disobey an officer of the law who made a reasonable request, punch said officer in the face, then try and take his weapon so long as you are black?
    He was shot at 50 yards from the police vehicle. Not from the officer. The statements say he exited the vehicle and pursued Brown. The autopsy was inconclusive to the distance of the shots. All hits were to the front of the body negating the he was running away theory. The death shot was to the top of the head indicating that he had his head down. There were also blood stains 25 feet BEHIND Brown indicating that he was moving towards Wilson. The spent casings were in a pattern showing that Wilson was backing up, or running away from a threat.

    Any way regardless I wish you and yours a happy Easter weekend. Hope the bunny brings you much chocolate. We may disagree on issues but I truly do wish you the best.

  8. Reasonable request? “Get the fuck outta the street” isn’t reasonable, isn’t professional and isn’t necessary. It’s the kind of reasonable request they deliver in a Prison State. You can create any scenario you want since the victim is dead, but to suggest Mike Brown was a deadly threat to Wilson after being shot and still 25 feet away says a lot about your prejudice and bias. As far as prosecuting the “entire system”, you obviously choose to ignore the statistical evidence. In addition, that “system” was quite tolerant of the racist emails, the ridiculous court fines and fees system, the use of tear gas and flash bangs and the unconstitutional “ordering” of protesters to keep moving. You might take comfort in the lie that Mike Brown was a “deadly weapon” and the lies that were revealed in the testimony of an admitted racist to the Grand Jury, but there’s a reality that isn’t going away. Maybe you could reflect a little this Easter on the teachings of Christ and apply it to Fergus…

  9. It wasn’t just the killing of a Black man by a racist cops, it was the coverup and the exoneration that was sure to follow … and did. It was also the long history racist behavior.

    They needed to go to trial with this. If Wilson was innocent, Wilson would be acquitted. They didn’t do that because the racist police department & DA prevented it.

    You can only spit on a people and deny them human dignity for so long before they rise up. THAT is what happened in Ferguson.

  10. These people are really a sad reflection of society.
    One has to wonder if the Police Departments, Governor and other City Officials seek out these rejects of society for positions because of their racist, ignorant attitude towards their fellow Americans.

  11. Excusing any police force’s overt racism and overt brutality because it caused its citizens to get angry about it isn’t going to improve anything, is it?

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