Republican-Dominated North Dakota House Resists 21st Century, Rejects LGBT Equality Again

inforum ND denies protection for gays

On Thursday, North Dakota lawmakers rejected extending legal protection from discrimination to gays and lesbians, for the third time in the last six years. Two bills that would have outlawed discrimination based on sexual orientation were soundly defeated by the North Dakota House, by votes of 56-35 and 61-30.

One of the bills would have banned discrimination in housing and employment, and the other would have banned discrimination in public services. On the bill banning discrimination in housing and employment, all 56 NO votes were cast by Republicans. 25 Democrats and 10 Republicans supported ending discrimination in housing and employment.

The North Dakota House killed a similar bill 54-34, in 2009, after it had passed the State Senate. In 2013, another similarly worded bill failed to make it through the Senate, losing on a 26-21 vote.

The North Dakota legislature has made a habit of rejecting LGBT equality over the past decade, soundly rejecting legal protections every time they come to a vote. However, Thursday’s vote comes at a time when the national spotlight is focused on Indiana’s recently passed “religious freedom” to discriminate law. North Dakota lawmakers who once quietly affirmed the right to discriminate outside the public glare, may now face a political backlash because their constituents are paying closer attention to their actions this time around.

Conservative Republican Governor Jack Dalrymple is clearly concerned about the state’s image. He had hoped lawmakers would at least ban anti-gay discrimination in housing and employment. In a statement, the Republican Governor said:

I’m concerned that we have missed an opportunity to affirm what North Dakotans already believe, which is that discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation is not acceptable.

Of course, with all due respect to the Governor, North Dakota’s Republican-controlled legislature has affirmed what they believe, over and over. What they have affirmed is that they believe that discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation should remain legal. Not every Republican state lawmaker believes that, but enough of them do, so that every time an equality measure is brought to the floor, it is routinely crushed by the anti-gay, majority wing of the North Dakota Republican Party.

Until the homophobic wing of the GOP is swept out of office, North Dakota will remain mired in the last century, an archaic state stuck in the distant past, while the rest of the nation marches forward. 2016 would be a good time for North Dakota voters to rise up, and vote out the buffoons who have turned Bismarck into the capital of anti-gay bigotry.

8 Replies to “Republican-Dominated North Dakota House Resists 21st Century, Rejects LGBT Equality Again”

  1. “what North Dakotans already believe, which is that discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation is not acceptable”

    Can’t deny it, governor…

  2. They all look like lumps of unbaked bresd dough. I’m so glad to live in Hawaii.

    I’m also glad to read that 10 Republicans had the decency to vote for equality. There may be hope for them yet.

  3. “There may be hope for them yet”

    I doubt it , they’re rethuglicans after all . They’re just too gutless to admit to their hatred in public like the rest of them . Like all rethuglicans they’re traitors at heart and need the same treatment as befits all traitors

  4. They know a SCOTUS decision is coming and they are trying to protect existing discrimination and to get as many discrimination laws on the books as they can beforehand.

    Evil bastages and fargone iceholes, the lot of them!

  5. Per 2015 numbers, North Dakota gets a whopping $3.83 for every dollar they send to the Federal gov’t, making them one of the States that gets a huge bang for their Federal buck.

    It’s time the Federal Gov’t stop subsidizing bigotry and hatred in those ungrateful “red” States, and stop making States like my home-State – California – pay for those States, because in that $2.83 free Federal money North Dakota gets, are also tax dollars from LGBT Americans who work and pay taxes in those donor-States like California, New Jersey, New York, Washington, and Connecticut.

    If they want to deny LGBT Americans full equal rights in their State, then they should be made to deny Federal money for their unconstitutional behavior. Period.

  6. Republicans have declared all out war on Bills of Rights. Bills of Rights are there to protect citizens from the legislative and executive tyranny that those branches of government are trying to impose on the American people. In this case, it is the people of North Dakota whose rights are being attacked.

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