Ted Cruz Will Run First Campaign Ads During “Killing Jesus” Program On Easter Weekend


Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz will launch his first Campaign ads for the 2016 presidential campaign during Easter Weekend. The GOP presidential hopeful bought air time during FOX News’ “Killing Jesus” program, which is adapted from Bill O’Reilly’s book by the same title. Cruz also purchased advertising time to run campaign commercials during NBC’s ”A.D.: The Bible Continues”, on Easter Sunday. The NBC ads will run in the targeted early primary and caucus states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

In the first week after Cruz formally announced his entry into the 2016 presidential race, the Texas Senator has raised about four million dollars in campaign contributions. Senator Cruz announced his candidacy at Liberty University, a religious college founded by the late Reverend Jerry Falwell.

By running campaign ads during Easter Weekend programming that targets Christian viewers, Cruz is continuing his efforts to court Right-wing evangelical voters. The Cruz campaign expects a number of Christian conservatives will tune into Easter weekend, Jesus-themed programs. According to The Washington Post, one Cruz adviser stated, ”for the impact, it’s crazy not to buy this”.

Senator Cruz is competing with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, for the hardcore Christian conservative vote. A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on April 1, 2015, finds Ted Cruz ahead of both Huckabee and Carson nationally. The poll found Cruz in the top tier of candidates with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Although the poll did not survey religious affiliation, it did find that Cruz was the most popular candidate with “very conservative” voters. With that demographic, Cruz led with 33 percent support, to 25 percent for Scott Walker, and 12 percent for Ben Carson. Jeb Bush, who is deeply distrusted by hard-line Christian conservatives, garnered just 4 percent of support from “very conservative” voters.

Senator Ted Cruz has made it very clear that he is willing to mix religion and politics, in order to propel his candidacy. His campaign will run ads on Easter Weekend in an explicit attempt to target Christian conservative voters. Whether his appeal will be successful or not remains to be seen. However, given the Religious Right’s willingness to support the most extreme Republican candidates, Cruz’s strategy probably makes sense politically, at least for the primary campaign.

His willingness to marry politics to religion, however, may prove more double-edged in a general election. Voters who believe in the separation between religion and the state, are likely to be turned off by Cruz’s implicit willingness to turn the United States into a theocracy.

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  1. I’ll turn off the TV when this slimmy hypocrite tea bagger shows his Cuban heritage face shows up.

    How are you enjoying your OBAMACARE health insurance coverage??

    Where is our $24 BILLION you pissed away??

    Name 1 GOOD thing you’ve done for the citizens of Texas??

    On the Evidence for Medicaid Expansion
    expanding Medicaid offsets the $1 billion borne by local governments to cover uncompensated care costs and would significantly lower the extra $1,800 in higher premiums Texas taxpayers pay each year to cover the uninsured.

  2. So he’s preaching to the choir? Sorry, Teddy, but those people would vote for you anyway. You and they will never convince mainstream Christians, independents, and sane Republicans that you would do anything beneficial to us as President. You haven’t even passed a bill in Congress, have you? Have you done anything memorable except read Dr. Seuss while missing the entire premise of the book? Have fun pretending you’re electable. I doubt you could even get elected in Cuba, let alone your native Canada.

  3. The Koch strategy in 2016, is God, gays and guns! It never fails to get the haters and the frightened to the polls!

  4. My sister is a Rush fan (until you try to pin her down on what he says, same with “his predictions are always right” Beck.) She of course hates President Obama, and she was always railing against his ‘chin in the air’ arrogant photos. Wonder how she likes old Ted and the rest of the entitled GOPers?

  5. My sympathies.

    You have to “wonder”? I’m sure she will throw her panties at Raphael and vote for every R on the ballot, she’s brainwashed by her hatred of president Obama.

  6. Well, if he’s running them during “Killing Jesus”, he can be sure that no one will see them.

  7. I believe that Fireman had his “keyboard” given to him as an “official-gift’ from the people and the “Wizard of OZ” for his bravery and courage fighting fires and evil witches with his water-bucket and axe skills. I hear it (the keyboard) was actually “blessed” by the Good-Witch of the west herself (WOW). And Auslander actually makes his own “keyboards”. Sorry if this comment was tooooo, two, to out of line. I was just “drifting” (If you catch my drift). Press on. :)

  8. He can run all the ads he wants to.

    He’ll never be President and he knows it.

    He’s a grifter like Palin.

  9. I, as a liberal, think Ted Cruz is awesome. It’s about time we had someone that Democrats can vote for.

  10. And you thought universal public education was ‘too expensive. how’s ignorance workin’ for you?

  11. Where are the TRILLIONS of dollars wasted by Big Bullying Government over the last 50 years?Oh yes,that went to destroy families,create dependence on government,fund the slaughter of the unborn and beat up on pizza store owners because they don’t choose to provide food for homosexuals weddings….And…we ALL READY have a theocracy,a liberal one where leftists impose their arrogant secular humanism on everyone else…Keep hitting them Teddy,they are running like the garbage they are.

  12. Dude you are whacked.Take another hit.It is not good to make comments while under the influence

  13. Look up the word in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. According to them the word spelled “Auslander” is a legitimate spelling.

  14. Surprised he’s not railing against the non-blonde, non-blue-eyed, non-Aryan playing Jesus in Killing JC.

  15. Well Douchbag I bet you could find trillions of dollars were wasted on a useless war! Killing the unborn, you just want them raised to slaughter them 18 years down the road. Your a hateful bigot. I can’t imagine that you would give a crap about some homophobe shop owner in Podung Indiana, since you seem to hate everyone. So thump that bible three times and keep repeating, please let Teddy be president. You have a blessed day.

  16. Isn’t that O’Reilly’s program? Yeah, that would be the only ones interested;
    the willfully ignorant.

  17. “Were it not for the transformative love of Jesus Christ, I would not have become the petty, spiteful, self-absorbed, Machiavellian prick that I am today.”

  18. When Raphael pops up on tv it’s as if Mr. Haney from
    Green Acres came back in the guise of a televangelical.
    Let us all pray that this deceitful anti-christ front runner
    never gains a significant following. Jah bless.

  19. Umm…the government passed the law protecting the pizza shop owner’s bigotry. Private citizens are the ones fighting that government law. If you are going to hate on the government, at least figure out which side the government is on. In Indiana, the government is fighting for the right of pizza shops to discriminate.

  20. Instead of this, why don’t we create a reality show called “Killing Cruz,” and then run Jesus advertisements while it airs?

  21. This is not really news. Satan has always tried to out shine Jesus, why not on “Resurrection Sunday”. He will find out like the rest of his nutcase friends, you shouldn’t mock God. What a blessed day that will be. Btw one thing for sure Ted “Crud” is to dumb to be the anti Christ. The Anti Christ will have the ability to fool everyone, Ted can only fool his tea bagger supporters. Beside his reading material, “Green Eggs and Ham tells us his intelligence.

  22. I guess you prefer the right wing theocracy in which there is only one way to believe. That would be the American version of Sharia Law with the only exception being that heads aren’t being chopped off…………yet.

  23. I wonder: if Sen Cruz, or Sen Rubio, had been born of naturalized US Citizen-parents — you know, the kind that actually abjured their Cuban citizenship and plead fealty to the US Constitution before Marco and Ted were born, and if their political opponents now were simply native-born US citizens, born of non-US citizens, or perhaps even aliens living in this country illegally; without ever having pledged to support and abide by the US Constitution; would they be so willing now to turn their backs on Tea Party supporters who rightly say an Art. II §I Cl. 5 natural born Citizen is a person born of two US citizen-parents within the jurisdiction or would they be leading the fight to preserve this important presidential qualification?

  24. Totally agree Andy…
    It’s so hypocritical, taking away the freedom of gays and women. Giving the perception of strengthening gun rights when Obama expanded gun rights! All in the name of God, telling them they will burn in hell!!!
    American TGOP……. Bhaaaaaaaa

  25. Ted Cruz is going to find out the hard way that obtaining the hard core conservative Christian vote is going to mean sweet f all to the rest of the country.

    I find Ted Cruz a bigger threat to world peace then Iran will ever be.

  26. This just proves the GOp’s theory about this being a Christian nation is all bunk. A true Christian wouldn’t run ads on the Sabbath, nor would a Christian establishment run them for Cruz.

  27. I like your christ.

    I do not like your christians, for they are unlike your christ.

    Particularly the Right wingers.

  28. It seems that we all agree that Ted Cruz is a rather pathetic joke. The most troubling thing to me about him and all of these Bible-thumbing politicians who claim there is a war on Christianity and that our country just needs to “find God” is this: I am terribly afraid for someone to carry the briefcase with “the code” if he/she is so convinced that the only hope for this country is that we blindly follow him/her. The lure of the “rapture” just might be more than that person can handle. Anyone else think about this?

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