The Day May Be Coming When MSNBC Viewers Are Finally Rid Of Joe Scarborough


During a recent radio interview, Joe Scarborough hinted that he might run for Senate, which means that a date could be on the horizon when MSNBC viewers no longer have to see “Morning Joe.”

Transcript via Hugh Hewitt:

HH: Have you kept a residence in Florida, Joe?

JS: I do have a residence in Florida. And I have a 23-year-old son down there, and my mom’s still down there, so I still get down to Pensacola an awful lot. It’s still home, and it feels a lot more like home, being in New York and Connecticut in April where it’s 40 degrees and raining.

HH: So if Marco Rubio declares as we expect him to do to run for president next year, any chance Joe Scarborough wants to go to the Senate from Florida to replace Marco Rubio?

JS: I don’t think in ’16, but who knows? In ’18, Bill Nelson’s up, and I don’t think Bill Nelson will be sticking around, so you know, one of these years, I think, one of these years if I did something, I’d probably look to run in Florida.

What Scarborough really meant was that if he didn’t have to take on an incumbent, and if he could use his television fame to create an easy path, and if he thought it would be easy, he maybe, might run for Senate in 2018. If Scarborough runs in 2018, it will have been 18 years since he was on the ballot in Florida.

As Jeb Bush is finding out, a lot has changed in Florida in the last 15-20 years.

Adam C. Smith of the Tampa Bay Times pointed out why Florida is no slam dunk for Jeb Bush:

Part of what makes Florida such a challenging state politically is its fast-changing and ever-growing nature. Statewide candidates must constantly introduce themselves. Bush, for instance, won his two gubernatorial races by huge margins — nearly 11 percentage points in 1998 and 13 points in 2002 — but Florida is vastly different now.

The Florida Democratic Party still has the voter files from those Bush elections and can pinpoint which voters are still around and which aren’t. Only 28 percent of currently active Florida voters participated in either of Bush’s past two elections and only 13 percent of today’s registered voters are Republicans who voted in those 2002 or 1998 gubernatorial races.

Scarborough would face the same problem to a more extreme degree. He doesn’t have the resources that Jeb Bush has, and there is a vast archive of him saying stupid and unpopular things on television. The opposition research on Scarborough would consist of going through the tapes of his MSNBC show.

The good news for viewers of MSNBC is that there could be a definite date on the horizon when the plague that is Morning Joe is finally removed from their television screens. The bad news is that Scarborough most likely lacks the guts to leave his cushy television job, and throw himself into a race that he would not be favored to win.

Mostly likely, Scarborough tossed a hint that he might run out there to ransom NBC/MSNBC into giving him more money and power. But if Scarborough does have the political itch, MSNBC viewers may get the double bonus of no longer having to watch him while actively working to defeat Scarborough in an election.

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  1. It sounds as though old Joe is trying to pull what Mitt Romney did in MA. He has a home there, so he’s going to claim residency, when in fact he lives in CT and he visits family in FL from time to time & it’s easiest to stay at his FL house.

  2. Scarborough has been running for office for 4 years now. He tested the waters in New England by going out to speechify and stump for candidates, set himself on his own show to become a household word and now hints at the Senate. I still think he is vying for the WH under the Reagan 2.0 mantle – Universe help us, if he ever gets that

  3. Who watches him at MSNBC? Seems to me he would stand a better chance, if he left now and tried to get a job with POX. That way he could play to the people who can tolerate him.

  4. I wonder which states Scarborough owns homes in & claims to have residency in that he’ll be voting from through absentee ballot or in person in 2016?

    Interesting how everyone in the GOP who denounces the government & it’s presumed welfare state always wants a position that will ensure that they’re on the government dole for LIFE.

    Morning Joe cannot end soon enough for me.

  5. You are right. Pensacola has not forgotten about her nor the fiasco he caused by suddenly quitting “to be with family” and how much it cost the taxpayers to have a special election.
    He is not well liked in the Panhandle.

  6. I fear that most of the sane-thinking liberals and progressive audience will be gone from MSNBC long before Scarborough with COMCAST in the driver’s seat.

    The powers-that-be at the network recently let it slip that the ‘liberal talk format’ wasn’t working that well for them anymore. Many loyal viewers have already noticed the change in tone and are looking elsewhere for anything close to fair and balanced news commentary.

    Too bad all that great thinking didn’t allow them to discover how despised the MSNBC brand is to the ‘target’ audience they hope to drag in.

  7. I stopped watching MSNBC over a year ago.

    After seeing one episode of Joe, two years ago, I never watched it again.

    I actually thought it was Fox News.

  8. Joe has a lot of explaining to do; a covered up dead body in one’s office will keep coming back; I’m betting he doesn’t run because he’d have to answer lots of questions never answered before like what was his personal relationship with this woman.

  9. I read that Jeb Bush helped with the cover up of this dead woman. He should be asked about that, too. Has they been democratic politicians, this would have been a scandal, instead of a cover up. Different rules for different people, I guess.

  10. He is using Sarah Palin’s playbook. Threaten to run for office to create attention, but with no intention of doing so because they are aware they are hated by the pubic and are too lazy.

  11. The reason the liberal format is not working for them is because Joe is not liberal. Also, Tweety never lets people complete sentences. I haven’t watched or listened to MSNBC for a few years now. They put the great liberal minds on when I am already watching other entertaining evening TV. They used to repeat Tweety but make you wait until 9 or 10 PM to watch Rachel or Lawrence. It’s their own fault for it not working. I don’t think they wanted it to work in the first place, with someone like Joe greeting you in the AM. I used to scream at the radio in my car trying to understand why Joe and Myka were considered suitable for a liberal drive time morning show. Absolutely a fail on every level.

  12. ANY so called “LIBERAL network that allows JOKE scarborough to have a permanent 3 hour/ five day a week time slot, just forfeited it label as liberal! or SANE! or intelligent!! don’t laugh but I still have video tape of MSNBC when Keith Olbermann was there, I watch some saturday night LOL. CAMCAST isn’t going to allow a truly “LIBERAL” network on it’s payroll GET SERIOUS!!! CAMCAST wanted the net neutrality deal to GO AWAY!! do you really think good ole CAMCAST is going to let that RIDE?

  13. I am old enough to remember when the hippie left were all against evil government and ‘the man.’

    The ‘don’t trust anyone over 30’ crowd sure changed their tune once they gained power. Now the same folks spend their energy being puppet masters to the under 30 crowd.

    So much irony…

    Of course, it’s awfully difficult to convince rational adults that “Stop being greedy… err um now give me your stuff!” makes any sense.

  14. I sent this re: MSNBC’s take over by Comcast. As you can see, they did not even let this mild rebuke go through. So much for Freedom of Speech!

    When I heard that Comcast was taking over MSNBC I knew it would lean right wing and I was right. Scarborough, Mitchell, Todd, Huntsman are all right wing and many of the commentators have right wing politicos on their shows like Steele, Fiery, Christie, etc. Whoever fired Olbermann and Bashir made a real stupid move.

    Lilowl 6 months ago Pending

    Why has my comment been on hold for 5 hours?

    Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Comcast Voices.

    Lilowl 6 months ago Pending

  15. Hey – why don’t you guys leave Joe alone? I don’t agree with him on most issues but I do think he’s smart and entertaining. Why don’t you all just talk among yourselves privately if you can’t take an opposing viewpoint?

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