Missouri Lawmaker’s Plan To Deny Seafood For Food Stamp Users Smells Fishy

Rep. Rick Brattin

A bill proposed by Missouri Rep. Rick Brattin (R-55) to prohibit Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients from using their benefits to purchase seafood is part of a longstanding effort by conservative politicians to stigmatize the poor. Brattin’s proposed Missouri House Bill 813, would prohibit SNAP beneficiaries from using their EBT card to purchase “cookies, chips, energy drinks, soft drinks, seafood, or steak”.

While it may be understandable that lawmakers might want to ban taxpayer dollars being spent on food that has no nutritional value like soda, energy drinks, and cookies, the justification for banning seafood is far more dubious. Furthermore, the rationale for banning specific types of food is based more in right-wing mythology about the poor people eating lavishly off of SNAP (more commonly referred to by critics as “food stamps”) benefits than it is based on any objective reality.

The reality is that, on average,  SNAP recipients actually make healthier grocery decisions than most American with higher incomes. This, however, has not stopped Republicans from making outlandish claims about spotting EBT card users making lavish purchases in the checkout aisle.

Perhaps taking his cues from the many such apocryphal stories online, Rep. Brattin claims:

I have seen people purchasing filet mignons and crab legs with their EBT cards. When I can’t afford it on my pay, I don’t want people on the taxpayer’s dime to afford those kinds of foods either.

Apparently, unlike most shoppers, the eagle-eyed State Representative is more concerned about what the person in front of him is purchasing, rather than what he is putting in his own shopping cart.

He also seems to argue that SNAP recipients can eat better than he does. That claim, of course, is ludicrous, given that an individual single adult without children to feed can qualify for up to 194 dollars a month in SNAP benefits. Brattin, on the other hand, earns a state legislative salary of 35, 915 dollars annually. With 3,000 dollars a month in pay and another 103.20 in daily per diem allowance, Brattin can certainly afford seafood and steak more readily than any EBT recipient. This is the case, even if we don’t factor in his non-legislative income from his family’s construction business.

Brattin’s proposal, like so many other GOP proposals that target the poor, has nothing to do with saving taxpayer money or getting low-income people to eat more healthily. Instead, the proposal is part of the GOP’s effort to stigmatize the poor as people who make bad choices and who cheat the system to live “high on the hog”. Brattin’s stories have little basis in reality. However, that hardly matters.

As long as Brattin can get voters to continue to focus on the imaginary injustice of poor people ripping off taxpayers to enjoy lobster dinners, he can continue to support policies that enrich the already wealthy at the expense of the middle class. When middle-class voters spend their time peering into the shopping carts of the poor, they will overlook the policies being enacted that are continually feeding the gluttony of the extremely wealthy, at the expense of everyone else.

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  1. This is just a waste of taxpayer time and money.

    Like the one in Kansas that will make welfare recipients get their monthly benefit in $25 increments per day. Try paying your rent in $25 increments. Not to mention the fees involved (85 cents after the first transaction, plus ATM fees). Oh and that one says they can’t use an ATM on board a cruise ship. Now how many welfare recipients have you seen on a damn cruise ship?

    Either they’re not solving a problem at all or they’re solving the wrong problem.

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just come up with jobs programs to help put people back to work so they can stop using welfare and SNAP benefits? Wouldn’t it be better for society if they put through bills to raise the minimum wage so people can be lifted out of poverty?

    Honestly, what is so damn hard about all of this?

  2. What a nasty, petty, vindictive, hateful small, useless, excuse for a man he is. Oh, and stupid, ignorant, and uneducated.

  3. its always interesting that conservatives want to use anecdotal ‘evidence’ to prove a claim… I saw someone buying a steak or crab legs…
    as if SNAP recipients are somehow gaming the system… like godboy Ronald’s myth of the Cadillac Queen or the new version of that… somehow people without jobs they can’t get because no one is hiring are lazy and don’t deserve unemployment help…

    yet when they’re show real scientific facts they refuse to believe… a dimwit throwing a snowball on the Senate floor as proof that there is no climate change problem… someone who should actually know the difference between climate and weather…

    or the other copout… I’m not a scientist… as if that renders them incapable of reading, evaluating and making a real judgement…

  4. I read on Wikipedia that until the mid 1850’s lobster was considered a poor peoples food in NY, Mass, and the Canadian Maritime Provinces. In fact domestics and farms hands made agreements in order not to have to eat it more than twice a week and prisoners almost rioted for having it given to them too much. Anther fact was until the mid 20th century canned lobster was a cheap staple also. Anyway Brattin can posture all he wants but the Federal Government sets the regulations on what you can and can’t buy with EBT, so he can just suck a T-bone [Wink]

  5. I am on SNAP, despite having two jobs, and am fortunate enough to qualify for $194/month. That works out to $6.50 per day for food. If i choose to spend that amount on things like beans and rice for the bulk of that sum, and maybe splurge on a steak two or three times a year, am i not justified?

    Thank you, Mr. Brattin, for making me and all those in a similar situation feel like criminals, for the heinous crime of not having enough money. I hope you have a lobster dinner on my tax dollars… and get indigestion from it.

  6. Keep it up TP/GOP upset millions of people in the USA and you just might get the rebellion you do not want. These people need to start waking up and realize. You take away the right to vote, then mess with food. Now I ask all of you what more do these poor people have to lose? Most are homeless to boot. The TP/GOP is to self righteous and ignorant to see the danger. All it will take is one last straw and millions will rise. History demonstrates this.

  7. In Texas… if you have no children… the most you can get for Food Stamps is $16 a month.

    You are not getting steak and crab legs on that. That is less than $.50 a day on average.

    It is not Grandma’s food card that is blowing the money away… it is the Corporate tax credits… and the waste in other areas that need to be looked at.

  8. The Teapublicans don’t give a crap about the nutritional value of food and/or drinks. They are evil mean-spirited SOBs.

  9. He is collecting a salary from Missouri’s tax dollars for very little work. He shouldn’t be eating steak and seafood either. An I’d really like to know when the last time was that he actually pushed a shopping cart through the grocery store. If ever.

  10. Dude, i sincerely hope you’re right, and people do get angry enough to act. My great fear is that the majority of Americans are too fearful and too hornswoggled to step up and take action.

  11. Put this asshole on SNAP for a year and make him feed his family on that allowance without the things he thinks are too good for poor people.

  12. In their wharped minds, they love to demean and shame people to keep the illusion of being superior.

    Just think of the 1000’s and 1000’s of jobs that could be created by an infrastructure bill.
    WIN-WIN for everyone but NO, lets try to get ourselves into yet another war and waste trillions of $$$ in the process.

  13. Perhaps we could demand the same level of accountability from companies sucking at the Teat of Corporate Welfare?Z

  14. I was on unemployment for 2 years.
    Those gigantic 10lb bags of rice were heaven on earth. Rice combined with beans makes a complete protein.

    I’d make hard polenta in a loaf pan, sliced, sauted and topped it with a “sauce” of canned tomatoes with garlic and dried basil (all were bought when on sale). Ground beef was a luxury.

    I tried as I could to spend no more than $25-30 a week, even as a single person it wasn’t easy but I did survive.

  15. The conservative’s idea is to take away welfare, food stamps, etc. from poorer people, especially blacks and Hispanics so they can turn to crime in order to survive then having them arrested and jailed for life. Sounds to me like a concentration camp. That is the real agenda of the conservatives so they can keep the time-honored American tradition of white Christian superiority.

  16. Hey, here’s a radical idea… why don’t you provide those on assistance with social workers, especially through their housing? That way they could monitor people who need help making good decisions buying things (and not a 50 inch TV) that help them, and teach them about proper nutrition? Or is that infringing on their rights to make them do things for their own good?

  17. I can also see problems of construction with such a bill. If chuck, round, or sirloin are ground, are they still “steak”? Is canned mackerel “sea food?” And what about swamp rabbit and marsh rabbit– will we wind up splitting hares?

  18. My first job was with Cook County Public Aid in 1966, and as a trainee, I was advised of the source of the Welfare Cadillac urban legend. It appears that a wealthy lady on Marine Drive dropped her cleaning woman off at the food stamp office…from her Cadillac. Some poor-hating scandalmonger got a picture of it and sent it to the papers. Although an investigation soon uncovered the facts, the legend not only refused to die, but grew with the telling, until the Cadillac Queen can’t cross a bridge any more without breaking it down from the weight of her gold and diamonds.

  19. Read the above. They make BETTER nutrition choices than probably the rest of us do. They know what food stamps can buy – and it’s not 50 inch TVs. If you do not understand that it cannot buy even toilet paper, you are guilty of more forms of shaming. If you think you’re a Christian try reading Deuteronomy where the rich are mandated to leave ‘first fruits’ for the poor, not the garbage. No one was shamed for being poor. The rich are shamed for not sharing. Maybe we need overseers for the people who could pay decent wages but do not. If you can run a business w/o exploiting your employees, move over and let others run it because you’re unqualified. It’s not the poor who make unwise choices.

  20. It appears that Kansas is violating federal law.


    The 2008 Farm Bill:
    “Stipulated that State agencies must issue monthly benefit allotments to individuals in one lump sum unless a benefit correction is necessary.”

    Also states:
    “Clarified that interchange fees may not apply to EBT transactions”

    Now I’m not sure what was meant by “interchange fees” Since ATM fees was not specified, however I believe it could be used for those types of charges.


    You see all these states receive block grants from the Feds with NO accountability requirement on how the money is spent. So they can give corporations all the big tax breaks, then have to make up the loss of revenue by shortchanging the very people they are suppose to protect.

  21. OK. Senator Asshat here makes $36,000 for being a general dick. For me, I get EBT benefits and they’re only $190 a month.

    This douchebag makes nearly 190 times more then what I get for food stamps, so he should shut the hell up about the poor people buying steak and seafood. You got money to afford filet mignon and lobster anytime your sorry ass desires. We poor people can’t because there are far more important things then steak and seafood, like dealing with bills, a family, and having a job to make sure everyone is happy and healthy.

    So, instead of attacking us poor folks for using benefits to buy a special meal once in a blue moon, why not just be quiet and do. Your. Damn. Job!

  22. That’s what I thought. SO this ahole is just grandstanding.He can’t do anything to change the program.

  23. I agree, and a person can’t buy energy drinks with food stamps.
    ReTHUGliCONS are just plain flat out stupid.

  24. Everyday a new scum bucket comes out of the woodwork. And they all come from the GOP. How can Americans not see the evil hate filled creature that have crawled from under the rocks of hell. Wake up America and don’t let your hatred of our President allow your stupidity take over your common decency.

  25. “I have seen people purchasing….”

    I wonder if that is “I have seen” like Bill-O saw nuns being shot? Or was the event told to him? Did the honorable lawmaker obtain documentation, proof, receipts, pictures?

    If not, the proposed law is being based on rumor & conjecture.

  26. I am currently a welfare recipient in NYC. I receive the max for a single adult with no children; $194 cash, $180 SNAP, and they’re paying my rent; $214 because I live in NYCHA housing that’s all they’ll pay. This is my second time on welfare. The first time I had them drop the cash portion because they sent me to a Work Experience Program (WEP) to clean in the subway system. I had no problem working. I worked for a major brokerage firm for 22 years. Plus I am about to graduate with from college. I decided to drop the cash portion because I was going back to school. Until this year if you were attending a 4 year college you had to choose between welfare or school.
    When I went to the appointment for assessment and training they didn’t look at my resume. They didn’t offer any training. I’m not crying I am just sharing my experience. Many are quick to judge.

  27. I tried getting a job as dishwasher or in a restaurant but they wouldn’t hire me. I guess I am over qualified (college educated) but I would have taken a job as a dishwasher.

  28. First, too many states don’t put a time limit on how long a recipient can receive benefits. Some states only allow for 2 years and only once can the benefits be claimed.

    Second, let’s remove fountain drinks, chips, candy and empty calorie foods first.

    Today, I witnessed a man trying to sell his benefits card for cash because the card doesn’t cover tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

  29. NO, but they can use it for the soda fountain, Icees or Slurpees, candy, chips or other empty calorie foods.

  30. What a stupid, stupid unaborted man! I can just picture him, in all his self-absorbed smugness, glass of 100 year-old Scotch in his hand as he entertains those even more dumb ass than he is about his deluded fantasies!

    “Fish is a low-fat high quality protein. Fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2 (riboflavin). Fish is rich in calcium and phosphorus and a great source of minerals, such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium.”

    At my age, I can remember when certain foods were considered “poor people’s fare”! Now if one wants to buy things like Leafy Greens, Smoke Neck Bones, Pig feet/ears, or such things as our ancestors ate to stay healthy, the prices have, thanks to the Yuppie movement, has risen so steeply as to put many of those items out of the reach of the lesser advantaged people!

    Perhaps he would rather have all the poor line up for their last cup of Jim Jones Kool-Aid!

    People like that should be FORCED to live with a poor fa…

  31. screw that rep from missouri, this website of the usda http://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/eligible-food-items has a list of foods that can be baught with ebt card, on the website it clearly states that Since the current definition of food is a specific part of the Act of 2008, any change to this definition would require action by a member of Congress so the rep from missouri is a state rep not a congressman so his bill would violate federal law so he cant do that, and also another website has more info http://www.fns.usda.gov/sites/default/files/arra/FSPFoodRestrictions.pdf

  32. screw that rep from missouri, this website of the usda http://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/eligible-food-items has a list of foods that can be baught with ebt card, on the website it clearly states that Since the current definition of food is a specific part of the Act of 2008, any change to this definition would require action by a member of Congress so the rep from missouri is a state rep not a congressman so his bill would violate federal law so he cant do that, and also another website has more info info http://www.fns.usda.gov/sites/default/files/arra/FSPFoodRestrictions.pdf

  33. first of all u have no right to ban missouri citizens on foodstamps from buying steak and seafood and chips cookies soda coffee etc with there ebt card, why its the federal government that decides what ebt recipients can buy in food not u mr rep not missouri government, i will do my best to make sure ur bill does not become law, im gonna try to make sure missouri house does not pass it or it gets defeated in missouri senate or jay nixson vetos it, mr rep u do realize that ur bill HOUSE BILL NO. 813 violates federal law so thus u are opening up the state of missouri being sued to with ur bill, its clear only the federal government decides what repicients can buy on foodstamps not the state, i will be contacting the federal usda to report to them ur bill, i read an article about ur bill, u stated u cannot afford to buy steak on ur pay as a legislature well mr rep complain about ebt people buying steak with there ebt card on the taxpayers dime well i demand mr rep that u do not buy steak…

  34. Well most of you who have read my post here for over the last 2 yrs know I’m a VERY passionate man! but this SNAP thing really pisses me off! I was all over this on YOU TUBE with TYT! because YOU TUBE republicans absolutely INFEST YOU TUBE!! Heres the reality, the GOP is getting itself in deep $HIT!! Listen, I LOVE my caucasian liberal friends but caucasian liberals tend to be too civil, too polite to republicans! I’m NOT trying to insult my caucasian liberal friends but black people have put up with so much CRAP from from many RACIST americans over the last 170 yrs!! we have a chip on our shoulder!! and since OBAMA has been elected, we’re seen the utter disrespect from “SOME” high ranking white americans! “KOCK BROTHERS” THE GOP!! LAW ENFORCEMENT!! THE SCOTUS!! those tea party FREAKS, they just keep pushing and PUSHING!! the southern GOP wing is DYING for another CIVIL WAR! be careful what you ask for GOP!

  35. Its pretty clear, the teapublicans hate the poor, the disabled, vets(especially if disabled). The people that vote them in are as uNchristian as the politicians that bow, kneel and service the Kochs.

  36. knight, I have read your posts, and agree. Must tell you I an white, Viking, English, scotch. But I feel the way you do. You are not alone!!I have family however who don’t. Somewhere along the line I failed. For that, I try too correct the warped thinking. At times it seems, friends have more influence then family.
    Like your passion…

  37. The shame of those undeserving poor eating canned tuna, when my tax money is needed so much by the makers of weapon systems that don’t work.

  38. See, this is what really bothers me about bills like this: they demonize people like you and make you feel like a criminal.

    You’re obviously working hard, trying to get by, and you are not a criminal or a “taker” or any other description they can come up with – and the majority of those receiving benefits are just like you.

    I can only hope that one day soon this country finds its sanity again.

  39. I think if the prices for all our economic needs be reduced so we can afford the stuff would actually be a better idea. we wouldn’t have stamps and welfare. people with mediocre jobs would be able to afford rent and such. lets make America affordable for all not just the ones who cheat to get rich or work their azzes off to get rich. so only the rich can eat fish? does he know that fish is good for everyones body not just his? silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.[wink]

  40. Much as I’d love to see an uprising against our current economic injustice, history also contains ample demonstration of the peasants, poor, and union organizers getting massacred.

    Or, why voting is important. And why Republicans are so desperate to restrict the franchise and prevent the underclass from voting. Ya gotta have ID. Ya gotta vote on Tuesday only. You have to stand in line for hours….

  41. these republicans are sick and twisted. we must remember all of these outrageous, despicable, and offensive acts in November 2016.

  42. sorry. I am still angry over this one. these republicans and conservatives are absolute scumbags. I hate them. I really do. is that wrong? maybe we should rethink letting a red state or two secede.

  43. I agree. I am a white man who is embarrassed and disgusted over white racism toward blacks and other minorities. these conservatives and rightwingers are garbage. the rightwing hate for minorities has intensified over the last six years. i would have to say the one who deserves most of the blame for the racial diuvision today is Fox News, followed by the religious right and the GOP. these rightwing fools now are so blatantly, unapologetically, and outright racist and bigoted that it is staggering to witness.


  45. I’m a white lady in my 50’s. I have to agree with the feelings of disgust with the “modern” GOP and all they represent. I’m not sure, but didn’t the bible say that one of Jesus’ tenets was to treat others the same as you’d want to be treated? (Otherwise known as the Golden Rule.)

    As for FOX, they are the absolute worst thing that has happened in our country in the last few decades. The hatred and fear-mongering they do 24/7 is despicable.

    No wonder the GOP wants to kill education in our great country — smart, educated people will cause the demise of the Republican Party. Their motto is: “keep ’em stupid so they’ll keep voting for us.”

  46. Paws, I love history. I’m not a scholar, only have a Bachelors in Communications (which I earned decades ago,) but I do see things are slowly changing.

    People have finally starting to realize how batsh** crazy the GOP has become. One thing I’ve learned is that in the U.S., the pendulum swings back and forth in the long arc of time. With the younger generation becoming eligible to vote, I have the hope that the pendulum is finished swinging toward what today’s Republicans consider as “Conservatism.”

    Have hope — we will swing back, and I can only hope I live long enough to witness the return of sanity!

  47. @Mdag, @Gsb ASarahG, and everybody here at Politicus, I LOVE ya all. we have a war on our hands, we liberals and other people of goodwill didn’t want this! but REAGAN started these culture wars and the soul of a nation is at sake! The republican party unfortunately has morphed into a GREEDY- SELFISH corporate driven terrorist group and all us decent, patriotic americans are in the crossehairs! Lets keep up the fight, lets VOTE and lets be heard!! I LOVE you all!! even “SOME” of my misguided republican TROLLS

  48. I’ll take a wild bet and say YOU believe in the “Welfare Queen” also???

    Educate yourself and read, you’re pathetic.

  49. “well I witnessed…”

    Sounds like:
    “well have have black friends…”

    You really are pathetic, please seek help or better yet get an education.

  50. I’m right here with you.

    These pathetic tea bag/repubs need to get educated, oh wait they want to GUT education so that nobody will understand how they are SCREWING everyone.

  51. My sister is currently unemployed and she is having a similar problem. She applies for just about every job she can and she even is trying to get part time work in retail – she’s applied at video stores, dollar stores, craft stores, etc., but she faces the same thing: over-qualified.

    She is just like you – she only wants to work.

    They just don’t understand that people are TRYING to do everything they can to get work; they just label them as “takers” and demonize them.

    Hang in there, Jose. I hope your situation improves very soon.

  52. Anecdotes will get you nowhere.

    Also, even if we were to take your anecdote as the gospel truth, it says nothing about the majority of aid recipients – the majority who are more like Jose, who has commented on this thread about his situation.

    There are more Jose’s receiving aid than there are people like you describe in your little anecdote.

  53. Your worried about the quality of food people buy when they receive SNAP benefits?

    Then please lobby your Congress-critters to raise the benefit amount so people can afford to buy more fresh food and more nutritional food.

    Stop complaining about slushies and do something to improve their situation.

  54. Better to die in our feet than live on our knees! This Right wing oppression is getting old!

  55. Here is a true acne dote! My favorite stores are Krogers and Aldis! Because I do not get food stamps, this store is a haven to me! My Credit Unoun card is fine for their machines! Well one afternoon, after work, I go shopping! I take my grocery list and pile up on foods no food stamp person would dare Let me purchase without a warning about how unhealthy it was! I guilted and went for the perch, vegetables, and the LEAN meats! These people folks whine about are probable the most health conscious, I have met! And it is not easy on what they get! Yet they do not begrudge the working poor anything! They are in fact my conscience when I want to waste my hard earned dollars! This acne dote is played out every time I go into that store! Let those haters try that lie at the checkout counter at Aldis!

  56. The lady at the Aldis would have a response to Brendan’s acnedotes, She would loudly call BULL! Her manager would agree! She see the folks on food stamps at the day old bread store, the Aldis etc! Neither store sells file mingion ! Neither do they sell lobster! What horror this man will feel when he sees the SNAP display at the Farmers Market! Poor folks getting fresh vegetables! Watch it! Brendan! You gonna find poor folks buying a cow and demanding your agribusinesses take a pay cut!

  57. This bill is indeed outragous if food stamp recipients are not allowed to buy seafood at the supermarket or fish market. However I am a bit confused by this. I certainly don’t think people on assistance should be buying seafood allready prepared. Say at a restaurant. I think the bill should be stated more clearly. I can’t imagine anyone against the poor buying seafood.

  58. Subject: Discharge MO Rick Brattin



    That’s why I created a petition to The Missouri State House, The Missouri State Senate, and Governor Jay Nixon.

    Will you sign this petition? Click here:



  59. In other words, This asshole would only let the poor get by on bread and water, huh? I hope to hell he falls on tough times someday and has to make do with $700 a month in food stamps and social security like I do!

  60. Like I’ve said before, It is not Democrats vs. Republicans any more! It Is Americans vs. Republicans!!

  61. I’m not sure if I’m just old or what but when I was growing up in a family of 11 there weren’t any snap programs out there that could be abused like there are today. They had many programs for the poor of which our family took part in such as help to pay rent and commodities which were food supplies like rice, beans, powdered milk, canned meat, peanut butter and many other food staples that would feed you very well and the way the government got these things to give to the recipiants was thru the farm programs by paying farmers to grow certain crops and then taking those crops and having them processed into food that they could them give to the needy ( or poor if that’s what you want to call them) but it worked well until someone in the government came up with the brilliant idea that if we as politicians gave money instead then we will get more votes and we can just take it from the hard workers or as is now just print more of it. You see the government doesn’t have any money.

  62. been there myself andy. but like I said earlier in a reply I think they need to go back to commodities since we as taxpayers pay farmers anyway lets get rid of snap programs and just give good food like back in the good ole days. kids were healthy and weren’t obese because of it.

  63. Guys I use SNAP and get T bone steaks, crab legs, everything. I haven’t looked for a job I don’t want to work being at home playing with my thumbs is too much fun! Now time for the real facts: I buy bread $1 lunch meat $1 and bag of chips $1 and eat on it. Is this a high class meal or what? I don’t get enough SNAP to afford a real meal. I’ve put in 20 applications a week around my area. Walked over 30 miles to do so. Call them everyday, to annoy them about hiring me. The funny thing is the government spends billions on projects that they suspend all the time and let go to waste. Help a fellow human out with $200 and it’s a devils sin. Recently you tax payers just paid for over $200 billion on an aircraft that’s going to get scrapped. I’m sure you don’t care tho. Stop putting down SNAP users your no better than we are. It’s not your money, It’s the governments money not yours. You get tax returns stop being a sheep and be happy you help the poor.

  64. I’m a black woman. And, I am utterly shocked at how many people are pissed about this. It’s stupid! If you have to go on welfare, you SHOULD NOT be buying that stuff, just like WIC you have certain things you can buy. I have no problem with this I hope it happens everywhere. If you’re hungry, eat regular food, you don’t NEED crab and steak. And, for some the information of some of you. Welfare and Food stamp fraud is a VERY big issue. I have no problem helping the poor. Hell, I’ve had to use food stamps and I bought normal food, not anything expensive.

  65. Exactly where are you proposing to draw the line? Is round, chuck, or sirloin still “steak” when it’s ground? Is a dollar can of mackerel forbidden “seafood”? And are you really willing to pay out a hundred dollars in monitoring time just to make sure someone doesn’t buy ketchup and mustard at the same time? Then you may rest assured that meanness, not economy, is your motive.

  66. Tat, I am a 64 year old woman and a US Navy Vietnam Era VETERAN on FS’s. While I probably would not, or could not, buy steak or shrimp (I do buy fish which IS seafood) what right do YOU have to tell a veteran what they can and cannot eat? Please tell me how you would approach a veteran on FS’s with no legs to give them your opinion? Do you have the courage to tell that person you do not think they should eat certain foods?

  67. Some of the people serving douchenozzles like this their filet mignon at whatever boys club dipshittery he’s eating at are probably struggling family people who may *gasp* be on food stamps to make ends meet. Yes, lets demonize them and determine what they can and can’t buy..it might save you 2 cents out of your ridiculously overpadded lobbyist funded wallet. Meanwhile, completely ignore the teachings of YOUR religious leader whom you so profess to follow…last time I checked, Jesus was all about helping the poor, loving your fellow human beings, fucking the system, and essentially not being a greedy, selve-serving, hate-mongering, pretentious fuckstick. It always amazes me that self-titled “conservatives” and “christian right” are normally the most antithetical to the teachings of their own religious leader…can they not read? Or is money their true bible? It’s all bullshit!..If there is a Jesus, he would be saddened by their rampant hypocrisy and selfishness

  68. To add to your point, it’s important to note that even at the federal level there are no clear standards for the government to define foods as good or bad, or healthy or not healthy. Therefore, limiting SNAP purchases would mean expanded government bureaucracy and a cumbersome system that involves cataloguing the nutritional profile of more than 300,000 food items in the constantly changing market. This would be an enormous and costly undertaking to say the least. Frankly, we agree with the USDA’s stance on this topic that: “incentives – rather than restrictions – that encourage purchases of certain foods or expanded nutrition education to enable participants to make healthy choices are more practical options and likely to be more effective in achieving the dietary improvements that promote good health.”
    -American Beverage Association

  69. i got an an email today from my missouri state rep, thats right i live in missouri, my state rep told me the bill to mandate what ebt recipients can and cant buy regarding food here in missouri is dead, also I talked to a lady today on the phone who is a lobbyist to the state legislator here in missouri, she said the bill will not get any committee hearings and there will be no vote in the missouri state house regarding ebt, here is the website to see the bill is going no were http://www.house.mo.gov/billactions.aspx?bill=HB813&year=2015&code=R

  70. i was on the phone today with a lady that lobbys the state legislator in missouri she said the bill is dead also my missouri state legislator in missouri house and told me the bill is dead and i do live in missouri

  71. There are many Republicans like me who cringe every time Rep. Brattin gets more national attention for his lunacy. He was the guy who used the term “legitimate rape.” You could hear the rumble of more women leaving the Republican Party when he said that. Now he wants to ban SNAP funds from being used for seafood or steak. Stores often have reasonable specials on steak. Fish sticks are affordable. Both are good sources of protein, often lacking in the diet of the poor. What, does this nitwit want them eating all carbs? That makes them fat and incurs health costs to society. He doesn’t even want the poor kids eating fish sticks? It comes off as mean-spiritedness against the poor. This guy is more than extreme in his right-wing politics. He’s just plain dumb.

  72. HE SAID:
    “Whatever you have done for the least among you…you did it for me”

    Conservatives all forgot!

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