MSNBC Isn’t Even Trying to be Honest Anymore

The irony of leaning forward with anti-gay bigot Janet Rios
The irony of leaning forward with anti-gay bigot Janet Rios

We’ve all heard the recent complaints leveled at MSNBC, that the network, which was never the liberal bastion conservatives claim it to be, that it’s moving away from left-wing TV, that it’s moving Rachel Maddow, that it vowed to keep the despicable and dishonest right-wing troll, Morning Joe, it was going to ditch its liberal hosts.

But it is worse even than that. As Media Matters showed the other day, MSNBC seems to be unaware, if not uncaring, that they are giving a platform to a hate group, the American Family Association. Surely they are not unaware – how could they be at this point? – Which can only mean that they do know, and are doing it anyway.


Media Matters observed that,

MSNBC hosted a spokeswoman from a notorious anti-gay hate group twice in one day to discuss controversial “religious freedom” legislation, failing to identify her as an extremist who has opposed the decriminalization of gay sex.

On April 1, American Family Association (AFA) spokeswoman Sandy Rios appeared twice on MSNBC during segments discussing a number of controversial “religious freedom” laws being debated in state legislatures.

It is no secret at this point, following the RNC’s highly visible and controversial trip to Israel at the AFA’s expense, that,


The AFA has been labeled an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center because of its history of anti-gay extremism, including blaming gay men for the Holocaust and supporting the criminalization of homosexuality.

It was a big deal, that trip. People for the American Way (PFAW) even put out a big ad asking the RNC to cancel the trip. Surely, surely, somebody at MSNBC is aware of all this.

And Rios is one of the worst offenders. She is a notorious figure who has frequently received mention in these pages for her outrageous rhetoric. Yet MSNBC invited her to appear on NewsNation with Tamron Hall:


No mention was made of her extreme anti-gay views. While you can see Fox News doing this – they do it all the time – one would expect better from MSNBC.

The other example is far more depressing than Tamron Hall: Chris Matthews.

Matthews, who has frequently gone from being next to useless to being a near-Rachel Maddow, had Rios as a guest on Hardball with Chris Matthews, where, as Media Matters explains,

Matthews didn’t disclose Rios’ history of anti-gay work, instead asking her if she opposed same-sex marriage or gay rights (Rios denied opposing gay rights). Rios lamented alleged misinformation about RFRAs and blamed the media’s unwillingness to let conservatives defend the laws.

This on-air deception concluded with an effusive Matthews inviting Rios back:

RIOS: Gay advocates are winning because people are not hearing the other side. They don’t know about Barronelle Stutzman losing her home. They don’t know about the baking couple that’s lost their business.

MATTHEWS: Keep talking. Please come back. Please come back.

RIOS: Yeah, I’d love to do that.

As Media Matters points out, with “neither Hall nor Matthews identified Rios as a member of a known anti-gay hate group,” and with neither host providing their audience “with necessary context by documenting Rios’ history of extreme anti-gay comments,” do we have to worry now about Fox – er, I mean, MSNBC, opening its doors to another anti-gay group?

Lamentably, there is no mainstream liberal – that is to say, fact-based – news outlet. There has never been. Some networks are less biased than others, or more or less trustworthy, but none of them are left-leaning, despite MSNBC’s claim to “lean forward.”

We know that as of early last month, a poll was showing that MSNBC was no longer the favorite news network for liberals. We also know that there have been recent signs of journalistic integrity at CNN, for example, noticing that the GOP relies on the Religious Right (it took them three decades to notice so don’t hitch your horses to CNN yet).

Already, back in 2010, CNN was considered more trustworthy than Fox News, at least by viewers in a Vanity Fair/60 Minutes poll. Pew Research Center showed us this was still true last year.

And we know that just this January, according to PolitiFact, “MSNBC and CNN have improved ever so slightly on PunditFact’s TV network scorecards, while Fox News has moved a touch in the opposite direction.”

At Fox and Fox News, 10 percent of the claims PunditFact has rated have been True, 11 percent Mostly True, 18 percent Half True, 21 percent Mostly False, 31 percent False and nine percent Pants on Fire.

That means about 60 percent of the claims checked have been rated Mostly False or worse.

No surprise there. Sadly, as Headly Westerfield pointed out last evening, Fox News is the most watched news network – Leonard Pitts Jr’s “lament for the closing of the American mind.”

So much for the “liberal media elite.” Some folks just prefer being lied to, as Pitts says.

And speaking of lies, “At MSNBC and NBC, 44 percent of claims have received a rating of Mostly False or worse.”

And it is at CNN that truth lives, with CNN having “the best record among the cable networks, as 80 percent of the claims rated are Half True or better.”

Sadly, as Pitts also points out, trustworthiness doesn’t translate into ratings. But they should. And by switching to CNN, missing plane obsessions and all (which is still better than giving free air time to bigots), we can make free-market principles work for us for a change.

MSNBC is no longer “all that” (if it ever was in more than hype) and viewers are long past the point where they can turn the channel to MSNBC and expect to trust that what they hear is true.

There are bright spots like Rachel Maddow, but on the whole, MSNBC has gone over to the dark side, and fact-loving Americans will have to learn to dig a little deeper to stay apprised of current events and not be deceived by their would-be corporate masters.

MSNBC has claimed to “lean forward” since October 2010. But they seem to have since become infected with that same curious conservative disease that portrays tyranny as freedom, as they move steadily backward instead.

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  1. Agreed with this article, I have been disgusted with MSNBC, I usually write complaints to NBC, but I don’t think they care, they would have to be overwhelmed with
    complaints to even notice.
    I am doing a lot more reading eg UK Guardian – have a good article this am – re
    The republicans do not want peace.

  2. You are upset that a news channel gave you an opposing viewpoint in their reporting? … (Yoda) “That is why you fail…”. Absolutely unbelievable. You don’t want balanced News, you want cheerleaders. So sad. I want to be challenged, it makes me stronger.

  3. This article is using the Alinsky “lie” rule to shoot itself in the groin.

    Empirical content aggregation is unequivocal: FOX News is the fairest and most balanced, with CNN a distant second. MSNBC is at the bottom of a grave dug by their cabal of pro-socialism sympathizers.

  4. Not a lot of readers eh? Not surprising if this article is your idea of actual news. I want to hear from people I don’t agree with. Is your position so weak it can’t be challenged? I’m sure you don’t think that it is, so why the fear of hearing from people you disagree with? I have had my mind changed more than once over the years by listening to people I did not agree with. I would be ashamed of myself if I only listened to people I agreed with all the time. So sad. Truly heartbreaking to see the stunning lack of common sense amongst people who I’m sure believe they have a monopoly on it.

  5. I’ve been a lot slower than most Liberals with abandoning MSNBC. I guess I wanted to continue to support the few Liberals left (and I’ve never considered Chris Matthews a Liberal).

    Tamron Hall is NO Liberal. I can’t even call her a Progressive. She comes across too pro-Republican/Conservative, imo, and I avoided her show like the plague.

    Since they removed Martin Bashir for the stupidist reason ever (said something negative about the Shrilla from Wasilla that wasn’t even close to anything that paid liar has said) while keeping Joe on air for worse, I began to lose faith in MSNBC and began to distance myself from watching them.

    Today, and since a month or so, I’ve been keeping the television off or found myself watching CNN until Schultz, Sharpton, Maddow, and O’Donnell’s shows. Sometimes I just leave the television off completely.

    MSNBC has gone downhill and has become just another megaphone for U.S. Corp interests.

  6. Reagan’s deregulation of FCC rules opened the floodgates to multinational ownership of the media the argument being corporations have the resources to sustain a free press. Well we now know that the neither is true

  7. What are you on about? It’s Saturday damn morning. Go put on another pot of coffee and don’t come back till you make sense.

  8. Right to extremes with you. You have made my point in 15 words or less. Thank You. I can tell you one thing, I would want to understand what he believed if for no other reason than to be able to effectively challenge it. Small minds fear being challenged by anyone. You don’t have to like what you are hearing but you owe it to yourself to hear it. I want to make sure I accurately understand the other sides position so I can be confident I am opposing the right thing. I don’t make assumptions based on what others tell me. I listen to what people say to be sure I am not being misled intentionally or unintentionally. I decide what I believe and can defend my positions confidently without embarrassing myself. The desire to completely shutout ideas scares me more than the bigotry I see in some people on both sides. You do yourself a disservice by remaining in a comfort zone of news you agree with.

  9. It cannot be said often enough,
    or emphatically enough.

    Reagan corrupted this nation
    in so many ways…
    in so many pernicious ways
    that we are unlikely ever to slurp out of the swamp
    that AwShucksGeeWhiz shill dug for us.

  10. when I want to challenge reality, I go to Fox News! Fact check, realize they’re lying and grab the ROKU! I guess I can add MSNBC to that list of challenges! I should have known something was up when my favorite resturant switched to CNN

  11. Barronelle Stutzman was fined $1,001.00 How did she possibly lose her home over this fine? Rio is a blatant liar.

  12. How about more substance and less insults. We learn how to insult on the playground… we learn to think by hearing ideas. So we know you at least have the intellect of a small child from your playground tactics, now how about a bit of substance? It’s not hard if you try real hard… try this… close your eyes, (was gonna say something about clicking your heals but don’t want to be called a homophobe, get it? Dorothy? Never mind.) and say ” I think I can think… I think I can think…” over and over.

  13. You didn’t read the article, akpaul – we want a factual news channel, one that gives facts rather than Republican talking points. In other words, a liberal-friendly/fact-friendly news channel.

  14. An article containing evidence which you carefully avoided reading, because it upset your preconceptions. Typical.

  15. Akpaul is a troll.

    Who, just like MSNBC, Fox News, et al, the truth ain’t in them.

    Opposing views are great for society. Not lies or lying by omitting necessary facts, or the truth.

    The days of Keith Olbermann are long gone and Rachel Maddow throws out just enough red meat to liberals to keep MSNBC afloat. Even Rev. Al Sharpton on Politics Nation has been significantly watered down.

    Alas, you guys bit my head off a few weeks ago when I told you we should give up on MSNBC.

    Politicususa….Don’t even go there.

  16. The problem is not letting her speak he problem is the network didn’t disclose who she was, what she believes in and the her organization has been labeled as a hate group but I guess that’s what you call white privilege

  17. Fox news fair and balanced. What a fool. Proven fact that people who watch Fox are less informed about what is going on than people who do not watch any news on tv. And libs do welcome discussion from the other side. But we do not want to waste time with known hate monger, racist Sandy Rios.

  18. There’s so much more money to be made during wars than peacetime, and that satisfies the establishment repubes. As for the rabid hamsters of their reactionary base, well, they’re terrified of everyone who isn’t just like them, and everything that doesn’t fit their narrow little worldview, so they just want someone to kill all those nasty others.

  19. Djron. Thank you for at least adding something for me to think about, the not disclosing who she was argument. I will think about that some. The comment about white privilege is stunningly ignorant and tarnishes your earlier substance but I will try to call on some of my white guilt to give you a pass, that’s what you have been told to expect isn’t it? Is that what you really want? To be dealt with or dismissed like that? Your leaders are destroying you.

  20. What I want in so-called news, is facts first, then I’ll decide what they mean. The AFA has proven over and over that they support discriminatory laws, whether it is discrimination against gays, or women health issues, or…. They have been given the label of an extremist hate group for good reason. The point of the article is that Hall and Mathews failed to point out that their “guest” represented the views of a known hate group, not just a “difference of opinion” about the RF laws. It’s nice to know the assumptions of those who spout their opinions and call it news. To NOT provide that information is a disservice to the viewer of any news show. MSNBC fail – period.

  21. I did read every word, unlike you since you have completely missed my point. Why are you all convinced I love Fox? I have not once promoted them. All I have said is I listen to ideas I disagree with and because I am strong enough not to fear them I have had my mind changed on certain things. It sounds to me like you people are not interested in giving yourselves the same opportunity and that is truly something to be terrified of. I am suspicious of anyone who isn’t strong enough in their position to be challenged. I think you believe you already know it all, I see that in my students a lot. Teenage thinking all over this site.

  22. “I did read every word, unlike you since you have completely missed my point.”

    He didn’t have to read it, you dolt. he WROTE it. Which proves to me that you are just a troll coming on this site to see how much hell you can raise.

  23. I love how you all assume I love fox news. Never once did I say that anywhere. You hate them as much as they hate MSNBC. You don’t read, you assume. Again, that is why you fail. (Yoda)

  24. There is an alternative in Free Speech TV with Thom Hartman, Amy Goodman, Mike Papantonio and others. To get unbiased reporting, you should watch FSTV.

  25. AKPaul,
    It just makes me sad to read your posts and to hear what the right has to say. I do not listen to anyone other than the left, because that is where the details of truth are carefully explained. The other side, the right, are simply deniers and it is a waste of time and brain cells to fill my mind with such garbage.

    My brain works well but programming it with proven nonsense is not what I want to do with my brain. You go ahead and listen to “both sides” but it seems to me your agenda is to mock and discount the left who I find much more intellectually challenging and very diverse in its sources of facts.

  26. I went back and reread all of your posts. From my take away, I didn’t see where you posted a lot of facts. Just your opinion. Isn’t that what this site is about, opinions on a written article? Most here disagree with you. That couldn’t have come as a big surprise now, could it? Just to wrap up, you come across as a missionary, trying to convert the masses. Hence the hostility.

  27. DJRon,
    Glad I took a bit of time to think about what you said. Ashamed of myself for thinking for a second you had a bit of substance. I do want to hear directly from the person themselves without the network telling first what they believe. I don’t care what the network thinks. I care what the actual person thinks. Can’t believe this didn’t occur to me instantly but I guess ‘it is Saturday morning’. I don’t want the network to tell me who they are and what they think. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THATS MY POINT. You want sanitized news from people you like and agree with. So disappointing. You don’t listen anyway, that’s clear from how many of you accuse me of supporting Fox even though I have not. I don’t know who this lady is and even though, and I doubt you would believe me, I probably wouldn’t like what she had to say, I am not scared to listen to her. I don’t need Maddow to tell me who she is and what she believes. Apparently, you do.

  28. I agree with your posted statement. If you truly follow the process you outlined I can only conclude you are a Democrat because anyone that looks at both sides would know the Republicans only play defense, they haven’t taken any positive actions nor accomplished anything to improve the jobs, healthcare, infrastructure and living conditions of the American people. There is still lots to be done but we are better off than we were thanks to Obama and the Democrats.

  29. First of all I don’t watch cable news I do something that the majority of you people don’t do, that is reading. My original point stands, knowing how stupid Americans are any person that comes on to talk about an issue should have their views known

  30. Your “white Privilege” comment should have been a neon sign pointing to your ignorance and, if I’m honest, it was, but I did think about your disclosure argument and I am so glad I did. I am even more comfortable with my position and feel I can more easily defend it now. I have you to thank Mr. DJchefron I love talking to fools, some times anyway… for a while… then it gets old and boring. No real challenges here. Come on… anyone?

  31. He’s just another misinformation spreading troll, talking about facts while ignoring them himself. See them all the time.

  32. Explain this to me then. When the Rev All gets interviewed we always hear about Tawana Braley? his so called race baiting but we couldn’t hear about this women belonging to a hate group? I wonder why?

  33. “First of all I don’t watch cable news I do something that the majority of you people don’t do, that is reading. My original point stands, knowing how stupid Americans are any person that comes on to talk about an issue should have their views known” ———

    Who better to tell you what a person thinks than the person themselves… very small children get that concept. BTW, You are so sophisticated for not watching cable news. I applaud your sophistication. I only hope I can be an enlightened as you some day.

  34. I would like to challenge akpaul to actually present to us a fact – a genuine fact – with actual evidence to back it up, rather than the empty assertions he has so far provided.

  35. Simple… The Tawana Braley story is historical fact. He did those things. Weather or not she is part of a hate group is subjective opinion. Maybe it is a group of haters, I haven’t determined for myself yet as I have not listened to her. You would have me take your word for it and keep her from speaking. I disagree with virtually everything I hear from Mr. Sheraton but I listen to him anyway so I can be sure I come to those conclusions FOR MYSELF!… and… and… wait for it… once in a while I hear something I agree with. If I simply wrote him off for the absolute fool the Right tells me he is I would never have that opportunity. I don’t know any other way to make that point. You either want to hear it or you don’t.

  36. Hey, Guys!

    Akpaul is about being willfully ignorant, or too blinded by hate to see.

    There’s a bridge waiting for him somewhere.

    In the meantime, let’s not play his game of distraction and just ignore him.

  37. Mr. Haraldsson,

    Just realized you are the actual author. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I did read the entire article. I am however going to read it again with your post in mind. I do think I got your point. I don’t really understand what “liberal friendly” is supposed to mean. I want facts as well. I know the difference between news and news analysis also. I am suspicious when I am told what I should believe and discouraged to hear others ideas. I can’t operate like that. Many of the things I read about the motivations of conservatives are simply not true. The motivation behind the position is where things breakdown. I know this is true because I know what motivates me and it is not inline with what I hear from the left. I understand the anger on the left, believe me I DO. I could have easily swayed my students to my beliefs but I always tried to get them to study all opinions and decide for themselves. Thank you for responding.

  38. I daresay you responded to a certain racist screed directed at one of our commenters. The racist screed has been flushed.

  39. I guess I was ahead of my time in getting away from MSNBC, hm?

    With this, it seems like the full metamorphosis is complete. What was once a bastion of liberal viewpoints has turned into another Fox News wannabe. I mean, come on: Common sense would tell you that at least a background check would be needed before you put on someone from a hate group.

    To me, it’s sickening. I want to hear the news from people who aren’t going to be swayed by an idiotic viewpoint like those on the right use. I want facts, reason, and truth in the news, not godforsaken propaganda.

  40. akpaul, to get in on this heated discussion; I agree to some of what you’ve said as someone who always seeks alternate opinions before coming to a conclusion. however, as I understand it, this article is about MSNBC & Chris Mathew’s failure to disclose that a guest on their show was from a designated ‘hate group.’

    I saw the interview & said to my husband that Rios of AFA is from a hate group. I don’t know what MSNBC’s policy for identifying guests is, perhaps they expect their viewers to watch with tablet in hand to look up guests.

    Upon watching this interview, there was no doubt that Rios argued her position using half-truths, lies & tired talking points.

  41. DJ, you’re just not capable of posting an actual argument are you. Your debate style is the equivalent of a small child saying, “I know you are but what am I…” over and over with your ears plugged. Come on brother… say something with substance that advances your position. Quote Mr. Rogers do something that makes you sound like an actual person with a self derived opinion he can defend. I’m begging you. I am getting board now.

  42. derrick, that is why as a resident of Mn I am very glad we as a state, stood alone in NOT, voting for him..

  43. Ok I concede but tell me what conservative polices have benefitted the American people over the last 40 years?

  44. The article takes exception to MSNBC’s failure to give crucial information about its guests.
    Yes, I think that’s reasonable to expect a reference to the guest’s background.

    It’s much the same as wanting to know if Rand Paul has racists on his staff after he makes his controversial views on Civil Rights known.

    It’s the same has hearing Snott Walker say, “Governors should be defined not just by what they do and say, but who they surround themselves with, making sure to have the smartest person for a particular task or to head a specific agency. They should be judged on that basis and who they take advice from.”

    It’s important that news orgs add the facts of all the people Walker associates himself with who are convicted of felonies and BTW, one more is just heading to jail this week.

    So, the statements by themselves are not enough. The background of the people making those statements is quite necessary to make a truly informed decision.

  45. I still watch Chris Hayes and Rachel. I also still try to catch Steve Kornacki. The rest of them are a waste of time.

  46. Here is substance for you. PunditFact has found that 60% of claims made on Fox News are lies. Only 10% have been rated as true.

  47. What opinions did I post? Think for yourself…Don’t silence the opposition. Scary stuff. You people, as usual, started with the hate. I don’t believe I could convert you. You people have demonstrated your not open to thinking for yourselves. You want sanitized news from people who believe the same as you. That’s what I take from the article and your comments. Regardless of what you think you know about me that’s all I have said.

  48. The Cult Of Fox News: New Study Affirms Blind Devotion To Cable’s Church Of Disinformation
    While Conservatives have only four sources that they trust more than 50% of the time, liberals express trust for nine different sources at that rate: NPR (72%), PBS (71%), BBC (69%), New York Times (62%), CNN (56%), NBC (56%), MSNBC (52%), ABC (52%), and CBS (51%).

    The Lies That Will Kill America
    “Fox News is its ministry of misinformation, the fake jewel of the News Corp. crown, a 24/7 purveyor of flimflam and the occasional selective truth.”

    Rupert Murdoch Calls Fox News Viewers Morons & White Trash
    …O’Reilly, also laughing, then joined in by saying, “Hey, how many Fox viewers does it take to change a light bulb? None, they all refuse to change the bulb because they prefer living in the dark.”

  49. If this was reinstated then Fox SNOOZE would cease to exist!

    The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was, in the Commission’s view, honest, equitable and balanced.

    Reagan’s Veto Kills Fairness Doctrine Bill

  50. “I have a buddy named John Taylor. Everyone calls him J.T. He is smarter than you.”

    That is quite possible. There are a lot of people smarter than me and one or two of them could be named John Taylor.

    Of course that belies the point that you chose to not respond to the content of my post but rather attempt to attack me with a pathetic ad hom. You might check with your buddy JT but people who try to make themselves big by making others look small become smaller than those they attack.

  51. I like Ed Schultz and along with Rachael, Steve Kornacki and Thoms Roberts keeps me watching MSNBC

    I loved how Ed cut off the mic of that heritage foundation weazel who kept rudely interrupting everyone while they were talking.

  52. I spent some time reading the other stories on this site. OMG, you people are just as bad as Glenn Beck only in reverse. BTW, I have met both Glenn Beck and Bill Maher. Glenn is a friendly guy and Bill is a creepy figure who has a business manager that wears eye liner… just creepy. (I’m such a hater.)

  53. unfortunately time warner in my area of Los Angeles doesn’t carry Free TV, but I watch democracy now on a PBS link channel.

  54. YOU have yet to provide a CREDIBLE link which is SO typical of the tea bags because one doesn’t exist.

  55. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s under Proxmire and Earth Day then had the misfortune to drive my 74 VW Superbeetle to go to an environmentally based state college with Reagan democrat wanna-be yuppies. I was sick to my stomach but I’m sorry to say I wasn’t overreacting to the damage.

  56. More name calling.. you are all so mature. I love hearing the name calling that’s how I know how small you are. All criminals in politics should be crucified. Did you hear me? ALL CRIMINALS IN POLITICS SHOULD BE CRUCIFIED! Can you name even one democrat criminal you believe should be punished for anything? I can name politicians in both major parties but then I am a free thinker. I’m not holding my breath as my gut tells me you have a more Machoevelian view on the subject. Terrifying.

  57. not 1 credible link with facts to back-up his tea bag narrow-minded opinions.
    Again, I overwhelm them with credible links and this shuts them up.

    I’m an armed with credible links liberal.

    “Hatred is the fuel of fear, and for white Christian conservatives their hatred of anyone who is different masks the fear attached to the realization that their America is never coming back!”

  58. But the network IS telling you what to think when they don’t give you all the information about the guests. Informing you of who the guests are is, in reality, giving you the information YOU need to think and come to a conclusion about the issue.

    To say this woman is from the American Family Association – and to say no more than that – is disingenuous. It sounds friendly and innocuous – until you know that AFA is actually a hate group. Plus, if you don’t know the agenda of the person speaking, then how can you weigh the argument they put forth? You don’t want to be told what to think, yet what this article is pointing out is that you are not being given enough information to make an informed decision about what the people are saying.

    It’s a misnomer to suggest that hearing “both sides” makes you a better informed person, a better decision-maker, given that you’re not being told vital information about the “both sides” you’re listening to.

  59. Wow, someone needs an extended pass to Monty Python’s Argument Clinic.

    I just came to say I quit watching Chris Matthews when he would constantly ask when we are going to do something about “entitlement reform” even when it had nothing to do with the subject at hand. And I stopped watching PBS until recently for having Heritage Foundation members constantly addressing “both sides” of whatever subject without saying a thing about how they lobby with big money against whatever it was they were arguing against. There aren’t always both sides. Usually pitted against someone who’s not media savvy but has committed themselves to working for people. Often there are many sides and sometimes there are just plain facts. DJ’s Hitler comment was not off base.

  60. I stopped watching MSNBC before the 2014 elections. I tried to stay with them after 2010. But frankly if I want to hear President Obama bashing, I can watch FOX. Before this last election, not one pundit (including Rachel) addressed the accomplishments of this Administration or Congressional Democrats. It seemed as though they wanted to depress the turnout. At any rate, I turned cable off. I don’t need pundits telling me how to think. I read “trusted” blogs.

    The corporate media is owned by the right wing. As soon as people stop denying this the sooner they will stop hoping that they’ll get information instead of infotainment. The mainstream media is not interested in an informed public.

  61. I guess everyone missed the episode when Rachel Maddow chose as her Person of Genius a republican strategist who helped the republicans win the mid-terms in 2010 and 2014.She said she admired him so much and that the republicans should be putting his face on a penny. Really?…The same guy who helped the republicans win by Voter-ID laws? slashing early voting? purging people off of voting rolls? That’s the person she picked and slobbered over? And yes ED did cut off the mic of a Heritage Foundation member, but there was another “Waterloo”Jim DeMint Heritage soldier on that same episode of The Ed Show. MSNBC can no longer hide who owns them their bosses are becoming more and more aggressive about getting their people on the channel. It’s up to whoever is watching all of these channels to know who these people really are and who they work for, Inform yourself. Don’t ever blindly believe anything one of these corporate muppets read to you off their Sugar-Daddy’s Telepromters.

  62. Why is it that all of a sudden everything is about Gays. Don’t we have more important issues in this country? Not everyone who disagrees with Gays is a hater.

  63. I’d bet he’s a Texas tea bagger, they’re the most ignorant and vile of them. They love to spew their lies and hatred of their pathetic state.
    They all proclaim Texas is the 6th largest economy in the world, until I post this credible link:
    California ranked as world’s eighth largest economy
    They also spew Houston is the largest port in the nation, until I post this credible link:
    Combined, the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles is the world’s eighth-busiest port complex by container volume, after Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen (China), Busan (S. Korea), Ningbo (China) and Guangzhou (China)
    Texas job growth is #1:
    California tops other states in job growth

  64. I’m not sure what you mean, Di. Can you elaborate?

    I don’t see where “everything” is about gays. What I do see is a society that is changing and progressing forward and in that light, oppressed groups are demanding equal treatment, equal rights.

    It’s happened before and it will continue happening until ALL people are treated the same: EQUAL.

    What you’re seeing now is the turning of a tide. That is how society progresses.

  65. The tea bag/repubs govern by the 5 G’s and FEAR

    Every bill has one of the 5 elements in it.
    To limit, eliminate or expand it.

    A human trafficking bill…an abortion rider was attached to it.

    “religious freedom”, but fail to advance civil rights which could’ve been added.

    the budget…repealing the ACA was attached to it.

    Can anyone name 5 good things the GOP has done FOR and not AGAINST the middle class in the past 5 years??
    I have yet to have anyone answer this…

  66. Akpaul is the “reasonable” kind of troll. Nothing to offer but insults. Not one fact or even an opinion unless it is to confirm his belief he is somehow superior to everyone else.

  67. I guess everyone missed MSNBC’s week of Genius when Rachel Maddow had her #1 pick who was a republican strategist who helped the republicans win the 2010 and 2014 mid-term elections. Rachel suggested the republicans put his face on a penny. How can you as a so-called liberal admire someone who works for a party that stops people from voting with Voter-ID laws, Stopping early voting, and purging people off of voting lists? Does anyone know if she has yet to speak to the man who got her the job on MSNBC Keith OLbermann? Last I heard they have not spoken since they fired him. As for ED, yes he cut one Heritage Foundation guest’s mic, but there was another one of “Waterloo” Jim DeMint’s soldiers on the same episode. We need to inform ourselves about who these guests really work for. The Bosses at MSNBC are becoming more aggressive about putting people on that speak like a right-winger. Verify everything these corporate muppets are reading off of their Sugar-Daddy’s Teleprompter.

  68. I have to agree with you, Jeanne, concerning your “both sides” comment.

    If either “side” is going to sit there and lie their heads off, then what is the point of hearing both sides? If you make a decision based on what some of these “pundits” and so-called “experts” say, you’re not making an informed decision because the reporters/show hosts are not calling anyone out when they are regurgitating misinformation or outright lying.

    To make an informed choice, you need to listen to and read a variety of CREDIBLE sources – sources that give you solid, fact-based information so that you can get the whole picture. Not slanted one way or another – just the facts.

    It’s hard to find it in TV news these days and since most people get their news from TV, we’re all in a heap of trouble.

  69. AlaskaPaul, you’re a….Nevermind. Just haven’t seen very many trolls this dense on Politicus before.[wink]

  70. You’re not the only one who abandoned MSNBC a long time ago, Dustin. I left in 2008. I used to watch a little bit of Scarborough as I dressed for work, but when he began to trash Sen. Obama simply because he was leading McCain in the polls, I was disgusted and stopped watching. His attacks weren’t based on facts but on his personal animus toward him, and his desire to have a GOPer in the WH. I don’t watch any TV “news” programs today because they aren’t focused on informing us but on “dumbing” us down. The owners’ corporate ties make it impossible for them to be interested in reporting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I grew up watching real reporters like Cronkite, Brinkley, and Huntley. Today’s crop of “journalists” aren’t of their caliber. Take Chuck Todd, for instance, the guy didn’t finish college and is not a trained journalist, but has his own Sunday AM “news” program. Reporting today, for the most part, is all about profit.

  71. Your railing at the obvious is enough to convince me that you are peeing on folks’ legs and calling it rain, that is proof that most of the substance you rant about is more usefull as organic fertilizer!
    You sir are dismissed!

  72. I find it amazing that anyone that gives a viewpoint on this website that is different than the administration talking point is called a teabager’,racist,an idiot or worse. I am glad we have different viewpoints on world affairs not everyone can stand Bill o’reilly or rachael maddow. a lot of people love obama not matter what he says or does. The same can be said about Ted Cruz or jeb bush. Just try to understand everyone should not think the same. I respect all political beliefs. I call myself a moderate who votes for both republican and democrat candidates.

  73. im usually not the “grammar police,” akpaul, unless it’s so obvious as to make me laugh.

    So, you’re “board” with Dj’s posts? Would you be hardwood, ash, cherrywood?

    Good Lord.

  74. Hey di .. . . I am sick and tired of folks like you who express your “disagreement” with gay people and their imaginary lifestyle. LGBT folks are just people, the same as me and the same as you. (I’m a straight woman born in the 50’s.)

    It’s not your Right to “disagree” with who anyone else is born to be! Why do you think any gay person would just wake up one day and “decide to be gay?” Tell me, just when in your life did you make that “decision” to be heterosexual? Please — I’ll await your answer.

    Another way of explaining this: my entire life, I’ve been attracted to men who are tall, dark-haired, slim and intelligent. I can NOT willfully decide to feel any attraction for a man who is short, bald, fat and stupid, no mater how hard I might try! Do you “get it” now?

    It’s not in any way within your “rights” to “disagree” with who a person is born to be. You might not like them, but your “disagreement” only exposes your ignorance on the matter.

  75. I was watching Ed that day, and heartily laughed and applauded when he cut that filibustering clown’s microphone.

    He did allow him to return though, which shows Ed is, indeed, a gentleman.

    The point was made, and it shut that fool up.

    The only MSNBC anchors I like are Ed, Rachel and Chris … with Lawrence and Tamron being OK. I have been warming up a bit to Thomas Roberts, but Joy Reid is truly missed.

    Andrea should retire, forthwith.

  76. Akpaul said: “So sad. I want to be challenged, it makes me stronger.”

    With all due respect, after reading your posts, I would suggest you’re already “challenged,” just not in the way you define it.

  77. Andy, I would suggest that their version of our country never really existed at all.

    Most of them seem to have a sort of mental block, which only enables them to remain in some kind of alternate reality. The truth doesn’t seem to penetrate those closed minds, ever.

    Oh, and by the way — “Thank you President Obama, for being able to ignore these childish, butt-hurt folks who are causing our Founding Fathers to spin in their graves.

    Oops, I made a mistake — this post should follow Andy, way down on this thread.

  78. That gay is an idiot craving for attentions and just arguing in circles. No matter what you said, he will keeping his tone and his pretentions of been an honest intelectual, a critical thinker gay. Please just ignore him.

  79. I agree with ICH. All I wanted was to have one channel that did not just regurgitate right-wing talking points. There is nothing fair and balanced about any of the cable channels. None of them present a progressive viewpoint. MSNBC has not been the same since they got rid of Olbermann and
    the Young Turks. Rachel is the only credible person on any channel. I am relying on the internet for news now. If the right succeeds in taking it over too, I don’t know what we will do. Welcome to facist America.

  80. I have already switched to CNN in the mornings as I used to watch Morning Joe for the past 5 years, but no longer. They can follow the same mantra as Fox–“Fair and Balanced”–Yea Right!!

  81. What you people fail to realize is that MSNBC is putting these hate groups on their programming to show the CONTRAST between the SANE LEFT WING and the hate filled ignorant Reich Wing. That is why they kept Pat Robertson as a contributor for so long, you have to compare side by side the INSANITY from the right to the SANITY of the left.

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