Republicans Offer No Plan To Deal With Iran Other Than Spouting Saber-Rattling Rhetoric


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While the framework for a nuclear deal reached with Iran in Switzerland on Thursday, remains a work in progress, it has become clear that the Republican Party is adamantly opposed to practicing international diplomacy. The agreement that was reached on Thursday was far better than any of Obama’s critics, or for that matter his supporters, anticipated. However, that didn’t stop Republicans from blasting the agreement anyway.

Wisconsin Governor turned presidential hopeful Scott Walker, for example, was quick to announce that if he is elected President, he will back out of the deal, regardless of how America’s allies feel. When radio show host Charlie Sykes asked Walker if he would cancel he Iran deal, even if it meant our trading partners were unwilling to reimpose sanctions On Iran, Walker towed the GOP anti-Obama party line. He basically argued, yes, let the consequences be damned, I would renege on the agreement.


Walker stated:

Absolutely. If I ultimately choose to run, and if I’m honored to be elected by the people of this country, I will pull back on that on January 20, 2017, because the last thing — not just for the region but for this world — we need is a nuclear-armed Iran.

Walker asserts that the first thing he plans to do, if elected President, is to back out of a multilateral agreement with Iran. Ironically, he argues that this is because he opposes a nuclear-armed Iran. However, the very deal he would back out of, is one that all but guarantees Iran will be unable to enrich uranium or reprocess plutonium for at least a decade. One wonders if he even understands the deal he opposes.

Predictably, several other GOP Presidential hopefuls also jumped on the anti-Obama, “blow up the deal” bandwagon. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and Texas Governor Rick Perry all, like Walker, panned the nuclear agreement with Iran.

While it is no surprise that Republicans have made it an article of faith to oppose anything and everything President Obama does, nowhere are the consequences of that tactic more reckless than in the realm of foreign policy. The Republicans offer no alternative policy for dealing with Iran other than empty saber-rattling rhetoric. Or if the saber-rattling rhetoric is not hollow, their policy is even worse, as it could precipitate an international crisis or force the U.S. into war.

Partisan politics are a normal part of life in a nation that holds regular elections. However, Republican politicians who are willing to compromise important international agreements to score cheap political points have no business running for President. Unless the GOP can offer a rational alternative for how to deal with Iran, none of their candidates should even be considered for the office of President of the United States.

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  1. Oh, how I love this president. Diplomacy must always be tried first before we send more of our sons and daughters to die in the middle east. Thank you Mr. President and Mr. Secretary. Who cares what the war hawks want. They will never rid of their thirst for war profiteering, making them the scum of this earth.

  2. Well, these “heroes” could always follow in the footsteps of their beloved one — Ronald Reagan…they could give the Iranians weapons they way Reagan did. I’m certain the Iranians would return the favor…

  3. I’m probably sure that most of the world, especially the other nations who pitched in for the deal, is looking at the Republicans and thinking ‘My god. They can’t be that damn stupid, right?’

    Well… they are and as everyone knows: Ya can’t fix stupid.

  4. POTUS is a savior to planet Earth FOR ALL HUMANITY…

    ALL REPUBLICANS got nothing to offer as usual…

    Only thing they know and offer is…”whore mongering” at every opportunity for Pimps’ Koch!!!

  5. We have tried it the GOP way. When GWB was president, the decision was made to take a hardline against Iran and refuse to negotiate. What it got us was Iran ramping up its nuclear program.

    So, yeah refusing to negotiate with Iran and threatening it with war is a wonderful way to get its government to rein in its nuclear program.


  6. Why Are We Not Doing This?

    The Largest Gathering of Free Minds.
    7-8-15 Planet Hollywood – Las Vegas.

    3 1/2 days of general sessions & breakout sessions, debates, panels and speeches.
    Even Paul Krugman will be speaking.

    FreedomFest Topic:
    Debate: “How Can We Best Restore the American Dream”

    Wish our Dems would plan something like this!

    It was Mark Twain who said:
    “I’m not part of any Organized Political Party….Nope, I’m A Democrat!

    Many Dems would be honored/thrilled to meet-up similarly for sharing of Ideas/Goals!

    I’d love to even attend this one.
    Anyone else want to meet-up in Vegas, July 8th? (It’s Expensive)


  7. My very first gut reaction to that suggestion was “Because it would be like rounding up cattle for slaughter. Just one wingnut “patriot” with an assault rifle is all it takes.”

    *sighs* That sucks.

  8. I should add that aside from my safety concerns, I think it would be awesome.

    There is no way I could attend, both because of lack of funds and because 7/8 is my birthday and my birthday is jinxed. lol After 40+ years of everything and anything going wrong the week of my birthday I’ve learned to respect the jinx and rarely leave the house. ;)

  9. The Repubs- if they get in next election- will find themselves isolated against the rest of the world ( except Israel and possibly Saudi Arabia) , start a war with Iran- ask other countries for help – they all say NO. Then what?????

    The rest of the world must be looking at the Repubs and asking where their brains are and thinking- can people in that position be THAT STUPID??????

  10. The rest of the world realized how stupid the USA is, when Dubya was put into office – twice. Then to put the icing on the cake, little Johnny Mac ran with $carah Payme as his VP. My relatives in the UK were dumbfounded at so much stupidity. The republicans in office have one agenda – please the Koch’s to keep the $$$ rolling into their coffers. The rest of us are not important. How can any of their constituents be pleased with their actions?

  11. All the GOP wannabes for president are talkin’ tough and blowing smoke out their asses. Once this agreement is implemented and the U.N. sanctions are lifted, that’s it. Iranian oil starts flowing around the globe. You think oil is cheap now, just wait. The GOP Congress can try to cook up new sanctions on Iran but without Europe and China playing along that won’t have much effect. Bibi the warmonger will make the talk show rounds, promising armageddon, but he has all the credibility of chicken little. Nuclear proliferation is a long term issue in many parts of the world. The biggest problem in the M.E. and Africa right now is the ongoing Jihadi warfare that has erupted in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Nigeria, Somalia….. All this nonsense about building nuclear weapons is ridiculous.

  12. Nothing says Republican like sending the children of the lower and middle class to fight for the enrichment of the upper class.

  13. As our obsession with Iran continues, we ignore North Korea who not only has a nuclear device but have it aimed at us and our allies. Are we ready to blow up North Korea too? Our human civilization is approaching extinction on several fronts and our “so called leaders” are asleep at the wheel. Your bombs and religion won’t stop the destruction of the planet.

  14. I gotta say, watching Lindsay Graham on Face the Nation this morning prompted me to give a one-finger salute to this butt-wipe. All the man could say is “Obama, failure, Obama, bad negotiater, Obama, reckless, Obama, failure.”

    I watched it, thinking to myself “how on God’s green earth can ANYONE with more than two brain cells think this guy is serious?” Followed by another one-finger salute.

    O’Donnell (is it Norah?) DIDNT challenge a single word he said. Made me want to puke. Folks like Lindsay are so incredibly full of blind hatred for our President that it overshadows anything and everything in their lives.

    Their main problem is that President Obama has beat them at every turn; they’re so jealous, they can’t see straight.

    And by the way Lindsay, it’s “PRESIDENT Obama,” not just “Obama.”

  15. This is all about oil prices and not saber-rattling. What Republicans are doing is stirring things up enough that the price of oil and alternatives — such as Koch coal — are propped up.

    If they can start a war in the process, so much the better.

  16. Thank you for summing up a very complex situation with very salient points.The war between the Sunni and Shia has been ongoing for centuries.(1400 ad)I wonder if Cheney and his gang of evil thieves knew this or if they so drunk with power didn’t care.

  17. Your summary of a very complex situation was succinct.The schism between the Shia and Sunni has been ongoing since the 1400s.Do you think Cheney the antichrist and his band of evil doers know this?Perhaps they are so drunk with power they don’t care.

  18. They blatantly ignored all warnings not to cook up a war and destabilize the region completely. ISIS is a direct result of the Bush-Cheney gang’s failure to pay attention to the entire history and culture of the M.E. The neocons were blinded by oil.

  19. To quote you. “once this agreement is implemented and UN sanctions are lifted, Iranian oil starts flowing around the globe, You think oil is cheap now, just wait”. This sounds so simplistic, it may just be the story of why the lies are being told by the rethugs. After all a war that has never been paid for yet) was started by them simply because of oil!

  20. Which one of them wants to follow in GWB’s footsteps with Iran. Who is honest enough to admit warmongering has a zero chance of working.

  21. As I have said to these hawks, if you are so enamored with war, YOU and YOUR FAMILY can lead the way into combat!

  22. They’re thinking of the green stuff their supporters will be paid during a war! To hell with all the Americans, it’s the Almighty Dollar these greedy so-an-sos are aiming to please!

  23. What’s the difference between Iraq and Vietnam?

    Bu$h (and company) knew how to get out of Vietnam.

    Now if only North Korea had oil!

  24. Of course the Republicans have something to offer. A continued plan of invasion, suppression of all opposed and world dominance. the eventual extermination of all Muslims or anyone else who oppose there rule. Remove all domestic programs. raise taxes to all but the rulers. Then elevate their master to supreme leader and god to all. Sound familiar. remember Bushes family was on Hitlers side during WW2. republicans are starting to act like them. they will soon be expanding the use of fear at home to strengthen there hole. If people don’t wake soon there will be a point of no return.

  25. only difference is Iraq 1.2-2 million dead. vietnam 3+ million. But if they get Iran they might catch up.

  26. theres over 300,000 signatures now. it closes april 15. you can add to at white house/petition. Is says 100,000 needed for action, we’ll see.

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