72 Replies to “Jeb Bush Committed A Felony By Lying On His Florida Voter Registration Form”

  1. This POS will do anything for power, even lie about who he is on a federal form and risk fines and prison. Says a lot, doesn’t it?

  2. Yet nothing is going to be done because, you know, he’s a Republican.

    If it was a Democrat that did this, everyone on the right would want his or her head on a silver platter lined with iceberg lettuce and a apple stuffed in their mouth.

  3. Who’d a thunk it.. another Bush liar. Hes got too much baggage.. drug-addicted kids, a klepto wife, a war criminal brother/father,a bad political history, just an all-out loser.

  4. And they would have the full support of U.S. M$M – including MSNBC’s more liberal show hosts.

    Let’s see if these “liberal” show hosts can pause a moment in criticizing this Democratic and progressive president, and report on John Ellis Bush’s third-degree felony.

    Shall we hold our breath?

  5. Another voter fraud that wouldn’t be caught with voter ID laws and committed by a Republican. Go figure.

  6. I agree. Telling a lie is by definition a delibrate and intentional statement of mistruth. It takes a stretch of the imagination to think that Bush did that.

    It obviously was a mistake. Now, was it a felony? Probably, because Bush did sign the form.

    But more than anything else, it shows he was sloppy and did not fully review the form before signing it.

    But this is part of his approach to life. He releases emails without retracting personal information. He signs a form without reviewing the information.

    It shows he is basically lazy. And I don’t want, and hopefully the country doesn’t want, a lazy person in the WH.

  7. Is it newsworty that you agree with me or that this shows that Bush is basically lazy and that alone should disqualify him from the Presidency?

    I am sure it is the latter.

  8. First of all, I would like to know one politician in our current government who has NOT lied for their own personal gain… ever.

    Without seeing the actual voter registration first hand, maybe this was a simple oversight on his behalf.

    Am I a Jeb Bush supporter? No

    Am I a Republican? No

    Am I a Democrat? No

    Am I a member of the Tea Party? No

    I believe in people who believe in upholding and adhering to our Constitutional Rights. I also believe in our Declaration Of Independence.

    But this is nothing more than trivial B.S. on behalf of a liberal slant.

  9. Man.. if only they kept these voter registration lists on a server that he could have ordered deleted even after if was subpoenaed…..errrr…ummm…. What? Too soon? Too soon for that joke?

  10. Here’s your VOTER FRAUD they’ve been harping about.

    And this coming from the one who stopped the recount in FloriDUH and gave the presidency to his brother. VOTER FRAUD

    If a liberal did this, the tea bag/repubs would be screaming VOTER FRAUD and then hold umpteen hearings.

    This POS will just say “oops, I made a boo boo”

  11. the penalty is five years in prison. i say, because he’s the least annoying bush, we give him only 4 years, by electing him to the prison of the whitehouse. boy is the US do dysfunctional. few countries would put up with 50% of your congress as legally sane.

  12. I was denied a job on a federal facility because of a 12 year old class three felony. Why shouldn’t the same rules apply to him?

  13. Remove your tin foil hat and get a brain.

    What part of “Bush signed that states, “CRIMINAL OFFENSE: It is a 3rd degree felony to submit false information. Maximum penalties are $5,000 and/or 5
    years in prison.” don’t you understand???

  14. RW Libertarians or “Constitutionalists” don’t acknowledge nor do they believe they should be held to the laws of these United States.

    Instead, their catchall phrase is: LIBRULS!!!11

    They’re not the brightest bulbs of the U.S. bunch…somewhat higher than Teabaggers, but not by much.

  15. So John Ellis Bush can lie on his voter registration and “forget” that he has a SECOND private email account, one that we have no idea of what is on it and all the RWNJ’s want to know is what other emails did Hilary “hide” as USSSOS forgetting for a second how stoooopid it would be to bury/wipe emails that HAVE A RECIEVING party with OFFICIAL duties and ARCHIVES.

    John Elis’s private emails were NOT vetted and were not limited to GOVERNMENT business and what we have seen so far from BOTH private accounts is the dirty underbelly of fund raising. I wonder if the US Attorney prosecuting Senator Mendez should have a look at John Elli’s account and compare that to his actions a Governor of FL?

  16. The Hispanic Community should be outraged by Bush’s bold, deceitful declaration. Hispanics are proud of their heritage & don’t appreciate Bush claiming to be one of them. Bush may be married to a Hispanic but he’s not Hispanic. The Hispanic community should find this latest stunt disrespectful & undermining & hardly a reason to vote for Bush & the GOP.

  17. So, if I have the logic straight…Bush put Hispanic on a form because he thought no one would see it, but then through some sort of bend in the space-time continuum, Hispanics would both (1) know about the form and (2) believe Bush was Hispanic because of it.

    It appears to be lost on everyone that Bush has never publicly claimed to be Hispanic, so seriously what in the F would he have to gain from this?

    Also, it’s not a felony to falsify the race/ethnicity portion of the voter registration form.

  18. jeb bush committed a felony when he illegally suppressed tens of thousands of black votes in FL. to steal the 2000 election for the shrub.
    then the scotus just let it happen. and you know the rest of the story.

  19. It was too convienient for voter discrepancies to happen in Florida when Jeb, the fraud, was governor.
    Dumya was our only APPOINTED president and it happend both times since there were many voting errors caused by the diebold voting machines in ’04.

  20. The list is in a linear format, Causasian is the first and Hispanic is almost the last one to be selected, it was a CONSCIOUS decision.

  21. but a quite a few dished him!!!

    @JebBush @JebBushJr So you want to run our country, riiiight? #PleaseDont

  22. Well there is your voter fraud GOP, I expect that you will now do what the LAW requires?? Yeah right.

  23. “tea party christians” are nazichristians. They worship hate and killing – I just got it.. they are ISIL.

  24. Too bad the article failed to mention that Elizabeth Warren IS an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation, and as such has the legal right to claim her American Indian heritage. While Jeb Bush, on the other hand, . . .

  25. Since the Republicans love impeachment so much, does that mean Jeb will be eligible to be impeached before he’s even been elected?
    Article 2 of the Constitution states:
    “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High crimes and Misdemeanors.” The biggest difference between Ol’ Jeb and Obama is that Jeb has actually broken the law; Obama just broke a cultural mould…

  26. Just remember, when Daddy Bush had to choose between Jeb & The Village Idiot to run for POTUS in ’99, Daddy looked at Jeb then he looked at W. — drooling on himself in the corner — and said “I’m going with HIM”.

    When your father chooses your idiot brother over you to run the country, you know you’re pretty bad.

    No doubt, Jeb got confused by the question and *thought* he was Hispanic.

  27. I do not like Jeb’s politics at all. I think he would be a horrible president.but come on this was an error…. focusing on this type of mistake makes us all look bad…..

  28. Yes, it was. And what seems to whizz over the pointed heads of his apologists is, HE SIGNED IT which makes it a 3rd degree felony.

    Had he not signed it, he wouldn’t have had to worry and he could get away with an “oops”. But he of all people should know, when you sign an official document, it brings it into the legal realm and that makes it pretty serious.

  29. This headline is garbage click bait. I’m a republican and frankly cant stand Jeb Bush, but I don’t think lying about ethnicity is a crime on any form in any state. Anyone can rightfully and legally claim any ethnicity. It has no skin color, blood, or ancestry requirements.

  30. When it confers some type of category cognizable under state law, the state can define that category. This state has had a Hispanic governor (Martinez), but it wasn’t Jeb.

    That said, it might have been an accidental tick.

  31. “he checked the wrong box”, all the more reason he shouldnt have the nuke codes! Hes an idiot who cant check a box correctly.

  32. I am a Democrat who doesn’t particularly like the man, but this is total BS even under Politico’s banner. “Let the politicle wars begin”.

  33. Wow, a politician that didn’t block access to or destroy a public record. I’m not a Jeb Bush fan, however I do find the “moral outrage” entertaining. The same people calling him names are the ones who will defend Pelosi, Reid, Clinton and Obama . They will look you in the eye and tell you these people are honest , and merely the victims of a Republican witch hunt. When their lies are too big to deny they will downplay the seriousness of the offense, or better yet, tell you not to believe your eyes and ears

  34. So wait a moment! This article is claiming similarity between marking a voting reg. form, and Elizabeth Warren marking her job application; and then they have the nerve to call it hypocrisy? Wow, they must really believe their readers are pretty stupid! I guess they missed the article about the Indian guy who got turned down for Med school, then reapplied as black and got in with the same transcript!

  35. Betcha there will be those in Florida who would vote for him anyway. Heck, they voted in that crook pRick Scott TWICE!!! Convicted felon, fraudster deluxe, wishy-washy trash never spent one minute in jail. Jeb is bad, but not THAT bad, so the GOTP will cut him slack!

  36. Google “Terri Schiavo” and see an example of what a reprehensible individual Jeb Bush is.
    Pressuring the legislature to pass what was probably an unconstitutional law giving him the power to send an ambulance and remove Terri Schiavo from a hospice facilit…talk about government overreach and meddling.

  37. I remember his callous disregard for the wishes of his constituents during his power-hungry tenure and his fight to disregard the pre-expressed wishes of a brain-dead young woman.

  38. the questions at the end of each ballot are optional. One can claim what ever one wants, it is not a felony, nor a crime, nor even worth mentioning, unless some group can claim gotcha. I always click other, or write in , “American”. in the USA, one is, by law, forbidden to use race, heritage or background for any reasons what so ever. My wife, born outside of Anchorage, before Alaska was a state, routinely checks “Alaska native”. Any one care to dispute her claim?

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