Republican And Netanyahu Bloodlust Drives Nuclear Deal Criticism


Bloodlust is the burning unquenchable desire to kill or see people killed and it is closer to the behavior of a rabid wild beast than a civilized human being. Sadly, Republicans and their demented foreign leader Benjamin Netanyahu would hardly be considered civilized human beings; particularly since their precious war of aggression to kill Muslims in Iraq came to an end.

Oh it is true the Bush-Netanyahu escapade in Iraq created the Islamic State leaving America and Iran to clean up the neo-cons messy war, but their efforts are not shedding enough American and innocent Muslim blood to satisfy the Israeli-American warmongers. The neo-con’s solution has been fulfilling Netanyahu’s twenty-three year campaign for Americans to die in a war with the Islamic Republic of Iran primarily because Israel wants to be the only Middle East nation with an American-provided nuclear arsenal.

The good news for American troops Netanyahu lusts to see dead and maimed for now is that thanks to President Barack Obama’s diplomacy-first foreign policy agenda, a small part of the Middle East appears to be off limits to American bombing to kill innocent Muslims just because they are innocent Muslims. As is always the case, no impending war with Iran has Republicans and their neocon Israeli master absolutely incredulous and besides themselves with unsatisfied bloodlust and rage. Of course, that has been the case for a little over six years, and the announcement that President Obama and the P5+1 reached a tentative deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran demonstrates that as usual, Republicans cannot be satisfied that America soldiers are not going to shed blood to satisfy Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu like they did in Iraq.

The reaction from the neo-con Republicans and Netanyahu over the ‘tentative‘ deal with Iran, one they likely have not seen, is not so surprising as it is a clear indication that as many pundits have claimed all along; Republicans want a war with Iran to satisfy the savage Netanyahu’s thirst for spilled American blood. He certainly cannot be concerned about Iran gaining a nuclear weapon, particularly because Israel already has a substantial arsenal and whatever nuclear materials Iran has were provided by America at the urging of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld in 1976; something Republicans, Fox News, and various prospective GOP presidential candidates will never reveal. It is why Netanyahu has called for an American war with Iran for twenty-three years; he knew all along that if Iran was working toward a nuclear weapon for self-defense, like Israel’s nuclear arsenal America provided the materials.


Netanyahu’s thirst for America to wage war against Iran is not because the Islamic Republic is close to building a nuclear bomb as he continues preaching like a Hellfire and damnation Southern Baptist preacher; his own intelligence agencies say he is a lying liar. In fact, “all 16 American intelligence agencies have concluded that whatever nuclear weapon ambitions Iran had were abandoned in 2003.” It is why a classified National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) document that was leaked to the media in 2007 put a stop to George  W. Bush’s push to conduct a new and bigger war in the Middle East against Iran on behalf of the savage Netanyahu. Still, American media dutifully gave the murderous foreigner another opportunity to ply his fear-mongering on Sunday political shows to enhance saber-rattling Republican warmonger’s credibility in defaming President Obama for negotiating a peaceful resolution to Iran’s so-called “nuclear ambitions.”

Despite what Republicans and Netanyahu claim, the tentative agreement is one that will severely restrict Iran from developing anything more than a pathetically-limited nuclear energy infrastructure. It is so restrictive, as a matter of fact, that hardliners in Iran are furious and complain that the deal will hardly leave them with “just enough centrifuges to make carrot juice.” A very vocal Iranian hardliner and editor-in-chief of the state newspaper said that leaving Iran with only 5,000 centrifuges means that we gave up “a saddled horse and received a torn bridle in exchange.” Another hardliner said, “No matter how we try to sugarcoat it, this means we no longer will have an industrial-scale enrichment program.”

Senator Dianne Feinstein who is no friend of Iran and a staunch supporter of Israel said that bloodthirsty Netanyahu is out of line for claiming President Obama is in effect putting Israel’s survival at risk with the deal with Iran. In harshly criticizing Netanyahu, Feinstein said Israel’s survival is not threatened and that “I don’t think it’s helpful for Israel to come out and oppose this one opportunity to change a major dynamic, which is downhill — a downhill dynamic in this part of the world. The surveillance and inspection and transparency runs 20 to 25 years for everything, all the centrifuges, rotors, the mills, the production facilities for yellowcake go out to 25 years of IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) surveillance and inspection.”

That quarter of a century worthy of surveillance and inspection is insufficient for Netanyahu or his neo-con underlings in the GOP who contend that any deal that promises peace is bad. Their idea of a ‘good deal‘ is American soldiers shedding blood for Benjamin Netanyahu and profits for the military industrial complex. In fact, just last week it was revealed that in late January bank analysts looking for the prospects of higher earnings for weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin were severely concerned that an Iranian agreement would “depress weapons sales and hurt profits.”

What the military industrial complex that contributes heavily to Republicans hope for, and depend on, is “A lot of volatility and a lot of instability in the Middle East that are growth areas for Lockheed Martin and underscores a longstanding truism of the weapons trade; war and the threat of war is good for corporate earnings.” They say that normalizing relations with Iran is not in any way, shape, or form a positive development for future arms business but an “impediment” to  higher profits. This so-called impediment is not lost on neo-cons or Israeli who stand to profit from a war with Iran even though they will not shed blood; American soldiers will.

It is beyond dispute that Republicans, their master Netanyahu, and their campaign donors in the weapons industry do not want peace in the Middle East and it informs their ardent criticism of President Obama and his diplomacy first foreign policy is profit-driven as much as their lust for blood-letting. It is prescient that while bloodthirsty Netanyahu and Republicans are critical of a deal they know nothing about, there is overwhelmingly high praise indeed from around the world for a deal that not only severely restricts Iran from using materials provided by America for a nuclear weapon, it guarantees a semblance of peace in the Middle East. Only barbaric savages like American and Israeli neo-cons would openly oppose peace because nothing excites the warmongers more than seeing Americans shed blood for Israel, the weapons industry, and to kill innocent Muslims.

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  1. More than 50 % of the US military budget is paid to outside contractors, which includes hired fighters.

  2. But what about the poor Arms Manufacturers? Obscene Profit Margins don’t grow on trees ya know!
    After all, Pro-life doesn’t mean diddly squat for the already born.

  3. the Republican answer for the lost profits for no war will be further tax cuts for the arms supply segment of the country…

  4. It is a sad commentary when elected members of the U.S. Congress put the interests of any other country ahead of our own. There has never been a time when you have our elected officials paying homage to a foreign leader while openly showing contempt and disrespect for our duly elected President. Israel’s P.M. Netanyahu today continues to intrude and attempt to control elements of the formulation of American foreign policy with the active cooperation of some of our elected leaders.

    It is time that we call on those in Congress who put the interests of Israel first to answer the question of where their loyalties lie. Voters have the right to know if the members of Congress hold dual citizenship in any other country, and if so which country’s interests do they put put first. It’s a simple proposition, that requires a simple answer. It’s bad enough that members of Congress can be bought by corporate interests and influenced by the monies they receive from special interests…what do…

  5. The US military has contracted out their logistics system. Can they now function without contractor permission?

  6. “Oh was a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive”. – Sir Walter Scott –

    All the secrets, lies, cover-ups, and corruption of our government, makes the US no different than any other country of the planet.

  7. Let me ask a simple question….WAS ISRAEL’S PRIME MINISTER, NETANYAHU, a member of the group P5+1 that worked hard and tirelessly to put this deal together? NO! Next Question: What makes HIM and his supporters (Deniers of a good deal) Know MORE than the diplomats and experts who were consulted and put this deal together? Question #3: If Netanyahu want’s to Bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities—has he NOT figured out that THAT would be a BAD DEAL! ? It is not going to be no simple SHOKCK AND AWE with the Iranians. Iran is NOT Iraq, by more means than one. Iran is not a backward, third world country with a poorly trained or led Military. It would take 50 years to complete Israel’s bombing campaign. (Theoretically), PLUS, guess what? The United States would have to come to Israel’s aid somehow, then we get pushed into this quagmire. All because Israel is afraid that Iran is going to NUKE them. How illogical is that?! Russia did NOT nuke us during the cold war, because? Right!

  8. Cotton is a dickhead and thinks he knows everything. He and the others want to f**k this deal up for the rest of the negotiators. What an ass.

  9. And the ability of the warmongers is to present “all” Muslims as “the enemy”! This is the aim of the madness in Netanyahu’s philosophy! But it is all clear now, after Bibi’s speech to Congress, when he said that Isis’ enemy, Iran, is your enemy. Fotunately, President Obama’s politics has forced nations to choose, be for war, or for peace. ( While the UE has been double crossing Obama’s efforts for peace, supporting Israel constantly, it is interesting the change and the support of the UE to the Iran atomic deal.) The hope is that the President will continue to make it clear the stand for peace so as no-one will be mad enough to take the responsability to stay on the side of war….. and Bibi will be finally be isolated.

  10. Dru – yes Cotten is a dick head, but he apparently got 2.1 million dollars for his
    47 traitors letter.

    Our military is tired of war, we cannot take care of our wounded veterans now, I wish someone would tell Netanyahu to mind his own business and stop meddling in our affairs.

  11. First Iraq, now Iran.

    Suppose we DO bomb the hell out Iran, wreak their infrastructure, decimate their population.

    Who will be the next country on Netanyahu’s list of “enemies”. Pakistan? they’ve got nukes. They have problems with extremists. And they, as Arabs, are a threat to Israel. Do we bomb them too? Then there is Lebanon and Syria. Didn’t the Israelis bomb them?

    While we take on these countries, expending American lives and money protecting Israel, Israel sits back, taking our aid on top of American lives and money and lose nothing.

    We’ve tried war and look at what happened. It is time to try another way and give diplomacy a chance.

  12. Tom Cotton is a psychopath that should not be trusted with the White House under any circumstances.

  13. Not a single drop of American blood should be spilled for Israel.
    When has Israel ever sent it’s Army to fight in a fight brought about by the ill advised Presidents we have had in the recent past? (Does Bush ring a bell?) I don’t believe they ever have….Other nations yes, Israel?????
    Plenty of American blood was spilled in the sec WW, to save the people who went to Israel from the hands of the Nazis. They owe us……

  14. Patricia, the third pargraph of your post, says it all Big time…..

    Like I said before, They owe us!!!!! we owe them nothing….

  15. Sec. Energy Ernst Moniz he’s the lead expertise of tech. in the negotiation with Iran. Today he was at the daily WHP briefing. Which he gave an excellent overview of the technical aspect of Iran Nuclear Framework. (start at 52:39).

    I have a question to add on to Thomas P-51, Why are democrats so gun-ho to sign on to the republican’s coup d’etat?
    This nuclear framework is being praise from world leaders and experts. Even the Arab America Institute, J Street, NIAC and the Pope.

  16. Now, what we have here is failure to communicate. Bibi and his boys, Mitchie and Johnny, are just not listening to the rest of the world. Nobody wants more war, period. The deal is going down and there’s nothing the hard cases like Bibi can do. Of course they’re going to beat their chests and stamp their feet, ignore them. They are warmongers and will move on as soon as an easier war possibility opens up.

  17. Did you listen to any of the RW pundits making their rounds? They all made reference to this deal to Hitler!!!!
    This has been and is their code word for we want war!!

  18. My biggest fear is coming true. Chuck Shumer will take Senator’s Reed’s place. He will be in Netanyahu back pocket and though he’s a Senator who I voted for, I feel he will become a enemy of the President. There will be no difference between him and McConnell. My worst nightmare.

  19. At the Saban Forum on Iran Diplomacy during a discussion with President Obama, Mr . Saban asserted, “With the best intentions and all efforts, President Reagan vowed that Pakistan would not go nuclear. Didn’t happen. With the best intentions and all efforts, President Clinton vowed that North Korea won’t go nuclear. Why is the nuclear deal different than any other nuclear deal?”

    With the best intentions and all efforts, President Kennedy tried to stop Israel from developing the bomb. Didn’t happen!

    The concern that Iran’s civilian nuclear power program will be converted to a weapons program is identical to the situation in Israel in the early 60s before President Kennedy was tragically assassinated (?by Israel) while he was attempting to prevent Israel from converting its civilian nuclear power program into a weapons program with inducements. Israel took the inducements, Hawk missiles, but continued with its nuclear weapons program.

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