Distrust Of Jeb Will Only Grow After Latest Bush Blunder Exposed


The revelation that Jeb Bush marked his race/ethnicity on a voter registration form as Hispanic is likely to further the rift between Bush and hardcore conservatives who already have difficulty trusting the former Florida Governor.

After the Monday morning edition of The New York Times reported that Jeb Bush marked down “Hispanic” for his race/ethnicity on a 2009 voter registration form, the fallout started to materialize on blogs and social media almost immediately. As Jason Easley at PoliticusUSA reported, submitting false information on a voter registration form is also a felony.

While it seems unlikely that Bush will actually be prosecuted for falsifying his registration form, his actions could still have serious political consequences, even if they do not result in legal consequences. Not just from liberals who might seize on this opportunity, with good reason, to portray Jeb Bush as dishonest, but also from voices of dissent within his own party.

Even in the best case scenario for Bush, if his error was simply a careless, but unintentional mistake, it is still the type of inaccuracy that could prove politically costly for the former Florida Governor. Bush is already distrusted by the conservative Republican base. Conservatives, in particular, are concerned that he is too soft on immigration.

Right-wing xenophobes have long charged Jeb Bush with pandering to the Hispanic community, instead of standing firm on conservative principles. The Nativist wing of the GOP is likely to see Bush’s blunder, as further evidence that he is bending over backwards to ingratiate himself to Hispanic immigrants, at the expense of white voters.

Bush’s “error” feeds into an existing narrative on the far right that Bush doesn’t stand up for white people enough. For example, in February 2015, a conservative blogger accused Bush of firing Chief Technology Officer Ethan Czahor for “tweeting while White”. The absurd implication was that Czahor was fired not for tweeting racist comments but simply because he was white.

The conservative website Breitbart.com posted a Monday headline titled “Jeb Bush Registered As A Hispanic Voter In 2009”. The piece itself was fairly measured. At one point the author, Charlie Spiering, argued:

Ethnic identity “confusion” can be crippling to a political campaign, especially if it can be demonstrated that it was done for political or societal gain.

However, conservatives remarking in the comment section, sounded a much harsher tone. A person who went by the name “The realpatriot013jrd” commented:

Trying to buy favor with hispanics, Jeb??? ha. You don’t look hispanic…ha. You (sic) pedigree is NOT hispanic, Jeb….how funny and a ”not so subtle” attempt to change your heritage…..

A comment from “BG” simply read:

Well, we all know were Jub (sic) Bush’s loyalties lies and it does not lie with the country of his birth.

IronicFist wrote:

Well that’s awkward. A 50 – something year old guy with major identity issues. If he’s white on the outside but brown on the inside, would that make him a “hot pocket?

In right-wing circles, Bush’s apparent attempt to claim himself to be Hispanic is not being well-received. The far right would much rather support a Hispanic candidate trying to pass as an anti-immigrant white guy, like Ted Cruz, than back a white guy trying to pass as Hispanic. Jeb Bush is deeply distrusted by the right-wing of his party. With Bush’s registration blunder exposed, conservative voters will be more convinced than ever that their suspicions surrounding Jeb Bush are justified.

21 Replies to “Distrust Of Jeb Will Only Grow After Latest Bush Blunder Exposed”

  1. Let’s see. First we have it called a lie. Then we have it called a claim. Neither is likely true. It was, in all likelihood a mistake. As the old saying goes, “Jeb may be dumb but he’s not stupid.”

    He knows Latinos aren’t going to buy any claim that he is Hispanic.

    However, as I pointed out in the last thread, there is a point to be made here, but it isn’t by saying he lied or claimed he was Hispanic.

    Rather that he is lazy. He was too lazy to review the form before he signed it. He was too lazy to make sure that all the emails he released had the personal information redacted. I am sure there are a lot of other situations that would also support the claim that he is lazy.

    And we don’t want a lzay person in the WH, period.

    So focus on that aspect of this, not the lying or making of claims, because neither is probably accurate.

  2. The sh*tstorm on the Right will be epic:

    “Flying Monkey Squadron! This is not a drill! Repeat, this is not a drill! Operation Taco Terminator is go!”

  3. I’m still trying to figure out how the rabid white RW supports Canadian/Cuban Cruz. Because he says the right things? Because he has learned delivery well from Papa the man who fought with Castro and then ran to America, got an education (thanks, America), went Canada with his American wife, had Teddy, returned to Texas, and set up shop as a preacher? What exactly is American about Slick Ted? His law degree from Harvard (which in Obama’s case is a negative to them, because ‘affirmative action,’ but Teddy, who no doubt also profited from ‘affirmative action,’ gets a pass? I mean, half white is half white, no matter whether your Daddy is Nigerian or Cuban, isn’t it?) I will never understand the thought process of the GOP.

  4. Considering the pass Sarah Palin got from the M$Media, I’m sure Jeb Bu$h will as well.

    All in all, the 2016 elections are off to a fine start.

  5. I feel JEB wishes his last name was ARBUSTO, than he could run for the Spanish vote, and distance himself from his compassionate brother.

  6. Will people be as critical of the third Bush as they were of Elizabeth Warren indicating she was/is Native American?

  7. Well, he married a Hispanic woman and so he decided to convert.
    What … you can’t do that???

    Jeb’s explanation: “Fool you once, shame on me. Fool me … oh, never mind. I’ll ask my brother how it goes.”

  8. John is stupid and he thinks everyone else is too. “Im my own man” as he hires all of his war-criminal brothers bad advisors. Hes a complete bumbling idiot thats being conned into running so George & Dick get another shot at destroying America and murdering another 5000 of our kids. The next president(Hillary) might just file real charges against the bush regime. Barbara doesnt want her priviledged boys to face the consequences of their anti-American greed and stupidity. Its weird how the “conspiracy theorists only go after Obama when the Alex Jones crowd in 08 said bush mastermind 911 in order to cover up their loss of 2.3 Trillion and the over-billing by Halliburton. Jones also claimed that Cheney caused the deep-water Horizon accident in order to make billions off the purchase of the company that makes Corexit. He said they cause the problem, then run in with the money-making solution. Cheney bought the company 10 days before the spill.

  9. SallyinMI:

    To the far right…
    It does not matter if you are any human being or an animal…
    If you speak in tongues you qualify for conservatism and a place in their ranks to be elected supreme being!?!

  10. Wait a min….

    does this mean that Barbara is NOT his real mother, and the old Bush was pulling an Arnold Schwartzeneger with the help?…

    Tune for the next episode of the Bush-Hipanic maid saga coming to light after many years of secrecy…

    Or the question is: who is his real father
    Was it Marco the gardener? or Angelo the pool guy?

  11. To some extent, I think I have acknowledged that it could be just a lazy mistake as evidenced by phrases like this:

    “Even in the best case scenario for Bush, if his error was simply a careless, but unintentional mistake, it is still the type of inaccuracy that could prove politically costly for the former Florida Governor.”

  12. Continuing with that thought, isn’t it ironic that those caught perpetrating voter fraud overwhelmingly turn out to be Republicans.

  13. Daddy Bush ought to check his schedules during that time to determine where he was when Barbara was getting it on with the Hispanic gardner. I can’t imagine anyone making such a mistake in identifying oneself as an ethnicity/nationality that you’re not. It sounds fishy. They ought to check if he registered twice as white and hispanic. This is Floriduh after all. Anything goes.
    Ann Coutie did the same when she purchased a house in Fla., she used her real estate agent’s address to vote in Fla though she was still living in NY and got away with it.

  14. That’s why the rabid right is so convinced there is rampant voter fraud. They are the ones doing it.

  15. As expected of the party of (not enough words). Next to Bobby asking someone to make him white, this goes as one of the requirements to be Republican.

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