ALEC Threatens Progressives With A Lawsuit For Calling Out Its Lies


Most people have a very well-defined threshold that no-one dares cross when it comes to accusing them of some character flaw, untoward behavior, or malicious action. Obviously, being called a liar is high on an honest person’s list of accusations they will not tolerate, but for conservatives who lie as a matter of course, being accused of lying is likely such a common occurrence that it is certainly nothing shameful. However, now it appears that the Republican and Koch brothers’ legislative arm, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), has found an accusation it is not going to tolerate any longer and lodged a threat to stop it.

Interestingly, the Koch-backed anti-environmental group is threatening to file suit against progressive and liberal groups for accusing ALEC of lying about the reality of anthropogenic climate change. Specifically, the group that writes template legislation to eliminate environmental regulations that combat climate change sent letters to Common Cause and the League of Conservation Voters warning them to “cease making false statements” about ALEC’s denial of global warming. ALEC demanded that the progressive and environmental group immediately “remove all false or misleading materials” suggesting ALEC is anything less than truthful about the existence of anthropogenic climate change, or the validity of climate science overall.

One wonders if ALEC sent a letter threatening a lawsuit to technology giant Google chairman Eric Schmidt. Schmidt accused ALEC of “just literally lying” about climate change and it drove the company to cut ties with the Koch group last year. After Google ended its incestuous relationship with ALEC over its pathological lies about the existence of climate change, ALEC attempted to pretend it never denied the Earth’s climate is changing. However, just because ALEC says it does not deny climate change, the mountains of template legislation it crafts on behalf of its bosses at Koch Industries tells a completely different story.

Recently, ALEC said that it acknowledged that human activity has altered the Earth’s atmosphere, but that it has not been resolved if it really leads to demonstrable changes in the Earth’s climate. What seals the deal that ALEC does deny climate change is the organization’s statement that human activity “may lead to deleterious, neutral or possibly even beneficial climactic changes, but due to  the great deal of scientific uncertainty surrounding these prospective changes the cost of regulation to inhibit such changes may lead to great economic dislocation.”

At its annual  meeting in December, two speakers led a seminar emphasizing the ways in which carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere provided benefits to the environment and the economy. The two speakers disagreed with the consensus of international scientists convened by the United Nations that increased carbon dioxide emissions is responsible for climate change. ALEC cannot claim it denies climate change. or that it does not work tirelessly to promote the filthy lie that there is no reason to address the clear and present danger to Americans’ health, national security, or the nation’s economy. As an aside, one of the Koch and ALEC’s newest assertions Republicans have embraced is that the real issue is not climate change, but “whether President Obama’s proposed regulations are illegal;” particularly when ALEC claims the changing climate may even be beneficial.

It is certain that there are very few Americans, even stupid ones, and very few scientists, who claim the severe droughts, extreme heat, and severe weather events plaguing America are beneficial, but that is what makes ALEC’s lies so egregious; there are no bounds to the lengths they go to do their Koch masters’ bidding. In fact, ALEC’s entire proposition is a dirty outlandish lie according to what the overwhelming majority of the world’s climate scientists believe based on the preponderance of research and empirical data and not what the Koch brothers pay ALEC to advertise.

As a means of convincing the abundance of abject stupidity plaguing Americans that their lives are not being adversely affected by heat waves, droughts, and extremely severe weather events, ALEC claims that there is “a great deal of scientific uncertainty surrounding the nature of  ‘prospective’ climate changes.” ALEC’s employers the Kochs have dutifully funded the push to cast doubt on climate scientists to distort the overwhelming consensus among the scientific community that climate change is real and undoubtedly driven by human beings; what is technically anthropogenic climate change.

There is no debate among the overwhelming number of scientists (97%) who are not funded by the Koch brothers. It is certain that what they are discussing is not whether climate change is real, or if it is caused by human activity, or if the consequences will be good or bad; they are debating just how rapidly it is progressing and how incredibly damaging it will be to civilization in terms of lives, economic devastation, and just what doing nothing means for the continued existence of the human race.

Obviously, the groups being threatened with a Koch-funded ALEC lawsuit are not impressed with bullying tactics just because they labeled ALEC for what it really is; part and parcel of the dirty lying Koch climate denial machine. The senior vice president for the League of Conservation Voters, David Willett, said “We don’t appreciate the attempt to silence LCV just because we disagree with ALEC’s positions. if someone wants to get serious about tackling climate change, they ask about working with us, they don’t threaten to sue us.” In concert with the League of Conservation Voters, Common Cause has repeatedly criticized ALEC for pushing legislation to undercut renewable energy such as solar and wind power by claiming that new sources of power are job killers, economically devastating, and unnecessary because of the “uncertainty among the science community” about whether the climate is changing due to the effects of carbon emissions.

As they should, both Common Cause and LCV officials said the legal demands and threats from ALEC would not alter their position whatsoever because, “We don’t think ALEC or organizations like it are done attacking progress on climate change” according to Kert Davies. Davies is an environmental activist leading a small group, Climate Investigations Center that recently gained notoriety for distributing documents showing Koch funding pays scientists to publicly dispute climate change. Davies said,  “It is hard to imagine these organizations turning a corner and suddenly being open to an honest discussion of real environmental policy.” Of course they are not going to change or have an honest discussion; not when they claim that droughts, severe storms, extreme heat and flooding as a result of climate change may be beneficial, or that environmental regulations are illegal.

Apparently, ALEC threatening lawsuits against progressive groups for telling the truth about the Koch brothers’ organization is due in great part to the stampede of corporations distancing themselves from the group most responsible for the guns everywhere, voter suppression, and climate denying laws saturating red state legislatures. The Koch legislative machine was able to work behind the scenes with veritable anonymity until progressive and liberal groups began exposing ALEC for what it really is; a Koch construct pushing a vile libertarian agenda that serves no-one’s interests but the Koch brothers and their privatization-minded cohorts.

ALEC exists to spread lies and misinformation about a rash of subjects whether it is the need for every American to be armed, the need to abolish public schools, restrict voting to white Christian males, or eliminate environmental regulations because the effects of anthropogenic climate change are beneficial to Americans and good for the economy. Actually, if ALEC is butt-hurt because progressives claim the Koch group denies climate change, it must break their spirit when secular humanists call them a bunch of dirty lying un-American fascists that refuses to support democracy.

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  1. I’d suggest Common Cause and the League of Conservation Voters call the bluff of ALEC who is threatening to sue them. It’s not libel if it’s true, and it’s true that the corporate front group of ALEC is a climate science denying bunch of tyrants who would rather watch the world burn than to do the responsible thing for the environment.

  2. Yes, please proceed ALEC. In a very public court of law you can attempt to explain your lies as being the truth for the whole world to witness. This would not go well for them and they know it. That’s why this is exactly what it is, a bluff.

  3. And like David Irving, they will lose IF we have a fair and just court adjudicating the case. Then it will, of course, proceed to the well-paid RW-lackeys that have infested our highest court.

    This is why it’s so essential that we have a Democrat in the White House and a Democratic-controlled Senate in 2016. We need to ensure that should Justices Bader-Ginsberg, Scalia, and Kennedy either keel over or retire that NO Republican gets to anoint their successors.

    We must neuter RW-Corporate Justices Roberts, Alito, and the useless Thomas to the point that they’re impotent, and that can only be done by having a Democrat appoint progressive justices in the coming decade and beyond.

  4. Spot on Rick! Even if the progressive & liberal groups lose (and they probably will, especially with our Conservative Supreme Court & the fact that they’re going against the billionaire fueled Koch’s & company) this case will convince at least a few more people that Climate Change is real & a tremendous cause for concern.

    Good. I’m so happy people are finally waking up, organizing & fighting back. The Koch brothers are old & the effects of climate change won’t affect them in their lifetime, but they will effect our children & grandchildren & future generations of people around the world.

    Everyone knows what the truth is, they just get better at lying.

  5. Common Cause should counter sue ALEC for bringing on a frivolous lawsuit. This is an act of desperation on ALEC’s part. The evidence will clearly prove Common Cause’s case.

  6. In fact, they can countersue for abuse of process together with their answer, and there is no filing fee for that. Right now, though, no complaint has been filed, and this “cease and desist” letter may well be all rattle and no snake. Certainly, ALEC could find themselves on the business end of some interesting and comprehensive discovery requests.

  7. ALEC is only “threatening to sue”, much like Sarah Palin threatened to sue the folks who accused her of all types of malfeasance. The thing is, a lawsuit brings to light all sorts of damaging information that exists on the part of the plaintiff. “Discovery” is a scary process. Snowdrift Snookie knew this. So does ALEC. This is nothing more than a scare tactic, and it’s failing big time.

  8. There is only one reason ALEC, founded and funded by the Koch brothers, is getting legislation passed to emasculate the EPA …greed. Well actually two reasons.

    If coal-fired energy plants are forced to either close or follow the EPA regulations it will cost the brothers money. If fracking is stopped it will cost them money. If solar/wind power takes over the production of electricity, it will mean less money going into their pockets. All of these things are what the Koch industries was built on.

    The second thing is that if their dominance is diminished, they will lose control. No more tax breaks, no more controlling the hours people work, unions may regain their power to demand health care and fair wages, no more giving up education to line their pockets.

    All of this comes down to absolute power and greed. And they want it all.

  9. Is it me or does ALEC sound like a two year old throwing a temper tantrum?

    ‘Mommy, he picking on me! He’s saying mean things about me and I want you to stop them!!’

    Well, suing people because they’ve exposed you for the lying sacks of crap that you are isn’t going to help your case.

  10. What happened to the GOP who was FOR tort reform, they HATED lawsuits, now it seems they can’t get enough of them..

  11. When you cite the widely debunked 97% consensus figure, it pretty much negates your credibility on the subject.

  12. If the study(s) were wrong, it would be simple enough, and relatively cheap to do a transparent study of their own, and come up with their own answer.

    I’d say that “for some reason they never do this”, but I know exactly what the reason is: they’d come up with similar numbers in any honest study.

  13. bring it on you hypocritical, corrupt, anti-American, anti-democratic, anti-constitutional, POS motherf*ckers!!! bring it on!!!

  14. what planet are you from? is your head up your azz or something? this is real. this is science. these are facts. if you can not accept reality, then you should seek professional help. you people humiliate America every time you open your mouths and spout this utter nonsense. shame on you science deniers!!!

  15. I agree. time to stand up to the rightwing bullies. enough is enough. do it. we dare you. we double dare you.

  16. the way things are going for the GOP since the November 2014 midterms, my left shoe could beat any one of those rightwing clowns in a presidential race. the political ads the dems will put out will be devastating. john boehner, Netanyahu, the GOP 47 and the combined treason to undermine America and the president in an their attempt to sabotage a six country, international agreement that would all but guarantee a new middle east war with Iran. that would be enough to sink any candidate… and that is just the beginning of the ammo and the attacks on the republicans. I feel if the economy stays solid and we don’t start a new war, the GOP will be humiliated in November 2016 regardless of who the dem candidates are.

  17. “ALEC could find themselves on the business end of some interesting and comprehensive discovery requests.”

    That’s exactly where I was going with my post above.

  18. The Koch brothers did pay a couple scientists to attempt to debunk it. Their results were never publicly published for obvious reasons. They did not want to ruin their reputations by telling lies and the Kochs didn’t want to tell the truth.

  19. Next up is one of the Kochs maids, ala Ann Romney…. “It’s SO hard to destroy the country. And you guys are SO mean to Chuck and Davey.”

  20. Xenu is their cousin on their fathers side.

    Seriously though, I could totally see two greedy, manipulative, forks like the Kochs actually respecting the hell out of Hubbard for his ability to bleed the rubes dry with his “religion”.

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