Editorial Cartoon: Parrothead Planet

Jimmy Buffett holds a concert to fight climate change.



2 Replies to “Editorial Cartoon: Parrothead Planet”

  1. If we cannot stop the Conservative Greed beasts from raping this planet there will be no more “Cheeseburgers in any Paradise” because the Earth will be smack dab in the middle of some low budget post apocalyptic sci-fi movie sponsored by the Koch Bros and Evil Clown Productions in association with KKK,NRA AFA FOX Media group. Directed James Imhoffe Cinematography by James O’Keefe, Written by Ayn Rand, Screenplay by David Barton.

  2. Humanity will survive a Climate Change. But most of humanity alive now- will die, along with a good portion of non-human life.

    Intelligent Life doesn’t destroy it’s environment for a profit margin. If there are Extraterrestrials out there, we must appear rather amusing to them.

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