Religious Right Leaders Threaten to “Rise Up” If they Don’t Get to Persecute Gays

The RFRA fiasco, including the belated revision to the hate-law in Indiana, may have irrevocably hurt the Republican brand, but if so, Religious Right bigots are unaware of it. More and more their diatribes are couched in not just apocalyptic, but military terms.

Rick Santorum got all frothy and stomped his little feet as he followed Ted Cruz in expressing his anger over the role corporations played in opposing the RFRA. Apparently, saying everybody has equal rights is an assault on “religious freedom.” Meaning fake-Christian freedom to persecute anybody and everybody it does not approve of.

A strange definition of freedom, you have to admit. He claims left-wing officials are “imposing their will on people of faith” but I think most of the country understood it to be the other way around. You know this new generation of RFRA laws have got to be pretty bad when even Walmart opposes them.

Yet according to Santorum,

The corporate community now has bought in with the popular culture and bought in with the left. This is not the gay community, this is the left of America trying to impose their will on the church and on the family and really to, in my opinion, devastating consequences.

As a result, Santorum claims that his fellow fake Christians must “begin to push back and rise up” – judging from Santorum, apparently in some whiny and hypocritical fashion. He didn’t mention guns, but we already know you can’t “pray the gay away.”

It is perhaps no surprise to see a headline like this about former General Jerry Boykin, now of the Family Research Council, which doesn’t care about families and sure as heck doesn’t do any research:

Jerry Boykin Calls Upon ‘God’s Army’ To Rise Up And Fight The ‘Evil’ Of Gay Rights

From Right Wing Watch:

“If you’re a Bible-believing Christian, if you’re a person who has a biblical worldview, if you serve the one and only God, you are going to be persecuted, plain and simple” he said, pointing to Springfield’s non-discrimination ordinance which bans discrimination on the basis sexual orientation and gender identity [SOGI].

“This SOGI nonsense is an example of exactly what they’re trying to do us,” Boykin said. “They’re trying to put us in a situation where we’re going to lose our businesses, where we’re going to be forced to accept what Adolf Hitler forced the church to accept in Germany in 1937.”

“We’re at war,” Boykin said, as he declared that the push for gay rights is “evil” and cannot be compared to the fight for civil rights: “This is not about civil rights, this is about the evil that has come into our society and is trying to destroy our ability and our freedom to be able to worship our god as we choose.”

“We’re not rising up against evil,” he warned. “When we rise up against evil, we’ve got to rise up like an army. We’ve got to act like we’re in the military because, in fact, we are God’s army.”

He’s all into that “My God can beat up your God,” stuff and was one of the would-be crusaders of the Iraq War era. I’m not certain at what point he missed the whole Moral Majority-thing but then again, he hasn’t ever read a Bible either.

And then you’ve got your Tony Perkins – Boykin’s boss at the FRC – who said last month on Washington Watch that Obama isn’t a Christian and told a caller,

“I think, John, your point about Christians rising up, I think we are getting close to that in this country as we see increasingly this growing hostility at the hands of our own government toward Christianity and I think especially if the court imposes upon the nation a redefinition of marriage. I don’t think the nation is going to accept it, I absolutely don’t, and the conflict that is going to come as a result of it.”

Pro-rapist Mike Huckabee jumped on the bandwagon too, saying last week on Washington Watch that gays “won’t stop until there are no more churches,” and that a “phony crisis” turned Walmart against them, not their blatant intolerance and bigotry:

It’s been manufactured by the left, just as was the war on women. There was no war on women. The left has gotten very good on creating a crisis, something to divide the country, something to create this sense in which ‘we’ve got to go after these conservatives because they are trying to trample over our rights.’

No, I am pretty sure Walmart, looking at the bottom dollar, said, “Holy sh*t, these people are f***** in the head! Let’s bail!”

I am equally sure women will be happy to know they’re just imagining the prospect of going to prison for having a miscarriage.

Oh wait…I guess if there really isn’t a Republican war on women, then Purvi Patel can go home today?

Pat Robertson, frequently the last word in Satan-level dishonesty, says “the gays want to control everything,” when, in fact, they just want the same rights Robertson has.

And Louisiana Governor “Bobby” Jindal, competing with Ted Cruz for the hearts and minds of the Santorum-crowd (the dim-witted who have never actually read the Bible), says the “real victims” of the RFRA were the antigay small business owners, not the gays who were being discriminated against.

According to the hypocritical Jindal, the left are the real hypocrites:

What’s really underneath all of this is the left preaches tolerance and diversity and openness, and that’s true, unless you disagree with them. They don’t want to discriminate anybody unless you happen to be a conservative, or in this case, an evangelical Christian, and that’s the hypocrisy in this.

Somehow, he thinks a better position than equal rights for everybody is extra rights for Christians and none at all for everybody else, and then call that religious tyranny “religious freedom.” Well, we can’t expect much out of Jindal. He is reaching for that Santorum-crowd, too.

The consensus in all this seems to be one of “either us or them,” and “you’re with us or you’re against us,” and that only one of them can survive the encounter. Despite the rhetoric, gays are willing to co-exist. It’s just that the gays are unwilling to be victims of religious persecution.

And that rankles a group that has systematically bullied every opposition, and alternative raised up to it, into the grave over a period of almost 2000 years. Christian conservatives are not very Christian but they are and have always been very ruthless, which is why they have generally been on top of the heap.

They aren’t used to not winning. And being able to use violence to get their way, and we see this tendency toward violence in place of Jesus’ turning the other cheek every time we see gay people or transgenders beaten and murdered by hypocritical fake Christians who claim, like these clowns, to follow the “Prince of Peace.”

Watching Ted Cruz begin his campaign with a hypocritical appeal to Jesus, and the Religious Right’s denunciations of corporations, you have to wonder at what point the Republican establishment follows businesses and backs away – if it can – from their crazy fake Christian allies.

92 Replies to “Religious Right Leaders Threaten to “Rise Up” If they Don’t Get to Persecute Gays”

  1. What really frightens me is my Bring it on, you fucking pricks. reaction… along with a faint Time to arm myself.

    This can’t be good.

  2. Love it. Repugs always go back to social issues as the country keeps getting more tolerant. This time they will lose again. This party of hate and bigotry will not succeed at the national level. Plus each candidate has a whole lot of baggage that will be easy to expose and exploit.

  3. I find it extremely amusing that these Neanderthals are so pissed that they cannot attack the LBGT community.

    And yes, I call then Neanderthals and not Christians because they are NOT christian at all. A true Christian would never discriminate a person because of their age, sexual orientation, race, and so forth.

  4. Do these people even listen to themselves?
    Don’t they see how paranoid their worldview is? And someone should explain “projection” to them, as well.

  5. If they really have a biblical world view
    then they should think about the adulterers,because the bible says thou shall not commit adultery. We could really eliminate a few rethugs, think Sandford, Vitter,and John McCain. I guess he also thinks we do not know that his wife, before they married was living with an abortionist.
    We could all read the bible literally and have a lot against the rethugs, how about food for the poor and help for the sick and homeless, you never hear of them pushing that.

  6. Please rise up and show your hatred far and wide for the world to see. Many in the world have been sleeping and unaware of the danger you pose to our freedoms. Speak it loud, speak it proud, and take the shellacking you have so richly deserved since the day Ronald Reagan let Jerry Falwell into the White House.

  7. Yeas Go Ahead a “rise up” all you want you fascist bully boys! And I will relish cutting you down with your own “god given” 2nd amendment rights! It is past time to destroy the religious leaders and their religions. The ONLY way to EVER have a peaceful world is to eradicate from this planet ALL RELIGIONS!! and make it a death sentence to practice any faith at all. They want a war and they shall have it and I will fight them until I take my last breath!!! BTW..Say Happy Birthday Joe! 57 today.

  8. Larry Wilmore of the “Nightly Show” did a brilliant job on the gay issue (Indiana) last night. Every commentary, every guest, etc. were spot on! A must see!

    There is nothing more that ANYONE in this county should say on this issue after watching, listening and learning from these folks how to define, explain and laugh in the face of these latent right wing religious homophobes. “The Nightly Show” blew their sh*t clean away!

    Bravo Larry Wilmore!

    And may I add, Stephan Colbert should be so proud that he chose this guy and his staff as his replacement.

  9. Relax already! these guys are bullies, and when they don’t get their own way, their only fallback plan is to whine.

  10. Yes, because Jesus always preached that Christians should “rise up” and become violent to defend their beliefs. Look at Gethsemane. I am a Christian and believe in God’s love for ALL his people. These people are crazy and dangerous, all of them have that empty look in their eyes. I believe they have sold their souls to Satan. Pray for them.

  11. The problem is Maple that these cowards will eventually get their militant Christian gun nuts so frothed up and angry that they will start killing we sane people, we REAL Americans. What they fail to realize is that we on the left are also good with firearms and we KNOW who the REAL enemy is! If they want a war they will get it and THEY WILL LOSE!!!

  12. mommamia112264, There IS NO god! there is NO satan! there is only US!! We humans. We atheists realize that it all starts with humans and ends with humans. We atheist KNOW that we are responsible for OUR OWN actions good or bad and when you involve or blame YOUR actions and thoughts on some deity that does not exist you lose all sense of responsibility for what you do. Faith in god is a weakness! Stand on your own two feet! We need to depend and have “faith” in each other because WE REALLY EXIST!! It’s time to stop praising someone who does not exist for all the good and blaming a fabricated bad guy for all our woes and evil. It’s time for you believers to grow up and be truly part of the human race.

  13. Dear Rightie Christo-Fascists,
    If you don’t like having to accept equal rights for all American citizens, sit down and shut the f*ck up.
    the rest of America.

  14. Rise Up My Ass.

    Two Seconds after this starts, the Federal Government will simply cut off all payments to the Offending States.

    The Village Idiot red states get more from
    the Federal Government than they pay in Taxes.

    When the Federal Money stops, they are going to get Screwed real Fast and Real Hard.

    Which is EXACTLY what they Deserve.

  15. They are lowdown Bigots. They just want to push their religious views on everyone. If you disagree with them you may windup in prison.

  16. The “religious right” is nothing more than those fundamentalist muslim groups runnng around in the middle east today, now their cry is to RISE UP!! NEWS FLASH religious right!! you’ve been RISING for decades!! YOU just go by multiple names, try these, KLU KLUX KLAN, timothy mcveigh and terry nichols, those neo nazi white supremacist in Las Vegas that MURDER police officers!, the cliven bundy KLAN, who took up arms against federal agents!! No, the america taliban has been RISING up long before ISIS has!! so don’t worry, FUX NEWS will give plenty of air time and parade you around as agents of god!!

  17. I am so glad my state recognized what an exteme right wing idiot Santorum was and got rid of him quickly. I am sorry for the rest of the country that he is now inflicting himself on them.

  18. In all of history when religion trumped politics, war, sanctioned killing of innocent masses and the downfall of many Kingdom/Country was the result.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. -George Santayana- 1863

  19. I thought they were all about the Constitution, apparently not. Maybe they only believe in the hill people version. Freedom of religion means you must believe what I believe or else! A play directly out of Putin’s playbook. These tyrannical religious nuts need to be exposed for their Nazichristianityism. They are FAR from followers of Jesus Christ.

  20. Did you notice that most of the problems we have in this world are the result of religion? Religion will cause the end of mankind.

  21. Dear Guns of Christ: remember Florida has a “stand your ground” law that gays get to use too. I’m just sayin’.

  22. It both angers and saddens me how these self-defined “Christians” generate so much hate and intolerance. Gays and lesbians simply want to be able to live our lives with the same rights and benefits the rest of society enjoys. Conservative columnist Cal Thomas once wrote that, “If we did not have an enemy at the ready, we would got out and create one.” WHERE is Jesus or the God of the New Testament in that message? Worse, these gay haters are parsing sections of Holy Scripture that meet their terribly heinous, hideous agenda. They are degenerate monsters. WHY so much hate? Do they truly believe that because a certain small percentage of society and culture is homosexual that the earth will dry up of humans? Heterosexuals are reproducing at such a rate they are actually destroying our planet’s infrastructure. WHY do these people care so much about homosexuals? I conclude they are closet cases in denial and the only way they can deal with that “inner demon” is to persecute gays…

  23. The Republicans are working overtime trying to lose the presidential & future elections. Each time they lose, instead evaluating the reason for their loss they double down on their failure & drive it into the ground.

    The GOP is destroying decades of progress the US has made in securing equal rights & opportunities for all thanks to their relentless pursuit to reverse or destroy decades of progress in all areas of social justice.

    No political party should be meddling in peoples lives, especially the party that campaigns on ‘Keeping government out of peoples lives.’. Haven’t we got bigger problems than turning back the clock?

    It seems rather simple to me: if you don’t like gay people, just treat them like regular people, if you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one; and this goes for any social issue. I don’t presume to know what’s best for another individual and I take great offence to those who presume to know what’s best for me.

  24. These are the same extreme Religious council that had John F. Kennedy Promise not the have the Pope in the White House or appoint a cabinet for the Pope.

    He wanted to reassure the Protestants that he would stand by the Separation of church and state. MY how times have changed.

  25. really Erica!? where is this “strawman”? and I’m wasting my time even asking you for an explanation when all I will get is some de-bunked right wing drivel from you.

  26. So a direct quote is a “strawman”? Do you know the definition of a strawman argument?

  27. I am neither a Christian nor an atheist. In fact I am not sure what I believe.

    But I do have to take exception to your denigration of mommamia112264 comment.

    I believe she is honest in her comment. Believe it or not she is one of the good guys and is fully aware of what the extremist are doing to her religion and beliefs.

    If she wishes to pray to Her God, then I say let her. There are other Christians that feel the same as she does, but are afraid to voice their opinion.

    We can use all the help we can get no matter where it comes from.

  28. Joseph, get off your high horse and start building bridges. You’re rhetoric is just as bad as those on the right. Calling for the extermination of anyone who holds religious beliefs is fascism and insanity, just like those on the right. Good job replicating the very thing you are railing against, but now, instead of it being atheists and the gays, it’s those with religious beliefs.

    There are plenty of people that hold religious beliefs, who also believe in non-violence, peace, equality for all, and progress. You won’t be getting their support with your asinine comments and hate.

  29. Patricia, you see there’s the problem. Whenever people like me put forth REALITY AND FACTS we are “denigrating” or being mean…BULLSHIT! But believers can spout any crap they want and we are supposed to just give in and cower! NO!! sorry if she and you cannot handle reality then that’s your problem, yes she is “honest” in her belief to be sure… BUT!!! BUT!! it’s honest belief in a FABRICATION!!

  30. As a straight woman who was recently presumed to be a lesbian by a right wing Christian nut job travel agent because I wanted to travel with a female friend… seriously! These faux Christians truly have their minds in the gutter! The woman actually had the audacity to ask me what we would be doing together in the same bedroom! Oh, how I do wish all of these religious fakes would take their minds off the crotches of humanity.

  31. I have a religion, and it states that if I find a church intolerant of others I should burn their church. I guess by their laws I am well within my rights because it is MY religion.
    Does this sound threatening or ridiculous? Of course it does, and so does what they are doing.
    Did they forget the separation of church and state?! You work for the government get over your religious convictions, if you can’t then GET OUT OF GOVERNMENT!
    Apparently people those that make the “rules” need to start taking a competency test, if they can’t pass it, they can’t work for the people.

  32. I generally tend to agree with what you are saying, but there are so many unstable followers of theirs that I too fear that they will see something like this as a ‘green light’ for them to take matters into their own hands. Most wars and major disruptions in countries are started by a small group, look at ISIS, it started with a few radical fanatics….don’t ever discount crazy people and especially if they form into a group.

  33. Oh I’m sure this “holy war” will be just as successful as those “take back our government” rally’s from a few years ago.

  34. They read the Constitution the same way they read the Bible. They highlight the parts they like and ignore the rest.

  35. Truth….you said it well. I find it interesting that people don’t seem to realize it’s not the religion or whatever beliefs they hold, it’s ‘extremism’ that is the problem. I don’t know if us humans can refrain from that, even if there were no religion, we would find something to try to control others, which is what all this BS is really all about. The problem isn’t religion, no-religion or whatever, the problem is US as Joseph has proved all too well….peace

  36. Do these people not know that their kind of christianity is NOT in the majority, that the Majority is FOR gay rights? I have been saying this for awhile, we democrats are GOING to have to get armed, we are going to need to defend ourselves from these crazy people…that is EXACTLY what they are doing, arming themselves to the teeth, ready to start a revolution..we CAN’T let them win!

  37. We will never totally be rid of Ricky, not unless he moves to another state….I’d like to help him pack!

  38. It is about damn time that we petition the government or somebody to deem the Tea Party and GOP a “hate group” because that is exactly what they’ve become.

  39. Go for it. We’ll fight you back hard. We need to start building more collosseums and breeding more lions. Rome knew how to handle these freaks.

  40. The ChristianReich is shocked to find that businesses are mainly interested in attracting customers and money, rather than the creation of the New Jerusalem.

    The fact of the matter is that the ChristianReich’s precepts don’t appeal to young people and that demographic is getting stronger.

  41. They have before, and will again kill “in the name of Christianity.”
    Witch burnings (Free-thinking women)
    Religious wars all over Europe through the centuries. All the way back to the war with Rome. It has happened. It would be no surprise to see it again.

  42. i find most tea party member’s are baptists. and look up child sexual abuse mostly within church community are baptists. tea party mostly baptist . i hope we do go to war over their threats. when it happens i hope you know what to do.

  43. i wish that all right wing baptist churches were just wiped out . either by tornado’s by faulty electrical wiring or pissed off people who have had enough.

  44. I swear, these people are human cancer cells. God Nazis. The one saving grace is that the next generation coming up thoroughly rejects them and their vicious “faith.” They are on a glide path to political extinction.

    The only question is whether society will survive their malignant bile.

  45. “…where we’re going to be forced to accept what Adolf Hitler forced the church to accept in Germany in 1937.” Er, that would be sending thousands of homosexuals to their death in concentration camps. Not only is Jerry Boykin bigoted and homophobic, he doesn’t know history.

  46. Hey Sanitarium you and the rest of the right wing religious looney tunes can rise up my rectum. STFU~

  47. Hey! Listen up “team”…why give Joe 3 “no-ways” for remembering history?

    OK, so it’s cool to say “let’s arm ourselves with modern weapons to the teeth, or, let’s use our #2 amendment on the citizens options list, etc.”, BUT, you can’t bring up “the lions”?!…

    What? Too soon??

    I say we go all out and get old-school bib’lie’cull!

    Time to bring back crosses and wooden nails!

    What? Too soon? Too extreme?…

    Naaa, not really. These are the kind of true believers that would really get a kick out of being persecuted “old school”. Something their grand kids will be talking about for generations!

    How’bout “A little fire, scarecrow?”
    What? Burning at the stake is too soon?

    (OK I’m done…).

  48. The one component missing in all of this is America is NOT a theocracy!
    The theists can whine all they want about not being able to push their hypocritical semi-belief systems down our throat, but the bottom line is we are a nation based on the laws of men, not religion.

  49. Roger Williams’ 1652 warning to Endicott certainly applies to today’s Religious Right. Williams wrote:

    “THE MAKER and Searcher of our hearts knows with what bitterness I write, as with bitterness of soul I have heard such language as this to proceed from yourself and others, who formerly have fled from (with crying out against) persecutors! “You will say this is your conscience; you will say you are persecuted, and you are persecuted for your conscience…. Oh, sir, you cannot forget what language and dialect this is, whether not the same unsavory and ungodly, blasphemous and bloody,…and later used to all that bowed not to the state golden image of what conscience soever they were.”

  50. 13lessed, High Horse!?..Really!? Congratulations YOU have just spewed forth every ridiculous non sequitur PROJECTIONIST talking point. And NO! I did not in ANY way “replicate” what I’m fighting against! you’re wrong on that totally. And as far as “building bridges” Well sister! you cannot build a bridge to a FABCRIATION!!! ask Sara Palin! You cannot talk common sense and FACT and HISTORY to people who’s minds are so far gone that they simply refuse to see the TRUTH. And as far as exterminating those who don’t believe as I or others do..You Have Got To Be Kidding ME!!??!! THEY your precious believers HAVE BEEN DOING IT FOR CENTURIES!! and YOU would have us just ignore it and let it happen without standing up for Humanity! YOU are a frakking MORON!!

  51. Where we screwed up is by pandering to these phony religious fools, thinking it was a viable way to deal with their lunacy. We were wrong. Time to set the record straight. We’re a nation of laws built on the premise that all are equal and will be treated with respect and fairness. No excuses, religious or otherwise.

  52. The GOP indefinitely gaining speed with these “religious” attacks. Too bad they are also losing altitude. The rate of altitude loss is increasing as well. HUZZAH!!

  53. Mythologically-hobbled scumbags like this should be dragged into the street and their worthless carcasses dispatched immediately.

  54. Oh, poor Religious Right. Their corporate bedfellows for the last 40 years are actually only concerned about Republican votes and money, and not their petty “Biblical morality”.

    Their whole reality is coming crashing down as they realize that they’ve been played this whole time by corporations and now the corporations have no use for them, especially not when the Religious Right is costing them money.

  55. @bebe, to think that Jesus Christ gave his life for our redemption and salvation and was crucified for preaching about love, tolerance, peace, acceptance etc., and these hypocrites are abusing His name in the name of hate is truly upsetting. I don’t know what Jesus they are reading about in the Bible but it sure isn’t from the same Bible I learnd about Jesus.
    What a disgraceful bunch of thumpers and evil doers. They are Satan worshippers.

  56. No, but this is what it is coming to because secular people are getting tired of the right wing nuts. I will admit myself that I have advocated violence against the right wing nuts because I think that is the only thing that will be the only thing that might get through to the right wing nuts.

  57. Joseph, that’s a bit unfair. There are truly religious people like me who don’t think or believe in the shite these people promote. As a RC, I follow or try to, the teachings of Jesus Christ who did not preach hate, intolerance, murder etc., but love, acceptance, forgiveness, tolerance etc.
    Please don’t lump us all into the same category as these hateful people who know nothing about Christ. These people are not religious,just using it to foster hate, bigotry, intolerance, racism etc., just like any extremist group. They want power and will stop at nothing to acquire it.
    BTW, Happy 57th. Hope you have a good one.

  58. Dear angry “christians,” go f&%k yourselves you narcissistic delusional [snipped]



  59. Let’s see. These folks gather together, four times a month on Sundays, from 0900 to 1100. Sometimes they double-up for holidays, and they’re usually there *every* day at or around 1700 to 1800. They pack themselves into large, open buildings that have few, if any windows, and only a few, easily blocked exits. Those buildings are easily accessed from the road, with no protections, defenses or cover. More importantly, those buildings have no *interior* defenses or protections: it’s all waist-high wooden benches, with excellent high ground in the front of the building, and often in the back as well.

    They also tend to self-identify by placing fish, crosses and other religious markings on their belongings, including themselves. They also self-identify by having very loud mouths.

    Yeah, y’know? Somehow, I don’t think “rising up” is going to happen.

  60. They are fake Christians, true
    Christians know that Jesus died for the LGBTI community to be who we are and to make HEAVEN.
    We were taboo under the Law ( a.ka Law of Moses) where death was the penatly .Galatians 3:13 states that He paid that curse penalty price for us, Colossians 2:14 states that this law and all anti laws Jesus blotted out and nailed to the Cross, Hebrews 10:9 He abolished the law system and established Grace ( inclusiveness) . That is what Christianity is about. ANY CHRISTIAN that does not accept that is fake christian and abiding still under the Law of Moses where there is NO SALVATION.

    Practically non gays should also watch out if these satanists are armed they will shoot anyone they think looks gay, is gay etc , kinda like the way the US cops shoot blacks just for being black, when Jesus has made us (gentiles also) accepted in the Beloved.

  61. It’s just that when you advocate killing somewhere to the tune of 5.8 Billion people or more for not believing the same thing you believe…it just sounds kinda mean, you know?

    By the way, Happy belated Birthday,Joe!

  62. Time to tax the churches since they’re insisting on getting deep into politics. But it appears nobody of authority in this country has the nerve to face up to these bullies who haven’t a lick of Jesus in their souls.

    Mainstream Christians don’t like what these fake Christians are doing but they’re certainly not being vocal enough in confronting them. Notice how in all the speeches above they turn their own guilt around and blame the left. Any damned politician who is after the religious right vote should be disqualified for even hinting at qualifying the Religious Freedom Act to allow people to discriminate on religious preference. And all elected officials who approve should be removed from office. Enough of overruling our Constitution in favor of religion.

  63. People will say anything to get donations to rolling in. After the gays, it will be kids playing video games. The church MUST have an enemy. The church has always been at war because it creates a NEED for the church.

  64. Rise up? How ridiculous.

    If you want to rise up like an army against the citizens of this country then, okay. Do it. But beware when you rise up the people will rise up against you. You are either an American or your the enemy. America will not tolerate religious terrorists like in Syria and Iraq. We will not. Make no mistake.

    Now, I am pretty sure that christ did not command you to be an army but to be a witness. He told you to go into every town and love your neighbor. Do good and make peace.

    He states that all power is from him and there is no power but of god, so to resist the power is to resist god and there is no good in that and he will smite his people accordingly.

  65. “Love does no harm to its neighbor, therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.” ~ Romans 13:10

    “there is no male and female, for you are all one…” ~ Galatians 3:28

  66. You are misunderstanding him completely he is not so much
    attacking those holders of religious beliefs as he is pointing out that they are in fact victims of a socioeconomic and political con game that has been in existence for millennia. The sheer number of people who owe their room and board ( and in many cases ludicrous wealth) to being paid staff of the businesses that have been built on twisting the wise words of kind enlightened teachers, is staggering. They all have a vested interest in keeping their followers ignorant no worse actively resistant to scientific proof that threatens their strangle hold on the thoughts and fears of the human race.

  67. Let’s go boy! I can take you. Tiny fragile little old ladies can take you because you are so wrong and so stupid. Take a swing, I dodge you fall on your face. Everybody wins. Is that all ya got there ya big developmentally reversed hound dog you? Come on! Ya big baby! Please! my 7 year old Grandson knows more about reality than you do.
    They live amongst us. THEY are every where. THEY are our friends and kids and kids friends and ourselves and our BFs and GFs, our Moms and Dads and Grandpas and Grandmas. It’s over. And you were already a loser before it began. The bell is rung and you are the only one s who are going back into the closet or at least in your case the rock you crawled out from under.
    Were gay and here to stay if that’s not ok then you go away!
    Mary Til a circle ends Fish. April 22 2015.
    Out since there has been out to be.

  68. 61 something % of America support Same-sex marriage/homosexuals only some odd 30 to 40 % are against it If they do ‘rise up’ then they’ll be horridly out numbered. They really can’t handle change. Change is what has got us this far and has helped us survive, adapt and cope. Refusal of change is imminent doom.

  69. I’m just surprised that at 28 seconds in, he exonerates the gay community from what he views as a power grab — progress of a kind.

  70. I have to agree. Bring it on. They want war, lets give it to them if they want it. I think they’re in for something bigger than they expect. Then again, it’s not a very “Christian” thing to do, is it?

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