Liberal Groups Vow To Hold Democrats Accountable If They Help Republicans Kill Obama Iran Deal


Liberal groups Credo, Daily Kos, Democracy for America, Political Action and USAction sent a letter to Senate Democratic leadership warning them that they will be held accountable if they vote to help Republicans kill the deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

The groups wrote:

Senate Democrats are now faced with a choice: Support President Obama’s diplomacy or vote with Republicans to potentially start a war with Iran. There is no third option. A historic vote on a nuclear deal with Iran is coming. Like the 2002 vote to give President George W. Bush authorization to invade Iraq, Democrats who end up on the wrong side of it will have to answer for their decision for the rest of their careers.


We urge you to support the diplomatic process, and ensure that Democrats don’t deliver the Republicans the votes they need to override a presidential veto of diplomacy-killing legislation and begin yet another war of choice in the Middle East.

It is time for Democrats, liberals, progressives, and all supporters of peace to step up and pressure Senate Democrats to make sure that they sustain any veto issued by President Obama in response to Republican attempts to kill the deal that the international community has negotiated with Iran.

As The President has pointed out, the choice is between war and peace. Republicans like Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) are arguing that Iran’s nuclear facilities could be destroyed with a short bombing campaign. What Cotton doesn’t say is that the bombing of Iran’s nuclear facilities will result in a new war in the Middle East.

The left is firmly united in their support of President Obama’s diplomatic efforts, and if Senate Democrats refuse to listen to what their supporters want, they will pay at the ballot box for years to come.

58 Replies to “Liberal Groups Vow To Hold Democrats Accountable If They Help Republicans Kill Obama Iran Deal”

  1. Schumer…
    the guy humps AIPAC

    these pal-arounds fly David’s Star over Old Glory

    the guy stands tall despite the head winds


  2. they already have tourcher and murder on their hands. does anybody think they wouldn’t do this.

  3. good Iran deal — and accepting that it’s the president, not Congress, who conducts foreign policy.

  4. I have contacted my two Senators and requested that both of them not support the Corker bill. I also requested that they pull all support from making Senator Schumer becoming Senate Democratic party leader as well.
    I urge all Democratic Party members to do the same ASAP. Now is the time for our united voices to be heard! Email all of the Senators ASAP!

  5. the prosecute partition with over 300k autographs on the prosecution of 47 republicans comes up in 8 days. only needed 100k to take action. Its at white house/petition.

  6. Chuck “AIPAC owned” Schumer is ducking his constituents, I’m one of them-don’t know about Corey “another AIPAC lackey” Booker, haven’t heard what his vote will be

    I would love to add my name to the letter

  7. Don’t be fool by these dummycrats when trying to sell you the idea that this will strengthen the Presidents hand.

    Read the fine print of the Corker bill. It says that they want oversight t make sure this is a good deal.

    That’s bullshit!! Since they already on record saying any deal is a bad deal in effect if that nut in Israel tell them to veto it the 47 traitors will vote to kill it and if 15 Democrats join them they will have a veto proof majority and that means war

  8. I will admit one good thing about the Tea Party: they showed us that the threat of the primary against an incumbent is very effective.

    Liberals need to unite and begin to exercise this threat as well. If Eric Cantor can lose during a primary anyone can.

  9. BS..they need to support the President in everything. I am sick of the Dem party doing this, and supporting the destructive GOP instead of our President.

    THIS is what happens all the time, the weak links in the Dem party fail all of us, including the president.

    This GOPT group of representatives deserves ZERO cooperation from the Dems. Absolutely no support whatsoever.

    ..Sen Schumer, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  10. I sent a message to Bill Nelson in Florida but am reneging on good old boy Marco because we both know what his vote will be!

  11. I was shocked to discover how many U.S. politicians, past and/or present, hold duel U.S./Israeli citizenship.

    Isn’t there an old saying that no man can serve two masters?

    Personally, I can’t help wondering how many of those folks don’t necessarily have America’s best interests at heart.

    [Snipped][Hate group link]

  12. I think it is back to the drawing board for Harry. Let’s forget about Schummer & maybe go with Dick Durbin.

  13. I was very surprised to read that Bernie Sanders has dual citizenship with Israel. In fact, I didn’t know he was jewish! I will say he has a lot a passion & seems to really care about the status of this country. I wonder what he thinks about all of this?

  14. It’s about time. Why only hold Democrats accountable, hold Republicans accountable too for this & the countless ways they’ve undermined & thwarted President Obama while hurting 99% of the people in the US.

    The GOP must be held accountable for constantly telling lies, spreading lies & inciting civil unrest throughout the country as they systematically unravel 50+ years of social justice.

    Until politicians are held accountable, nothing will change. Since the GOP refuses to hold their party responsible for anything the Democrats will have to do it for them.

  15. They better pay attention. America’s views have shifted somewhat towards Israel because of Netanyahu’s and repug shenanigans. And look what happened when Dems basically ran against the President in 2014. So if dems now think they can go against him, it will not be accepted.

  16. Bernie Sanders surprised me too, because I consider him to be one of the most honorable of politicians.

    What stunned me about that list was the number of U.S./Israeli duel citizens who were major architects in the Bush Administration’s march to war with Iraq.

    I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t have a clue.

  17. Where have you read that Bernie Sanders holds dual citizenship?

    That has been posted before and I keep asking where that is documented. It certainly isn’t on the list provided by Molly Malone. I do know that he spent some time on a Kibbutz, but that doesn’t mean that he is also a citizen of Israel.

    You apparently haven’t kept up. He was against Netanyahu’s visit, he supports the President deal with Iran. In fact he, along with Elizabeth Warren, AL Franken and a few others are the President’s most vociferous cheerleaders.

    I, personally, have no doubt whatsoever on where his loyalties lie. And if he ran for the office of POTUS I would gladly vote for him.

  18. American3dPosition is a neo-Nazi party. SPLC has cited them as a hate group. Don’t believe jackshyte that they say.

  19. We all know what the Republicans are not going to do. They’re not going to agree with President Obama if he says water is wet.

    But,it’s time for us to stop giving pathetic Democrats a free pass when over and over they keep showing us who they are by assisting the Republicans with their orchestrated coup against President Obama.

    Look at how quiet the Democratic party has been regarding U.S. Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch.

    Every Congressional Democrat and leaders of the party (that mean you too, Bill and Hillary) should be out daily collectively calling Republicans despicable for for what they are doing.

    Instead, Democrats are quietly letting the Republicans do what ever the hell they want to.

    The Democrats are exactly who our fire should be trained on.

  20. I contacted my two Dem Senators and Harry Reid. I am absolutely livid over these backstabbers. Schumer is a neocon in Dem clothing. One of my Senator’s, Ben Cardin, is right along with him.

  21. Since this is technically not a treaty, what the hell does the President need Congress’ approval for?

    AND – as has been pointed out many times on this and other threads – this is an agreement involving 5 other nations in addition to Iran. The US can ill afford to feel the wrath of Russia and China, not to speak of the UK, France, and Germany if the US reneges. The rest of the world really doesn’t need us OR like us, and I suspect is well capable of abandoning the dollar as the favored currency.

  22. I have contacted both my Senators (both Democrats), and pleaded with them to support President Obama and urge their Democratic colleagues (the Republicans probably can’t be convinced) to do the same.

  23. May I suggest another way to express ourselves? I’ve sent two emails so far to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), as well as to the Democratic National Committee (DNC). In addition to echoing many sentiments expressed here, I said that we’re bombarded with requests for money yet very rarely see any fight from dems. Highlighting this issue, and Loretta Lynch, the ACA, not calling out the lies and hypocrisy of the republicans.

    The email addresses are and


  24. Tehran Tom is running out the old Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Bolton crap by saying a strike on Iran would be quicker and easier than the strikes on Iraq. I don’t think Tehran Tom realizes the strength the Iranian military has thanks to clods like Reagan and Putin.

  25. I just sent Ben Cardin an email. I doubt that these critters read their email. Maybe a staff member will inform him. If these so-called Democrats sabotage this deal, we need to pay them a visit at their office.

  26. It is truly amazing that the President doesn’t get support from his own party. Never have I ever noticed the republicans go against their president. Democrats don’t understand what it means to be united. They are truly pathetic.

  27. Why not Elizabeth Warren for Senate Majority Leader?

    It doesn’t HAVE to be a White Christian male.

  28. How can these Democrats even consider voting with the Republicans on this bill? Do they really believe that the Republicans would agree to ANY deal that was made with Iran? The Party Of No would actually be reasonable for once? I think I’m going to propose to sell some Florida land to Senator Shumer.

  29. Here is an idea that would stop this foolishness by Schumer. The 30 or so Democratic Senators who oppose the Corker bill should sit Schumer down and tell him if don’t stop enabling the warmongers then he could kiss being their leader good bye. This not a threat but a promise

  30. all I see here is hatred in these comments ,if you think iran can be trusted with nukes you better look at all these beheadings on Christians !!! what if one these isis leaders grab control how would America respond ?? muslim sunni hate and kill other muslim sheites and kurds saddam Hussein once son in laws defected to Jordan long story short he said he would fogive them if they came bck , they went back to Iraq and saddam put them in a meat grinder ,

  31. Is funny how chickenhawk conservatives try to explain foreign policy when they cant even use spellcheck. Go read a book and then come back

  32. Don’t ever think for a single minute an E-mail, letter or Phone call to your Senator or House member means nothing.IT DOES!!
    My Daughter worked in Washington DC for a House member once. All mail is read, and reported to the elected member. They DO REACT!!
    So the more mail they get with a bad reaction, the more they listen. The same goes for a very good one. Every one please rethug or DEm respond today. Even the thugs, when thinking of the mail respond when election time rolls around.

  33. Point if interest: The House member that my Daughter worked for sat in the House meeting until the very last rethug left the hall for day. Reason: He worried that if there were no Dem’s left for the day, then thugs would push through bills with that did not help the voters. Which is, and was their way of doing things. Many times he sat there, until dismissal. He did his job well. Name: Rep Obesstar Mn. Now deceased.

  34. Support President Obama,Secretary of State John Kerry, and our Allies and Partners. Because of our diplomatic efforts, the world stood with us, and we were joined at the negotiating table by the world’s major powers: the United Kingdom, France,Germany, Russia and China as well as the European Union.
    The President described the historic understanding the United States — with our allies and partners — reached with Iran, which, if fully implemented, will prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and will make our country, our allies, and our world safer.
    The deal, announced on Thursday, meets our core objectives of cutting off every pathway that Iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon. It is both comprehensive and long-term, and includes robust and intrusive inspections of the country’s nuclear program. The President reiterated that the deal is not yet done — and if there is backsliding from Iran in the months to come, there will be no deal.
    He ech…

  35. They (Israel Rep) were the first ones to leave DC on 911. They were video taped leaving the white House to board their plane escort.


    18 U.S.C. 954
    United States Code, 2009 Edition
    Sec. 954 – False statements influencing foreign government
    Petition Title: Subpoena Senator Tom Cotton Concerning All Private and Official Correspondence Related to His Atrocious Letter to Iran

    A subpoena duces tecum requires the witness to produce a document or documents pertinent to a proceeding.

    We the People want to know who is behind Cotton’s egregious and false letter to Iran. We think he has violated his oath of office. Being influenced by right-wing pundits and lobbyists to commit such a gross and false breach of international protocol should be punished.

    Also, all 47 Senators may have violated 18 USC § 954- False statements influencing foreign government.

    “Therexs a reason for …suspicion. Kristolxs Emergency Committee for Israel gave Cotton…

  37. Loretta Lynch has enough votes to be confirmed, so wheres the problem?

    Dear Friends,

    I just created the petition “Confirm Loretta Lynch as the Next US Attorney General of the USA” and wanted to ask if you could add your name too.

    This campaign means a lot to me and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition here:

    Thank you!


    P.S. Can you also take a moment to share the petition with others? It’s really easy – all you need to do is forward this email or share this link on Facebook or Twitter:

  38. $8,000,000.00 a day for Israel,one country 158 more just like this one
    I just signed the petition “Stop Funding Foreign Country’s Military and cut ours.” and wanted to ask if you could add your name too.

    This campaign means a lot to me and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition here:

    Thank you

  39. Thank you for submitting your signature to the We the People petition “NO WAR WITH IRAN!” via

    Petition Title: NO WAR WITH IRAN!

    The 47 Senators who signed the letter to Iran made it clear that they do not support peace through diplomacy. Many are funded by military and weapons contractors, and seek to reward them by creating conflict. We, The American People, wish to make it very clear to Congress, to the White House, and to the People of Iran, that we are absolutely opposed to war with Iran. We were lied into a war with Iraq, which was a strategic debacle. We will not be bullied into a war with Iran. For half a century, we lived with the powerful, and nuclear-armed Soviet Union. The Iranian government has shown a willingness to negotiate. If we can avoid war with the Soviet Union, we can also avoid war with Iran. We, The American People, strongly support robust diplomacy in pursuit of peace with Iran.

  40. Stop funding foreign countries Military

    This is 1/4 of a page, there are 7pgs more just like this…WHY?
    please click here for complete report..pass it on

    Where does USA Military Aid Go
    Israel $2,799,544,121(update to $8,000,000.00 2015)
    Vietnam $2,590,000
    Egypt $1,301,900,000 canceled
    Turkey $5,116,000
    Afghanistan $6,800,308,625
    Iraq $1,005,989,000 See More

    Why is this important?

    Because we can’t balance OUR budget if we Fund the Worlds Military
    .(over $2,000,000.00 a day) just for one country.
    War is Big Money
    Just think of how many roads,bridges, schools and jobs we could have
    How many veterans, children, seniors and homeless in our country we could help.
    Sign the petition,thank you

  41. Sorry to realize Chuck Shumer’s now defected to the
    Kochsuckers. So now we’re witnessing the subversion of
    US foreign policy AND democratic congressional unity by
    the Koch bribed SCOTUS approved forces of repube evil.
    Their diplomatic policy is scripted in Randy Newman’s
    song “Political Science”. Let’s drop the big one and see
    what happens! [WINK]

  42. I don’t think most of you are paying attention. The intention of the bill is not to thwart any possible deals it’s to give congress the right to review said deal. The reason this is important is because it keeps congress relevant. Aside from remaining employed the reason that keeping congress relevant and on equal ground as the president is to maintain balance within the system. Right now you guys are all thinking “screw balance we want Obama to have all the power” but what you’re not thinking about is what happens in 2016 if a non Democratic president is elected? Are you still going to want the pres. to have all of that power? No you will be crying for equal balance of power. Over the next year you’re going to see more Dem. politicians opposing Obama when he tries to side step congress. They’ll make it look like they’re siding with Republicans in order to restrict Obama, but it’s really to restrict the next person in the presidents seat! One eye on the present one on the future…

  43. I know they don’t teach civics anymore so I will excuse your ignorance for now but the Constitution gives the executive branch the power to conduct foreign policy. The Senate advise and consent if its a formal treaty and ratifies it with 2/3 majority vote. Since this is not a treaty the Senate like you should STFU BECAUSE YOUR IDIOCY IS SHOWING

  44. I will never vote for anyone who undermines or kills the Iran deal, especially the Dems. If they let us down by joining the thugs in their vote or any other way. I am a staunch Dem and I expect the Dems to act like Dems. We are tired of our kids being sent to senseless wars and killed and maimed. Let the Rethugs send their kids and leave ours alone.


  45. I would support Elizabeth Warren for anything and everything, however, Senate Leader is not a good role for her. Too often the Senate Leaders are forced to seek compromise with the other side. We need someone like Durbin for that. Let’s keep Elizabeth to fight the good hard fight.

  46. I won’t vote for a Democrat, or a candidate from any other party, who votes against this deal, ever! Even if they represent a different state and, say 10 years from now, they decide to run for the White House, I will remember this very vote!!!

  47. Let’s Dissolve America’s White Guilt!!!!
    Who is first on Obama’s kill list? Christians maybe, if the 100,000 Muslims per year are immigrated into our society, fast enough. Some of us have to be used for slave labor to keep the Government up in taxes, until they get ready to ship the remaining to the Fema Camps, (which really do exist. This is no longer conspiracy theories, but facts). Let’s see if we can dissolve the white guilt that Obama is trying to put on White America for the sin of being white, (even tho the people living, were not living when slavery was forced on blacks, and even tho the people living, were not living when the Native Americans were abused and killed, and had their land stolen) Obama is going to allow an invasion of 100,00 Muslim immigrants every year into the United States, to gradually take the place of the white society that he plans to murder. To see the full list click here:

  48. Wow all gullible people. If you really and truly believe these Career Politicians are doing something good for you then you have issues. At current we are unaware that any negotiation with Iran will Guarantee Peace. In fact it may actually give us the opposite and speed it up. This is exactly why we have the form of government we do. Constitutionally the Congress must Ratify treaties by a majority of 2/3s so in that Congress is doing their job. The POUS only has negotiating authority and unfortunately if congress can’t get 2/3s it would never end back on the POUS for final signature. Without knowing what kind of deal was negotiated i would not support anyone who blindly threw their support at it. As far as we know they are simply trying to spend our money on Iranian infrastructure. Our foreign aid is what gave us Osama Bin Ladden after all. My vote is to withdraw all foreign aid and place it in the confines of the United States. Term limits for Congress and a Balance Budget Amendment.

  49. you have no idea what you are talking about
    “…You foolish and senseless people, who have eyes, but do not see, who have ears, but do not hear.” — Jeremiah 5:21

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