Rand Paul Loses More Votes By Calling Women’s Rights ‘Details’

Rand Paul Claims Democrats Are Afraid Of Him

Shortly after Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) humiliated himself on national TV by attacking Savannah Guthrie on the Today show, Phillip Elliot at the Associated Press (AP) published an interview with the Senator and newly announced presidential hopeful in which he refused to say where a pregnant woman’s rights begin and those of the fetus end.

The Senator referred to such rights as “details”.

In an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday, Paul would not say where, in his view, a pregnant woman’s rights begin and those of the fetus end.

“The thing is about abortion — and about a lot of things — is that I think people get tied up in all these details of, sort of, you’re this or this or that, or you’re hard and fast (on) one thing or the other,” Paul said.

In the past, Paul has supported legislation that would ban abortion except in cases of rape or incest or to save the mother’s life. At other times, he has backed bills seeking a broader abortion ban without those exceptions.

Campaigning in New Hampshire on Wednesday, Paul told the AP that people get too tied up in these details and it’s his conviction that “life is special and deserves protection.”

But whose life is special and deserves protection? Not women’s lives, given Paul’s history on the subject.

Senator Paul must not have thought he could get away with accusing Elliot of “editorializing” (aka, reading his past positions out loud), but he still managed to dodge any specifics on policy, yet again. He came off as “testy” to the reporter who pushed for a definitive answer. Paul kept nattering on about the “sanctity of life”, in which is it is presumed he is discussing the “sanctity” of a fetus, not the pregnant woman carrying the fetus. Again, answering nothing but paying homage to empty right wing talking points.

The Republican Senator also managed to frighten women, again.

Two years ago, Paul sponsored a bill called “The Life at Conception Act of 2013”, which declared that its purpose was “to implement equal protection under the 14th article of amendment to the Constitution for the right to life… to life of each born and preborn human person.” The problem with this position is that sadly, this is an imperfect and sometimes cruel world and there is sometimes a choice to be made between the pregnant woman and the fetus.

The other problem for Senator Paul is if life begins at conception (his bill is a variation of the Personhood Amendments Republicans have been trying to push), then how can exceptions be made for rape or incest or life of the mother? The Personhood Amendment could also render some birth control illegal.

If we went with Paul’s bill, then the fetus would have more rights than the pregnant woman. How is that Libertarian? This can’t be disguised as anything other than a theft of rights to life from women. This is part of the biological design. Women get pregnant and carry the babies. Thus, women should be trusted to make the tough decisions about their own bodies and families. If Republicans like Paul really want to support life, they should start supporting programs for single mothers and children in poverty instead of attacking food programs for poor children.

Some of us don’t see our right to live as a “detail”. We’d like a definite answer confirming that a presidential candidate believes that we have the right to live and to make our own medical choices.

If Rand Paul is really running for president and not just playing spit in the eye of the media to raise money à la Sarah Palin, it’s going to be hard to get votes from women who fear that if Senator Paul were to win, they might be killed off. That’s just not a great way to recruit support.

* Associated Press writers Thomas Beaumont in Des Moines, Iowa, and Bill Barrow in Atlanta contributed to the AP report.

45 Replies to “Rand Paul Loses More Votes By Calling Women’s Rights ‘Details’”

  1. ‘Details’? Really?!?

    I don’t think any woman out there is too happy with this comment. In fact, it will scare them away from you and your so-called plan to be a ‘different kind of Republican’, which is code for ‘Same shit, different day’.

  2. Wow, 1 day in and hes already screwed. Randall Paul is a waste candidate(filler). Hes not too bright or very good in the live interview, how could he ever be trusted to interact with other world leaders?Incapable.

  3. If they could only see that birth control is the solution to prevent abortions.

    It is a GOP smoke screen to keep everyone focused in the “pelvic issues” while stealing the education money, stealing the park lands, further moving the “mandatory church” attendance in the states.

    The senior females, also fail to advocate for the changes, as they forgotten or feel guilty, or found religion…

  4. Rand Paul is fully committed to men’s rights in determining what women should do, at least until the double talk begins.

    I never said what I said and if I did say it I didn’t mean it except if it will garner your vote then I stand behind the statement which I completely deny ever even thinking let alone saying aloud regardless of what your lying ears heard and those damned electronic devices recorded. [wink]

  5. In Libertarian lingo that means, I’m going to be wrong on this so I’m going to minimalize the issue and shove it off for as long as I can” and or “Who cares about women?”

  6. Rand Paul has sold his opinion so many times that he has no idea what he stands for at any particular point in time. Poor thing has no morals.

  7. He should change “life is special and deserves protection.” to “Fetuses are special and deserve protection.”

    His advocacy and concern ends after the child is born and needs food, shelter, and competent, loving parents.

    At that point, regardless of the circumstances, the child must pull themselves up from their bootstraps.

  8. Why Oh Why do GOP men think the key to a woman’s happiness is to force her to have children she neither wants or can support? Why do ignorant GOP men believe they’re qualified to set such policies for women?

    The GOP lacks the foresight to see that children born in such circumstances will likely be emotionally, physically, often sexually abused; grow up in a dysfunctional, stressful environment, likely live in poverty & have almost no chance of becoming productive members of society; more likely become a danger & will certainly not become GOP voters.

    The GOP must to be held accountable for their vicious bigotry, extremist views, lies & greed that is dividing & destroying the US.

    It irritates the snot out of me to hear fools like Rand Paul discuss their idiotic fantasy-filled ideas about policy-making on the national stage. Giving a kook like Paul interviews or press just furthers his delusions of creating an unrealistic, unsustainable, unlivable, Libertarian Hell-hole on earth…

  9. You can’t ban abortions just for rape or incest…. You will have women making up false rape allegations and woman going to court to try and prove it when they actually were raped. By the time the case got to court you would be aborting a much more developed fetus.

  10. he, I’m a ‘senior female,’ with a daughter, a daughter-in-law, and two grandkids. Believe me, I have not forgotten anything..my DIL is on an IUD because her second pregnancy nearly killed her. My daughter is the wage earner in their family, and needs to be working. I do not want my grandkids to have any more children than they can afford, love, and raise to be good human beings. What is it with the ‘no government right?’ Either you are for human beings and against war, the death penalty and barging into other people’s bedrooms, or you are for all of the above, none of which is ‘Christian.’ I think the answer is very clear.

  11. Come on, now.

    Paul uses the word ‘details’ when talking about his opinion on the abortion debate.

    Writer takes Paul’s comment to mean he wants to kill off women.

    This is stupid.

  12. Rand is a Republican Libertarian running in a Republican primary. His job is to appeal to those voters. If he wants to lose, his job is to appeal to not those voters. Pardon me if I’m wrong, but democrats don’t participate heavily in that group.

  13. Rand Paul speaks from the perspective of a physician, politician, and citizen. I appreciate that he does not speak in black and white terms. If we look honestly at abortion, I believe we will all find areas of grey.Less judgement, more compassion is needed on all sides.

  14. In libertarian theory, women are humans only to the extent that they are male. That means pregnant women are not human because no male can be pregnant. Voila. Contradiction solved.

  15. Abortion was settled in 1973. If you don’t believe in abortion fine, then don’t have one but don’t impose your beliefs on other people you know nothing about, especially women & especially if you are a man.

    You know you would scream bloody murder if a Liberal tried to constantly impose their beliefs on you; you types even fabricate lies about Democrats, blacks & LGBTs persecuting you, knowing full well they don’t.

    We shouldn’t even be discussing abortion. In fact, the issue of abortion has no business being dragged into to politics. But since the GOP, TP, Conservatives, RW Moral Minority constantly brings up the issue of abortion as they systematically unravel the right for a woman to have safe, legal access to abortion, I’m afraid your Rand, the man, the physician, the politician, the Republican Libertarian is going to be faced with these uncomfy little questions.

    If Rand Paul can’t even get through day 1 in his campaign he has no business running for president.

  16. We Senior Females have children, grandchildren, and in my case, great grandchildren. No, we haven’t forgotten. We fought for the right to birth control and the right to control our bodies and make our own decisions. I can’t believe we are still fighting that battle, but now I have a daughter, granddaughter, and granddaughter’s friends at my side. Mr Paul maybe right that this is “only a detail”, but its a detail that affects more than 50% of the electorate.

  17. There is no grey area. If I found that I needed an abortion, how is that in anyway his business? He doesn’t know me, he doesn’t pay my bills, or know my medical history. What gives him the right to control my life in any way? The self certified doctor needs to give a “black and white” answer. This is an issue that will never die. So Dr Oh So Clever, needs to get used to being asked about it.

  18. Does Randyboy actually have a medical degree? I don’t think so — otherwise he would never be able to state that life begins at conception. Even the Bible that the righties are constantly referring to says that life begins with the first breath, and ends at the last breath.
    These idiots contradict themselves with every public statement.
    And Randyboy — with those shifty eyes and the obvious misogyny, you’ll never get the votes of independent women.


  20. Some of you might be old enough to remember the far right lunatic Barry Goldwater. We as Democrats in the 60’s absolutely hated the guy. His position on abortion, as a right wing crazy, was that it was a personal matter and had no place in political discourse.

    Where did these latter day crazy phuckers come up with their modern day bullchip? Ronnie Raygun – Bushes, etc.

    Maybe we should take a page out of the RR/KKK playbook and start burning churches, ya know, the big fancy ones; maybe lynch a few overzealous political clerics – after all, they are breaking the laws of both God and man preaching politics from the pulpit!

    Rand Paul is right about one thing. It is time to take our country back. Back from the 1% oligarchs who believe they hold all of the power. A well placed projectile could go a long way in re-educating a few of their survivors. I know that’s not a progressive ideal, but we should think about adjusting to the circumstances and rethink our strategies.

  21. Me too Tootsie, I worked in a lab as a tech. Many times while I worked there was a women brought in who had tried to abort herself. Bleeding. we in the lab typed and cross matched each pint being replaced. Called out at night was not unexpected. spending the rest of the night getting blood ready was an all night job, until the bleeding was stopped. Not a nice job, believe me. These women would die, unless there was enough blood made available by calling in donors.

  22. And he thinks he appeals to younger people? Wait till half of them find out his real position on both abortion and birth control. (and the other half discover they’re not getting laid).

  23. Paul has known he was going to run for POTUS before he was even elected Senator – you would think he would be better prepared. He’s done enough interviews that Guthrie should have been a walk in the park.

  24. Spermist:“life begins at conception and that abortion takes the life of an innocent human being.” From the antique belief that each sperm has a complete person in its head, and the egg is merely the support system.

    Spermists may also believe that god hand picked each lucky sperm with a grand plan in mind. Ergo, birth control and abortion are defiance of ‘god’s plan’ for that homunculus.

    Willful ignorance, or sheer evil? you decide….

  25. Agree with you totally, but I think that it’s more than just women’s rights issues that serve as the smokescreen. The same is happening with Black Justice issues, and Gay Rights for that matter. Watch our magic show…see the disappearing “rights” over here…now look over there… no more public school–no aid to the poor to worry about anymore either! Now look back–Even fewer rights for women! Rinse–Repeat–Ad Nauseum.

  26. Spoken like us true men speak, indeed. Firebomb the churches. Burn crosses and terrorize the morally crazed and religious right. Are you serious? God I hope not.

    Violence begets violence and America is on the verge of a civil war already (over politics) without bringing this type of domestic terrorism into the picture. The only lives lost in a conflict such as this will be American lives, and we certainly don’t need anything like that.

    What needs to happen is that citizens need to get over their apathy of the subject. They need to become involved in their government and get out and vote to support their political ideals. Being a couch potato at election time is what is causing this disconnect, and it HAS to stop.

  27. Rand Paul is a selective Libertarian — he firmly believes that the federal government should not intrude in the lives … of white Christian males.

  28. My mother is 99 yrs. old as is in my mind one of the best women ever born. She dedicated her life in the 50’s and 60’s to myself and my 3 older brothers. The Republicans today would have her living on nothing to feed their bank accounts. I urge all of you senior women here to find and E-Mail bomb a Toxic anti woman harpy named Phylis Schafely that stands for every thing that women have fought for. Take her on bring her out as an issue in the coming elections.

  29. It’s addition confirmation that the ReThug’s are not technically savvy as they still believe that what they said or did in the past ‘we can’t see or hear’. The Three Stooges are more intelligent than these Klowns. And they wonder why we laugh at them – DUHHHH!!! They just make it so easy it’s not even a challenge anymore.

  30. The ratfuker said it. Are you really that stupid or just in denial that your hero is a total fraud

  31. Those “details” involve the ability of women to control their own bodies & destinies…being forced to give birth to an unwanted child basically equates to the end of a woman’s life, because as anyone will tell you, your interests take a backseat to those of your child. Whatever you were doing before, that’s over. Dead.

  32. Excuse me, but typically I read the article and my attempt is to dig deeper, NO.1 whether it’s abortion or or foreign policy or legalization of drugs, rand paul isn’t a LIBERTARIAN!! OMG anyone who actually knows what a libertarian is knows paul is a fraud! so ANY young person following this CON ARTIST, GRIFTER is as uneducated as paul is!! BTW todays so called ”conservatives” aren’t really conservatives either! american policies are so jaw dropped ignorant! BTW TRUE conservatives AND TRUE libertarians actually want LESS government!! HELLO

  33. I remember being frightened by Barry Goldwater in the 60s, after the wonderfulness that was Jack Kennedy, but right now, I wish even the Democrats were as liberal as good old BG looks now. Thanks, Moongal6 for the reminder. That’s an excellent article.

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