Tom Delay’s GOP Crusade to Establish Theocracy Is Doomed To Fail

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The Crusades were Christian military campaigns sanctioned by the Catholic Church during the High and Late Middle Ages with the stated goal of ‘restoring’ Christianity in the Middle East that was never a Christian region. After a 200-year struggle to impose  Christianity and control the “Holy Land,” the conflict ended in failure leading the Catholic Church to abandon its attempt at imposing Christianity on the Middle East. Fast forward to 21st Century America and with the United States Council of Catholic Bishops and their Republican onward Christian soldiers in the religious right leading the charge, a new Crusade is underway and it will face the same fate as over a millennia ago. The difference this time around is that the so-called “holy land” is America that like 10th Century Middle East was never a Christian nation. Still, the religious Republican and neo-Christian movement intends on restoring this country to a make-believe land that has never existed.

Over the past week Christian fanatics have ramped up their war rhetoric over the outrage of decent Americans who are appalled Republicans are passing theocratic edicts subverting the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal and civil rights for all Americans. The Christian right has been big on claiming they are being persecuted each time they are prohibited from forcing Christianity on all Americans, but the furor surrounding the Indiana “license to discriminate” law has incited them to declare war on Americans who adhere to common decency and the  Constitution instead of a couple of verses in an archaic book of Hebrew mythology.

Yesterday Hrafnkell Haradlsson reported that the Christian right was prepared to ‘rise up’ against their oppressors because they cannot legally discriminate against gays. However, their crusade is far and away much more than just eliminating gay rights, and gays, from America; more on that later. The latest indication that Republicans will enjoin the Catholic bishops’ and religious right’s war against the Constitution, was disgraced former speaker of the house Tom Delay who said unapologetically that “gays undermine his religious liberty.” That’s right, what Delay is saying, and the religious right concurs, is that what subverts the evangelical right’s religious freedom and persecutes Christians is that gays exist and are allowed to live in America. It is a very telling statement about the direction Republicans intend on taking the nation on behalf of their most reliable voting bloc.

Delay followed up where Rick Santorum and his ilk started and called for Christians to “fight this battle to the bitter end because when you let the government dictate what you believe and what your values are, this county is finished.” Now, no-one, much less the government, has dictated to the hate-infested religious right what they believe or what their values are. The Constitution guarantees they can believe whatever they want and no American cares what their values are or how they conduct their personal lives; that is the difference between the Christian right and the rest of America. What Americans do not condone is the religious right imposing its beliefs on and forcing Americans to embrace their values under color of Republican theocratic legislation.

DeLay wasted little time assailing the governors of Indiana and Arkansas for changing so-called “religious liberty” laws to adhere to the U.S. Constitution and prevent discrimination against LGBT people. According to  Delay, “This is the result of the gay agenda. We’re now seeing what the gay agenda is all about; our religious liberty.” According to Delay, “our religious liberty, as it’s described in the Declaration of Independence, is that we get our rights from our creator, and from that we get that we’re the good people that can govern through the Constitution. What they’re trying to do is undermine religious liberty so that they become accepted. We have got to fight this battle to the bitter end or this county is finished.” Delay also said that if a gay person “asks me to undermine my values, what I believe in, undermine my religious liberty, then I have the right to stand up for what I believe in.”

First, no gay person is going to ask an evangelical to undermine their values; they just do not care about their ‘values’ until they become oppressive. Second, standing up for what they believe in might include imposing theocratic edicts on the entire population in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, but this is America and the religious right would do well to remember that in a real war, anti-religious tyranny Americans crushed the Taliban in short order. That is precisely what awaits Delay and his religious right cohort’s “battle to the bitter end” according to a recent poll.

Results of a survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) last week revealed that 80% of Americans oppose allowing Christians to discriminate against gay or lesbians for any reason, much less because as Delay contends gays exist. In fact, greater majorities opposed religiously-grounded businesses discriminating against any group over anything because it is inherently un-American and patently unconstitutional. Likely, the great majority of Americans are cognizant that regardless what evangelicals claim, America is not a Christian theocracy and the Christian bible is not the law of the land; much less an obscure verse or two claiming god is mad at gays. As an aside, Old Testament god, the bible, Christianity, or opposition to gays is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution any more than there is an Article establishing America as a Christian theocracy.

There is still, sadly, a misconception among Americans that these religious freedom advocates and their Crusade against the Constitution is solely about gays. Since this war has been sanctioned and started by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops, it is also about restricting women’s reproductive rights the Supreme Court’s Papal-5 ruled was the USCCB and evangelicals’ legal right when they attempted to establish the Vatican’s Humanae Vitae as law of the land for theocracy-minded Republicans.

If Americans think for a second this religious crusade to impose theocracy on the nation is only about gays or women, they seriously need to think again. The fundamentalists’ crusade is for the right to discriminate in public accommodations and hiring practices, to interfere with every American’s  family formation, sexual intimacy, and childbearing decisions. The Christian fanatics also want the right to use public funds and buildings to propagate biblical values and priorities in schools, and all while freeloading on taxpayer-funded infrastructure without contributing because they are tax-exempt. The religious Republicans also demand to legislate their biblical right to withhold medical care for women and children as exemplary followers of Christ exercising religious liberty. On that account, President Obama finally broke the unwritten law against uttering an unkind word against Christian barbarism during Tuesday’s Easter prayer breakfast. He is the first politician to recognize that America’s neo-Christian movement is as a far afield from Christ’s teachings as the Sun is from the Earth and it was a welcomed and praiseworthy acknowledgment.

If the religious right wants a war, they are damn sure going to get one because the overwhelming majority of Americans are finally getting a real-time look at what American neo-Christianity’s version of religious liberty entails and how it will ultimately affect their lives. If nothing else, the firestorm over Indiana’s so-called religious freedom law exposed the evangelical and religious Republican movement’s intent to use religion to subvert every other Americans’ equal and civil rights.

It is likely that most Americans comprehend that not only will the 21st Century American Crusade be against the gay community and women, but any American that fails to comply with whatever religious edict Republicans legislate on behalf of evangelical extremists. Make no mistake, today it is legislation legalizing discrimination against gays and restricting women’s access to reproductive care and next it will be legislation mandating church attendance, forced prayer in public schools, and limiting voting to white Christians; all ideas that have been proposed by religious Republicans.

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  1. What part of freedom of religion in the US does he not get? Oh yeah, its the same people that claim a Middle Eastern man, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny were all white guys.

  2. Great read. The sooner we have this religious war the better off we will be. Because we will win. We should have no room whatsoever for the intolerance these loons preach and live by.

  3. Back from his tour of federal prisons lying Tommy is proposing the 8 commandments be the law of the land; breaking any two of your choosing of the ten original is ok ; like maybe lying and molesting little kids is ok to some while stealing and bearing false witness maybe the favorite of others; killing by war always acceptable if it make lots of money; because you’er always saving the world to make it like heaven on earth but don’t try to get in to the usa aka heaven on earth.

  4. ALL “RELIGIOUS-BRAINWASHING” PERVERTS AND THIEVES!!! Need to be “TAXED” just like anyone else. Or lose their property and be thrown into prison. If they refuse to pay!!! Screw them and their “bogus” gods…

  5. I would like to see a political candidate be automatically disqualified from holding any elected office because (s)he brought his/her religion into the mix. Mention your religion and you are out! There’s not to be a religious test for holding public office according to our Constitution. Yet, modern day candidates need to profess their religious affiliation in order to succeed in their quest for political office. I blame the dim-witted voter who votes according to party lines, in accordance with their pastor’s guidance, and in line with their favorite political grifter – pundit. I blame the partisan media with their less than fair and balanced reporting. They have truly failed us. I blame myself for having been silent in the past.

  6. Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if these guys wet dream came true and they turned the U.S. in to a “Christian Theocracy”? I mean seriously can you imagine the fight over whose version of Christianity is the “right one”? We’d have Catholics fighting with Baptists fighting with Pentecostals fighting with Mormons and so on and so forth. We’d end up with a version of Christianity no one, least of all Jesus, would recognize. Oh yeah we already have that in many of today’s churches.

  7. Great article!!

    An aside question: Any suggestions how I can get rid of this blue vertical banner on the left of my screen that says Change Font Size? It covers the left portion of the text in every article, it’s only on politicususa, and I’ve tried everything to get rid of it.

  8. Take a wander over to Alliance Defending Freedom’s or American Family Association Facebook pages – these are scary people, already fighting amongst themselves over which Christians are “good” and which aren’t.

    You don’t have to “like” their page to post on it. Virtually every link they post, has to be independently researched (something their base doesn’t do) because their articles are full of half-truths, outright lies, and misdirection.

    Be prepared to see a bunch of cray-cray!!!

  9. Isn’t it ironic that the people who are constantly claiming that the President is violating the Constitution are the one’s actually trying to subvert it. These clowns in Congress should all be required to read the entire Constitution and be tested on it before being sworn into office. The majority of them have no clue what the Constitution actually says.

  10. Ah, Tom Delay, trying to find relevance once again. He is as much a grifter as Palin. He is about as religious as my dog (who only worships me), he just knows the right words to use to stir up the mob.

    I was just thinking about this subject yesterday, the Catholic Church failing in the crusades. They also failed in the middle ages during Torquemada’s reign of terror. And they will fail this time too.

    And now we have the perfect situation of history repeating itself. The religious extremist think God is on their side, But where was he the last two times they tried to take over the world? They really should think about this.

  11. To add to my previous comment, I wonder if Delay is thinking about making another run for political office. What better way than by ginning up the base. Maybe going for his old job as Speaker of the House.

  12. As usual, Republicans interpret issues according to their beliefs. What part of this don’t they understand.

    Freedom of religion in the US — From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Monument honoring the right to worship, Washington, D.C.

    “In the United States, freedom of religion is a constitutionally protected right provided in the religion clauses of the First Amend- ment. Freedom of religion is also closely associated with separation of church and state, a concept advocated by Colonial founders such as Roger Williams, William Penn and later founding fathers such as James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.”

    They also miss that part about separation of church and state.

  13. Maybe Tom Delay and his Religious Right crusaders can resurrect some of the Conventicle acts of England of the 15 and 1600s.

    Why not try The Conventicle Act 1664, which forbade conventicles (religious assemblies of more than five people outside the auspices of the Church of England)? This law was part of the Clarendon Code…which aimed to discourage nonconformism and to strengthen the position of the Established Church.

    Isn’t that what all these Religious Freedom Restoration Acts amount to? All of which amount to an establishment of religion in violation of the First Amendment.

  14. No small irony, considering that the Founding Fathers of the United States, remembered what churches did to the State when they came up with the Constitution and the Founding of the U.S.

    According to Christianity it’s ALWAYS being ‘persecuted’. In the U.S.’s case- they’re not allowed to force other kids to pray in school, not allowed to enforce blue laws, and now they have to tolerate someone else being allowed to marry.

    American tolerance of religion is wearing thin, enough so that many are wondering why so many of the religions don’t pay taxes, despite so many of the religions dabbling in politics.

  15. Finally–someone who is willing to call out Christian Dominionism and expose this movement for the totalitarian evil that it most clearly is. Thank you!!

  16. Delay and his ilk want to take our country closer to
    heaven like the biblical story of the tower of Babel.
    That’s why to this day in churches around the country
    believers get so carried away that they “speak in tongues”. Rev. Tom has obviously interpreted their
    jibberish as political backing.

  17. If I may point out that true Christians know that with Christ we are given the new covenant with God. Hence the rules of the old testament no longer apply. That’s why its the new testament. So anyone wanting a theocracy based on these laws is NOT a Christian.
    Now the middle east from 1st century till around the 7th century was majority Christian. So saying the lands there never were Christian is false. Secondly the crusades were not fought to restore Christianity. They were fought in response to 400 years of Islamic expansion into Europe.
    I found this pretty quick and its fairly good if anyone interested in reading it:

  18. That, of course, is a reason behind the non-establishment clause in the Constitution. We already had something like 17 different religions in this country at independence. Who would rule?? In this case, however, they have already decided that “Their Christianity” is the only true one. It would be a “christianity” I don’t even recognize as Christianity. I would definitely rank as a infidel, worse than Atheists.

  19. This Christian feels persecuted by the so-called “christians” who are screaming persecution every time they don’t get their unConstitutional way. They are two year olds throwing temper tantrums and need a good swift swat on the rear end.

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