Bernie Sanders Shreds Rand Paul By Unmasking His Great Libertarian Fraud

Bernie Sanders The Nightly Show

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) dropped the hammer on Rand Paul by exposing why the 2016 presidential candidate is no different from his fellow Republicans.


Sen. Sanders was speaking about Rand Paul on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show when he said:

He’s a legitimate candidate, certainly. Basically, after you get through the nuances of a Rand Paul, or a Ted Cruz, or a Jeb Bush, kind of their views are pretty much the same. That is tax breaks for millionaires, more spending for the military, cuts in Social Security/Medicare, and Medicaid, taking as much money as you can from billionaires. It’s kind of their agenda.

Host Larry Wilmore asked if Paul was legitimate by being different from that. Sanders answered, “No. His difference that is the Republican DNA. It’s to make the rich richer while everyone else becomes poorer…His nuances are civil liberties, where he has taken some good positions, and I agree with him on that.”

After other panelists suggested that Paul should reach out to women and gays in the same way that he has reached out to African-Americans, Sanders explained why that will never happen, “The problem he has is that it is hard to reach out to women when you are anti-choice. It’s hard to reach out to the gay community when you don’t support gay marriage.”

Wilmore asked how Paul can be a Libertarian and anti-choice, when Roe vs. Wade was decided based on the privacy issue.

Bernie Sanders exposed Sen. Paul as being the same old kind of Republican. Beneath Paul’s rhetoric about liberty and freedom is a candidate who is a pro-billionaire corporatist who believes that the wealthy are entitled to more freedom, and that the same freedoms that he talks about with such reverence don’t apply to women and gays.

Sen. Sanders hit on all of the major contradictions that make Rand Paul an unelectable fraud. Paul may hold a few good positions, but the core of his ideology is solidly Republican, and not any different from his fellow GOP candidates.

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  1. One minor point- Libertarian Fraud- implies that Libertarianism has the potential to be fraudulent. When it has been demonstrated time and again that Libertarianism = Fraud.
    This is demonstrated by the fact that not one country in the world has ever successfully been run on Libertarian principles.

  2. Rand Paul is a selective Libertarian — he firmly believes that the federal government should not intrude in the lives … of white Christian males.

  3. You are correct by saying that not one country in the world has ever successfully been run on Libertarian principles. It’s not because libertarian ideals are fraudulant though, but because greed and power always prevail in government. The only ideology that can cohabitate with liberty and freedom is anarchism.

  4. Libertarianism s nothing more than ME! politics, ME agenda and ME! as a government within my own skin. As soon as you add the 2nd person to the equation and make it We…then the whole greedy, selfish personality of Libertarianism explodes or falls apart.

  5. Whatever position he espouses today, could change with whomever he is addressing tomorrow. Evolving, (devolving) is his way of lying through his teeth with a straight face. Lots of smoke, no fire.

  6. There is no way in hell that randy will ever be president, who the fuck could paint that hair for a decent presidential portrait? Maybe that German guy who loved to say happy swirls? Bill Alexander, not Bob Ross, although Ross would throw his brushes in the toilet, me thinks

  7. Let’s just face it: republicans LIE and democrats swear to it. We need Warren/Sanders combination to put this country where it needs to be: equality & opportunity for ALL citizens.

  8. First time in our history we have a facist majority in congress & Supreme Court. It is no accident that also the first time in history the next generation is going to be worse off than their parents. Look up fascism and see for yourself!

  9. yeah I love how these guys go on and on about the power of the individual but they make their money operating in the U.S. -a collective representational republic.

    I don’t see Libertarians making it big in countries that have the weak government systems they promote:
    Somalia? No Libertarians.
    Syria? No Libertarians.
    Iraq? There were a few, they got beheaded.

  10. Wouldn’t it be funny if Bernie Sanders ran as a republican? He could get in all their debates and expose them all. Most TGopers would like and vote for Bernie if they were just educated!

  11. Sanders is right in that Rand Paul has said he IS NOT a Libertarian and has many anti-Libertarian positions.

    Some of the commenters need to wake up. They’re confusing Libertarianism with something else. For info on what world Libertarians are actually doing, see

  12. We have a couple examples of libertarianism in action — Haiti and Somalia — and they are not good ones. Both these countries have no income tax and no unions (a libertarian ideal), yet they are two of the most miserable places to live in the world.

  13. I’ll concede Rand needs to do better interviews or in all probability (if we want to wager bets) we’ll end up with the likely Bush-Clinton matchup and are assured a pro-war candidate on either side.

  14. So – repeating Dem talking points about “the rich” – as if Hillary and all the other Dems aren’t just as guilty – constitutes “shredding” Rand Paul? Ahaha – well, keep at it guys; best that you continue to live in your own little bubble than that you ever wake up.

  15. everybody knows rand paul is not electable as president, in the same way as his father, Lyndon larouche or ralph nader. when it comes to national elections where everybody has a say, the extreme candidates lose every time. they only make the cut in local or statewide elections. rand paul’s risen as far as he is going to and once he retires from his post the only thing he will be good for is talk show host.

  16. Sen. Sanders hit on all of the major contradictions that make Rand Paul an unelectable fraud.

    be careful. ronald reagan was also an un-electable fraud, but the more obvious that became and the more often it was explained, the more electable he became.

    hate works. it drives your own kind closer to you and causes fence sitters to stop paying attention to what they see as gangster on gangster violence.

    i suggest utmost respect when addressing or discussing the people you most despise, if what you want from a population is “a rational reflection on the facts”.

  17. Funny thing to have Sanders bad mouth Rand Paul & of course he has to being from the opositional party.. & the comnents after saying Libertarians are ME ME people.. I guess some of these people should have watched the Senate Budget voting.. A Republican proposed that all members of Congress & the Pres. & Vice Pres. all give up their medical privleges, their subsidies as well & buy insurance like all other American Citizens do.. Sanders stood up & said, I encourage a NO Vote.. when the vote was taken all the Republicans voted Yes, do away with the Benifits, Sanders & every Dem. Voted No.. Another said they were entitled to the subsidies.. it did not pass of course.. So Who are the WE WE people??

  18. One can only surmise that you have never actually taken the time to learn about Rand.. He is not his father for one thing. He dose have a disadvantage of not being a lawyer of course, choosing to go into medicine instead. He still dose pro bono eye surgery in Ky. whenever Congress is not in session & has gone to Guatemala to do eye surgery their as well. he has a very clear stand on foreign aid and the mid. East, on infrastructure, keeping & attracting business in the US, Prison reform, Balancing the budget and more. So far the only thing the Dem. party has offered is more of the very same things they have for years.. Hillary is the only option even offered up & her Campaign money is coming from foreign countries through the Clinton owned & run Foundation. Sanders is not much better voting against the Rep. proposal to have congress give up it’s ACA subsidies.. Sanders stood up & told the dem’s to Vote No..

  19. Their is no link.. I watched the Senate budget debates live. The issue was brough up late Thursday evening near midnight on their last day in session before Congress took it’s spring break. They also around the same time took a vote weather to stand by Israel or not, that vote was 100% of the senate voting to stand with Israel as well as another vote to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. along with a bill that said no deals with Iran that are not passed through Congress. they were in session till about 4:30 am Friday.. you might have to look up the Senate bills passed or failed on an offical site. i just watched it myself all week.. wanted to hear & see for myself who did what with what. without the Media slant

  20. Of course, no link. I wonder if they tried to attach defunding the ACA to it or threatened to cut SS/Medicare. The teapukes always try to covertly add sketchy anti-American proposals stuck into votes.

  21. Neither of those countries have anything to do with a Libertarian based government.. Switzerland would actually be the closest .. Mabe you don’t understand what Libertarian means

  22. Odd then.. Why dose he stand up for the rights of blacks & to reform our judical system so that they are treated more fairly??

  23. I have yet to see any bill being propose. See your fanboy will say anything to any group and haven’t got a damn thing done

  24. yes, we KNOW Anita’s chock full of shit. Would not FOX Propaganda have been screaming this (if true) at the top of every hour?

    Anita, stop making up stupid crap, thinking people will just believe the lies you’re spewing. The lies do make it easy to laugh at you though.

  25. Most of you people who are supporting Bernie are literally repeating Rhetoric created by those who are threatened by people like Paul who will actually attempt to fix are extremely broken system.

    Bernie Sanders has been in Politics for over 40 years and you seriously think he would make a change or difference? How come he didn’t do ANYTHING for 40 years besides collect paychecks and now decides he wants to be President!

    Same thing goes for Elizabeth Warren she has been a senator for over 20 years and has received over 30 Million in donations from the same Big Banks she claims she is attempting to shut down, She doesn’t do jack $hit for 20+ years and again decides she wants to be the Peoples Champion!

    If you people seriously think lifelong politicians want real change then you are seriously lacking critical thinking and would suggest you leave our Republic before you invite another stranger to run the show.

    Time to give some new blood a chance not lifelong political leeches

  26. What!!!! he’s just as much a racists as his father, he chums around with white hate groups and just let his long time friend and campaign manager go as he belonged to a white hate group, Paul thinks that businesses should have the right to allow who they want into there business like people of color going to the back of the restaurant you know like they had to do back in the fifties and sixties,he said years before the Gay issue you can find it on You Tube Rachel Madow. he is a racists it’s that simple as is his father and that they will always be.

  27. Since you made a specific accusation against Senator Warren, why don’t you source it? Otherwise, people might think you blow more hot air than an automobile.

  28. Are you nuts. Elizabeth Warren is a first-term Senator. Where did you get 20 years in the Senate? You pulled that one out of your ear. Which suggests that your very long post is probably a late April Fools.

  29. You have a great vision—–Warren/Sanders as POTUS and VEEP. Nation-wide Fairness. But can you imagine having The Brothers Koch et al, and half the country’s law-makers, collapse from fatal apoplexy.

  30. Which countries have tried to run on Libertarian principles?

    The early USA before Democrats invented the Fed, income tax, sales tax and overbearing regulations, aided by Republicans.

    We can see how the loss of the initial Libertarian principles has worked out.

  31. Good old Bernie – what he wants is more government control, more regulations, more theft of people’s money in taxes, more regulations.

    He’s a committed and admitted socialist and we know that socialism hasn’t worked anywhere because of the amount of failed states that have declared themselves to be socialist.

    He wants to keep stealing your freedom, but Rand Paul is the problem…?


  32. Name one state where socialism has failed. And if you say the Soviet Union then you have just proven to be the dumbass that you are

  33. Someone explain to me; a country founded on libertarian principles…,

    But people are allowed to own other people?

  34. A board certified ophthamologist’s with over 10 years of private practice and his ceiling after he’s done with politics is as a talk show host?

    Good, good….let the hate flow through you.

  35. You mentioned more regulations twice. You must feel really strongly about regulations. Which regulations is Bernie promoting that you don’t like? Do you not want to breath clean air? Are you against clean drinking water? Do you want soil that is no longer able to support farming or livestock? Do you not think that corporations that pollute should pay for the clean-up? Do you think corporations should be allowed to underpay people so much, that the government has to use public funds to top them up? Don’t you think that corporations should help pay for the roads and ports that allow them to move their goods around the world? Don’t you think they should pay for the legal system that protects their goods, patents and copyrights? Maybe you like antibiotics, growth hormones and puss in your milk. You seem to have fallen for the Koch Brothers politics, Hook, Line and Sinker.

  36. Bernie Sanders is a Zionist of the highest order. He has dual citizenship and does not truly have the best interest of THIS country in mind. I don’t trust Rand either, but Bernie and Hillary are definitely not what they pretend to be. Hillary touts caring about women’s rights, yet receives millions from Saudi Arabia who has the worst women’s rights in the world. As usual, there are slim pickings for our puppet President in this election cycle. This is the best and the brightest? I doubt it. RIP USA

  37. Switzerland Libertarian, huh? I’ve been to Switzerland once. On the train on the way in, Swiss guards came along and selected me, my girlfriend and her brother for a “random” drug search. We had no drugs. They split us up, and one told me “just give us the drugs and it’ll be okay”. Another got very handsy on my girlfriend during his search. They even forced me to open a professionally packed glassware set I’d purchased in Venice, which eventually caused on piece to break.

    Upon arriving in Bern, and in the 3 days we were there, I witnessed the same 5-6 people in my vicinity over and over again, as if I was being watched. I’ll never go back to Switzerland, and also I do not think it’s a very good example of a Libertarian country, despite what you learned from Ron Paul.

  38. I do not think the founding fathers were Libertarians. Rand Paul worships Ayn Rand. If you don’t see the problem, read “Atlas Shrugged”

  39. Actually, no country has ever really tried to actually live under real socialistic principals. The Nazis and Communists used the word in the name of their parties, but they were actually totalitarian NOT socialistic.

  40. Are you aware that during the Ebola tempest in a teacup that Rand Paul addressed a concerned group and he TOLD them that Ebola could be passed from person to person via the air? While it’s possible that Ebola COULD CONCEIVABLY at some time in the future become aerisolized, that has not happened even in the countries where it is endemic. I therefore consider Paul’s comment a big, fat, cruel lie. Which it was. Some “doctor!”

  41. Hooray for Sanders and the other Dems who protected the insurance for millions of people who would be left without if not for the subsidies. Why do you Reps want to strip people’s insurance that they can afford, like and want to keep? Oh yeah, you all HATE the poor and disadvantaged, and you hate President Obama even more.

    Enough already! And you can cut the crap about Hillary too. Even FOX didn’t buy all that.

    As for Paul, I’ve heard as many of his flip-flops as I can take.

  42. What about the millions who have coverage under the ACA? They will be quite happy in less the Reps strip it because they HATE President Obama and don’t give a rat’s mass about their constituents.

  43. I believe I have read that Bernie Sanders was the only US Sentor to boycott
    Netanyahoos appearance before Congress. I don’t believe that a true Zionist would have done that.

  44. Speaking of Frauds, Bernie voted with the Democrat Party 99.3% of the time while he has been in office. That’s makes him a liberal democrat and not an Independent like he wanted everyone to believe. He has a better democrat voting record than most of the democrats in that party. So anything Bernie says is not to be taken seriously. And as a candidate, most people think he knows he can’t win. So he is just going to feed at the trough for as long as people will send him money. He will be the democrats,”Ron Paul” in the election. He will siphon off just enough far left wing liberals to ensure a Republican win.[wink]

  45. Show us any evidence that Sanders is a grifter. If not then when was the last time you screwed your cousin

  46. “This is demonstrated by the fact that not one country in the world has ever successfully been run on Libertarian principles. ”

    But tell us all again about how Socialist Utopia will work THIS time, if we just raise taxes, make the government big enough and kill enough people.

  47. In other words, Mary has no idea what Libertarianism even is.

    But you can be damn sure shed fly off the handles and start pitching temper tantrums if anybody told her to go live in a Socialist paradise like Cuba or North Korea, however.

  48. One of the things I always notice is how libertarians–like most people on the Right– spew rhetorical talking points and provide no hard examples. Then again, why should I expect that from a philosophy based on non-empirical economic ideas that require a mass of a priori assumptions that are demonstrably wrong. The ahistorical nonsense of libertarians ignores reality. (The silliest argument I recently encountered is that libertarians seem to think free enterprise and private enterprise are somehow different.) It’s a religious faith, not a political ideology, and it worships the Hand of the Market as if it were god.

  49. So many lies Rand Paul believes that gay marriage should be left up to the states and has said that we spend too much on the military. Democrats fear that we’ll switch to Paul so they label him things that he’s not. Frankly Im on the Bernie Boat right now!!!

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