A Bridge Too Far: Crowdfunding For Killer Cop Michael Slager Falls Flat


The crowdfunding site GoFundMe rejected a campaign to raise money for Michael Slager, the police officer charged with murdering Walter Scott in South Carolina. A fundraising effort set up on a competing site, Indiegogo.com was in operation on Thursday, but money was being raised at an anemic pace. As of 2 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, the Indiegogo site had raised just 546 dollars from 24 contributors.

The pathetic 500 dollar haul, pales in comparison to the over $400,000 Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson was able to raise through GoFundMe after he shot and killed Michael Brown. Although the cases aren’t exactly identical, the disparity in fundraising is stark. As Sarah Jones at PoliticusUSA noted on Thursday, the tide is turning in favor of “black lives matter,” as evidenced by Time featuring the theme on its cover.

The egregious nature of the South Carolina shooting, captured on videotape, combined with the power of public protest, has apparently convinced GoFundMe to avoid being tainted by association with Officer Slager. While Indiegogo apparently couldn’t be persuaded not to participate in the circulation of blood money, the inability of Officer Slager to draw in the legions of conservative contributors who flocked to support Darren Wilson is telling.

Perhaps the Slager killing was just so blatant and horrific that even right-wing defenders of police who shoot black men, couldn’t bring themselves to his defense. Or perhaps the murder of Walter Scott was the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back”, and represents a true tipping point in American public opinion towards police shootings of unarmed black men.

Crowdfunding sites raised over $200,000 for vigilante George Zimmerman after he killed Trayvon Martin.  Darren Wilson received nearly half a million dollars in contributions after killing Michael Brown. As of Thursday afternoon, Michael Slager hadn’t even reached his first 1000 dollars from crowd-funding sites. One site refused to operate a page on his behalf, and another site allowed a page to be put up for him, but it wasn’t attracting many contributors.

14 Replies to “A Bridge Too Far: Crowdfunding For Killer Cop Michael Slager Falls Flat”

  1. My God….who are these 24 supporters? In watching the video of him murdering another human being, I noticed he had to get in his stand mode, aimed, and started shooting multiple times at a moving target. It was just like practice at the training school. How many more of these type of cops are out there? All police departments know who they are. Get rid of them NOW!

  2. I wonder if any fundraising site has been set up for the victim’s family. Any support for this murderous cop is just nauseating.

  3. I really hope there is a site set up for the children of the victim. Each officer on that force should be required to give a weeks’ pay to the fund as reinforcement of a zero tolerance for this kind of behavior.

  4. The bigots and racists already donated to the racist pizza owners. They don’t have much left over after getting their social security payments

  5. The fact that people are trying to solicit donations for this scumbag is disturbing, but hardly surprising.

    His defenders likely will portray Slager as a patriot and a victim of cowardly local authorities who are trying to avoid another “Ferguson” uprising by making the cop a scapegoat.

  6. It breaks my heart that you’re probably right. All those who donated to this jagoff probably got a free ‘Racism IS Patriotism!’ t-shirt.

  7. Wish we could do something for the brave young man that took the video that will get a dirty cop off the streets. May God bless him generously.

  8. No, it doesn’t show that “the tide is turning in favor of ‘black lives matter.'”

    It shows that we tend to give the benefit of the doubt to our policemen, who do very difficult jobs under very difficult circumstances, whenever we can. When the evidence is incontrovertible that they’re wrong, we can’t and don’t support that.

  9. No tipping point. Walter Scott’s murder was caught on video. Which is why Republicans are moving to ban citizens from filming police officers.

  10. The intriguing factor in this case is the sudden running away of Scott. Only criminals flee from the scene of crime. Did he fail in his attempt to extract the Taser from the hands of Slager? Feidin Santana, who filmed the shooting thought at onetime to delete the clip. Then he took it to Scott’s house. Why didn’t he film the earlier part which was stunning and shocking as they were struggling and down on the ground? Did he tamper with the videotape? Did he edit it to put the blame on Slager? Did he attempt to create another Ferguson?tt was running with Slager’s Taser and he had to shoot him. It was a Taser struggle between a cop and a criminal. The video shows that a black thing fell before Slager. Scott had thrown back the Taser after wrenching it from Slager. This is a good evidence to help the cop at the time of trial. Supposing a robber enters your house, and after a scuffle with you, if he tries to run off, you will definitely shoot his back. That’s what the cop had done.

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