Liberal Democrats Mount A Furious Offensive To Protect Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal

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Senate and House liberals are going on offense and making progress in protecting President Obama’s deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

The Hill reported:

Liberal Democrats have mounted a furious offensive to convince Senate Democrats to oppose legislation the White House warns could kill a nuclear deal with Iran.In moves that appeared coordinated, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced her opposition to a bill that would give Congress a vote on the emerging deal. Minutes later, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) urged the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to postpone a planned vote next week.


But now several of the bill’s Democratic co-sponsors won’t say whether they’ll vote to approve it on Tuesday at a panel markup. They are demanding that Republicans tone down provisions opposed by the White House.


A Senate aide said some Democrats are beginning to second-guess their support for the bill in the wake of the administration’s announcement last week that it had reached a preliminary deal.

The Democrats who were thinking that they could support the Republican bill without political consequences have gotten a rude awakening. It is important to note that the debate isn’t about whether or not Congress should have the ability to review the agreement. Questions are centered around the fact that Republicans have crafted a bill that would give them the power to kill the deal.

The message being sent is that liberal Democrats are not going to allow Republicans to squash the President’s diplomatic efforts. Democrats and liberals are fighting back. Liberal and progressive groups sent a letter to Senate Democratic leaders that warned them that they will be held accountable if they help Republicans kill the Iran deal.

Liberals and Democrats know that popular support is on their side. The Republican rhetoric about a good deal versus a bad deal is not working. A war-fatigued American public is treating the Republican objections to diplomacy with well-deserved skepticism. The last time Republicans were allowed to ignore diplomacy in the Middle East; the U.S. ended up invading Iraq.

Liberals, Democrats, and a majority of the American people are fighting for diplomacy because they aren’t about to be fooled in a new American war in the Middle East.

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  1. good Iran deal — and accepting that it’s the president, not Congress, who conducts foreign policy.

  2. At first I thought not Chuck “The AIPAC lackey” Schumer and also not Joe “The fake Dem” Manchin and Heidi “another fake Dem” Heidkampt they aren’t on the offense

    but then….

    I reread it and realized it said Liberal Democrats…

  3. Glad they are showing some backbone. President Obama should not have to go it alone. Dems need to be united on this and support their President.

  4. I’m outraged that some members of our own party want to undermine this deal. President Obama, John Kerry, and many others worked tirelessly to negotiate this very delicate matter, and yet others just want it collapsed. I’m glad for the liberal democrats who stick with this great President and we should be very lucky to have him. If republicans can be united to block everything in Congrress, then why aren’t democrats united to proudly preserve their actions? What’s so hard about defending affordable healthcare, equality, and peace.

  5. An Israeli moderate’s breathtaking sense of entitlement

    As the Netanyahu cabinet unites in full-voiced opposition to the framework agreement with Iran and gears up to pull its strings in the U.S. Congress, the relative sobriety of former head of Israeli military intelligence Amos Yadlin, who would have been defense minister if Zionist Camp had won the March 17 election, offers a sharp contrast. Yadlin, a major general who was one of the pilots who bombed the Iraqi reactor in 1981, allows that compared to realistic alternatives, the framework is “not a bad agreement,” Acknowledging in an interview with Al-Monitor’s Ben Caspit that the Iranians have adhered to the terms of the interim agreement, he offers this conditional support:
    – See more at:

  6. Thank you djchefron for always providing commentary that is well-informed; your efforts are much appreciated!

  7. I agree with you Cheryl, it is about time the Democrats support the efforts of the President. Whenever the Democrats become Republican-lite things don’t go so well for them.

  8. We did a Twitter bomb last night. #NoIranDealNoSenateMinorityLeader. It’s not too late if you tweet. It’s directed at Schumer, but all these backstabbing so-called Democrats need to feel our wrath. Email, call or tweet – they need to hear from us.

  9. I have donated quite a bit of money since Sen., now PBO, announced he was running for office, but when someone from the DNC called me recently, I told the young lady that I would not be donating one red cent until democrats showed some backbone, and I meant it. I’ll donate to some like Sen. Sanders, Ms. Pelosi, James Clyburn, and a some others, but until I see dems in the Senate standing up to the GOP/TPers, I’m keeping my money. I sacrificed to help this president get elected and to support dems in 2012, and all they did was cower like frightened rats who are afraid to jump off of a burning ship. Their timidness allowed people like Cory Gardner and Joni Ernst to win seats in the Senate, neither of which is qualified and will do the bidding or corporatists and the far right religious loud-mouths. When/if I see some evidence that dems are willing to stand up and defend the things they claim to believe in, I’m putting my money into my current home improvement project.

  10. I sent my senator Bill Nelson a scathing letter. He had better not join any movement to kill the Iran deal. If he does, I will not vote for him for fucking dog catcher. As for Schumer, he’s just another puppet of the Zionists. He needs to resign, move to Israel, and join the Knesset with Bibi-yahoo.

  11. For the sake and survival of this Nation, and the 47%, Democrats in Congress along with the president must continue to stand up and fight against the crazy, racist, anti-American actions of the Republican Party.

  12. @ccc3, you’re right, but heres a problem that almost as bad as the GOP, it’s the “SOME” democratic party! the democratic party has republicans in it too, just ask ben nelson, chuck schumer , mary “I NOT SURE IF I VOTED FOR OBAMA” landrieu! no my friend, the koch brother are playing both parties for FOOLS! and paying them like kings!!

  13. I did the same. Also to Patrick Murphy running for Rubio’s seat, who voted FOR the KXL, and professes he’s all for Florida’s environment. I think it’s very important to let our Congress know how we the people feel. After al, they are supposed to be working FOR us!

  14. The Europeans are the Republican’s best friends. However it seems that the Group of 5+1 is going along supporting the POTUS on the Iran deal. The Pope has welcomed the deal as a “chance given to peace”! So the Republicans may have only Netanyahu’s arguments to break up the deal. But even Israel’s support to the Republican claim may be a failure. Isis has surrounded a Palestinian compound near Damascus preventing aid to come to the rescue of the people! 3000 children are in need of everything. Is Isis on Israel’s side? World events may be working for President Obama and “peace”! Are Republicans ready to take the responsability to wage war on Iran?

  15. Schumer has lost his mind meeting with a war criminal. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr. Schumer, working both sides of the issue, also has plans to meet with the former secretary of state Henry Kissinger — who has been critical of the framework for a deal — and spoke Thursday with Wendy Sherman, the lead American negotiator in the talks.
    Schumer Is Squeezed on Various Sides Over Iran Deal

  16. Sure hope none of us wind up in a life boat with Chuck
    and company. Mutineers, the entire lot of ’em. Payback
    is just an election away.[WINK]

  17. I give up,tryoing to remove comments that haven’t finished the message…tried to delete and type FULL message cannot remove comments and start over

  18. Is Iran rational?
    And yet, these same critics’ preferred policy is one that relies on Iran’s rationality. The alternative to the deal forged by Iran and the six great powers is not war, they insist, but rather to ratchet up pressure and demand more concessions from Tehran. So, this crazy, apocalyptic band of mullahs, when faced with a few more sanctions, will calmly calculate the costs and benefits and yield in a predictable way to more pressure. Or, as J.J. Goldberg writes in the Jewish Daily Forward, “Apparently they’re irrational enough to welcome nuclear Armageddon, but rational enough to yield to economic punishment
    Read More

  19. The last time the dems followed the neocon repubs, it led to the invasion of Iraq…which none of them are proud of today. When they try to be repub lite, they lose the election, 2014 comes to mind: the dems won where they stood up as dems. If the leadership doesn’t learn these lessons, maybe it’s time for primary challenges, or witholding grassroot monies.

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