Delusional Michele Bachmann Thinks President Obama Has Virtually Guaranteed World War III


In an interview on The News Hour radio program, former GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann called Barack Obama the worst President ever. She also asserted that his policies will lead to World War III. Her claim that the President would lead us into World War III was made in response to a question from host Dan Maduri. Maduri asked:

How do you feel about President Obama embracing our traditional enemies like Cuba and Iran. Is he going down a dangerous path?

Bachmann’s rambling response was:

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That’s the worst thing that could happen. This literally is the worst part of the Obama presidency. You can get economics wrong and you can turn it around. We saw Ronald Reagan do that in a remarkable way. Where we do have problems decades into the future are disasters with foreign policy. We had, prior to this time, four state designated sponsors of terror in the world, Iran being the worst.

Obama, for some inexplicable reason, has decided that he wants to elevate Iran, he wants to do away with all the designation the state sponsors of terror and he wants to bring Iran equal to any other country in the world and help them economically and militarily for no reason at all. This puts Iran in a position where they would have the fire power to be able to take out not only Israel, but they would have the fire power to use intercontinental ballistic missiles against the United States with nuclear chipped warheads.

This virtually guarantees in my opinion, World War 3 and I think that alone would qualify Barack Obama for being the worst president that the United States has ever had to endure.

Michele Bachmann, like Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, has long had a paranoid fixation on Iran. She is so obsessed with Iran, that she even tried to persuade President Obama to bomb Iran, during a White House Christmas Party. Her irrational fear that diplomacy will provoke a third World War puts her in the absurdly ironic position where she would launch a war to try to prevent a war.

Fortunately for America, Michele Bachmann no longer holds an elected office. Unfortunately, she still commands a Tea Party following, and her ideology still holds sway in the halls of Congress, where Representatives like Steve King and Louie Gohmert, and Senators like Tom Cotton and Joni Ernst, carry on her style of crazy.

The nuclear agreement with Iran, that was not only supported by Barack Obama, but by cooperative leaders from several other nations as well, makes war less, not more likely. However, dangerous Tea Party ideologues like Michele Bachmann and her ilk, believe compromise and diplomacy are to be avoided at all costs. Instead, she prefers an unprovoked military strike on Iran. For some peculiar reason, she thinks the way to avoid a World War is not diplomacy, but for the United States to launch a Pearl Harbor style attack on Iran, at a time when Iran is showing a willingness to meet at the negotiating table.

Her dangerously delusional view of foreign policy should be rejected. Unfortunately, it appears to be a view that is widely accepted by Republican members of Congress, even if many of them are less bombastic than Bachmann in articulating that position.  The Tom Cotton Iran letter, signed by 47 Republican Senators in March, revealed the delusional mindset of many within the GOP who are hell-bent on thwarting diplomacy at every turn. While many of those Senators never verbally accused President Obama of trying to start World War III, they nevertheless tried to undermine the President’s diplomatic efforts in a way that would make war, more, rather than less likely. Like Michele Bachmann, they too should have their views rejected, by reasonable people who understand the value of diplomacy.

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