Democrat Martin O’Malley Says Treasonous Republicans Shouldn’t Be In U.S. Government

In an interview with Iowa Public Television’s Iowa Press, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said that those who hate President Obama more than they hate the Ayatollah probably shouldn’t be serving in U.S. government.

Before the show airs, Iowa Press tweeted out one big shot that the former Maryland governor took at the Republicans who tried to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal.

Iowa Press tweeted:

Former Gov. O’Malley spoke the truth. If policy positions and behavior are dictated by hatred of the President, then that individual has no business being in government. Unfortunately, Republicans have run in the two midterm elections on a platform of opposing and obstructing President Obama.

O’Malley has been visiting the early primary states and laying the groundwork for a run against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary for years. His campaign will be that of a definite underdog. Progressive activists continue to dream of an Elizabeth Warren campaign that has close to no chance of happening. Bernie Sanders looks willing to run, but his entry into the race will depend on if he can raise enough money and support for his candidacy.

Former Sen. Jim Webb has been toying with the idea of running, but it is possible that the only definite challenge that Clinton will have for the Democratic nomination could come from O’Malley. He may have less than a puncher’s chance, but O’Malley echoed the feelings of many Democrats who are tired of Republicans who put Obama hate first and country last.

48 Replies to “Democrat Martin O’Malley Says Treasonous Republicans Shouldn’t Be In U.S. Government”

  1. Climate Blame “believers” NOT wanting CO2 science to say; “PROVEN” after 34 years of climate action FAILURE proves why it’s called; “BELIEF” and pure fear mongering.

  2. I heard O’Malley talk a little the other day, I would like to hear more. I will definitely get out and vote for HRC if she is the nominee, but I don’t like the idea of her candidacy being a forgone conclusion.

    I would vote for Big Bird for president before I would vote for a Republican. I also guarantee that I will not sit out the election just because I may or may not like the person running, it is too important to vote against Republicans at all levels.

  3. From what I have heard from O’Malley, I really like what he is saying. I wish the media would give him more attention and quite worrying so much about Hillary. He has a very good message and I think it would carry very well. Much better than her’s will.

  4. While O’Malley is an announced candidate. You are apparently ignoring Lincoln Chafee, who announced he has formed an exploratory committee for the presidency on O’Donnell program, The Last Word.

    While I know next to nothing about O’Malley, I do know something about Chafee.

    I know that as a Republican Senator he was the ONLY Republican to vote against the authorization to invade Iraq. He also voted against Bush’s tax cuts. And that he is in complete agreement with the President on the Iran talks. He was excoriated by his party at the time because all Republicans were to align with Bush without question.

    He may not look like much, but from his record I’d vote for him over HRC. He could give her some real competition.

  5. It’s been clear for a long time that the Republicans in all their variations, TP, RW Cons., etc., hate President Obama more than they love the USA. So consumed in their hated for the POTUS, these Republican types have consistently shown they will push any policies they think will sideline Obama regardless of the hurt they cause the US people.

    It’s about time the Democrats fought back & the Iran deal is the perfect national, bi-partisan issue & one most Americans are united in agreement on. It’s no wonder the GOP hates PBS since they can’t control it’s content.

    If the US people continue to sit on their hands & not vote & do things to try to take back the country, it’s only a matter of time before the Koch fueled GOP money-machine buys off PBS & NPR so they can control the content. Isn’t it funny how the very people who always accuse Obama of being Hitler-like are the ones modeling their propaganda machine after Joseph Geobbels?

  6. I lived in MD 10 years ago & it was nice, until that piece of CRAP O ‘Malley took the reigns of power! He should be in prison for how he ruined our lovely state! He is a LOSER!

  7. I’d rather watch paint dry than hand the nomination over to HRC as if she were entitled to it.

  8. As a life long Maryland and Baltimore city resident with whom lived through O’Malley’s reign as gov and mayor I can’t believe that anyone would cast a single vote for him in any election. Marylanders literally call him “Owe’Malley”. My favorite memory was when of him is when he was elected gov on the promise that he would not raise taxes. Within a week of taking office he called a special session and raised taxes. Also as far back as I can remember our Baltimore Harbor tunnel toll was $1, by the time he left office it had reached $4. Poor people use roads too. I truly feel bad for poor Baltimore residents who were forced to pay $8 dollars a day for their commute because he couldn’t manage a budget, or didn’t care to.

  9. Tons of Pubs are self-destructing!

    Christi destroyED himself. No blaming anyone else.

    There MUST be a Goddess pulling strings!

  10. The 47 traitors should be out of a job and forego their pensions, health coverage, and any other perks they suck out of the taxpayers.

  11. I have lived in Maryland my entire life, and I think O’Malley has taxed us to death. The flush tax and the rain tax are just two.

  12. Rain Tax
    Basically, you’ll be charged for any surface of land you own that does not absorb rainwater.

    The ultimate goal is to reduce storm-water runoff and improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

    So you must own a lot of concrete? I am just wondering, doesn’t Maryland economy depends on a healthy bay so you can pig out on crab cakes? I don’t know if you are ignorant or just a plain idiot

  13. Tatiana, great post. I hope people read it and pass it along, because you are so right. The Koch machine is using the Nazi blue print, and the GOPT is all for it.


  14. He peeks my interest! he’s just so little known. I wish we had someone else other than Hilary. I have 0 excitement about her. I was energized with president Obama and still am. Maybe if she chooses Julian Castro as her VP. Now that might get me excited. Announcing him ASAP, getting him out there.

  15. We should be hearing MORE of this talk, from Democrats! It’s about time some Democrats come out of the (I am scared to confront Republicans) Closet and SAY what we are all thinking about the misfits and crazy A$$ Republicans.

  16. We’re being trolled. I’ve lived in Maryland my entire long adult life. Maryland has the best public schools in the country. I believe we are still #1. We have strict gun laws, medicaid expansion, ACA exchange – in fact we are a blue state with a few pockets of red. The reason we not have a Republican governor is because Democrats didn’t turn out and people bought the “rain tax” hype.

    I’ve lived with a dirty Chesapeake Bay in the past. No striped bass and few crabs. So if people don’t want those famous blue crabs, just let the Bay get dirty again. Republicans want something for nothing. You want great school, clean water and air, excellent infrastructure then you have to pay for it. Funny how Repubs say Dems want something for nothing, but the truth is Blue states pay for what we have and what the RED states have as well.

  17. I agree with 3 or 4 Supremes going to be up for grabs – it’s imperative that Progressives take congress and the presidency.

    I don’t care if you’re a dog catcher up for election – you’re not getting my vote.

    We must also make our voices heard and put on notice that all so-called Moderate Democrats that put Wall Street ahead of Main Street – their days are numbered.

    I’m not excited about Hilary – unfortunately I believe she is exactly the same as Repugnants when it comes to economics.

  18. So Dan, your going to stay at home during election time and not Vote at all?

    That Dan is a virtual perfect storm for the rethugs.

  19. Sugapea, sure wish that Goddess would pull some more strings and take few more thugs out. say Cruz, Rand, Santorum Huckabee, Bush,and the kochs. That would be a very full day for that GODDESS. Then she could start on the Teaparty!

  20. Sorry Patricia, he has an( R) behind his name.
    That alone is way too much for me. Lived long enough to not to be taken in by any thug. Change his party and maybe, (BUT) prove to me before, I ever vote that way. It’s like being a life long thief and suddenly you change, do people believe you? Or do you need to prove yourself first? Don’t ever be taken by a rethug changing it’s color like a chameleon.

  21. Those 47 self-appointed SoState diplomatic imbeciles
    have yet to answer for their subversive activity. And the
    rethugs think they’re outraged by Benghazi and emails?
    Dems can’t grant those arrogant maggots a pass on the
    Iran letter or we’ll see more pee party drunkeness or
    worse. Time to try ’em and fry ’em!

  22. It’s time for real changes, not lesser of two evils.
    It’s always moderate, conservative democrats that get pushed in the running. They do nothing. I’m with Dan, I am voting for who I believe in,and believe will make real change.
    For now, that would be Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. No one else I see that’s worth it.
    I was proudly a Ralph Nader voter, one of those that weenie liberal democrats think ruined it for Gore. The reality is liberal democrats ruined it …period.
    Bush got in, we don’t know how,except as usual democrats didn’t have the balls to fight the questionable election.
    Bush goes to war, and guess what the majority of dems signed the agreement to go. Then said afterwards ‘we were duped…’, yeah right, I’m not a politician, nor finished university, how did I know from the word ‘go’ that it was wrong?
    Bottom line is real changed needs to be made, not quasi- well,it’s better than any repub’. No, is my answer.

  23. I agree Democrats need to finally fight back.
    The problem is there’s way too many weak democrats. Everyone knows that.
    They never ‘truly’ fight back.
    What liberal, middle of the road moderate democrats (and that’s the majority) need to do is get with more of the Left candidates who seem to be stronger, more sincere, not afraid to say exactly what is going on and exactly what needs to be done.
    Unfortunately these democrats think they are progressives,and the they and the Left are one and the same. Not true.
    They need to get over the two party system.
    They did the same when Ralph Nader ran. Most of them highly respected Nader ,and knew he had the strength to make real change, but too many get caught up in ‘oh, he would never win’.
    Well he got enough supporters to put fear into middle of the road democrats.
    That says something. It says there are many who aren’t into, don’t believe in all the middle of the road democrat politicians.
    Vote Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth W…

  24. Your reply about the $1.40 toll is a bit ‘anal’.
    That wasn’t the point.
    The point the person commenting was making was that O’Malley promised a lot of things,like reducing taxes, yet the opposite happened.
    Doesn’t matter that there’s some ezpass or not.
    You want to try again?

  25. The point was the poster was posting misleading information and I don’t care who you are if you posting misleading info then I will call you out.

    The state spent record amounts on education and more on roads, despite a recession, and there were steep drops in crime and a dramatic increase in people covered by subsidized health care — improvements made possible, O’Malley boosters say, by the very tax increases that became so reviled.

    You sound just like a bagger. Expect services but don’t want to pay for them. So even if he did raise the sales tax and other fees at least it went back to the people and not in the rich pockets

  26. Ve Democratic in every election, like your life depends upon it! IT DOES if you know the Koch brothers goal, DESTROY THEMIDDLE CLASS!

  27. It’s about time that a Democrat makes this announcement! Now they need to act on it and indict them!

    Martin O’Mallis spoke at our Convention several years ago. He is kind, caring, compassionate and just!

  28. I agree that O’Malley needs more TV time. From what I have heard out of him, I think he be pretty good. George Steph– had him on a couple weeks ago. Like to hear more from him.

  29. You got to be kidding. The reason that the democrat lost the election in Maryland is not because democrats didn’t vote. It’s because people who didn’t care to vote before are fed up with O’mally and voted against democrats. Hogan should really thank O’mally for winning the election.

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