Iowa FAMiLY LEADER Event Showcases Presidential Hopefuls’ Religious Bigotry

This might be too obvious to require stating, but four Republican presidential hopefuls for 2016 have just taken themselves out of the running by agreeing to appear last night at a forum hosted by so-called “Iowa Kingmaker” Bob Vander Plaats, of the Family “Slavery ain’t no bad thing” Leader.

Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal spoke at Vander Plaats’ Family Leadership Regional Summit in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Thursday.

Iowa, of course, is a bad, bad place for Republicans. It makes them say stupid things. And this “Iowa Effect” is noticeable even in a party known for saying stupid things, in no small part thanks to groups like Family Leader, which promotes the current right wing fad of the grotesque.

These four men got that chance Thursday night in front of 600 people, according to WQAD 8, having 20 minutes each to address the question of “religious freedom,” which, as we know, is the Republican code word for right wing religious tyranny:

Huckabee: “The values that so many of us hold dear are values that are under assault today.” And, “The greatest threat to liberty today is judicial supremacy…Go read the Constitution.”

Perry: “I think it’s very important that we go back to understand our fundamental understanding about religious freedom goes to the very soul of this country.” And, “We believe in a God of 2nd chances. The American people are looking for a 2nd chance.”

Jindal: “It is wrong for the government to force these business to participate in marriages that violate our beliefs and violate our conscience.” And, “Just electing right candidate, passing right laws not enough; we need spiritual revival.”

Santorum: “We need to fight for the family as the key to economic, social revival in this country.”

I suppose we must get used to the idea of “judicial supremacy.” Ted Cruz, after all, wants to strip the Supreme Court of power because the courts aren’t doing what Republicans want them to do.

I am not aware of the God of the Old Testament being big on second chances. Usually, folks just got stoned for giving the wrong answer, or doing the wrong thing. Later, they got burned.

In fact, there is pretty much nothing religious bigots haven’t done to folks they disapproved of, from corrective rape to slavery.

And it’s not like anyone is asking Jindal to marry another man, but to hear him tell of it, that’s exactly what’s happening, because the only people who participate in a marriage are the spouses. Which might tell us more about Jindal than about marriage equality.

Santorum has always thought everything hinged on the family, even when it obviously doesn’t. But you have to give him credit for sticking to it with the mulishness only a religious bigot could summon.

We have seen examples of Family Leader’s religious thuggery before, and nobody represents the crass ignorance of the Republican base better than Vander Plaats. They have a regularly scheduled series of anti-American events that round out the Iowa calendar, as with great solemnity they first apply lipstick to the pig and then vote for which pig they think looks least like a pig.

The problem is, when a pig oinks, it betrays its piggishness.

They should just avoid Iowa.

We have also seen Vander Plaats’ ridiculous assertion that as long as Republicans are “soft” on marriage equality, they will never occupy the Oval Office. Even though the last Republican to actually win, George W. Bush, was kind of soft on the whole gay rights thing.

WQAD 8 reported that “in response to the summit Congressman Dave Loebsack released the following statement”:

It’s no surprise that the Republican Party would much rather discuss its fringe ideological agenda than anything else. Republicans who are running for president are continuing to push the failed GOP economic policies of the past – tax cuts for the wealthiest at the expense of everyone else, opposition to increasing the minimum wage, and voucherizing Medicare – and not only are these positions unpopular, but they’re just plain wrong for Iowans and for the rest of the country too. The choice couldn’t be more clear. While Republicans prioritize the wealthiest few, Democrats will continue to fight for an agenda that strengthens our middle class, creates jobs, and expands opportunity for all Americans.

Loesback is right. This is a fringe ideological agenda. The problem is that fringe is now front and center in the Republican Party.

And once more we are to be treated to the spectacle of truly breathtakingly, catastrophically stupid comments and ideas by Republican presidential hopefuls.

Yes. It is open season on brain cells.

And it is only just beginning, so hold on to your seats and to your stomachs.

None of this is a surprise. For Republicans to even cite “values” devalues “values,” because hate has never been a value. It is a character flaw. Something to be improved upon, not trumpeted. This crowd ought to be feeling shame, not pride.

That they have all held office in this country is to our collective shame, but this is an error it is not too late to correct. And we will get that chance in the upcoming months.

Photo: From Family Leader

27 Replies to “Iowa FAMiLY LEADER Event Showcases Presidential Hopefuls’ Religious Bigotry”

  1. Sounds, to me, like you have enough hate in yourself and bigotry for religion and the people who practice it to go around quite nicely. Never mind about the so-called problems that you have. Everyone has an opinion and your’s sucks calling people pigs, etc. Nice.

  2. I believe that Huckabee, Perry, Jindal, Santorum, Cruz, Paul don’t believe in the Constitution, but think the Bible is more important and American laws should be based on their Christian beliefs.

  3. Sorry…bah, no, not really…but religious tyranny is intolerable. It’s freedom for all, not just for a few self-righteous bigots who didn’t bother to read either the Bible OR the Constitution.

  4. Sounds to me like you’ve heard the hate trainM whose your money on! RaKKKand Paul or or ” look at my White meportrait “Jindal? Honeybee might be credible!

  5. These are the people who state that their bible is “God’s Word” and that every bit of it is fact — well, the Old Testament, anyway. Not so sure they’ve even read the New Testament, because they sure don’t act like they have. I suspect they may have glanced at the U.S. Constitution, and declared that theocracy was a much better fit for America than democracy — after all, we shouldn’t have poor folk and heathens having any say in running the place.
    But these men (and their advisors) are just plain stupid. Surely they know that their reichwing rhetoric appeals only to a small slice of the populace? Or have their hate and bigotry so consumed their minds that they’ve simply become automatons?

  6. Oh… the idiocy of Vander Plaats and the fellow right wing goons never ceases to amaze me.

    For example: At the same event, Huckabee said that the Duggars, whose claim to fame is having 19 kids and being reality television stars, are far more liked in Arkansas then the Clintons, who could have two presidents in the family.

    I’m sorry, but since when did we start thinking that an overgrown family from a man who can’t keep his pecker in his pants and a wife who can’t keep her legs closed be the moral high ground here? I’m pretty damn sure there’s dirt on them somewhere.

  7. Keep quacking, GOP duckies. I’ve got the orange sauce right here. With wild rice. I like wild rice with roast duck.

  8. Huckabee, Perry, Jindal and Santorum are ignorant of what our Constitution says! These four are, in my opinion, antiAmericans! I include Cruz and others of similar “minds” in the mix!

    They don’t have a clue of this, other documents by our Founders and Framers who deliberately founded a secular republic which, by the way, gives THEM TOO, the freedom to worship and believe as they do.

    It seems to me that they have not read, studied or even care about the Constitution. They want a country run as THEY see it: greed, power, money! The hell with the rest of us.

    Check out:,Ben Cohen’s website to overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon!

  9. These rethugs belong to the Shit family. Huckabee-Holy Shit, Perry- Dumb Shit, Jindal-Bull Shit, Santorum-Loda Shit, Cruz-Pisa Shit, and Paul-Fulla Shit. They all need to be flushed with the Iowa Family Leader.

  10. oink oink little piggy, here little piggy, here little ignorant tea bag piggy
    oink oink little piggy
    oink oink little piggy
    oink oink little piggy
    oink oink little piggy
    oink oink little piggy
    oink oink little piggy
    Shove a cross up your twat

  11. Such attitudes I encountered when I was in Saudi Arabia.

    It frightens me when I’m hearing the same verbal diarrhea coming from those who should know better- here in the U.S.

  12. as I saw on facebook the other day:
    If selling a gay couple a wedding cake means a “Christian” baker participated in their marriage, does selling a gun to a murder mean a “Christian” gun store owner participated in the murder?

  13. The sad thing is these GOPPERs are quick to point that places like Saudi Arabia and a large part of the ME holds onto prejudices that are not here in the USA, but cannot see that they themselves are advocating for having these same prejudices practiced here in the USA.

  14. Sharon – that is an excellent analogy. Or, if they sell a wedding gift for a couple who both committed adultery, got divorce from their previous spouses and now are getting married – did they participate in the adultery?

  15. I will take pigs over these sanctimonious hypocrites any day. At least pigs are true to form. These lying liars are not Christians or Christ like in their bigotry, racism and hate. They are despots who want to inflict their self limited opinions/beliefs on the world, not just the US.

  16. Debbie! What is good for the goose is good for the gander. I guess that was too far removed from your mind. Walking contradictions don’t question themselves; others have to point it out to them.

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