Wisconsin Becomes Second Koch-Republican State To Ban Climate Change Discussion

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When a person adamantly asserts that a statement, empirical data, or an allegation is untrue or non-existent, they are purported to be in denial. Republicans are obviously in denial that mankind pouring millions of tons of carbon dioxide hourly into the atmosphere is the culprit behind anthropogenic climate change. However, over the course of the past couple of years just denying the obvious and pretending the never-before seen in history droughts, extreme weather events, flooding, and wildfires are not the result of climate change is not enough. Now, the second Koch-backed Republican state is taking the Orwellian step of prohibiting any mention of climate change regardless the damage to the state’s ecosystem and economy.

This week, in what looks to be a burgeoning trend among Koch-GOP states, Wisconsin Republicans banned state employees from ever discussing climate change and strictly forbid any state employee from doing any research related to the effects of climate change or attempting to find solutions to the increasing problems that climate change is bringing to Wisconsin. It is the next logical approach for the Koch-backed Republicans who have discovered that just denying climate change is real is not convincing pragmatic individuals that the real effects they are seeing and experiencing are not happening because the Koch brothers say they are not real.

On Tuesday, the Republican dominated state land board voted to forbid any staff “from engaging in global warming discussions or climate change work.” The gag order is all because Republicans on the board claim its executive director, Tia Nelson, had wasted valuable state time by working on climate change issues for concerned Wisconsin residents as head of the land board; Republicans claimed climate change  does not exist even though the effects are having an adverse effect on Wisconsin and its residents. The Republican leading the denial of speech crusade, State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk, said muzzling Wisconsin employees was crucial because the state government employees’ sole mission is “to make money for our beneficiaries; not waste time” protecting the ecosystem or the environment for Wisconsin residents from the effects of climate change that is the mission of the “state land board.”

Wisconsin  Secretary of State, Democrat Tim LaFollette, who cast the only dissenting vote against the muzzling state employees put the Koch-backed gag-order and state treasurer Adamczyk’s crusade in blunt terms. He said that Adamczyk, like all Republicans loyal to the Koch brothers, “simply hates environmental people and is leading a witch hunt that reached the point of gagging employees from talking about issues.” Likely the gag order is a portent of what the Koch Republicans have in store for other issues important to advancing the Koch vision and muzzling government employees is going to seem like a mild imposition.

What is particularly inappropriate in controlling, and banning, the type of speech, discussions, and language of Wisconsin government employees in this context is that the target of the gag order is the state board with jurisdiction over protecting and preserving public land; public land owned by the people and will be impacted by the effects of climate change for decades well into the future. This is particularly troubling for Wisconsin residents in light of a very recent report published by the University of Wisconsin.

The University’s research and report outlined the certain effects of global climate change on the state will include increasingly harsh droughts, serious heat waves, more intense and severe storms, and degradation of the state’s plant and animal life; all acceptable consequences and devastation to the Kochs. In fact, even without the University report, a recent poll of Wisconsin residents revealed that over 70% of the population understand that climate change is real and believe the government should increase environmental regulations to prevent more damage regardless what the Koch brothers say or demand. Increasingly, as more Americans are seeing, and experiencing for themselves, the real effects of climate change! they are finally acknowledging that it is not only real and a serious danger, but that it is crucial for the government to take steps to prevent more damage with stronger environmental regulations. Of course the Koch brothers, and their Republican acolytes, have a different perspective and could not care less about the damage they are advancing or the people who are most affected.

Instead of heeding the will of the people, Wisconsin Republicans beholden to the Koch brothers are prohibiting any mention of climate change and banning research and work on how best to prevent the damaging effects; exactly the opposite of what the majority of Wisconsin residents demand their state government do. The Koch brothers want environmental regulations abolished, not strengthened, and if the people think their voices make a difference, they are deluded; particularly in a state the Koch brothers own and operate like Wisconsin.

Like Republicans across the nation and at the federal level, Wisconsin Republicans main priority is doing the will of the anti-environment Koch brothers; not what the people believe is important and want government to address. Remember what the Wisconsin state treasurer said, the state’s Republicans “sole mission is to make money for our beneficiaries; not wasting time”  protecting the environment or doing the will of the people.

Now that the Koch Republicans banned government employees from uttering the words “climate change” because they wanted to prevent damage to the environment, one wonders how long before Republicans issue state-wide bans on private citizens mentioning, discussing, or advocating for action to combat climate change. It cannot be far away because the Koch fascists are so closely following the actions of Nazis in Germany, the next procedural step will be Republican legislation muzzling private citizens from mentioning climate change; two words the Koch brothers have declared verboten.

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  1. Matt Adamczyk, said muzzling Wisconsin employees was crucial because the state government employees’ sole mission is “to make money for our beneficiaries;



    plural noun: beneficiaries

    a person who derives advantage from something, especially a trust, will, or life insurance policy

    I wonder who are the beneficiaries?
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  2. The differences between Florida under Rick Scott, Wisconsin under Scott Walker, and China during the Cultural Revolution are only a matter of degree and harshness of punishment.

  3. …”There once was a time in history when the limitation of governmental power meant increasing liberty for the people.

    In the present day, the limitation of government power, or governmental action, means the ENSLAVEMENT of the people by the corporations.”

    Teddy Roosevelt, 1913

  4. How is it wasting time to deal with a very real and pressing issue like climate change?

    It’s a real issue, people. It needs to be dealt with and if they just want to sit in the corner and act like the idiots who thought that the world is flat, then fine. The rest of us, who live in the real world BTW, will take care of this issue and make sure that the next generation will have a planet to live on.

  5. I don’t quite see the analogy – the horrors of the Cultural Revolution relied upon:

    1)neighbors turning in neighbors and co-workers for fear of being punished themselves
    2)bands of young Red Guards going about destroying cultural heritage (temples, museums, shrines) and beating up and killing older intellectuals and “revisionists”.
    3) people being sent to their deaths in primitive work camps on the frontiers

    Somehow I don’t think we’re going to see smug young Republicans from Waukesha burning churches, or university professors sent off to labor in a superfund site.

    No, our Republicans are plotting a different kind of terror: theocracy. They’re not the Red Guard, they’re the Taliban.

  6. It was obvious during the recall that the Kochs owned Walker, yet they kept him in office. They then reelected him. There comes a time when compassion for a group of people like these turns to anger at them. He fooled you once. Shame on him. A second and thrird time? Shame on you Wisconsin voters/non-voters.

  7. This is a blatant violation of the 1st amendment regarding free speech. It has become Pay to Speak by the Reich Wing.

  8. Here’s the analogy: it was forbidden in China to even mention certain names or concepts. The punishment in China was death or disappearance to a labor camp. Here it’s just being fired from a cushy government job. I did state that it was a matter of degree.

  9. Why didn’t we think of this before,,simply make global warming ILLEGAL that way it can never happen,,,these guys did not invent stuipid,,however they did find a way to improve it,,,,,,,,,,,,The existence of climate change is no longer an issue up for discussion, and hasn’t been for decades. The most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said there was a 95 percent chance that humans are responsible for global warming. The only debate left is what to do about climate change, not whether it exists. We have been knowiout global warming for over a hundred years what is new IS DENIAL

    Nature is the best indicator that our world is warming up. Mangroves which were once limited to the southern part of Florida are now spreading northward. Alligators are now found in the Mississippi in Kentucky. Warm water fish are replacing cold water fish in Long Island Sound. Birds are migrating northward two weeks earlier. Alpine plants and animals are moving up the mountain s…

  10. The scientist knew that humans were the cause of climate change since the 19th centaury
    In 1896 the Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius published a new idea. As humanity burned fossil fuels such as coal, which added carbon dioxide gas to the Earth’s atmosphere, we would raise the planet’s average temperature. This “greenhouse effect” was only one of many speculations about climate change, however, and not the most plausible. Scientists found technical reasons to argue that our emissions could not change the climate. Indeed most thought it was obvious that puny humanity could never affect the vast climate cycles, which were governed by a benign “balance of nature.” In any case major change seemed impossible except over tens of thousands of years.

  11. The Irony- that 9 times out of 10, you get Conservative whinging about ‘free speech’ everytime you shut down a ‘conversation’ with them- arguing using the facts.

  12. If I lived in Wisconsin, I would make it a point to talk about climate change in every store I entered. I would stand outside the gov’s office and pass out leaflets on climate change and scientific studies about it.

    What are they going to do? Arrest me for freedom of speech? If that’s the case, the 3rd Reich is closer than we know. It will start with this, then we won’t be able to talk about news unless it has an extremist right view.

    Kochs are the biggest bullies, and they do this shit JUST because they can and get away with it.

  13. Does this mean they wont teach climate science in schools? Oh snap they don’t teach any science so nevermind

  14. They will do away with schools, and everyone will have to be home schooled..we know how well that works out. Walker doesn’t like teachers, probably because they know more than he does.

    Kochs like’m stupid, and that is what Wisconsin will become.

    I’d move out if I lived in that hellhole. It is getting to the point where I don’t even want to read the news anymore, it keeps getter more stupid by the day with the BS from the right.

  15. How much do you think that the republican party would actually “charge” all of us to give back what they have already stolen, sold or simply given away to their 1% elite corporate masters??? DO YOU THINK THAT WE COULD MAKE THEM A DEAL THAT THEY SIMPLY CANT REFUSE??? [WINK] I bet we really could. If we put our minds to it…

  16. Phooey, they like stealing from us, they thrive on it. They are sociopaths; therefore, they have no conscience. These people should not be holding office, period.

    They will not be happy until they have destroyed the entire country, so they can blame it on Pres. Obama.

    Any deal with them, would be a deal with the devil.

  17. I really don’t believe in the “devil” that’s in the bible. I just believe that there are truly “evil” people in this world. And they must be “dealt” with “accordingly”. We cannot give these mere “mortal” buffoons any “magical” satanic powers. They are mere crooks. If we the people of the U.S.A. cant get it together and handle a few “outlaw” congressmen what the hell good are we??? CUT THE DECK!!!

  18. Hmmm; so much emotion re: the term, ‘climate change’. How about we simply look at the ‘current’ climate conditions instead of feeling the need to fear the implications of this current phenomena…
    Reality is that however one views our current climate, it IS a rather significant change. So, how about we all just look at the current pattern.
    CONDITIONS have changed, and we truly see this across our country. So…… why get defensive with the term??
    Conditions ARE changing; no need to be defensive about this. No need to opine re: the extension of the current conditions…..
    Perhaps next year, or the next, will demonstrate yet another change. Or, perhaps, the current ‘pattern’ will continue.
    MY personal hope is that we, as a people, are able and willing to consider, and contemplate, the implications of recent climate trends and resulting changes. We cannot deny the existing and projected changes forthcoming.
    We are rapidly exhausting our resources; pay attention!

  19. 168 were handcuffed and arrested for doing what you suggested. Gov. Walker enacted an emergency rule to hat did not allow peaceful protest unless his office issued a permit. Carrying a sign in the capital was also illegal.

  20. If the Kochs could build a pipeline to drought stricken California to pump water and increase their fortunes they would allow state employees to talk about climate change in California as long as it remained profitable.

  21. I know he did that. What I’d like to know is did anyone pursue their civil liberties through appropriate channels? If yes, what was the outcome; if no, why not?

  22. Phooey, I meant “deal with the devil” figuratively. I don’t believe in “the devil” either…EVIL on the other hand yes.

    I see your point, we are not to let these bastards win. That is why we all need to get out and VOTE.

  23. SO, don’t mention climate change and it goes away?

    Could we all just not mention the Koch brothers, and will they go away?
    And will they please take all their little teabaggers with them?

  24. The people of Wisconsin and ALL people need to wake up to the increased thrust from the Right.
    Walker is a loud mouthed fool, who humiliated himself while being interviewed on our TV here in the UK. Can you see this fool negotiating with Vladimir Putin? Putin would eat him alive as Walker is as thick as pudding, he must be to allow the Kochs such control over him. Why are there people in Wisconsin so unaware??

  25. Grrrrrr! Why don’t you guys stop blaming Wisconsin? Do you have any idea how much people worked to get rid of Walker? No, you don’t. Please stop blaming the victims.

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