Koch Brothers Astroturf Director Fails Again With “Millions Of Montanans” Tweet


On Thursday, Americans for Prosperity’s (AFP) Montana State Director, Zach Lahn, responded to the state House passing a Medicaid expansion bill, by tweeting:

We are deeply disappointed in the legislature’s decision tonight to expand Medicaid. This decision stands directly against the voices of millions of Montanans who have made it clear that they do not want more Obamacare.

Of course, in his haste to tweet his outrage about Montana lawmakers supporting healthcare for the working poor, Mr. Lahn got carried away since the entire Montana population is just over one million people. So there cannot be millions of Montanans who oppose Obamacare, simply because there are not millions of Montanans. Furthermore, of the tens of thousands of Montanans (not millions) that actually exist, a significant percentage support Obamacare.

Perhaps we can excuse Mr. Lahn’s ignorance as Montana’s State Director of AFP because the state’s grassroots leader hasn’t actually lived in the state long enough to have roots. He came over from Colorado, where he had his “Joe the Plumber” moment, grilling Barack Obama about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2009, when Lahn was a student at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Although AFP bills itself as a grassroots political advocacy group, it is really an astroturf group, funded by the billionaire Koch brothers to try to pass legislation favorable to their economic interests. They have three field offices set up in Montana, but so far their efforts seem to be stumbling in the Big Sky country, under the direction of Lahn.

The MillionsOfMontanans hashtag has been trending on Twitter, mocking the AFP Director’s ignorance about the state’s population. Even Montana Governor Steve Bullock and Senator Jon Tester have sent out humorous tweets referencing the gaffe.

But the group has run into more than just snarky Twitter opposition. In February, a raucous crowd disrupted an AFP-sponsored “Healthcare Town Hall” in Kalispell, Montana, giving Lahn an earful for his efforts to target a Republican lawmaker, who wasn’t dutifully swallowing the party line on voting down Medicaid expansion.

What the Koch Brothers don’t seem to realize is that although many red state residents may not be fans of President Obama, they also are deeply suspicious of phony grassroots organizations funded by out of state billionaires. Out of state poseurs pretending to be grassroots advocates are easy to spot, especially when they fail basic facts. If the Koch Industries-funded Americans for Prosperity organization wants to make any headway in Montana, they should probably find a new leader from the millions of Montanans who could replace their current spokesmen. Or rather, from the tens of thousands of Montanans who could.


10 Replies to “Koch Brothers Astroturf Director Fails Again With “Millions Of Montanans” Tweet”

  1. Dear GOP Koch-Fueled Money Types,

    The Internet is your friend, as is Google & Wikipedia. Please don’t try to sell us your tired talking points when you’re too lazy to find out how many people reside in a state your trying to target. Didn’t you learn your lesson after your darling Mitt Romney presumed to know how much the average middle class family earned per year in the US; he was only off by about $200K!

    You insult a state when you fail to know anything about it because you’re too lazy to look up it’s demographics as you just assume a Red State will blindly follow your agenda.

    Yours Truly,
    The People of the USA

    P.S. We’re on to you.

    The level of arrogance & stupidity among the GOP types is beyond comprehension.

  2. Having lived in Montana, I wasn’t aware that there was even a million by now.

    That’s the problem with fanaticism- the facts are just a little too inconvenient when spouting a diatribe.

    Thanks Koch-heads for demonstrating just how stupid you are.

  3. Instead of calling these Koch political operatives an astroturf group they should be called what they are, carpetbaggers. Montana apparently figured this out and decided healthcare was more important than being anti-Obama.

  4. Millions ?! Too bad all their money couldn’t buy basic math. Montana’s population is 1.O24 million. Of which voting adults wouldn’t comprise even close to a million.

  5. Maybe this is the litteral sense of the addage: “politics means poli which is many and tics which implies blood sucking leaches.”

    Too bad for the Koch brothers, insects can’t vote. That is the only way that millions of Montanans would actually be true….. ha ha ha ha ha! [WINK]

  6. It’s going to be a real challenge to get the facts out to the good people of ALL the states. Koch funded TRepublicans will lie, disinfranchise, cheat through redistricting, put out snip its of information to manipulate the voters! Most Americans ARE left leaning. Dems better drive voting, be great at getting the facts out. Feet better be on the ground.

  7. Way to go Montana. Now if the rest of AMERICA could see what these greedy leaches are all about, we could get back to making our nation the GREATEST IN THE WORLD. Not the laughing stock. When will we all realize that corps. and mega billionaires like the COCK BROTHERS care nothing about us except slave labor mindless fools that fall for anything they tell us to. I PRAY that more Americans will do the Research for yourselves, NOT BLINDLY LISTENING TO FAUX NEWS, and make intelligent decisions on your own.

  8. Want to thank DJ for the info. on”taking our country back” Always wanted to know from what we were supposed to be taking it back from.
    Knew the Kochs were behind it, knew they were raised by a jBS father with his ideas and values. Just did not connect it until reading the article you suggested. all made pure sense. These people are not gong away until, they win by what ever means they choose to use. WE, the American public need to be aware and on guard. Thank you Again….read it!

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