Even a Million Dollar Offer From Bill Maher Can’t Convince Elizabeth Warren To Run

elizabeth warren real time with bill maher

Bill Maher offered Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) a million dollar donation if she ran for president and became the Democratic nominee, but Warren flatly rejected him.

Maher said, “However, there is one candidate that if they got the nomination. I said if they got the nomination. I’m not made out of money, and I may have to take a job as an Uber driver, but if you choose to run and are the candidate, I will find a way to give you a million dollars. So does that change your thinking at all?”

Sen. Warren (D-MA) answered, “I’m not running for president, but I do want to say this when we talk about money. I get it about money, and I get it with what’s happening with Citizens United, but there’s another half to this, and that is on the other side, we may not have the money, but we have our voices, and if we get out there, and get organized, and use our voices, I truly believe in grassroots. I believe in what we can do by linking up together. I believe in the power of what we can do to build a country together. One that works not just for the one percent, or even the top ten percent, but a country that works for all of us.”

If anyone out there still needed convincing that Sen. Warren is not running for president, her answer to Bill Maher was definitive. Of course, by turning down Maher’s money, she has only whetted the appetite of her supporters, but Warren is not running. She has consistently said that she isn’t running, and no amount of media parsing has changed her basic answer of no.

It was a nice try by Bill Maher, but Sen. Warren (D-MA) is well aware that she would have to compromise the principles that her supporters love about her if she ran for president. She would have to take big donations in order raise the absurd amount of cash needed to be competitive. A presidential campaign would also reveal that Warren isn’t much different from Hillary Clinton on the vast majority of issues.

Sen. Warren has been a tireless advocate and supporter of her fellow Democrats on the campaign trail. She is more powerful in the Senate that she would be if she were shackled by the burdens of a presidential campaign. Warren is supporting former Sec. of State Clinton. She will work hard to hold Clinton accountable to the left, but at the end of the day, she will hit the campaign trail for the likely Democratic nominee.

Bill Maher deserves credit for his unique approach to a question that Warren has to be tired of being asked, but Democrats, including Sen. Warren, look like they are ready for Hillary.

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  1. This is the reason I no longer watch Maher. He wasted Sen. Warrens time in some quest about her running when she has said she is not running when he could have asked her about the welfare for the 1%.

    Example: At a time when Missouri Republicans are trying to ban food stamp recipients from spending Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits on steak or seafood, let’s talk about tax deductions for business meals:

    Imagine that the tab for dinner and drinks for 10 executives comes to $1,600. Current tax law allows companies to deduct half of the cost of business meals — in this case, $800. With a corporate tax rate of 35 percent, each dollar of deductions yields 35 cents of tax savings — so that $800 deduction saves $280 in taxes. This means one dinner for 10 people provides more public food assistance than the $279 an average household receives in food stamps for the whole month.

    This is the conversation he should have had but being in the 1% I guess he didn’t want to bring it up

  2. Now, Bill, make the same offer to Bernie Sanders! He needs to be convinced that he will have support if he runs! And I do hope he runs!

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more.
    I haven’t watched Maher for years.
    The last time I watched was during Bush’s Administration. Maher was going on about how wonderful the “democratic” elections were turning out in Iraq, and how voter turnout was so high, it put American voter turnout to shame. He then displayed an Iraqi voter with a purple thumb. What he didn’t mention was that each Iraqi citizen HAD to vote, or they didn’t get next month’s allotment of food for the family.

  4. Unlike ex-Libertarian Bill Maher, Senator Elizabeth Warren understands the political realities of having to deal with a – at best – centrist Congress. She would be made a lame-duck, one-term president by them, and she’d lose all credibility.

    What most people in this country don’t understand is, the power is in Congress, not the presidency. Newly elected President Obama discovered this when he tried to do the right thing and close Gitmo only to have Congress, specifically the Senate, vote 90-6 to stop him, showing they had the votes to override his veto. Result? Gitmo is still open.

    Change Congress first, then we can talk about a more liberal president. Period.

  5. Perhaps we should try to find out what the reasons and motivations are, for those who choose to not vote.

    Such might go a long ways towards curing it.

    I will watch Bill Maher in Religulous. But most anything else….

  6. I think Liz is best in the Senate where she can try to get stuff done – we have all seen how hard it is for a Dem President to work with the Republican fools who spend all their time working against him – they are disgusting, and she at least is a heavy-duty principled actor, she and Bernie are our only hope for real progress and I think they are both worth more in the Government than as President. I know Hilary is middle-of-the-road (not left enough for me) but she is the best bet to manage to compromise and get things done – we will see if they do the same declaration against her if she does win the White House. Of course if the Repubs win we are totally doomed to have ALL rights removed that still exist, all the while making a big stink about abortion and religion to keep the masses busy while they rip the rug out from under their feet !!!!

  7. More than ever! While I applaud Liz’s stand on the issues, we will need a leader who will take on the Supreme Court, Nafta and it’s nasty cousins, congress and Wall Street!
    Bernie can do just that Run Bernie Run!

  8. We need Elizabeth and Bernie on the outside of the inside..to keep the GOP on their toes and to keep us informed on what the GOP is doing to make our country fail. So Liz and Bernie thank you , “you are where you are suppose to be.” how many times have we heard this quote.

  9. When Hillary is elected ,maybe she can appoint Elizabeth Warren as her Secretary of Treasury, lord knows she is qualified.
    Speaking of qualified, so isn’t Loretta Lynch, get on the GOP butts and chew McConnel out for failing the country, by not bring up the vote. Do you job Mitch.

  10. Those on the left who might be the natural proponents of a more progressive tax system have not connected the dots. They have a different theory as to the cause of the depression. They are adherents to the regulatory fallacy, the belief that the depression was caused by insufficient regulation.

    To determine if someone is an adherent of the regulatory fallacy ask this question: Do you believe that given the degree that the tax burden was shifted from the rich to the middle class, was there any type of regulatory policy which would have prevented the financial crisis? If they answer yes, they are adherents to the regulatory fallacy

    It is the compounding year after year of the effect of the shift away from taxes on capital income such as dividends over time as the rich get proverbially richer which is the prime generator of inequality…”

  11. Hoping Liz gets drafted to be Hillary’s running mate. How
    many repug stepford wives are going to vote against the
    first all female ticket in American history?

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