Obama Makes History By Becoming The First President Since 1958 To Formally Meet With Cuba


President Obama’s meeting with Raul Castro made history because it was the first time that a U.S. president formally met with the leader of Cuba since 1958.

According to pool reports, the president said in part:

“This is obviously an historic meeting. The history between the United States and Cuba is complicated, he said. After 50 years of policy that had not worked it was time for us to try something new. ‎We are now in a position to move on a path toward the future.”

President Obama stressed that there will be disagreements between the two countries, but that it was time to turn the page and develop a new relationship between the two countries.

The Obama/Castro meeting was historic because it marked the first time since 1958 that a U.S. president formally met with the leader of Cuba.

Sen. Marco Rubio related to the advancement in international diplomacy by calling it ridiculous. Rubio said, “It’s ridiculous. I don’t see how they can rationalize taking them off the list, other than the president’s desire to achieve a legacy issue that he’s the one that opened up Cuba and changed fifty years of policy.”

The Cold War is over, and communism is dead. The only thing ridiculous about President Obama moving the U.S./Cuba relationship into the 21st Century is the Republican opposition.

President Obama was well on the way towards building a legacy of note long before the thawing of relations with Cuba and the Iran nuclear deal. Obama’s presidency has been historic on many levels, but changing the relationship with Cuba is the sort of bold presidential step that is remembered for generations.

30 Replies to “Obama Makes History By Becoming The First President Since 1958 To Formally Meet With Cuba”

  1. Peace on Earth!!! Not the “EVIL” and totally “INSANE” republican-party’s “Hell” on Earth!!!

  2. Rubio is a dumbass. Fifty years of failure and he still want to continue it even though a majority of younger Cuban Americans are in favor of normalization.

    That being said today is a first step and a great first step.

    BTW Reagan put Cuba on the Terrorism list in 1982 because they supported Mandela against the Apartheid regime of South Africa.

  3. We have been blessed to have a President who is trying to bring peace among nations. The President is a selfless man who is working toward world peace, if that is all possible.

  4. What a titty baby. Grow up, your the one thats ridiculous. You’ll make a fine addition to the elite company of bratty children running for the gop pres. nomination. Your legacy will only be that of a dip-shit. Paul has already nailed down fulla shit, and Cruz is a pisa shit.

  5. I remember when Nixon went to China in 1972. It was also an historic event for the same reason as PBO meeting Raul Castro—it signaled a “thaw” in relations between the U.S. and a foreign nation. When Nixon went to China, there were some who were warning that it was a “bad” move. As usual, their warning had no merit, and U.S./Sino relations have advanced to the point where China was one of the P5+1 members, something which would never have occurred if Nixon had listened to those who opposed him reaching out to China. Rubio can keep his opinion to himself as far as I’m concerned. He showed his cowardice when he worked on immigration reform and caved to far righters in the GOP/TP. He couldn’t stand up to a paper bag, not to mention a foreign leader, if he so easily caves to a small, vocal group of nuts. This tells me he’s a weather vane and has no enduring principles, except that of advancing his political career.

  6. Add another to president Obama’s ever GROWING list of accomplishments!

    The previous administration’s accomplishments…2 wars, over 5000 killed, added over 6 trillion to the debt, thw world HATED us, estimated $450 billion in veteran spending far into the future

  7. President Obama is an instrument of Peace throughout the world. This man is just awesome. He will go into the history books as one of the best Presidents of our country.

  8. Talking to people rather than bombing them seems like a better policy to me. President Obama is working hard to make the United States seem rational and willing to work with other countries. Rubio is working hard to make the United States look crazy….

  9. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God. Not my words, those of Jesus….

  10. I don’t know why the republicans are complaining about Cuba. This will be an opportunity for the Koch brothers to expand their power. The Cabaret Tropicana needs paper towels, too.

  11. Once the Koch Bros. and other corporatists can go back to Cuba, invest and make tons of money, they’ll claim they were the reason this president decided to re-establish relations with it. They’re great at taking credit for someone else’s accomplishments.

  12. The GOP knows it has a really poor line-up as primary candidates. They also know that Hillary is going to be hard to beat. First a black man, now a woman. You could not design a better scenario to give the bigoted, misogynistic GOP apoplexy. Add in the growing Hispanic population and the cranky old white men are gonna keep up the hate campaign just because. They have nothing else, not even a good argument why businesses should not withhold pay raises, cut social security, medicare, triple defense spending and on and on. Meanwhile, the great moderate middle class continues to ignore the mid-term elections.

  13. Succinct comments, Thank you!
    When some ignorant conservative goes off about President Obama and Cuba, all I say to them is three little words……
    Nixon in China
    Flippin’ ignorant hypocrites.

  14. Good link, DJ. Thank you.

    Although, if the author called him Mr. Obama one more time I was going to figure out a way to reach through my iPad and slap the bejesus out of them. Grrrrr! He is, and has been, our PRESIDENT. Get over it!

  15. Good observation. However, I am wondering if Nixon’s 1972 visit to China was an exit strategy from Vietnam. Considering North Vietnam winning that conflict with possible help from China.

  16. Obama attacks! You aught to read the NH UNION LEADER ,I don’t know why any Democrat would buy their paper, unless its the only one available.UL hasn’t given President Obama one compliment from the day he became President. You should see their cartoons.Racist, absolutely

  17. I guess John McCain forgot about his Selphie with ISSIS…Google
    “John McCain selphie with ISSIS.”

  18. Marco Rubio sounds as if he is Jealous of What Obama did, and just wish it was some cantankerous Republican who did it, therefore saying : Republicans finally ended the Cold War.
    You see what I’m getting at? So No little snotty head, wet behind the ears Cubano Rubio don’t like this deal either. F*k him. Cubans in Miami (young ones) don’t like his sorry Arse either. He has no support in Miami from them. Just the older, spiteful, Cuban Batistas in Miami are the ones in the Republican party supporting the elitist snob Rubio.

  19. The Republicans hate this foreign policy accomplishment from the Obama Administration right up to the point where it’s benefits for all are glaring at which point the Republicans will take ALL the credit and even claim that it was their idea in the first place.

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