Obama Turns The Tables On The GOP With Foreign Policy Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton


On the eve of Hillary Clinton’s anticipated announcement that she is running for President, President Obama used his bully pulpit to give her a huge boost.

Saying she was an excellent Secretary of State, President Obama said the former Secretary and Senator Hillary Clinton would make an “excellent president”.

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“She was an outstanding secretary of state. She is my friend. I think she would be an excellent president. And I’m not on the ballot, so I’m not going to step on her lines.”

President Obama refused to play pundit when asked if the Democratic field was wide open. He made sure to shoot a huge hole in the Republican hopes of making 2016 about foreign policy by reminding everyone that Ms. Clinton can run circles around the expected Republican hopefuls.

“The one thing I will say is she is going to be able to handle herself very well in any conversations that are based around foreign policy,” the President said. “And her track record with respect to domestic policies is one that cares about working families.”

“If she decides to run, if she makes an announcement, she’s going to have some strong messages to deliver.”

It’s not an accident that on the eve of her anticipated announcement, the President pointed out what a powerhouse Secretary Clinton is on foreign policy and how she has a long track record of advocating for working families. President Obama won’t endorse anyone from the White House, but it is clear that the former rivals have become powerful allies.

Republicans have foolishly pinned hopes on using foreign policy to hit Sec. Clinton, but of course not one of their candidates has the foreign policy experience that Clinton does. It is no accident that this is was the highlight of Obama’s comments on what Sec. Clinton is bringing to the table.

Secretary Clinton has worked long and hard to be here, on the eve of her announcement, with an impressive resume and vast experience.

Game on.

17 Replies to “Obama Turns The Tables On The GOP With Foreign Policy Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton”

  1. “Republicans have foolishly pinned hopes on using foreign policy to hit Sec. Clinton, but of course not one of their candidates has the foreign policy experience that Clinton does.”

    Forget about experience, none of them have any clue about foreign policy other than what the neocons feed them. Hillary clobbers the eventual winner of the GOP primary clown car contest. She don’t even really need Obama’s help.

  2. You are wrong. Obama’s help may make the difference. He did, after all, save America from the clown car that was the Bush cabal.

  3. I am sure that Bill Clinton will want some fresh Cuban cigars for the First Dude’s Man Cave in the basement of the White House. And Barack is a “friend of Raoul”.

  4. Oh please run on foriegn policy. Undecideds will decide will decide quickly. Our partners in the P5+1 think the 47 repubs need psychiatric help. Most of the repubs need more than just a geography lesson. The only thing these guys excel at is sabotage.

  5. If only her foreign policy experience was positive (or even his). The Democrats will be held responsible for Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, Syria, ISIS, China, and whatever else pops up until election day.

  6. HRC most decidedly needs to run ON this incumbent president’s record. To disdain his successes in foreign policy is to pretend she acted alone. She needs to embrace his domestic policies as well. For her to disengage from President Obama would be suicide politically. His supporters cannot be hers if she does not embrace all – ALL – he has done and then show how she will build on his record, not disdain it.

  7. The GOP is betting they can keep the droolers foaming at the mouth with Benghazi and email nonsense. Time will tell. Murka has lots of very stupid people.

  8. Feel like I’ve seen this remark a few times before. What the Hell. Let’s see if, once you pass this turd, you quit bellyaching.

  9. You are so right! We do not need another Al Gore! If we hold the rights feet to the fire, their own record will kill them off! Which is worse” a friend of Raoul” or ” A friend of DeKlerk”.
    They will be a little less eager to yell Bhengazi if they think we will truly investigate Bhagdad and Borneo!

  10. And have folks talking about Iraq, Bin Laden, Afghanistan and Jeb’s brother! We won’t dig it we will let them step in it!

  11. Our Number Priority is to make Obama a one-term President.

    How well did that work for you Republican Retards?

    Methinks I hear more than a note of “Pucker Factor” creeping into every Right Wingers denunciation of Hilary.

  12. Hillary can run on her own foreign policy. She is smarter than every republican candidate, including the one announcing tomorrow, on that clown car to “No” Land. You cannot judge HER foreign policy on what the RWNJ’s are saying. Not one of them knows how to conduct foreign policy, and they have made America look ridiculous in the whole world’s eyes. Thanks for truly nothing, R’s!

  13. Hey Joe, it’s usually a pretty good idea to know what you’re writing about, before you post. It’s also a good idea to read a wide assortment of news reports from an equally wide number of sources — rather than just one (and yes, we can rightly guess which one).

  14. Republicans on foreign policy are a one trick pony called BENGHAZI! And now that trick doesn’t work any more.

  15. They keep using the term “coronation” in the news shows when referring to Hillary’s nomination not being
    challenged. If she’ll embrace Obama’s successes next
    election instead of acting foolish like some Dems last go
    around, that coronation could be the presidency. The ass
    clowns who shelled out millions to continue dubya’s
    policies and, failing that, shelled out more millions to
    fight Obama and elect Romney haven’t gone anywhere
    rest assured. Not only that seven Benghazi investigations
    attest to GOTP’s fear of eight more years of a Dem party
    president residing 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Go Hill, go!!!

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