Rand Paul Tells 95% White Republican Crowd That Democrats Have Failed Minorities

Rand Paul

Rand Paul told minorities that the Democratic Party has failed them while speaking to a crowd that was 95% white in Nevada.

The dean of Nevada political coverage Jon Ralston tweeted:

Ralston also tweeted a picture of the crowd as Paul made his entrance:

The problem is obvious. Rand Paul is telling a crowd that is almost all white that the Democratic Party has failed minorities. Now is a good time to point out that Rand is selling himself as the candidate that can attract minorities and young voters. What was missing from the crowd in his speech today? Minorities and young voters.

The mainstream media are doing their best to sell Rand Paul as a legitimate candidate, just like they tried to sell Ted Cruz as a legitimate candidate after he jumped into the 2016 presidential race. This is part of the flavor of the week coverage that all of the Republican presidential candidates have been getting since the 2012 election cycle.

Rand Paul is telling white Republicans what they want to hear about Democrats and minorities. If this is Paul’s version of attracting minority voters, it isn’t going to end well.

The Republican solution for minorities is the same as it is for the rest of the country that isn’t rich. You’re on your own. Paul disguises his corporatist agenda with talk of liberty and freedom. A white candidate was talking to white voters about how the opposition party has failed minority voters is the perfect encapsulation of everything that is wrong with the Republican Party.

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  1. And Democrats have failed particularly those minorities currently in the White House!

    I have to admit that Rand Paul is multitalented- he’s his own best Yes Man.

  2. This from the guy who believes that the Civil Rights Acts were a “government overreach”, because the laws make it illegal for private businesses to discriminate against ethnic minorities.

  3. Rand Paul is the male version of “Goldilocks” in that he needs everything to be “just right” for him to operate. Anything else throws him for a loop.

  4. This article was poorly written. It did not say where in Nevada he was speaking, or when, or to whom. Was it Las Vegas or Reno? Was it a fund raising dinner? Was the audience random Republicans or the Chamber of Commerce or some other group?

  5. And the dumb fuks in that crowd have no idea what’s in Randy’s budget plan he will take away their Social Security, Medicare, the social safety net and wants a flat tax which will raise taxes on the lower and middle class. http://www.itepnet.org/pdf/guide1.pdf

    Its too bad that Americans are so brain dead that they don’t read the fine print

  6. Again Paul desperately tries to convince his base he is relevant. Hey Paul if every member of your base voted you still would not win. Those of us that think know you have shown by the following that you are not Presidential qualified. You know caught in repeated Lies, Plagiarizing and running from interviewers when being asked questions. Running from hard situations does not work for those wanting to be President of the United States. You have done more to damage your image then provide anything relevant.

  7. This doesn’t even make sense.

    Why would Rand Paul think his audience of Republican Libertarians even cares about the treatment of minorities? He obviously doesn’t understand that the audience he’s speaking to believes minorities shouldn’t even be in this country so why would they care about how they’re treated.

  8. Rand Paul’s Poverty Plunders Given his rhetoric about helping ordinary Americans get ahead and making changes in his party, one might expect Paul’s policies on issues like poverty to have more of a positive impact. But instead of helping create an economy that works for everyone, the impact of his policies would have the opposite effect. In fact, they would benefit the same “fat cats, rich people and Wall Street” that he claims to be trying to move his party away from. http://thinkprogress.org/progress-report/rand-runs/
    4-2015: Don’t get fooled by Obama’s Numbers, 90% of us are still worse off than before Obama. Obama’s Numbers (April 2015 Update) Jobs, earnings, health insurance, oil production, exports and more. Our latest installment of the Obama scorecard. Posted on April 6, 2015 http://www.factcheck.org/2015/04/obamas-numbers-april-2015-update/

  9. Dr. Rand Paul has taken this same message to the millennials in colleges (i.e. Iowa, Berkeley, Chicago, Howard, Liberty etc..). These schools cross the political spectrum–liberal, minority, conservative, and religious. But he is not only talking about doing it, he is also introducing bipartisan legislative reform in the criminal justice system. It appears his message has remained consistent. I see a consistent message as an honest and admirable trait for a presidential candidate. Is this article implying that he should say one thing to one group of people and another thing to another group? That sounds like pandering. It sounds like this article is encouraging corrupt and dishonest politics. I say no thank you! I say vote for Rand Paul in 2016.

  10. Hilary can fix this: We said we want Hilary to go after the 1% – The Rich, The Corporations, Wall Street, and the NRA
    “Ready for Boldness” Warren Keeps Imprint on 2016; Applauds Progressive Pledge: Warren’s comments come a day after the Progressive Change Campaign Committee announced that 5,000 Democratic leaders had signed on to its “Ready for Boldness” campaign. The effort urges Clinton, who is on the brink of announcing her campaign, and other potential Democratic presidential candidates to run on “big, bold, economic-populist ideas.” http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2015/04/08/warren_keeps_imprint_on_2016_applauds_progressive_pledge_126191.html

  11. Paul tried his version of reaching out to African americans in Louisville last year. Leaders from the black comunity showed up and listened, but didn’t seem to buy too much of what he had to say. He threw a few crumbs out there that might be palatable to some but, past statements prove him untrustworthy. He didn’t put anything too radical out there, so as not to offend white rethugs in the rest of the state. I would assume this was just an experiment. The entire state of Kentucky is somwhere between 6 and 8% black. Not a huge leap for Randy.

  12. Rand Paul ‘s speech took place at Sun City Summerlin, in Las Vegas. As far as I know it wasn’t as fund raiser, it was part of his announcement that he was running for the Republican presidential candidacy.

  13. Why have a fundraiser when you can go on his webpage and donate in bitcoins, the currency of choice of libertarians and criminals.

  14. Not only Turdblossom but the money men that donates to the republican party. Randy’s economic policies like his father scares them shitless

  15. Why does it make any difference where it was, or what it was for? It was the content of the speech and to whom he as giving the speech that was of importance.

    And I’m pretty sure that the old, lilly white, people will be more than willing to give him a penny or two.

  16. A couple of years ago Randy went to Howard to lecture the students on black history and why the Democratic party was wrong for them. Needless to say it didn’t go very well.

    Today before a white crowd he told them the Democratic party is bad for minorities.

    Which bring us back to when he wouldn’t answer the reporters question do he give the same speech to whites like he did to blacks.

    So now he can say, see I tell everyone the same message which may or may not be true until we get the transcript.

    Cynical yes but it was the first smart thing he has done since he announced

  17. Everybody needs to get out there and vote. There is no one in the Republican party that is even smart enough. There’s Ted Cruz talking about vote for someone who walks the walk. There are no Republicans who walk the walk; talk, sure, but talk is cheap and mostly lies.

    It is obvious the Republicans will be laser-focused on getting rid of those pesky ‘entitlements’ we’ve all paid into and will die early trying to attain their new retirement age, while the rich who have stolen all our money and fail to pay their fair share, will live to 100 because SS is capped at $150,000 a year.

    Notice Republicans don’t even make a pretense of even trying to create jobs. Our cities are crumbling, but yeah give tax cuts, and more taxpayer money to sports stadiums and businesses who don’t need it while cutting education, health care, pensions, SS benefits and public services like transportation.

    VOTE – VOTE- VOTE – Only way (right now) for us to get these worthless mf’rs out now!

  18. Ray, you give him far too much credit. He hates about 90% of us. Only the 10% are able to be completely independent from govt., except when it comes to services for them! He is one big bucket of greedy slime! All of these libertarians are all talk and no substance. They want to keep all of their money, except they do want public services. Not sure they get that those things like roads and bridges and air traffic controllers have to be paid!

  19. Yes, I am familiar with his budget proposals and foreign policy.

    Budget Proposal: The key is we have a National Debt Interest (6% of spending) currently. This is not a logistical problem yet, but if we do not enact reform in social security, tax, and healthcare and continue to not balance the budget then the debt interest will consume the budget. This is common sense. We have to admit there is a problem, and provide solutions. Rand Paul is the only politician making tough decisions to address this issue.

    Foreign Policy: National building is a failed policy. We need to encourage stability and promote American interest. As President Eisenhower warned, the military-industrial complex is dangerous.

    Alex Jones is radical, but keep in mind, Paul is the candidate, not Mr. Jones. Judge Paul on his record, not on his fringe supporters.

    Weed? It’s not a real big issue, but I don’t think Paul is going to be a road block for those wanting it legal. He opposes the WOD.

    What are your thoughts…

  20. Here is Politifact thoughts on this matter.


    It is kinda hard to believe a person when they have been selected Liar of the Year for his comments on Ebola. Anyone, especially a doctor, that attempts to terrify citizens by practically claiming that Ebola was as easy to catch as a cold deserves NO consideration from me.

    You go ahead and vote for him, IF he gets the nomination. I’ll vote for the other guy (women included).

  21. Un, pattiepea, I hate to tell you this but SS is capped at only $117,000. Which means that even fewer people contribute. On everything else I totally agree with you.

  22. Oooops that amount was for 2014. The correct amount for 2015 is $118,500. Everything else remains the same.

  23. Foreign Policy: National building is a failed policy. We need to encourage stability and promote American interest. As President Eisenhower warned, the military-industrial complex is dangerous.
    That is not a foreign policy or even a mid east policy but since you want to throw clichés out there since you quoted President Eisenhower why is Randy proposing increasing the defense budget by 18%? Tell the truth you have no idea what you are talking about do you?

  24. I respectfully disagree on Paul’s honesty. Politico Fact Check is very useful, but I have disagreed with their conclusions multiple times for many different politicians.

    I just ask that you look objectively (outside of partisanship) at the candidates before you vote in the election. I will make the promise to do the same.


  25. Another nutcase with the same old BS. So the Democrats have failed minorities. I have two questions one, then why do the GOP fight everything that Democrats request to better minorities, immigration, voting rights, etc. And two, if minorities would have been waiting for the GOP for help, we’d still be on plantations. Btw, does he need glasses or what does he consider a minority group.

  26. @ djchefron.

    I admit that 3 sentences inadequately defines a foreign policy! You are 100% correct, unfortunately it’s tough to lay out a foreign policy in 1000 character replies ;). I would be happy to debate the specifics, just let me know what areas you are concerned about.

    With respect to the defense budget increase. I have been following Paul closely, he did not propose the bill. He just attempted to attach an amendment to pay for the defense budget increase with spending cuts in other areas. He actually voted against the bill, please see for yourself below:


  27. Spending cuts in other areas? What other areas? Here’s an effing idea, you want more spending and you want to go to war since you signed that letter of treason, raise taxes on people making over 1 million and for those making 20 million or more raise their rate to 75% Then we will see who wants more defense spending
    Why should the poor and middle class pay for your dumfukery?

  28. @ djchefron

    Going off of Dr. Paul’s platform, then I would deduce that the bulk of the spending cuts would come by reducing the size of the Department of Commerce (i.e. eliminating corporate welfare) and the Department of State (i.e. reducing foreign aid to hostile nations). No one was proposing making poor people pay for this.

    But, you are making a side show of this. Neither Dr. Paul, nor I, am proposing that we SHOULD increase military spending. The point is that IF you spend more, you must pay for it. Paul voted against the bill, remember?

    If you’d like to be open minded and discuss this, we can, but don’t mischaracterize Paul’s position. He is one of the few politicians sympathetic to the divide in our country between the 99% and the 1%. He, IMO, has a better philosophy to help bring about equality in America than what we’ve had for the best 50 years.

  29. He, IMO, has a better philosophy to help bring about equality in America than what we’ve had for the best 50 years.
    So privatizing Social Security will bring about equality? Corporate welfare has nothing to do with Commerce dept. When we use that term we are talking about the tax breaks that they get. He is talking about getting rid of the social safety net. He wants to get rid of Obamacare and wait for it… replace it with lasik surgery. His words not mine… But before Obamacare, “freedom” produced 50 million uninsured, another 25 million underinsured and employers rapidly shifting costs to workers. Leaving his fictions above aside, how would Dr. Paul propose replacing the Affordable Care Act which enabled over 30 million people to obtain health insurance and reduced the uninsured rate to its lowest level in twenty years (especially in Kentucky), all while helping slow the growth in health care costs? Like some other conservatives, Senator Paul in 2013 pointed to the miraculous wonder-working power of the market for Lasik surgeries:

    “Insurance doesn’t cover Lasik surgery, the surgery to get rid of glasses,” Paul remarks. “So it started at about $2,000 an eye, maybe even $2,500 an eye, and it’s down in some communities to under $500 an eye because competition works and people call on average four doctors to get the price and see how much it’s going to cost.” http://healthblog.ncpa.org/why-cant-the-market-for-medical-care-work-like-cosmetic-surgery/

    Of all the asinine things you have said getting rid of the Dept of State takes the cake. As far as foreign aid is concern it cost the budget Penny on the Dollar: US Foreign Aid is about One Percent of Spending
    That’s about 37 billion https://www.nationalpriorities.org/blog/2014/08/12/penny-dollar-us-foreign-aid-about-one-percent-spending/

    That’s a lot of money but we have spent $397 Billion Spent on The F-35 Fighter Jet, Is It Worth It?!http://www.funker530.com/397-billion-spent-on-the-f-35-fighter-jet-is-it-worth-it/ And it cant even fly!!!

    Before you want to debate me you better use the google

  30. To clarify the Defense Spending side show stuff:

    I never said to eliminate the Dept. of State; that’s ridiculous. I said to reduce the foreign aid which is allocated to the Dept. of State.

    Okay, so I went and dug up the specific details for the amendment. Like, I said before I was previously going off of Paul’s current platform, i.e. eliminating corporate welfare and foreign aid to hostile nations. The Dept. of Commerce does in fact bundle several forms of corporate welfare. You’re right, these cuts alone would not be enough to offset the proposed GOP increase.


    There would also be additional cuts to account for the spending increase. Again, keep in mind Paul is not promoting this. This is a Republican party thing, and was trying to say you can’t get something from nothing (or we shouldn’t borrow money from China for the DoD).

  31. All I hear are cuts and even according to you the cuts you propose wont be enough so you say cut some more. Now I have seen outlines of Pauls budget so I know where those cuts would be coming from
    The 5 Worst Things About Rand Paul’s Budget Proposal

    But what I haven’t heard from you or your BFF is raising taxes on the rich. They don’t create jobs and as a matter of fact you and I are subsidizing their lazy asses
    The 1 percent are parasites: Debunking the lies about free enterprise, trickle-down, capitalism and celebrity entrepreneurs

    The rich don’t generate jobs. Rising tides do not lift all boats. And they probably built that with government help http://www.salon.com/2015/04/11/the_1_percent_are_parasites_debunking_the_lies_about_free_enterprise_trickle_down_capitalism_and_celebrity_entrepreneurs/ And this is the class that Paul would die for. Its Ayn Rand beliefs.

  32. With respect to privatizing Social Security. Rand Paul has never supported or alluded to this. I would like to see your source for this claim.

    With respect to ACA. 52% Oppose it and 42% are in Favor. The people don’t want it because it forces you to buy the insurance, has high deductibles, and was a messy piece of coercive legislation. So, tell me why do so many people oppose ACA if it is doing such a good job.


    The cause for ACA is noble. Let’s help people get access to health care and not wait until it’s an emergency situation. But, since the deductibles are $6000+ a year, those without money still do not have the means to get daily check-ins, and they now have to pay a monthly premium. It ends up costing everyone more money. Especially the poor who do not have enough as it is.

  33. Who’s zoomin’ who? This idiot is a vanity candidate. Much like Ted “Elmer Gantry” Cruz. They are the first to “declare” they are running for President to get media time. Once they make the rounds it becomes obvious they are unelectable they retreat into their denial bunkers to lick their wounded egos.

  34. That’s a great question and believe it or not I don’t know everything but I do know you need government to create jobs to build infrastructure, maintain the roads etc…

  35. If he thinks that a political party filled with persons who think their fellow citizens are “untouchables” is the least bit interested in doing anything for minorities and poor whites, he’s nuts. They have treated PBO like dirt, so we know what they think of us. He can make his mouth say anything. It’s his actions I’m focused on, and they don’t indicate that he’s for anyone except corporations and the very wealthy. He’s stupid if he thinks most of us in minority groups will vote for him simply because he sponsors prison reform. He thinks if he throws us a bone, we’ll vote for him, but he has no idea that we hate every one of his policy positions, from healthcare, civil rights, abortion, education, gay marriage, and foreign policy to taxes. Everything he does is meant to make the rich richer and to protect their assets. He’s no uniter, he’s a divider. Look at what he says. We’re not as stupid as he and his supporters think we are. They’re underestimating us to their detriment…

  36. Rand Paul has sincerely tried to work with Cory Booker to lower black incarceration rates–something many Democrats have not be exactly bending over to help with.

    Both Parties have failed minorities from an economic perspective the last 34 years. According to Ed Wolff of NYU the only group that has advanced their financial position are the upper 1%. This has happend under both GOP and Democratic Congresses and Presidencies. Paul has economic theories that I believe if applied would make things worse for minorities-but he sincerely believes that is not the case. He and his father are delusional not hateful. If Rand were to wake up a little bit, he might be a formidable opponent.

  37. Peter Solving wrote on Sat, Apr 11th, 2015 at 9:22 pm … “With respect to privatizing Social Security. Rand Paul has never supported or alluded to this.”

    The Christian Coalition voter guide on Aug 11, 2010 listed Rand Paul as ‘S1+’ (supports) in reference to “Allowing individuals to invest a portion of their Social Security tax in private retirement accounts”.

    While this was 4+ years ago, the Mr Solving wrote “never” and it just ain’t so.

    Link: http://www.ontheissues.org/Notebook/Note_10-CC-q6.htm

  38. LMFAO, it really cracks me with ALL these supposedly ”LIBERTARIAN” rand paul lovers running up in here, first of rand paul isn’t, I REPEAT, ISN’T a libertarian! and if you call yourself a libertarian, you’re even more clueless than paul!! common sense dictates, before you call yourself something, know what the damn definition is FIRST!! you libertarian wanna be’s are hilarious! but then again, you probably think ”ATLAS SHRUGGED” was a REAL life story!! it’s FICTION! just like ayn rand being a important person, BTW wasn’t ayn rand on SOCIAL SECURITY once apon a TIME??!!

  39. Except for Rand to wake up means that he needs to be pragmatic and tolerant of other peoples and thinking, rather than expecting that everyone needs to believe like he does.

    Also, his libertarianism is selective – it only applies to white males that have money.

    So, no Rand will never be a formidable candidate.

  40. Amazing that most studies done by minority colleges and business groups refute studies done by this group you tout so much! You might want to diss this bunch!

  41. He talked about a virtual plantation! How was that help! And we’re was Corey Booker when Cornel West and then Senator Obama were confronting Bush on this very issue?

  42. Remember, this the group who wanted Blacks to feel ” equal with less”that was Ronnie Reagan’s song! I guess we will have to remind him that that ain’t the help we asked for!

  43. You TRY to claim: “He and his father are delusional not hateful.”


    “[Martin Luther King, Jr.], the FBI files reveal, was not only a world-class adulterer, he also seduced underage girls and boys…And we are supposed to honor this ‘Christian minister’ and lying socialist satyr with a holiday that puts him on par with George Washington?”

    That is pretty delusional and hateful.

    You do know they are NOT mutually exclusive, right?

  44. Rhonda, 90% have given Fact Check the boot since 2012, 90% of us are better off since Obama! Stick to Jackson State and Politifact! Even Bill Moyers have caught them RES HANDED!

  45. RANDY Paul proved in the last week he just does not have the temperament to do the job. He denies video of himself taking positions. He attacks reporters who challenge him, Especially reporters, (females), who have never given a tough interview to anyone, ever. Yes, RANDY has made for TV soundbites, reached out to minorities. And to what end? NOTHING, ZIP. ZILCH, NADA. Where’s the legislation, where’s the proposals. It’s all smoke and mirrors. He’s worse than RON Paul with his bigoted newsletters, because anyone who’s been paying attention knows RANDY is all show.

  46. RANDY has been consistent? Only if you believe what RANDY tells an audience and ignore those lying videos. Consistent my ass.

  47. Hes consistent alright, consistently flip flopping on issues as to who hes trying to get money from. He consistently shows his indifference towards women, the poor, the disabled. Hes consistently shows his allegiance to donors, conspiracy theorists, gunnuts, anti-Americans.

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