Democrats Surge: Hillary Clinton’s Facebook Page Gets 500,000 Likes In Just 15 Minutes

Hillary Clinton Waving

The difference between Democrats and Republicans is demonstrated by the fact that Hillary Clinton was able to pile up 500,000 Facebook likes in the 15 minutes after her new page was launched compared to the 166,000+ that Jeb Bush has gotten since 2012.

National Journal reported on the Clinton Facebook support growth:

When you’re running for president in a social media world, people respond all at once, too: Clinton’s Facebook page received just over 470,000 likes within 10 minutes of launching. At the time of this writing, the page has 499,254 likes. A Facebook spokesperson said the page launched concurrently with Clinton’s announcement, which means it began with zero likes.

Topping the page is a link to Clinton’s official campaign website and her announcement video, Clinton’s announcement video, which has already garnered more than 13,000 likes.

In contrast to Clinton, Jeb Bush only has 166,000+ Facebook likes. Clinton will likely rapidly pass both Ted Cruz (1.2 million+ likes) and Rand Paul (1.8 million+) in Facebook likes. Unlike Mitt Romney in 2012, Clinton doesn’t have to buy fake social media likes and follows. The outpouring of support for Hillary Clinton is real, and it is impressive.

The support for Clinton’s new Facebook page continues to grow. Her campaign has now passed 515,000 likes and counting. If there was any doubt whether Democrats would be excited about former Sec. Clinton’s 2016 campaign that is being quickly put to rest.

Democrats are more than ready to support Hillary Clinton. The Facebook outpouring of support could be just the beginning of a show of Democratic strength that will remind the media, Republicans, and everyone else of exactly why Democrats have won five of the last six popular votes in presidential elections.

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  1. I am a life long Democrat that was proud to vote twice for Barack Obama. I would be happy to vote for him again if he could run. I will not vote Republican but I have to confess Hillary Clinton scares me a little. I hope I am wrong….we will see.

  2. If she is the Democratic candidate, I will vote for her, but I am not ready to call her candidacy a foregone conclusion.

  3. I’m hoping that Bernie Sanders runs. While I think that he would make a fine president, I doubt that he could win. However, if he runs, he will pull Hillary to the left. She seems to have made a good start, and hope that she continues to champion the middle class. If Bernie challenges her, she will continue focusing on the middle class.

  4. Hillary is by far, the most qualified ever to run for the office. Her experience and her personal knowlegde/friendships with other leaders of the world are a great asset to our country. No other candidate has anywhere near her qualifications. Why do you think the rw fear her so much.

  5. OK Bambi, explain the “substance” of the GOP crowd. What legislative, domestic or foreign policy of theirs had helped the middle class? What GOP policy has helped the middle class in the last 40 years?

    Another question, and please answer it. This is from a recent piece on how republicans have screwed us economically, yet people (like you I presume) still vote for them.

    I mean, my God, states that are the poorest, have the worst education and health outcomes, (and incidently, the highest divorce rate, highest use of food stamps–mostly White folks– and highest rate of porn consumption), are Republican-led states. Oh, most of those states also get MORE in federal aid than they pay into the system are Red states. So whose are he welfare queens?

    But I digress. The article follows.

  6. One day someone is going to have to explain to me why certain people continue to vote the party line while the Republicans continue to raises taxes on already struggling lower wage earners, while they also propose in their nonsensical ridiculous budget, that is doomed to fail should it ever get passed, one that cuts taxes for the top 1.5 percent.

    If gutting taxes for the super wealthy, screwing around with entitlement programs, forgetting about our ailing infrastructure, all but demanding a war, while doing nothing to help our economy is the aim of Republicans – then congratulations. The Republican proposed budget does all that and much more, all damaging to 99 percent of American Citizens.

    Obama has cut our annual deficits by more than 50 percent since he took office, fact checkers have found. Obama’s 2016 budget would continue this, cutting about half a trillion next year, and $1.8 trillion over the next decade.

    Paul Krugman, a columnist with The New York Times and a Nob…

  7. Paul Krugman, a columnist with The New York Times and a Nobel Prize Winning economist said:

    The simplest way to understand these budgets is surely to suppose that they are intended to do what they would, in fact, actually do: make the rich richer and ordinary families poorer. We’re looking at an enormous, destructive con job, and you should be very, very angry.

  8. Here are the unlucky thirteen reasons why Republican members of both houses of congress have declared a war on the middle class and the have-nots while the average Americans’ living standards slip further down the ladder rungs.

    Bleed domestic programs to death.
    Who needs new or better jobs?
    Who needs a good education?
    Who needs health care anyway?
    Next on the chopping block: Social Security.
    Privatize Medicare, health care for seniors.
    Kick 7 Million Poor People Off Medicaid.
    Our century’s version of “Let Them Eat Cake.”
    But give the Pentagon more blank checks.
    And use the excuse of endless war to do it.
    Corporate taxes are still too high, right?
    And the rich can’t afford to pay, either.
    But working class and poor must pay more.

    The Republican’s budget proposals would undeniably make life much harder for millions of average Americans. So I’ll ask again; why do people keep voting for them?

  9. All the likes in the world does not make her a good president candidate. Don’t know why the left like people with secrets, lies and deception.

  10. “Democrats typically value style over substance, yet Hillary has neither. ”
    It wasn’t a Democratic president that strutted around in a flight suit in front of that “Mission Accomplished” sign.

    Democrats also valued Barack Hussein Obama (I see the name of the President sticks in your craw) and he is all substance unlike the light weight America last republicans.

    Hillary has substance and style.

  11. Let me be the first to pronounce it: Hilary Derangement Syndrome; we’ll be seeing plenty of it for the next 9 years.

  12. And the Cheney’s and the Romney’s,Christie’s, Trumps. They tend to forget Hillary had not been found guilty of any wrongdoing. They hate facts.

  13. Oh Politico, how delusional you are. The ONLY REASON Republicans don’t “like” his page is because most Republicans DO NOT WANT HIM AS PRESIDENT. You, along with the RNC, need to get that fact through your thick skulls.

  14. Why? Because most NORMAL people don’t want the government telling them how to live their lives. Do you need someone lording over you? I don’t. I’m a grown up.

  15. I think you are on the wrong page its PolitcusUSA not Politico you need to get that fact through your thick skull

  16. Cindy: It is the Republicans who want to control women’s bodies; live in other peoples’ bedrooms; control end of life decisions; insist that religion be taught in public schools, etc. So whom is lording over whom?

  17. You’re making too much sense for her brain to process. Now if you say god gays and guns then the hamster wheel will start turning

  18. Wow, on this site it is proven beyond a shadow of doubt that liberalism is a disease with no apparent cure. Unfreakin people really need help to think that Hiidabeast is a worthy pick and that the Dems are the answers to your prayers. Gotta keep those govment checks coming in right.

  19. You need to go to a “govment” school and at least learn how to use the spellcheck. And BTW BAGGER ITS YOU WHITE PEOPLE IN RED STATES WHO ARE THE BIGGEST WELFARE MOOCHERS. Just another racist

  20. Cindy…why do the GOP, and Republicans always want to legislate (Government now) peoples personal freedoms? I would say that’s mighty selective on your part and others of the same mind!

  21. I do not support her because she is in Monsanto’s pocket. A vote for Hilary is avote for toxic food.

    Please, someone else run!

  22. LMAO, the new Nazi Party has finally arisen. This candidate is doomed from the start. She couldn’t even read her announcement letter where she tells America she’s fought children her entire life! What an epic fail this putz is. The only thing worse are the brain dead chimpanzees that follow her to hell.

    “Unlike Mitt Romney in 2012, Clinton doesn’t have to buy fake social media likes and follows.”

    LMAO, you people are delusional if you think this witch won’t stoop to anything.

  23. Do you actually know what happens when a country finally can’t pay its bills? This isn’t the 1950s. The world isn’t the way you want it to be, never has. No longer will the world require our currency as the world’s reserve currency. No more will the world need our protection and defense. The very totalitarian countries that finance our wars will eventually be our enemies and the first person they are going to kill are those that are like them so you’re dead meat buddy.

  24. Guess what, they don’t trust her either. She’s an unmitigated failure and any thinking person can clearly see that’s she’s nothing more than an egotistical control freak. You people will find out in 2016 what throwing your eggs in this idiot’s basket is going to cost you dearly. Already she’s sinking fast in Washington, Iowa, Colorado. Florida? Forget about it. She’s got almost no chance of taking Wisconsin and will have the fight of her life to hold Virginia. The south is a total loss, she won’t even take her adopted home state of Arkansas. Don’t be surprised if New Hampshire laughs her off the planet and don’t even think there’s a chance in West Virginia, Utah, the Dakotas, Montana. By now New Jersey is probably sick of her. Running a single candidate and trying to prop her up when everyone knows she is nothing but a greedy 1%er isn’t going to fly with the middle class. Good luck, you’re going to need it.

  25. LMFAO @al sharptongue, I’m going to ASSUME you’re that batSHIT caucasian female back in 2008 that was screaming and crying “I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK” listen unless you’re a sociopath multimillionaire, you cheerleading for the GOP is against YOUR best interest! Hey I get it, you’re gonna vote republican no matter what but let me remind you, don’t get raped, because the GOP doesn’t care! don’t get pregnant, because they’ll FORCE you to carrying to full term! don’t expect equal pay! your republican overlords believe that you getting .77 cents of every dollar a male gets just keeps you poor enough to have to find a MAN to survive!! See, those diseased DEMOCRATS (AS YOU CALL THEM) are fighting for YOU!

  26. @cindy, @cindy, @CINDY, heres some advice for YOU, next time you decide to jump on the opposition website and FOOLISHLY attempt to insult people, at least pull your head out of you A$S long enough and know which site you’re actually on, the name of this site is POLITICUS not POLITICO, btw what I wrote for @al sharpton, that goes double for YOU and your cousin @bambi.

  27. You think being a “greedy 1%er” is a disquslifier to winning an election? Then what are both houses of Congress stuffed with, and where did W come from?

  28. Not so sure, the poor right wing thug is still smarting because she didn’t get her forty acres and six slaves O’le Jefferson Davis promised her! If this is a he, he probably hates that if he sets up a White’s Only resturant,’ he might end up losing business to some ” colored ” somebody that serves everybody!

  29. Cindy and Bambi are posting from under those antebellum hoop skirts , petticoats and corsets : they can barely breathe much less think! I think they should take a cue from our next president: get a pantsuit!

  30. ironbob (delusionally): “No longer will the world require our currency as the world’s reserve currency.”


    Wall Street Journal:
    “Dollar Surges to 11-Year High Against Biggest Rivals”

    “This Is Historic: The Dollar Will Soon Be Worth More Than the Euro”

    Business Insider:
    “Here’s Why the Dollar Is So Strong”

    NOTE TO ironbob:
    [2] STOP Watching Faux “News”

  31. I LOVE IT when conservatives say that Liberals whine when they don’t get what they want. How would you know? Liberals usually DO get what they want! WHY? Cause the majority of people are not crazy so there are more liberals. We get what we want. And if Hilary is who liberals want for President , that’s who will be president. Simple as that. Conservatives…You are a dying breed. You are no longer relevant in today’s world and should probably just shut up and stay out of the way of PROGRESS.How about all of you conservatives go to South America and start a Jim Jones like cult? Bring LOTS of Kool-Aid too… [WINK]

  32. They are called Paychecks! A few of them are government( as in military pay, veterans’ benefits) unlike the checks you and Bubba get at the first of the month…… And yes we like those things you get after a hard day’s work!

  33. Because those selfsame” adults” that don’t want the federal government in their business want the State government in Our Business! Let me help them a bit: there is a difference in a collective government full of adults and a bunch of Mean Girls busybodies!

  34. on 15 April at 842pm West Coast time, Hillary’s Facebook page was already over 710,000! I wonder how many likes it will have by the end of April. [WINK]

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