Obama Obliterates John McCain, Mitch McConnell And The GOP For Undermining America

President Obama summit of the Americas

President Obama called out Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and all of the Senate Republicans who are actively trying to sabotage his foreign policy on the world stage.


The President said:

Last comment I’m going to make on this. When I hear some, like Senator McCain recently, suggest that our Secretary of State, John Kerry, who served in the United States Senate, a Vietnam veteran, who’s provided exemplary service to this nation, is somehow less trustworthy in the interpretation of what’s in a political agreement than the Supreme Leader of Iran — that’s an indication of the degree to which partisanship has crossed all boundaries. And we’re seeing this again and again. We saw it with the letter by the 47 senators who communicated directly to the Supreme Leader of Iran — the person that they say can’t be trusted at all — warning him not to trust the United States government.

We have Mitch McConnell trying to tell the world, oh, don’t have confidence in the U.S. government’s abilities to fulfill any climate change pledge that we might make. And now we have a senator suggesting that our Secretary of State is purposely misinterpreting the deal and giving the Supreme Leader of Iran the benefit of the doubt in the interpretations.

That’s not how we’re supposed to run foreign policy, regardless of who’s President or Secretary of State. We can have arguments, and there are legitimate arguments to be had. I understand why people might be mistrustful of Iran. I understand why people might oppose the deal — although the reason is not because this is a bad deal per se, but they just don’t trust any deal with Iran, and may prefer to take a military approach to it.

But when you start getting to the point where you are actively communicating that the United States government and our Secretary of State is somehow spinning presentations in a negotiation with a foreign power, particularly one that you say is your enemy, that’s a problem. It needs to stop.

The President directly called out the Majority Leader of the Senate and the 47 Republican senators who signed the letter to Iran for actively trying to undermine his foreign policy.

President Obama was correct. This does need to stop, but it won’t because in part the Republican tactics are trying to ruin American foreign policy ahead of the 2016 presidential election. Republicans have shattered the rule that partisan politics stop at the U.S. border.

Republicans think that their path to the White House in 2016 is to sabotage American foreign policy. President Obama is standing up and exposing what the opposition is trying to do. Obama isn’t sitting back and taking it. The message to McConnell, McCain, and others is that this president is going to finish out his time in office swinging.

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  1. Where are the Democrats in calling out this behavior.

    I am beginning to think this why we lose. Americans in their shallowness respects people who attacks even if its all lies that’s why they keep voting for republican fools.

  2. I simply do not understand how a fellow Navy veteran and a former Senate colleague could make such a statement as McCain did. There is something psychologically wrong with MCain. He cannot discuss policy without attacking personally.

  3. Obama—-: Damn! I am MAD I ain’t gonna take it NO MORE! With that said, McCain and McConnell can kiss my butt, and that goes for Ms. Lindsey too! And ALL the M*fers who signed that mutinous letter crafted by that neophite, first term Senator Tom Cotton. Again, with that said….What do they know? Where they in on the deal? NO! They Only echo what Netanyahu, the Republican’s foreign Minister (Secretary of State) in Israel tells them.

  4. Republicans don’t seem to understand that over 60% of Americans would like to see a peaceful agreement be reached with Iran. Like the ACA, most Americans like having health insurance, yet Republicans still want to do away with the ACA.

    Republicans don’t care what Americans like and want, they are just anti Pres. Obama on any issue, and they are unable to offer any alternative, except going to war.

  5. Is there some kind of contract between the Republican head hitters (Senior local voices) and CNN? WHY am I seeing Ms Lindsey on AGAIN this morning BASHING Obama, Kerry, and Hillary allin his same putrid breath? Lindsey was waffling all over…saying he thinks that Hillary would have made a better deal, Kerry and Obama are amateurs who can’t deal with foreign leaders (He said he could…he’s running)and how Rand Paul could have made a good deal too, although he is a “Libertarian” isolationist (more on that later)….But, you see why am burning up with CNN!!!!!!! Aaaargh!. Bringing Lindsey on EVERY f*ing Sunday to make his Republican NASTY points has got to stop! Why not bring on Democrats too, to poke Ms. Lindsey in his girly eyes? Why? !!!! CNN is FOX lite, as far as I am concerned. Watch them (CNN) make it their mission to downgrade HILLARY. They will bring every person who will trash talk Hillary…I’m seeing it. And it is making me Puke at CNN!

  6. What Divides Us

    By Nancy LeTourneau
    By now you might have read what Dick Cheney said to Hugh Hewitt this week about President Obama. When I heard about it I struggled with whether to react or simply dismiss it as just more nonsense coming from the lunatics in the Republican Party. There are times when even acknowledging this kind of ugliness actually seems to give life to it as something worth discussing rather than treat it as the trash that it is. But then Jay Bookman wrote a response that I think gets at the heart of what we need to say about it.
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  7. then add Koch Brother types backing up a vanload of money they pay to each and every Republican who become puppets – and you have not only bought John McCain – but all-use-to-be-reputable Republicans spouting any type of garbage for a price undermining America and American policy.

    McCain is a disgrace – like all the rest of Republicans – is there even one Republican that has any type of principles?

  8. Needed to call out Speaker of the Israeli House John Boehner by name.
    The Repubs will spend the next few days sputtering and bloviating about Pres. Obama’s remarks, but never own up to their interfering and blundering.

  9. John McCain is like Casper the unfriendly ghost. He can’t let go of the fact that a junior senator beat him in the 2008 presidential election. He will haunt Obama till the day he dies. This is a man who would have saddled the U.S. and the world with Sarah Palin as a vice president — and we shouldn’t question his judgement? And why don’t the journalists see what a political opportunist and poor loser McCain really is?

  10. In the article presented by dj, there was one sentence which, for me, stood out;

    “A better politics is one where we appeal to each other’s basic decency instead of our basest fears.”

    IMO, this President has appealed to our basic decency and been rewarded by denigration, attempted humiliation, racists attacks and the undermining not only him, but the office and authority of POTUS by seditious acts of the Republicans.

    The only way the Republicans control their supporters, and try to win others, is by feeding on their basic fears of everything; Ebola, ISIS, Benghazi, Iran will destroy Israel, illegal immigrants carrying all kinds of diseases, the President is a muslim and will turn our country over to the Muslim Brotherhood. It just goes on & on.

    My advice to Republicans is, after awhile doom and gloom pales. Most people cannot continue to live under the cloud of constant fear. So be careful of how you tread, you could lose everything you want.

  11. John “Crash” McSame, still smarting from that election ass-whoopin he got from the higher qualified (head and shoulders above) Obama.

    And I say it’s over time for some ass whoopin on some 47 bastards.

  12. Todays gotp are our own radical extremists and need to be held responsible for their lack of reasonable, sane contributions to our government. They offer no policy that they dont covertly try to remove millions from healthcare especially if you’re female. The repuke jihadis need to be punished for their treason while taking paychecks from the people they are trying to screw over.

  13. Cheney, like his puppet Bush 43 — believe the more that say it the more it is true and their stunned peon followers will believe it too as they don’t have a brain cell between them to share. Bush 43 in his book, was filled with BS aka rewriting history as if he was the best Pres ever. NOT. I said years ago that my wish for Cheney was when he had that ‘plug in heart’ — someone pull the plug. There was never a person who deserved it more than he. I still wish other nations who hold these 2 as war criminals. But notice — I don’t believe Cheney’s had the balls to travel outside the US. Is that from fear? Hmmm. That heart he got — had to be from a Bagger as he’d never accept a ‘blue’ one. Just think if he was outside the US & needed medical care — could he trust the doctor. Ohhh — what a thought!!!!

  14. The insatiable MIC wants a war with Iran. Destroying Iraq and creating ISIS was not enough for them… they will not be satisfied until WW3 breaks out between the Muslim world and the Christian/Secular nations.

  15. Senator McCain:

    You did not learn very much as a POW did you? You are no different than Jane Fonda was. You are a traitor to our country and a friend to the enemies we have accrued thanks to Bush and you republicans invading Iraq. We have all seen the photo of you and the ISIS men – so don’t feign innocence. When you signed the letter with the other 46 traitors doing what you could to obstruct our President in his peace negotiations with Iran you, along with the other republicans who signed it should all be charged. The republican party should take a hint from the Gong show and get the fuck off the stage – if my hook could have reached any of you, you would be gone, but unfortunately we have to wait for 2016. In 2016 you will all be defeated – across the country. You lost any respect I may have had about you – I believe you really were the songbird at the Hanoi Hilton – just like the North Vietnamese called you.

  16. President Obama is doing the very best he can possibly do in spite of the Republicans in Congress. He’s not only a good President but a GREAT PRESIDENT yet Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are practicing treasonous undermining of the office. I feel both McConnell & Boehner and the 47 should somehow be brought up on charges and removed from office. It won’t happen but if there had been a Republican in office and the Democrats had done this there would be endless bitching and protesting and holding up any laws or programs that the Democrats want. Oh ,wait, that’s what the Republicans are doing now.

  17. With very few exceptions Democrats in Congress have never spoken out against republican obstruction. Few have spoken out in support of President Obama in face of constant republican lies and obstruction.

    It is as if they are in coma with their brains controlled by a nut job ray.

  18. Senator McCain was a POW things go wrong when you spend time in the awful condition he was in… Should have never been part of politics. We were warned when he divorced his first wife.

  19. ” I didn’t vote for him, but he’s my President and I hope he does a good job”. -John Wayne, on the Presidency of JFK.
    Oh! Those were the days!

  20. That was an amazing press conference! President Obama is one of our brightest, most well informed, forward looking, and capable presidents we have ever had and I am proud of how he has handled his presidency as well as his detractors and saboteurs . Most of the world can’t figure out what is wrong with certain of our citizens and politicians that would apparently rather see our country stripped completely of it’s principles and the well-being of its people, than be supportive of a fine leader because of his race. Thankfully President Obama continues to move forward in a sane and intelligent fashion. Thank you Mr. President.

  21. Mr. McCain really should be thanking God every day he didn’t win. I believe Palin and her compatriots would have made sure he did not last long, Had he won.
    Good examples are available, the fire, the plane crash and more. This white trash from Alaska is fully capable of anything.

  22. How many of us believe that Cotton penned his poison
    letter to Iran without McCain’s tutoring? Nice try John,
    but get over yourself.

  23. jj: I AGREE. I watched a master at work. Facts at his fingertips, and delivery was amazing. The speech and the aftermath Q & A. lONG, BUT DETAILED. Then the zingers at McCain and McConnell—Doesn’t get any better than that. ABOUT TIME. and on the world stage he made John McCain and Mitch McConnell’s name and stature: DIRT.
    It’s about time. The next one ought to be Chenney.

  24. Time to get rid of the likes of mccain & mcconnell for senators and congress people who actually believe in our country.

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