The Same Party That Lied Us Into The Iraq War Is Calling Hillary Clinton Untrustworthy



The same Republican Party that lied the country into invading Iraq wants the American people to believe that Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus made the dubious Republican argument against Clinton on CBS’s Face The Nation.




SCHIEFFER: Well, thank you so much.

You know, we showed a little clip of the latest Republican ad and you went right after Hillary Clinton even before she announced.

Is there a concern that you might, you know, that it might backfire here and make her, you know, people sympathetic to her with all of this starting so soon?

PRIEBUS: I don’t think so, I mean, she has kind of portrayed this air of inevitability. I think if you look at the facts of the case, which is where I really would like to stay as chairman of the party, you know, if you look at the facts of the scandal that surrounds her, you look at the facts of the recent polling, where a majority of people in battleground states say that she is untrustworthy, when you look at the fact she has 100 percent name recognition —

SCHIEFFER: A majority —

PRIEBUS: — majority of the people polled, in Colorado, Virginia, Iowa, Florida, said she is untrustworthy.

When you took — you take the fact that she has 100 percent name ID, this is an important fact for people to understand. She has pure saturation.

But yet she is losing to a number of our candidates in those battleground states that have a third of her name ID. So if you were me and you were chairman of the national party and you had someone on the ticket that would unite your party, would help you raise a lot of money and help you recruit a ton of volunteers, you would want nothing more than Hillary Clinton to be on the other side.

Republicans arguing that Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy is difficult to stomach when it was the last Republican president and his party who lied the entire country into invading Iraq. The Republican argument that Clinton’s statements about her emails matter more than their party’s statement’s about Iraq is impossible to believe.

The party that brought you weapons of mass destruction is claiming that Hillary Clinton’s email server disqualifies her as a credible presidential candidate. The American people trusted the Republican Party with the economy and they destroyed it. Voters trusted Republicans with national security and the result was 9/11 and the Iraq war. Republicans were so incompetent that they could not even be trusted to handle hurricane and disaster relief.

Republicans have a long a recent record that voters would be right not to trust.
If the 2016 election comes down to a matter of trust, expect Hillary Clinton to win big in November.

23 Replies to “The Same Party That Lied Us Into The Iraq War Is Calling Hillary Clinton Untrustworthy”

  1. i will do everything in my leftist power to get any dem elected. that being said, the thought of another clinton v bush makes me want to barf…

  2. That was the tactic used to attack Obama – he won TWICE, they have a very short memory. I love how much they fear her. Just waiting for the “shes an alien lizard woman”. Haaaaaaaaaa

  3. “I don’t think…”

    And everything you said after that, Reince, proved that you really don’t think at all.

  4. So in what states is she trailing any one of your ‘lesser known’ candidates. And who in this country doesn’t know
    the names and lies of every one of those? Reince, are you listening to Rove and Breitbart again? NO ONE gives a crap about her emails but you and whoever is running the latest witch hunt instead of doing anything for the country. Name one positive thing the GOP has done since Obama was elected. You can’t. There are none. So all you can do is run on hate, lies and fear. Just like the last two times.

  5. You don’t think? When have you ever? But he is correct- Hilary cannot be trusted by Republicans. Republicans cannot buy her.

  6. Hillary Clinton Laid a Clever Trap For Republicans

    Instead of coming back with their own positive vision for America and actually arguing issues, Republicans will come back with attacks. That will be a strategic a blunder of monumental proportions and the announcement ad is engineered with that response in mind from the very first frame. The great thing about Republicans as an opposition is they can be counted on to shoot themselves in the foot and the extremist faction of the party, which can’t keep their mouth shut on a good day, will rise to the bait starting on Monday morning. Instead of talking about the issues, Republicans are going to spend all of next week talking about Hillary Clinton.
    Read more

  7. If you just poll the repukes, of course they are all against her. I live in CO and they have never called me! :-)

  8. Hillary will need to just prove to us that she cares and explain where she wants to take us and she will be fine. And any Democrat is better than any one of the Clowns they will have, and Bill Clinton will also be a great advisor to her, and I’ll bet the republicants will wish they never said that Bill Clinton was a good president just to make Obama look bad, these Assholes are treasonous and they need to be beaten down in 2016 and I’m sure they will be beaten down come 2016

  9. Talk about the Pot Calling the Kettle Black. listen to the weasel talking about someone lying that’s all they do is lie and never will you see a republicant doing anything but looking out for the Greedy Rich

  10. Yes, she will have to prove to us that she cares about her campaign statements. The public has to keep those e-mails and letters coming to the White House and your representatives. With internet, there is no excuse. No envelopes, stamps, trips to the mail box, or handwriting skills needed! Keep the pressure on. When the lobbyists come calling to your representatives, your representatives and the President need to be able to tell them with a straight face that their constituents don’t want that which you, Mr./ Ms lobbyist suggest. President Obama has said as much if we would listen.

  11. I fear that our votes will be suppressed courtesy of the SCOTUS, unless we make it abundantly clear that it would be considered an act of war!
    No Democrat will be elected otherwise!

  12. Mr. Prebus used these States to prove his remark of a Pres. Clinton being untrustworthy? Colorado, Virginia, Iowa, and Florida? I do believe these States are RED, RED, so what’s so surprising about that? Wouldn’t expect anything else From a RED State. Anything else and the rethug party would kick them out.. besides aren’t these States owned by the Koch’s? along with Wis., Mich.?

  13. It isn’t going to MATTER what he thinks of Hillary, nor what the Republican base of voters think also….Why? BECAUSE with whatever warts and shsortcomings they throw out belonging to Hillary, she will overcome them, and shine. Just look at what the other side has to offer: Flip-Flopers, has beens, re-threads, losers, freshmen Senators, fire and brimstone preachers (two), warmongers, No foreign service experience, crazy talkers, women bashers, minorities bashers, Obama bashers, Democrats bashers, ACA bashers, Iran deal bashers, Netanyahu lovers, Putin supporters, Benghazie crazies, Birthers, obstructionists, Govt. Shutdowners, infamous 47 signatories, (The number 47 is a jinx number for them) watch it do what it (Jinxes) do to them. ;) Ask Romney about the number 47. heh, heh, heh. Anyway, Hillary will continue the Democrat’s ownership of the White House for another….8 years? Republicans in the White House is a scary proposition.

  14. So Reince Priapism would have American voters trusting
    the party that gave us “Read my lips, no new taxes” and
    “slam dunk/welcomed as liberators”, not to mention “we
    won’t allow a government shutdown”? Keep on dreamin’.

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