New Progressive Pope Embraces Old Conservative Vatican Bigotry

Pope Francis Failed Christians

So, it seems that everyone in America except trickle-down Republicans are enamored with, and mesmerized by, Pope Francis since he suggested there is something wrong with the rich gathering and hoarding all the world’s wealth; even though the Vatican continues gathering and hoarding inordinate wealth. Many liberals were also quick to embrace the new-and-improved Pontiff because he promoted himself as a progressive Catholic leader who was less-than-critical of human beings who love someone of the same gender. Of course, talk is cheap, and if anything this Pope likes cheap talk that gives the appearance that he is unlike previous popes and some kind of new-age Church leader even though the Church has not changed any position over the past several centuries. What the so-called more “Christ-like” Pope has not done is rescind any of the Church’s archaic moral policies his predecessors kept in place and apparently Francis has no intention of changing them anytime soon; regardless of his Fox-created “friendlier pope” public relations image.

The latest blow to the progressive Pope’s image came after he rejected France’s envoy to the Vatican because he is openly gay; something American media failed to report. French President Francois Hollande nominated his chief of protocol and most senior diplomat, Laurent Stefanini, as envoy to the Vatican in early January. A French presidential aide said Hollande’s choice of the 54-year old Stefanini was the result of a “wish by the president and cabinet” because Stefanini is highly regarded as “one of France’s best diplomats.” The Earthly representative of the loving, tolerant Jesus Christ and Pope regards him as just another gay and refuses to accept his credentials; a move Vatican insiders report was “a decision taken by the Pope himself” because of Stefanini’s homosexuality.

Normally, if a nominated envoy is a heterosexual, a new ambassador’s credentials are accepted with a month at the longest. In fact, the Vatican does not usually explicitly refuse any nation’s envoy according to insiders who claim the prolonged silence should be interpreted as what it is; a Papal rejection because the diplomat is openly gay. So much for the tolerant, accepting, and progressive Pope Americans have embraced because he talks a good game but still walks like every other intolerant Pope or religious Republican bigot. At least evangelical Republicans are not hypocrites and pretend they are not sitting in judgment of gays. Remember, just two years ago this new Christ-like Pope said that “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?”

Francis is head of the Catholic Church and he could choose not to judge according to Jesus Christ’s teaching, but he is judging according to principles he refuses to change; intolerant Catholic dogma. As head of the Catholic Church, he could impose change and a good start would be welcoming an openly gay envoy to the Vatican, but intolerance is such an entrenched part of Vatican dogmata that he did what came naturally; judged that a gay envoy is not welcomed in or around his Holiness’s Vatican.

The Pope’s rejection of a gay envoy is also contrary to his statement that “gay people should not be marginalized but integrated into society;” just not as an envoy in Vatican society or any society for that matter. In that regard, the new Pope has been very consistently hypocritical saying one thing while maintaining the Vatican’s intolerant policy his bigoted predecessors promoted; at least they were not hypocrites. For a representative of Jesus Christ on Earth, and one who claims gay people should not be judged, not be marginalized, and integrated into society, the progressive Pope has been very critical of gays enjoying equal rights afforded other human beings in free societies.

The Pope has condemned same-sex marriage without cessation, and is vehemently opposed to adoption rights for gay couples; both positions that mirror those held by bigoted evangelical Republicans in America that President Obama claimed were “less than loving” Christians. The main difference between openly intolerant religious Republicans and the new-and-improved Pope is that a Fox-created public relations campaign has succeeded in fooling virtually all Americans that Francis is any different than his predecessors or evangelical Republicans. The public relations crusade has even fooled President Barack Obama who looks forward to welcoming a “loving Christian” to Washington later in the year. It is something the former Fox News correspondent hired  by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) likely celebrated since his finely-crafted PR campaign to change the Pope’s image has fooled most Americans; including conservative mainstream media too lazy to look at international news feeds.

That is the problem with changing an intolerant religious person’s image; the underlying dogma driving the bigotry is always roiling beneath the surface and rises to the top when it matters most. In the  Pope’s case it a mattered most when he rejected a highly-respected French diplomat because he is gay; an action that contradicts the Pope’s counsel to his acolytes that they should not marginalize gays and help integrate them into society. It is something that the Pope proved is beyond his ability because when it came time to accept a person who is gay and has good will as a diplomatic envoy, he judged him unworthy.

Regardless the Christ-like speech about being tolerant and not judging, Francis is no different than every Republican evangelical and Catholic Pope before him. He just has the USCCB to thank for a much better, and likely costlier, public relations image. An image that will likely stay intact because America’s main-stream media will not report this latest stain on the Pope’s pristine progressive image; something this column has no reservations exposing.


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  1. Just a question: the ongoing child abuse by priests was, for the most part, homosexual acts. So them looking the other way, covering up the abuse, where exactly does that fit in their faux piety?

  2. The pope is the “head-honcho” of a bullshit (phoney) religion. He is just as crooked and evil as any other pile of “human-waste” on earth. In my opinion.

  3. Tax the “Hell” out of these “religious-zealot” assholes!!! If they don’t pay their taxes prosecute them all for tax evasion. That’s how they got Al Capone (I think).

  4. I’m sorry, but child abuse, even when done to a child of the same sex as the abuser, is NOT a homosexual act. Think of it in the same light as an act of child abuse done to a child of the same sex is not a heterosexual act, and rape isn’t either.

    I understand where you are coming from about the false piety, but you’re only serving to enforce the right-wing lie that homosexuality = pedophilia.

  5. I meant to write that abuse of a child of the *opposite* sex isn’t a heterosexual act, but the silly edit function keeps erroring out on me.

  6. This Pope is just a PR scheme to take the heat away from the major “damage”issues (mostly pedophilia, abuse of power, retention of local resources that belong to the local communities in poor countries) curently in his church.

    If this pope was serious about reform, he would:
    1. Allow marriage for priests
    2. Ordain females
    3. Work for justice (liberation theology)

    Different front, same scary store

  7. I really never wanted to think about the fact that there is so much hatred of the Catholic Church. But there is, and even by the so-called “Christian” evangelicals. Sexual perversion in the Catholic Church is horrible, for sure. But you all act, think, and write as if sexual perversion and rape of children is happening ONLY in the Catholic Church. I got news for ya, Honeys….It happens in every church and every religion! So, you blame the Pope for it and say he should stop it. Yes, how? And what do your other religions do to stop it? You expect the Pope to “change” centuries-old bigotry in a few short years, but, let’s face it…Gays have just started to become uncloseted. I don’t see other religions’ leaders jumping on the same sex marriage and adoption bandwagon! Bigotry is reprehensible, and it is happening in every religion. It is not just Catholics and the Pope. In fact, the Pope has publicly decried the bigotry and it is not up to him to singlehandedly “change the church”.

  8. Mary:
    It is not hatred for the Roman catholic Church. The discontent goes against all organized churches that use-abuse -and betray the people when they are most vulnerable.

    The church leaders of all denominations, are to work to help people in need, instead they just help themselves & preserve their wealth, even at times of hardship.
    No, the Pope can not change it, and he is not even trying. Currently, the Catholic church has gone back to the Latin rites of the 1500’s and pushing their nuns even further “back in the way back of the bus”.

  9. You are an idiot. the Pope can change anything, particularly accepting an envoy who is gay. Francis did say “who am I to judge,” and that “gays should not be marginalized and integrated into society” and then rejects a ‘gay’ simply because he is gay. He’s a hypocrite and yes, evangelicals are also dirty filthy bigots and they get called out for it. Plus, this Pope isn’t selling off the substantial church assets and giving them to the poor. Yeah, he gave out sleeping bags to the poor, but those were paid for with your charitable donations you wrote off on your taxes. When he divests the Church of its assets and gives the proceeds to the poor, then he’s Christ-like. When he accepts gays, he’s like Jesus. Otherwise, he’s a bigot hoarding the Church’s wealth.

  10. Your name calling and obvious hatred of the Catholic Church and its Pope show you to be pretty classless. My post was correct. You haters expect one Pope, after a couple of thousand years, to divest the Church of its wealth, have the Pope change the “rules” of the Church by himself, which he can’t, and now because he hasn’t made the Church perfect in his short time as Pope so you decide because the French guy who supposedly is gay is the reason the Pope didn’t accept him for that position is a bigot and should be berated? Oh, brother…what about all the TV evangelists? Come on…get real. Popes cannot do whatever they like just because!

  11. Mary:
    Look at Francis & compare to John 23rd,
    and check Vatican II and its ramifications.

    Then, evaluate where your celebration stands.

    You will realize the changes are not for the better.

    Above all, you have brains to question the dogma.

  12. Are you implying in any way that there is a “true” religion?

    Just clarifying, given that the language you use implies that people should follow something else.

  13. I like many of the things the pope says. He seems to be a very open minded pope. I don’t look for any big changes in the church. That could cause real problems in the church. One thing all religions have in common is they are all created in the minds of man.

  14. St. Louis Archbishop Says He Didn’t Know It Was Illegal For Priests To Have Sex With Kids
    “I’m not sure whether I knew it was a crime or not,” said St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson, who is part of a lawsuit accusing more than 100 priests and church employees of sex abuse. “I understand today it’s a crime.”

  15. Seems like all the Catholic religious male orders in EU and USA have had a series of pedophilia convictions, for molesting children of both genders and many with learning disabilities, it seems unlikely that this bishop carlson “did not know it was a CRIME”…
    The church knows what is happening, and they deal with it by moving those criminals around, across the nation to a different parish & hope that the FAITHFUL just TRUST IN GOD and do not ask any questions.

  16. There’s an old adage which maintains its currency: Anti-Catholicism is the Anti-Semitism of the Liberals. It’s once again verified here.

  17. You do know its right wing Christianity that teaches the pope is the anti Christ but then again yo don’t know much

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