Even Republican and Independent Women Have a Serious Problem with Rand Paul


Senator Rand Paul’s problems with women aren’t imaginary and contrary to the conservative narrative after his disastrous announcement rollout, these problems with women were not manufactured by the Democratic Party.

Just 11% of Republican and Independent women said they would seriously consider supporting Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in a new Bloomberg Politics national poll.

Just 11 percent of Republican and independent women in the poll said they’d seriously consider supporting Paul, a U.S. senator from Kentucky who announced his presidential bid last week, compared to 22 percent of men. No other Republican contender has a worse spread.

In the age of legitimate rape and binders full of women, it’s quite an achievement to have a worse spread with women than any other Republican, but the Republican Senator built that the old-fashioned way, with hard work and diligence. (See here.) It didn’t help when Paul referred to women’s rights “details” in an attempt to dodge a question asking if he would support exceptions for his abortion position for women who were raped or if the life of the mother was at risk.

However, “The news is not all bad for Paul, and in fact, when Republicans and independents were asked whom they would potentially consider supporting, Paul topped the field with 58 percent.”

So the candidate who doesn’t have a chance of winning a general election tops the field with Republicans and Independents. That sounds about right for the modern day Republican Party.

The King of the GOP Rush Limbaugh, the man who calls their platform and humiliates those who dare to disagree, blamed Savannah Guthrie for Rand Paul’s condescending and petulant behavior toward female journalists, saying she is a “radical” “partisan firebrand that anybody else on the left is.”

Rush also informed his listeners that the War on Women is not real and the blowback against Paul is all part of the Democrats and the media switching from race wars to gender wars:

This is the beginning of the process whereby the Democrats and the Drive-By Media switch from the race wars that have been going on to the gender wars. It’s an attempt, in a mild way — maybe not so mild — to keep alive (or maybe “revive” would be the word) the so-called Republican War on Women. Now, the fact is, there is no gender war. There never was a War on Women. It doesn’t exist. The Republican Party does not hate women. It’s absolutely asinine.

So says Rush, but survey (aka, closer to reality) disagrees.

According to Rush, the Democrats manufactured the fact that women didn’t like seeing Rand Paul tell Savannah Guthrie how to do her job:

But that’s what they are now trying to set up, and that is for the benefit of Hillary Clinton. They want to have husbands fighting wives by the end of all of this. Somewhere in the upper levels of the Democrat Regime, the Democrat Party, the message has gone out: “Race is out and gender is in because Hillary is a white woman,” and that’s what this really is all about. F. Chuck Todd, the first thing he did was come to her defense. “Oh, a poor defenseless woman!”

The folks at Glenn Beck’s the Blaze were quick to refuse to hold the Senator responsible for his own behavior, whining immediately, “Dems’ Battle Plan Against Rand Paul: Say That He Has a Problem With Women”.

And it wasn’t just the fringe. The Huffington Post covered Fox News laughing about the idea that Rand Paul has a problem with women:

Fox News had a good laugh Thursday night at the accusation that Kentucky senator and 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul is short-tempered with female interviewers.
Host Megyn Kelly defended Paul, saying that critics are trying to turn Paul’s general problem with media interviews into a “gender issue.”

Yes, it’s always the “critics” and the “liberal media” and the “Dems” who are out to get Republicans by reporting or using facts against them.

It is a fact that Senator Rand Paul is “testy” (aka, petulant) with the media. But he definitely looked like a petulant teenager when he blamed Savannah Guthrie for reading his own positions out loud and asking him to account for the shifts. He looked even worse when he instructed her about how to do her job, a job he has never done – while live, on the air. He used his presumed superiority over her to talk down to her as if she were the idiot in the room. (Hint: She was not.)

Republicans can pretend they don’t have issues with women all they want. Women do not enjoy watching Savannah Guthrie get mansplained, they don’t enjoy sexism in the work place, and they aren’t claiming to be victims. Holding Rand Paul accountable for his behavior is just what grown ups do. His behavior was offensive to many women. Women are not impressed. The polls show it.

Even Republican and Independent women are not impressed. So Republicans can rail against reality all they want. Railing ain’t winning.

33 Replies to “Even Republican and Independent Women Have a Serious Problem with Rand Paul”

  1. I would also imagine that any man who loves a woman has a problem with Curly.

    Petulant was the correct descriptor here.

  2. I think every potential Repug candidate has a problem with women. I honestly have no idea how they could find a woman to put up with them for more than a minute. They are so condescending, so controlling, so stupid when it comes to women, it’s insane that any woman would vote for them.

  3. Rand Paul is a selective Libertarian — he firmly believes that the federal government should not intrude in the lives … of white Christian males.

  4. The same Limbaugh that called Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” because she called for making birth control accessible to women? The guy that has been married 4 times? This is the guy defending and explaining Paul’s treatment of women as everybodies elses fault?Riiiggghhhttt.

    In combination of his treatment of Savannah Guthrie, Paul has refused to return to TRMS after Rachel Maddow cornered him on his 2nd Amendment stance.

    He has consistently voted against bills benefiting women; Equal pay, abortion, funding Planned Parenthood, violence against women and voting for the expansion of Hyde Amendment placed in the human trafficking bill.

    So, yes, I would say that Rand Paul definitely has major problems with women. I know just based on his voting record alone, I won’t be voting for him.

  5. I’d love to know the thought process of a woman voting republican…why?

    I’d love to know the thought process of a LGBT person voting republican…why?

    I’d love to know the thought process of a minority voting republican…why?

    I’d love to know the thought process of a senior on SS voting republican…why?

    I’d love to know the thought process of a straight white male voting republican…I already know why.

  6. I disagree. I cannot wait for a day when I am not being singled out for being a woman, whether it be a white woman, a middle aged white woman, a middle aged free thinking white woman, a middle aged, free thinking, christian white woman. I want to be known as Stacey, who recieves her rights through the simple fact that she is an individual human being.

  7. Rand Paul’s policies will support all Americans, regardless of sex or race. Paul is the best candidate to support the Bill or Rights, prison & drug reform, auditing agencies like the Federal Reserve, etc.

  8. lets get one thing straight, Rand Paul is a libertarian leaning republican, for the most part he is not a republican

    second stop telling me that I shouldn’t support RP because of my vagaina

    third RP wants to leave marriage up to the states, he wants to leave abortion up to the states, he doesnt believe in women’s rights, he believes in human rights, all of the women’s rights legislation is complete bullshit, not only are women not being oppressed, the legislations brought to the table isnt going to help anyways. he believes in freedom of association meaning he believes businesses should be able to discriminate, but within that same sentence Paul said he would openly support a boycott of any companies refusing to serve gays

    the reality is, RP would be so dangerous to the established GOP and liberals that both sides have ganged up to ensure the status quo is maintained

    do you really think big business wants RP? do you really think they want someone who isn’t in their bac…

  9. I would like someone in office to really care about the older american, the disabled american, the american that worked her whole life until an accident and now can not work, the american that can hardly make it on Social Security Disability. I hope and pray that that person in office will be Hillary.

  10. A powerful enigma that republicans fear – spurs a love/hate relationship. They love it, but hate its host.

  11. Me too. As a disabled person, I was insulted by Twit Romney calling me a taker. I paid into SS. When I tell a repub about the insult, they always say ” not talking about you”. I respond “cause I have white skin, you know black people pay in and get sick too.” Always shuts em up.

  12. I would venture to say that many of those “straight” white men, have probably yanked on one in the closet at one time or another.

  13. Thank you Andy, you wrote what I have wanted to post many times, but haven’t. Same questions? Never has any thug ever given any sort of answer to them.

  14. Rand Paul is not in favor of any female equality. He’s even in favor of right to work laws without rights. Paul doesn’t want workers including women to have any rights in the workplace be job assignments or pay equality.

  15. ALL sane free thinking independent women should have a problem with ALL repubs in this day and age. Any women voting repub is a traitor to her gender. She is deciding that it’s okay to drag women back to the 1950s. I just don’t get women who vote repub. They disgust me on oh so many levels. History will be most unkind to them.

  16. Stacey, how old are you? You are so blind to reality. What you want is a nice goal, but where have you been the last 30+ years? Repubs want to drag women back to the 1950s. Please do us all a favor and study what women didn’t know or have back then. As a woman, I find you bordering on being a traitor to your gender. I know this because I am a woman and would never vote repub.

  17. Either:

    A. They think if they side with the Cool Kids, they’ll get to sit with them; or

    B. They’re queen bees.

    Note that these categories are not mutually exclusive

  18. Please,
    Rand has no problem with women, just as long as they keep their mouths shut, keep the white sheet ironed, and keep the beers coming.

  19. Funny how when it was Barack Obama running the left wing narrative was racism. Now that it’s Hilary the narrative is misogyny. The Democratic party is playing you all for fools and you lap it up!! If they told you tomorrow that the right hates short people you would all rush out to blast the right and show your support for short people. The party of tolerance right? Then why does your party create so many wars? Race wars, class war, gender war, sexuality war. I’m starting to think the left just desperately wants there to be social injustice so they can play their victim card. Can’t be wrong if I’m a victim right? Oh poor me!!

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