Editorial Cartoon: Dump Trucks

There’s going to be a lot of dirt.spb150414

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  1. Why do you think the cartoon drawing shows Hillary with a HUUUGE dump truck? Think about it. It makes sense. She is prepared to take a huge amount of Republican Dirt, Garbage and S#itt into her truck….then drive it off to the dump sites, empty it; then come back for more, and do the same thing again….dump Republicans recyclable garbage and put it away. Showing that what they throw at her is going to be dumped off somewhere and not affect her. While the Republican mud slingers will slip and fall in their slime. Eventually ending up covered in their own MUD. Backflow. Spit into the air over your head, usually comes right back down in your face. We will see that happen to 99.99% of the Republican mudslingers. They will be thrown out with the RNC garbage in the end. You can already tell who they will be. 2016 will have only ONE Woman standing tall. The country waits AND the world waits. The world holds their breath, because they DON’T want No Republican in the White House. ;)

  2. And she paid for her vote. Meanwhile you still have people who supported it, got paid and still getting paid and never paid a price for it and trying to get us in another war. Funny I don’t recall you saying anything about them. Be gone troll

  3. Most of the senators did, with few exceptions. Don’t forget we were horrified by 9/11, which was the worst thing I ever saw in my life.

    Maybe I might have voted for the invasion as well if I had been given the lies our senators were given by bush2/cheney.

  4. Excellent Cartoon!
    *There’s going to be a lot of dirt*
    Post this on Comments everywhere we go!

    Thank You, Bill Day!
    We are fortunate to have you here!

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