Marco Rubio Faceplants Into 2016 By Not Seeming To Know That The 21st Century Already Started

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) told ABC News that he is thinks he can be the candidate to lead America into the 21st Century. The problem is that the 21st Century began 15 years ago.


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During an interview with ABC News, Rubio said, “I think this country’s at a generational moment where it needs to decide not what party it wants in charge but what kind of country are we going to want to be moving forward. I think the 21st century can be the American century, and I believe that I can lead this country in that direction. I can help lead it there from the Senate. I can lead it there as president.”

Rubio was trying to sell himself as the young visionary, who in contrast to Jeb Bush, will lead the Republican Party and the country forward. There are three problems with Rubio’s argument. First, the 21 Century began 15 years ago. Second, Rubio wouldn’t even be the first Republican president of the 21st Century, and third, the country already has the fourth youngest person ever to be elected president currently occupying the White House.

The mainstream political press has always been more smitten with Rubio than voters, which is why they are tying themselves in knots trying to build Rubio into a legitimate presidential contender. The problem is that all too often voters when Rubio opens his mouth illogical nonsense comes out. Rubio’s generational change agenda involves supporting tax cuts for the wealthy, keeping the Cold War going against Cuba and rejecting all science on climate change.

Sen. Rubio has also humiliated himself by demanding that a non-existent IRS commissioner resign. Rubio is so ambitious that is prone to doing and saying incredibly stupid things in an attempt to pander.

We get it. Rubio is young. Bush is old. However, when it comes to issues, both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio represent more of the same from the Republican Party.

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  1. You see, the point he’s trying to make here is very nuanced. The same as Jeb Bush, but with a different face. The same but, also, still the same.

  2. “First, the 21 Century began 15 years ago. Second, Rubio wouldn’t even be the first Republican president of the 21st Century, and third, the country already has the fourth youngest person ever to be elected president currently occupying the White House.”

    Total strawman… It’s still the 21 first century, he doesn’t say it’s a republican President we need… nor does he mention his age.. You did..That’s all strawman words the author put into his mouth…

  3. We’re gonna need a bigger boat to carry all the rhetoric…and hyperbole in politicusa articles… Hey, Easily, did Romney turn over his tax return?? And RMUSE, do conservatives really believe the EPA causes droughts?

  4. Hey all take it easy on Marco! Please do not you all understand that all of the great ones of the TPGOP do not support edjucation. Thus he is just being a great candidate for their President for he is dog whistling to the base. See I don’t need know stinkig edjucation! He is just playing to his base.
    I wonder if he loses his car keys if hey calls out Matco waitng for a response of Polo?

  5. Do I believe you are an idiot? The EPA causes drought…. You may not be 2 years old but you think like one

  6. Got one like…..I’ll take it! See, most of these articles are written in the same way. They build a narrative about something, which might tenuously connect to what is really being siad… and then argue against the strawman they built themselves…ignoring the basic statements a conservative makes…

    Welcome to PoliticusUsa!!!! where the dragon monsters (they create themselves) are slayed!!!

  7. So, was Easily right about Romney’s tax return? Nope… and here’s RMUSE’s statement about conservatives..and the EPA

    “Unbelievably, more GOP voters are convinced that eliminating the EPA will bring back normal rainfall to the region and create millions of high-paying jobs to boot.”

    The reason it’s unbelievable…is because it’s not true… But your rhetoriticians do this sort of thing in every article..

  8. MORE STRAWMAN!!!! Where do I say I don’t like coming here??? I used to think Salon was the place to go to see progressive hysterics in action… but I was WRONG!!!

  9. I am here because I wasn’t allowed to be here. Banned twice, but this dumb, two year-old, who needs to educate himself, and learn the facts is back again…

    To get the learnin’ us crumby conservatives so desperately need! Are you suggesting that I shouldn’t be privy to the wise and informative body of enlightenment PoliticusUsa offers us “baggers”???

    (that’s begging the question…a fallousy which can be found here at times… BTW>>)

  10. Like a “dear in headlights”, he never took those wide eyes off the camera with that infamous water bottle. No Hollywood star can top that stunt. Too much crack that night.[wink]

  11. With Marco Rubio …. this is just the beginning folks. there is more to come out of his mouth that will embarrass him. Gaffes by the bucket-loads. He comes off as a “know it all” who is abrasive, cocky with not much substance. Empty, empty, empty. He doesn’t look as though he could lead a pack of Cub Scouts much less the country. Maybe if he had joined the scouts and became an Eagle Scout like Walker would have helped (Snark). But no. If I were a Republican He is scratched from my picks. Not even, Rubio. Please ……ni piensas, no vas a ser Presidente. No se puede!

  12. “Sorry, just don’t see where the good part came it, unless it’s just a joke.” (jinmichigan)…..

    It’s a play upon words.. Djchefron sent me off into puragtory twice already… and maybe i thought if I was “good” I wouldn’t be given the heave-ho so quickly this time.. Sorry about the sarcasm… It just comes out.. BTW, I’m an Atheist and have a nice, new HighPo..bit and byte number cruncher that serves me well… climbing out of the pits of hellfire… where the banished are apparently sent….

  13. I like seeing opposing opinions and welcome divergent views…

    I’d take you much more seriously if you’d turn your spell check on though…

  14. Marco Rubio… determined to lead from behind and lead the march from the 21st century back to the 19th…

    at least in the 19th century the borders were open, there weren’t any metal detectors, no IRS and if you took offense with someone you could just shoot them… you know…

    fighting words and self defense…

  15. Rubio’s overture of being a visionary who will bring the US into the 21st Century sounds nice until he starts talking about his stance on policies: more tax cuts for the rich & all the usual failed GOP trickle down baloney plus their destructive discrimination against minorities. A real winning formula.

    Hell, even ISIS in their ‘Manifesto for Women’ sounds good when they state providing women with 2 years maternity leave & provisions for childcare after that, yet no sane person on earth would ever want to give them with their medieval ideology & violent sharia law, government control.

    Of course, the deluded GOP thinks Hispanics will automatically vote for Rubio just because he’s Cuban-American like they believe African Americans automatically voted for Obama because he’s black. They’re too deluded to understand the damage their hatred & insults have caused the Hispanic community & the glaring fact that they’ve done nothing to help anyone except the wealthy.

  16. You’re right JCBlues… I just got this lap-top at Frys and I can’t figure out spellcheck on it… My spelling is horrible. But that’s not what you were saying, or at least not the entirety of it.. if i go to Brietbart..or JP Media.. for example.. I could give a flying rat F about what they are saying because they say what I’m thinking.. It’s only in places like this where a conservative’s views might be refined, or subject to the opposite viewpoint.. which may in fact, on occasion, cause pause.. I already know what I think BTW….

  17. Trash? It was banishment. Not sure what I did. I guess I’m tresspassing now…

    Say goodby again if you want, but say hello when I get around your censoreship again… Maybe see if you can get some Kriptonite to stop me, because that’s the only thing that will do it…


  18. I’d bet you read the tea bag propaganda breidbard every day, IF you can actually read.

    Name 5 tea bag successes that don’t include the 5 G’s

  19. Johnny, Liberals aren’t filled with hateful viciousness toward the opposition…not like Conservatives are.

    We actually Pray/Wish for Two Strong Political Parties. Like Two Brilliant Wings of an airplane!

    Ready to go…Make America Great Again!

  20. It’s the short bus, not a car. Car is no way big enough to fit everyone running for the GnOP nomination.

  21. Teabggers successes Andy? Taking the senate in 2010 was one and then securing both houses of congress was another… Far be it from a decent guy like me to say that liberals got a mouthfull…and totally TeaBagged in the midterms..

    (well not so far I guess…)

  22. “Johnny, Liberals aren’t filled with hateful viciousness toward the opposition…not like Conservatives are.”

    Do you read the posts here???

  23. The difference you hate the person. Women, black and brown, gays. WE HATE YOUR POLICIES THAT IS DETROYING THIS COUNTRY WITH I GOT MINE FUK THE REST OF YOU

  24. Well, we have tried to stop your spending us into oblivion… But any attempt at sanity is met by outrage… and accusations of not being compassionate. Your liberal policies, started under Lyndon Johnson’s great society, the welfare state, model cities programs..etc.. have proven to be far more destructive than the problems they were supposed to allieviate. But go ahead; make your own bed… for all the right wingers pushing to stop your giant, Hobbesian Leviathan form of government.. we will not accept blame when it all comes undone… It will be your doing and not ours…

  25. I’d mention something about Hobbes, Lock, Montesquieu, Rousseau, or Voltaire…but it would be wasted on most people here… except maybe JC…

  26. I try not to attack the people with opposing views… if someone can make a cogent argument I’m willing to listen… it doesn’t mean I’ll agree but I’ll consider… and respond..

    that’s the problem these days… people do talking points and talk past each other without consideration…

    I might not agree with what you say but you have a right to say it here or anywhere else…

    if this is really a liberal forum then people should respect another opinion even it they disagree with it… otherwise its just a liberal version of the Faux News Echo Chamber..

  27. I’m hard to impress…and I’m impressed.

    Nice post, JC.

    Let’s all hold hands for awhile.

    C’mon. Let’s try.

    C’mon…. work with me, people.

  28. So JC, since it seems you might be the brains of the bunch, what’s your take on liberal idealogy??? How do you rate the idealogies of the enlightenment thinkers I referenced earlier??? Are you for a big powerful state… ala Hobbes…or a state where power is restricted…and diffused into three separate branches like Lock proposed???

  29. Hey Johnny be dumb, it’s Easley, as in Justin Easley wrote the article; not Easily.

    The EPA does not cause droughts. Having no Environmental Protection Agency, aka EPA to protect water land & air does contribute to drought conditions.

    It’s because of the GOP & their failure to ever do the right thing or the honest thing that we have to set up more & more agencies to protect the US people from the harm the GOP & their policies continue to cause.

  30. Hey johnniebegone… here are some intelligent questions for which I have never gotten an intelligent question from a Rep.

    Which federal departments would you cut spending on the most if you could write the budget?

    How would you reduce state, county, and municipal budgets if you ciuld write the laws?

    Does the US really need 900 bases in 140 plus countries?

  31. Very good djchefron… Nice catch… You know, I like the other moderator Reynardine better than you…. but that doesn’t mean I don’t like you… Her word play on milk shakes… in reference to my post about the blind shake (one of my first posts) was pretty brainy…. You??? ehhhh… humour equates to brains in my book…

  32. Problem is that there are enough of us to yell” Enough! One of Thw wings of this plane is dipping into the waterM

  33. Ok I am not here for you too like me, as a matter of fact I can give a rats ass who likes me if you are not paying my bills

  34. Then, I would hardly be able to introduce you to Mandella, Bell Hooks, Harriet Tubman, Cornell West, JA Roberts and CA Diop!
    You keep your philosophers and I will keep mine! Does’nt make me consider your words at all!
    What did Lawrence Dunbar say about a dream deferred that makes some liberals so patronizing? Or do they get mad at the explosion and feign shock like every paternaliIng Randite! What am I saying! Having been banned from conservative and liberal site alike , I can see where militants come from!

  35. Yes I would cut the military, first and foremost. But then SSI would be next and then Medicare. I would means test each, and make sure each was paid for without borrowing. The Messiah has cut the deficit in half… but he is still running a deficit higher than any president since Roosevelt in WW2… Zero Hedge had an article about how we, and the rest of the world banks, have created 18 dollars of debt for each dollar of GDP increase.. Think that’s gonna work out???

  36. Maybe I’ll ask my brother in-law who’s from Kenya.. or maybe one of my nieces and nephews who’s Dads aren’t pale and white.. but Black and Hispanic… Maybe I’ll gather around my multi-racial extended family, and see if they can explain to me how Ben Carson is a house nigger… My brother in law has a masters degree and makes serious bank in DC as a leasing agent for a commercial real estate company… and he’s black as coal… his family members, and most Kenyans who come here aren’t like the victimhood-card playing blacks that were born here…

  37. The Messiah??? I know, I know… you probably thought I meant Rush Limbaugh…

    Sorry for the confusion…

  38. Ahh the 2010 midterms, and the last midterms… hrmm wonder why? Low voter turn outs? Last midterms was the lowest voter turn out in 70 years. When there are high turn outs like 2012, and 2008, it usually leans in favor of the left.

  39. If I actually thought you were here for an honest debate, I would welcome you.

    However, from a number of your comments you are merely here to figuratively upchuck a bunch of nonsense which would lead to an I am not, yes you are, type of argument which would lead to a total waste of my time which could be used for talking to someone that would make sense.


  40. If I actually thought you were here for an honest debate, I would welcome you.

    However, from a number of your comments you are merely here to figuratively upchuck a bunch of nonsense which would lead to an I am not, yes you are, type of argument which would lead to a total waste of my time which could be used for talking to someone that would make sense.


  41. So, you would cut the Military. Well thats a start. What would you cut, how much would cut? Across the board, or selective.

    Then you would get rid of SS and Medicare. Of course you would means test them to determine whether each was paid for without borrowing.If you say you would get rid of them, why go to the bother of the means test?

    Well that statement alone demonstrates your complete lack of knowledge of those benefits.You don’t know very much about these services do you?

    Neither SS, nor Medicare are run from borrowed money. At this point they are completely self-financed through payroll deductions.

    That didn’t last long. Come back soon, son. But please bone up on the subject you wish to preent.

  42. You’re really talking outside the topic when talking Hobbes’ model etc. whate we are dealing with here is two parties within the same structure, not two competing political models. Both parties are, at least on the surface, democratically-elected representatives of the people, and both believe in both big government and welfare, though they differ in what form that government should take and who the beneficiaries of welfare should be. It’s an interesting topic of discussion, but not really about the candidate nor his comments, nor even really about Republican/Conservative vs. Democrat/Liberal, though even that dichotomy is rather forced, as most of us fall in the shades of grey between…

  43. Rubio will back stab Jeb and anyone else who tries to get in his way. he contradicted himself and he also doesn’t know what century we are in – lol.

  44. More like a Clown C-130 with 4 turning and 2 burning!…Hey!? is that the cargo ramp opening at 5000 ft.? better nose it up to make sure the load empties fully…

  45. Johnny be good: Try this….He said “Lead us INTO the 21st Century”. Now if he had said: “Lead us IN the 21st Century…” THAT would have been correct. Because we are already IN the 21st Century, NOT approaching it or about to enter it in the year 2017. So…..What was or is in Rubio’s head. We dunno. Like other stuff he comes up with. Wet behind the ears, at 44 years old. Still looks like an Eagle Scout to me, all he needs are the khaki shorts to complete the image. ;)

  46. Would like to point out that JBG has, at this point, completely disrupted any actual discussion that may have taken place here. Mission accomplished, amigo. Miller time.

  47. Johnny, do yourself a favor and use spellcheck before you post. Your asinine statements border on the idiotic and preposterous when you type “fallousy”. Just so we’re clear, the idea that any of us truly give a damn about your comments is the FALLACY.

  48. So, if the conservative agenda is to stop spending, why is it that red states draw down the majority of governmental taxes and demonstrate across the board a reliance upon Federal taxes to stay afloat? If they truly wanted to cut back on spending, wouldn’t it follow that they make fiscally responsible decisions that lessen or eliminate the need for outside support (some might call it welfare)? Modern conservatives seem to think that the key to success is to lessen the tax and/or expenses on the already wealthy under the repeatedly and demonstrably mistaken belief that this somehow stimulates the economy, rather than chanelling money into programs and efforts that genuinely benefit society as a whole, the good of the many outweighing the good of the few or the one, as Dickens put it…

  49. I think Rubio is being placed as Jebs V.P.
    GOP thinks they can FOOL the Latino Vote!

    But the Latino People have Serious-Heart…
    Something Conservatives totally lack!

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