A Big Win For Workers As Obama’s New Pro-Union Rule Is Set To Take Effect


Beginning tomorrow a new Obama administration rule that will speed up the process for workers to unionize will take effect, and it could have a big impact on unionization.

The Hill reported:

An Obama administration rule that speeds up the process by which employees can unionize will take effect Tuesday after Republicans last month failed to block the measure.

Under the new National Labor Relations Board rules, employees could potentially organize a union in less than two weeks, compared to the previous average of 38 days between the time a petition is filed and the election is held.

Labor groups say this will prevent management from needlessly delaying union elections. But Republicans and business groups contend it will not give companies enough time to prepare for union elections.

Outraged Republicans and business groups are accusing the Obama administration of promoting ambush union organization, but the reality is that the new NLRB rule was put into place to address a serious problem. Anti-union businesses have used the period between elections to foot drag, delay, and mount campaigns filled with thinly veiled threats of job loss in order to discourage unionization.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, unionized workers earn $200 a week more than non-union workers. When benefits are included unionized employees earn $425 a week more than non-union employees. Increasing private sector unionization rates is an essential component to any plan to grow the middle-class. Any change that makes it easier for workers to unionize is a positive development.

Over the last three decades, the deck has been stacked by Republicans against unions. President Obama’s new rule is an important step towards unions finally being able to fight back.

16 Replies to “A Big Win For Workers As Obama’s New Pro-Union Rule Is Set To Take Effect”

  1. $200 a week more. You’d think that’d be enough of an incentive to get folks to vote in their own interest.

  2. All Republicans do is pass bills that are against the best interests of & vote against bills that are beneficial to the regular, everyday middle class people in the US.

    I can’t think of one thing the Republicans have done in the last 30 years that’s been beneficial to anyone besides the wealthy. For the life of me I can’t understand how anyone in the US could vote Republican.

  3. Simple. They are masters of total manipulation. They convince people to join their side under the ideals of a smaller government and more freedom… but only as long as you tow the company line.

    Anyone that gets a whiff of courage and tries to see what goes on behind the proverbial curtain gets shut down and told to get their asses back in line and continue to march in said line. Most of these people just don’t care. They’re happy marching in line even though they’re getting screwed in a way that even the ‘Robber Barons’ of the late 1890’s-early 1900s would think of this as total theft.

    And this isn’t touching the social issues of today.

  4. Companies have no need to prepare for their employees to become a union. They only need to prepare AFTER their employees unionize. UNION YES!!!!

  5. I worked for a major (the largest) pharmacy in the world. This company made billions per year, and is currently in the top 50 richest companies. I earned $500 per week, including benefits. In the 4 years I worked there I received 1 raise worth 25 cents per hour. I now work for a union. I make $950 per week, including benefits. And that is in my first year of employment. I will receive a $3 hour raise this year, and another $3 hour raise next year, and the year after. My union is worth pennies compared to my last employer. But they are not selfish greedy pigs who backstab their employees for their own personal gain. I love my union job. In terms of economy, I could not afford to do anything or buy anything with my last employer. Now I spend much more simply because I have much more. You can not expect a strong economy when nobody can afford anything. I urge people to work, vote, and support union jobs.

  6. The right to unionize and have final and binding arbitration is a First Amendment protected right. It’s the right to peaceably assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.

    Fighting unionization is just another Republican effort to divest citizens of their civil rights.

  7. Thank you Mr President! Union OR the sweatshop wages they’re preparing to pay once they drop the minimum wage with no one to fight for them!
    Wake up people!

  8. I am so happy that my President under the radar just does his job 4 the good of America. While Republicans are somewhere out there. …someone wrote on this thread in 30 years I have not seen anything good that a Republican has done good for this country. ..& I have to agree. ..what a low-life gutless vermin spineless also comes to mind.. Evil heartless diseased terrorist the GOP has become. .. they see poverty hunger hardship people really suffering…yet they keep chipping and chipping and when is it enuf? How much does a billionaire need. ..and that’s the darkness of the GOP

  9. Anyone who has ever been summonded to their boss’
    office for a performance review knows the value of a
    union representative’s presence. Corporation bullies
    don’t want their peons to organize and actually have
    the nerve to stand up for themselves. I worked 10 yrs.
    in a generic drug whse. that made millions while ex-
    ploiting their workers by erosion of benefits and con-
    stantly raising productivity expectations. My co-workers
    were too scared to even say the “U” word. Such job loss
    phobia plays right into corporate’s pocket.

  10. thank YOU Obama! Now that you no longer have to protect a democratic majority I knew your true colors would come shining through!

    thank you thank you thank you!

  11. The right to organize a labor union for collective bargaining with an employer is not a constitutionally protected right. It is a right protected by the National Labor Relations Act. In the absence of the Act, an employer can fire you for trying to start a union. The constitution doesn’t protect you from your employer. It protects you from the government.

  12. I think his point was the right to assemble. Now he stretch it a bit to include employers but I kind of understand the point

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