Fox And Ann Coulter Want To Bring Back Literacy Tests Because Education Makes People Stupid

Ann Coulter on literacy tests and poll taxes

Ann Coulter joined Fox and Friends on another trip down the vote suppression rabbit hole.  This time Fox and Friends joined Coulter in her long crusade to bring back literacy tests to disenfranchise voters.


The idea came up for discussion after a Fox reporter interviewed several New Yorkers who couldn’t identify, Marco Rubio.

Watch here. (Video via Media Matters)



Brian Kilmeade, host of Fox and Friends, opened up the discussion by observing, “studies show that Americas are poorly informed on government and politics.”  Of course, this claim opened things up for Kilmeade to ask ever so innocently, “So, is it time to revisit a test for people to be able to vote?”


Ironically while making the case for literacy tests Coulter proved she was is the sort of person that Kilmeade was talking about when she said, ”I think it should be, well for one thing, a little more difficult to vote.  There’s nothing unconstitutional about literacy tests.”

While that claim corresponds with the Republican Party’s fantasy of an America where only Republican votes would count, it also shows us that Ann Coulter “doesn’t know what’s going on.”

In fact, there is something unconstitutional about literacy tests as a device to disenfranchise voters.  Literacy tests were outlawed in the Voting Rights Act.  This was after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that using literacy tests to disenfranchise eligible voters is unconstitutional.

Coulter may wish to familiarize herself with Guinn v. United States –  a case decided in 1915.

In that case, Oklahoma tried to apply the Coulter philosophy on voting rights by amending its constitution to disenfranchise people who couldn’t pass that state’s version of a literacy test.

The Supreme Court ruled that amendment along with similar ones in the constitutions of Maryland, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Virginia were “repugnant to the 15th Amendment.”

Oklahoma’s subsequent efforts to disenfranchise voters with literacy tests were struck down again in Lane v. Wilson.

But the narrow basis of the supplemental registration, the very brief normal period of relief for the persons and purposes in question, the practical difficulties, of which the record in this case gives glimpses, inevitable in the administration of such strict registration provisions, leave no escape from the conclusion that the means chosen as substitutes for the invalidated “grandfather clause” were themselves invalid under the Fifteenth Amendment.

States continued to subscribe to the Coulter theory of “knowing what’s going on” by finding means to circumvent court rulings – until Congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which does prohibit literacy tests as a means to disenfranchise voters.

Kilmeade went on to suggest we should “force people to understand what’s going on before we allow them to vote.” Of course, Fox and Friends would be perfect for that, right?

“Forcing people to understand what’s going on” does not mean public education according to Ann Coulter.

“As for civic education, that usually means 12 more years of the Chinese-style propaganda in public schools, which only means you are dumber that someone who has not gone to school.”

When challenged on the fact that literacy tests are illegal, Coulter countered with, “fake literacy tests were used after the Civil War by Democrats to keep blacks from voting.”

Coulter continued the Republican Party’s narrative that Democrats benefit from vote theft and uninformed voters.

“Is a completely ignorant voter better for the Democratic Party or the Republican Party? The Democratic Party,”

In reality, Ann Coulter has long advocated literacy tests and poll taxes, designed to disenfranchise blacks and other identifiable groups who tend to vote Democrat.  Her comments on Fox and Friends are really just a rehash of her belief in literacy tests and poll taxes as she said on Hannity and Friends on August 17, 1997 and repeated on the Fox program, “Your World” on September 29, 2006.

As for who benefits from ignorant voters, well Coulter is a Republican, who claims that using literacy tests to disenfranchise voters is “not unconstitutional.”  It’s Republicans who throw snowballs as “proof” that climate change doesn’t exist and it’s Republicans who have been looking to the past to find ways to cheat their way to victory in elections.

34 Replies to “Fox And Ann Coulter Want To Bring Back Literacy Tests Because Education Makes People Stupid”

  1. “studies show that Americas are poorly informed on government and politics.”

    No truer words have been spoken.

    I have one question though: If us repubs are the un educated red necks then shouldn’t the literacy tests work in favor of you collage educated hipster dems ?

  2. I think there should be a literacy test for those in congress. How many do you think would pass based on the things that are spewing forth from the mouths of these so called literate beings?

  3. Well judging from the white wingers that post here that would mean at least 85% of them will not be able to vote. Be careful what you wish for

  4. What the regressives really want is a “Today’s secret word” test which will only be available on Faux Snooze and other Reich wing propaganda sources.

    The secret knock to enter the polling places can only be taught in approved private schools, churches and synagogues but NEVER in a public school or, God forbid, a mosque.

  5. It probably would favor Democrats, because yes, in general, Republicans are a bunch of “un educated red necks” [sic] and we are a bunch of “collage educated” [sic] liberals, which your comment aptly illustrates. It is on something called principle that we oppose literacy tests, not out of self-interest. Hard concept for some..

  6. It’s the GOP voters in the red states whose education budgets have been slashed that will fail these so-called literacy tests. As you said they’d favor the Democrats; so bring them on.

    Ann Coulter is a nasty human being.

  7. Annie Tranny You have had a lot of wasted education. You are one of the most pathetic and extremely stupid slime on this planet.

  8. The two most powerful players in the GOP’s strategic planning for state and national elections continue to be … Gerry Mander and Jim Crow II.

  9. Yes, be careful what you wish for.

    Hasn’t a number polls shown that people who watch Faux Noise are the least informed of all the channels? And these people want a literacy test in order to vote?


  10. How about we expand it to include a Spelling Test?

    Which would automatically knock out 90% of the Tea Baggers, if their hand written anti-Obama signs be any clue.

  11. Well, the best thing for her is that in Sharknado 3, she will be eaten by a shark. I mean, come on… she is a hateful person.

    As for the topic: Education makes people smarter. To be more informed with what’s going on with the world today makes one a better person. It’s made me a better person for it. It has made of the people here, weather they post on this site or have written articles for this site, better people.

    To me, education is truly the great equalizer. It gives children of all walks of life a chance to learn about the world around them and a chance to be a productive part of our society. Education doesn’t end once you leave school, oh no. As human beings, we are constantly educating ourselves as the world evolves and changes. People like her… they’re the dinosaurs of our age: Soon to be extinct.

  12. Oh but we know how these tests work! One group, the college educated would be asked to agree with some rediculous republican talking point! When we blow the BS out of the water we” fail and can’t vote! The low information voter is asked Id Black folks are all on welfare, he says yes and passes!
    Now if they have to prove their Batshit, they lose and we win the house Senate and the White House!

  13. Well, she did truth-up in 2012: “If we don’t run the Fat Mantis, Romney will get the nomination and we’ll lose”. May be the only time in her life that she told the truth.[wink]

  14. Actually the results showed viewers of Fox “News” were less informed than those that don’t follow news of any kind.

  15. laugh…EJBuckey that’s almost a clever play on a infamous conservative loon. And you may want to re-think support for literacy test’s and a poll tax to vote because YOUR people the right wing voters are too stupid to pass any test and too poor to pay a poll tax from the government subsidies that you receive MORE than Democrat/Liberal areas in this nation. Studies PROVE that YOUR ilk are the least educated with the highest amounts of drug and alcohol abuse, the highest rate of pornography, the highest rate of spousal abuse, the highest rate of use of government tax money and the lowest rate of contribution in tax revenue. I again ask you to re-think but I know that is a lost cause….

  16. Hell, if they could, the GOP/TP would probably do away with elections and replace it with a noble-looking dictatorship, since they seem to think they’re always right and anyone who disagrees is stupid and can’t think for themselves.

    They live in a sealed box which is why nearly impossible to compromise with them because they want everything to be their way and project this to the other side because it’s easier then taking responsibility.

  17. Going RETRO on the voting!

    The reading instructions as follows:

    1. Give us your poll tax $$, expect no receipt (rich people pass free)

    2. Bend over (only poor people)

    3. Dip your finger in the purple ink to show you have voted (only non-GOPers)

  18. Ann Coulter needs to go to a real school and not one where she can cheat her way through. This is such an ignorant thing for her to say, but really it shows her true colors. And I can see all her lackey friends hanging on her every word. As Racism is taught so is classism. And each night they get on Fox and reinfect each other… and sadly have kids that become like them. One more Gobbledegook show.

  19. I see the meth is getting to her brain again; she doesn’t realize that Fox viewers would crash and burn (except in states where reciting ‘Ann Coulter is God’ is the only way to pass).

  20. I was watching jimmy kimmel live not long ago when they interviewed people on the street. most of the people didn’t know who the Vice President was. Didn’t know the mayor was, could not name either U.S. senator or congressman. There are a lot of people who are to stupid to vote,however I am opposed to literacy tests for voting as it would set a very bad precident. Oh yes these people were in Manhattan. Most were young people. Some were college students. Is their any hope for us.

  21. This type of comment makes my stomach churn. To deny someone the right to vote because they are not educated or informed on the candidate or issues, is not only unconstitutional it is un-American. We have been down that road before and it resulted in public humiliation, beatings and death. Women fought and died for the right to vote, people of color fought and died for the right to vote. What people choose to do with that right, is also a right.

  22. Could not think of any thing that was so stomach churning until I seen the mouth this crap came from…

  23. Wasn’t she the talking anus that called the 911 widows
    “mercenary harpies” or some such nonsense? Anyone
    with an IQ number higher than their age will dismiss the
    her attempts to impress her ilk with ginspeak.

  24. Are you 100% sure she was being serious? I mean she’s so sarcastic I wince when she talks sometimes. I know why she’s never gotten married. Would you date someone so acid tongued that if you break up her with it would be so belittling you want to commit suicide after she talks about you publicly? She’s over the top 80% of the time but she can be funny as hell fairly regularly.

  25. If they did have a literacy test, the folks on the right would be in deep crap. She is not nearly as bright as she thinks she is. Not only is she hateful and aweful, but she is stupid! Obviously, if you go shooting your mouth off about the constitutuion, you should do your homework and make sure that it really is constitutional! She makes me wanna throw up when I see her!

  26. Here’s a literacy test that Ann Coulter could not pass,and it’s one that isn’t out of line with the poll tests that minorities had to take before literacy tests were banned.

    The State of (whatever)
    Literacy Test
    This test is to be given to anyone who does not prove* they have a fifth grade education

    Do what you are told to do in each statement, nothing more, nothing less. One wrong answer denotes failure of the test. You have one minute.

    1. Write the last letter of the first word beginning with F on the line blow.


    *The validity of the “proof” of a potential voter’s literacy shall be left to the test examiner’s discretion.

    To be fair, literally no one could pass the test (assuming that the examiner is hostile) anyway, because it is designed to allow the test examiner to freely determine what the answer is by choosing what the question means when it says “the first word.”

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