Bernie Sanders Calls For A Mobilization Of Millions Of Americans To Take Down The Kochs


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) reminded MSNBC of what liberalism looks like by calling for a mobilization of millions of Americans to take down the Koch brothers and other conservative billionaires.


The Morning Joe crew wanted to play up a potential Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton conflict, but Sen. Sanders had a bigger message.

Sanders called on millions of Americans to stand together to take down the Koch brothers.

Sen. Sanders said:

I think the issue is, frankly, it’s not just Hillary, Elizabeth, or Bernie Sanders, or anybody else. This country faces enormous problems. Our middle-class is disappearing. We more people living in poverty than at any time in the history of America. We’re the only major country without a national health care program guaranteeing health care for all people. What’s it all about? The question is this one basic question. How do take on a billionaire class, which has so much economic power, and with Citizens United, can now buy elections. Where we are moving in many ways towards an oligarchic form of society rather than our traditional democracy.

Who is prepared to do it? So let me just say this, no president, not Hillary, not Bernie Sanders, not anybody, will succeed unless there is a mass mobilization of millions of people who stand up and say, enough is enough. Koch brothers and billionaires can’t have it all.


The bottom line is we need people to stand up to the billionaire class, and their economic and political power. That is what we need.

Sen. Sanders was correct. Unless the American people mobilize and stand up to billionaires, like the Koch brothers, no Democratic president can succeed with the people behind him/her. President Obama has been able to fight back because his argument about middle-class economics is popular with tens of millions of Americans. Obama has mobilized a coalition that stands by his side every day.

The next Democratic nominee will need an ever bigger coalition because the billionaires are dumping more and more money into our electoral process in an attempt to purchase the most powerful elected office in the world. One of the reasons why Hillary Clinton is putting people first in her campaign because it is going to take an army of people armed with their voices and their votes to beat the billionaires.

The Beltway press will continue to obsess over the horserace elements of 2016, but for 99% of the country what is at stake is their voice and power in our elections.

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  1. to all the pea brains screaming about Soros

    Capital Rivals: Koch Brothers vs. George Soros
    VERDICT: When it comes to the combination of institutional lobbying, 527 group donations and PAC expenditures, Koch Industries far out-spends Soros’ hedge fund and think tank, $57.4 million to $12.8 million.

    Koch Brothers’ Budget of $889 Million for 2016 Is on Par With Both Parties’ Spending

  2. I am in, when we band together, we accomplish things. Lets show them who runs America and its not the Kochroaches.

  3. look i am all for getting the lazy ass dems off their ass and vote next year. if they did, the gerrymandering and voter suppression wouldn’t mean a thing. but the oligarchs know the billions they will spend will be on at most 5% of the expected voter to sway, the rest of us are already on whatever side. but if working folk of all sorts ages, and whatevers voted all the koch heads would have is their dick in their hands…

    that being said, the kochs coup d’etat is almost complete. with adelson and waltons thats a quarter of a trillion bucks kids, thats the end game…


  4. Koch Industries is not a behind the scenes maker of industrial products but rather the owner of popular brands of consumer products like Northern Tissue, Brawny, Angel Soft, and Zee. Here is a link to a broader list:

    Some of these products are ones that I liked and used for decades before finding this out and switching. I do not lightly boycott businesses and would not just because we differed in our political opinions. But when the revenues from such huge companies are used to mislead and rule others, the line has been crossed for me. Their products are good, but the owners are mis-guided, even if “well intentioned” by their own lights.

  5. I hope to live long enough to see the day that the GOP’s gerrymandered states turn against them & lock in votes that go against the misery they’re trying to inflict upon the US. I’d love to see the Koch Republicans become powerless against the will of the people.

  6. Its now time to speak out loudly and clearly and let the GOP and their Elite 1% corporate plantation, “slave-masters”, and “religious-leaders” know that “WE THE PEOPLE” are actually in charge of this country (U.S.A.). Not some greedy, evil, mentally ill, “rich” bastard’s born with golden-spoons stuck up their asses!!! Our families futures and lives are now truly at stake. With out a doubt!!! In my opinion.

  7. I don’t think you can gerrymander Senate seats. Those are voted on by the entire state. You can only gerrymander congressional districts.

  8. The word is “deceit”! Republicans will be using populist wording that will try to lure the traditional democratic costituency to switch to the Republican party. I’ve seen Marco Rubio’s announcement to enter the candidacy. I would like to ask him if he thinks that his parents have been given a chance because the basic medicare and medicaid were already in effect; and social security was an assurance for retirement. Consequently he was given a chance to become what he is. So why is he on the Republican side?

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  10. I simply want to hear Bernie Sanders suggestions on how we call all fight to take the Koch Bros. down. Is there a concrete plan for how someone like me, now living on SSDI and struggling, can make a difference? Will this be an organized effort, and soon? I support everything Sanders stands for but don’t know what else I can do but sign petitions and send money (which I cannot spare). Koch is everywhere – and in the products I buy, it’s pretty difficult to sort out between Koch and non-Koch items. Talk to me about volunteer call centers, etc.

  11. It depends. Sometimes the moderators have to take care of real life and just cant be there all the time

  12. It can depend on everything from atmospherics to how many (largely volunteer) moderators are on duty.

  13. To remove money from politics you have to get rid of what attracts money to politics.
    Which is the convoluted tax code and excessive regulation.

    The voter wants regulation and taxes on business and the rich, which causes business and the rich to spend money on politics to influence taxes and regulations. Blame the voter.

    Excessive regulations and a convoluted tax code are the seeds of an oligarchy; they are the sperm and egg.

    If you count on the government to do it or over regulate it, it will be hijacked by special interest groups (Unions, Financial Industry, Oil Industry, Farmers, Defense Contractors, Multi-National Corporations, Religious Groups, Environmentalists, AARP, etc.), so it invites more corruption than solutions. People are given a false sense of security. A very good reason to keep government to a minimum and one of the reasons the Constitution is set up to constrain it. This regulatory capture also increases the barriers to competition, further hurting citizen…

  14. What we need is to get rid of Capitalism and have a classless society. We need to get rid of all classes including the middle class. In a society with classes, no men are created equal.

  15. B.S. Deregulate and the big business and corporations run wild and crush PEOPLE! All in the name of PROFIT!

    Your call for small government and for De-regulation smokes of t-bagger and libertarian philosophy – WHICH WILL NEVER WORK.

    Stop deluding yourself – very few regulations are “excessive”. Try flying in a plane somewhere if they were not regulated – like clean healthy food? Try it without having your “excessive” regulations that prevent bacterial issues and are responsible for alerting the public when they are discovered.

    I suppose that you enjoyed what Wall Street did to the economy in 2008 because of weak regulation??

    Just what planet do you live on? Libertarian B.S. !!!!

  16. We need to have a special Govt. operated central “fiscal” data base computer system that effectively tracks 24/7 “accurately” all fiscal transactions that all branches of our U.S. Govt. make. This data should be on pubic display 24/7. In my opinion. Each branch receives x amount and spends x amount and then reports it’s fiscal transactions (immediately) to a central fiscal control site manager base (nothing to hide). We would then have full access to every branch of our government’s fiscal data on display. It would be just like accessing our own bank accounts online. AFTER ALL IT REALLY IS ALL OF “OUR MONEY” FOLKS. Have all U.S. Govt. fiscal transactions use a central debit card transaction data base system. Just like the banks.

  17. Saw Bernie on Rachel Maddow Wed 4/15, I’m a Hillary backer but Bernie you the man! What he was saying about politics today and the money and a few other issues is what is missing in the Democrat Party’s message.

    Run Bernie! He may not win but I will back him.

  18. Man. It sure would be nice to have a person in the White House who truly gave a shit about the American people…..after election day, that is.

  19. Gotta love Bernie for leading America’s charge against
    the Kochroaches. Ever since Romney’s 47% remark I’ve
    reached the conclusion that poor and middle income
    citizens have two ways to fight rule by the rich. Boycott
    anything peddled by Koch companies and vote against
    any candidate these arrogant bastards promote.

  20. Great distraction from the “too-big-to-fail” banks that run the death/debt system and the Federal Reserve currency ponzi scheme that is extracting wealth from the nation. Watch this and tell me hounding a couple of billionaires is more important than stopping the ***privately owned*** Federal Reserve:

  21. Running as an Independent for POTUS is a losing battle. He should change parties and oppose Hillary. I would love to see him in the debate, but as an Independent he is excluded….2 party system!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I feel exactly the same. Don’t have enough money to do anything and am not physically able to march or canvas.

    I sign petitions and write my Congress persons, but you know how much good that does…

  23. I believe that a corporation is a person when one of their CEO’s goes to prison for a long time for polluting the environment, causing the death of their employees in their workplaces, dies from cancer from their products or waste products from their factories, from contaminating the air, water and land around their companies facilities and waste disposal sites.

  24. Anne – Are you referring to the oligarch Hillary Clinton who has collected 2.5 BILLION dollars for her campaign? [WINK]

  25. Dumbass first cite where that money came from and second do you know you is paying the republican whores?

  26. The bottom line is we need people to stand up to the wealth ownership multimillionaire/billionaire class, and their economic and political power. We need to cripple economically those who deny equal opportunity to OWN capital asset wealth and who continue to hoard ALL future capital asset wealth creation. We need to support those who stand for broadening personal OWNERSHIP of wealth-creating, income-producing capital asset wealth simultaneously with the growth of the economy. What is needed is support for the proposed Capital Homestead Act. (See and See and…/uploads/Free/capitalhomesteading-s.pdf.

  27. Oh, so “building a guillotine factory” is not making a threat? I see how this works now. That is why Soros, Steyer, Bloomberg, Clinton = good and Koch = evil.

  28. EVERY Republican voted NO to repealing Citizens United and EVERY Democrat voted YES. Democrats are calling for big money out of politics. Republicans will have none of it.

  29. I would support him if I thought he had any chance of winning in the general election. However I think a self proclaimed socialist doesn’t have a chance with the greener public and if he loses it means a republican president.

  30. Pay attention to local elections. Blog. comment. Turn off the TV. Stop humoring whackjobs and trolls.

    Be kind to others. Educate yourselves. Real education, not propaganda.

  31. I thought Bernie was an independent. Shouldn’t he be calling for the demise of PACs from both dems and republicans. After all, theoverall, mega-donors giving solely to Democratic Party groups pumped $228.4 million into super PACs, or 62 percent of the total, compared with $109.6 million for Republican mega-donors.
    Bernie looks like he has been bought an sold by the much larger money in politics, the liberal democrats. What a shame

  32. Even more to your point, Andy, the Kochs have literally bought the Republican Party. The fact that all potential Republican candidates have to attend a Koch Bros. Summit in order to beg on bended knee for their money speaks volumes.

    Neither Soros nor Buffet exercise that kind of ownership over the Democrats.

  33. Can we start hiring proofreaders, PoliticusUSA? Really… read over Bernie’s supposed quote again. Then, listen to the video. He talks in sentences, unlike the transcription.

  34. He is running as a Democrat, that’s his whole purpose, to get the message out and force the conversation.

  35. Time to get out the pitch forks and torches and go hunting these nutbags. We should have a take no prisoner philosophy, time had come to put an end to this. No one should own a country no matter how much money they think they have. Capitalism one major fault, it needs a cap on how money someone can have or how much money one can donate to politics. No workarounds, no exempts, voting should be mandatory and churches should pay taxes.

  36. America’s wealth grew by 60 percent in the past six years, by over $30 trillion. In approximately the same time, the number of homeless children has also grown by 60 percent. 49.7 million people are now poor, 50% of children live in poverty, and 80% of the total population near poverty. April 2015 Americans not in the labor force rise to record 93,194,000. It is time to rain money on the people. It would only take $175.3 billion to raise everyone in poverty up to the poverty line in the US, so little compared to the trillions given away by our elected leaders to the rich and corporations.
    Republicans in the US Senate and House just passed a budget resolution to cut $5 trillion over 10 years slashing or eliminating popular federal programs like job creation initiatives, the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, SNAP/Food Stamps, and public education, estimated at losing over 2.3 million jobs, and taking away Obamacare insurance for 17 million people. Many will die!

  37. Don’t kid yourself,Obama’s election was bought by the rich elite just as any other president of the last many decades.
    Getting him in office was even many times more expensive than getting Bush reelected the last time. Don’t think there is any real election, the billionaires dictate who wins. So, Obama is also there because they wanted him there. Something to think about.

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