Editorial Cartoon: OLD is NEW


11 Replies to “Editorial Cartoon: OLD is NEW”

  1. Will some one PLEASE slap some common sense into this fool, oh yeah, I forgot, goper’s are just made that way…morons!![WINK]

  2. He kept saying Hillary is yesterday. He cannot be more blatantly yesterday on his Cuba position. Apparently he thinks everything is just fine with keeping the same 50 year policies in place.

  3. The GOP-regressive. Still propping up the Robber Barons (Koch and Walton’s this time) and supporting policies that turn the clock back on women.

  4. Marco Rubio is confused. To him: What’s Old is New. And what’s New is Old to him.
    How can he move forward? And just who are those retro-grades WILLING TO FOLLOW Marco’s Bus to nowhere?

  5. More solid evidence that the Republicans and Conservatives are all suffering from a mass delusion and personality disorders that can only be describes as genetic in origin. Add that to a culture of ignorance and faith and you have a human being that is nearly worthless and even dangerous to the benefit of mankind. Only by firm Democratic legislation elected by and for the people AND the strict adherence by enforcement to a SECULAR interpretation of our constitution will we ever be the nation that we have never been…but once where. Confused by that last line? We once where that nation! in the minds of our founding fathers and in the documents that they wrote. The Right Wing refuses to see those truths and attempts to wipe out everything that is a government Of the People! By the People! And For the People!

  6. The tea bag/repubs haven’t had a “new” idea since…

    unless one of their G’s is in it,
    GAYS, GOD, GUNS, GREED and GYNOCOLOGY and sprinkled with FEAR and IGNORANCE

    they’ve repackaged themselves numerious times but they’re the same idiots with a new lipstick color.

  7. The real idiots are the idiots who vote for these assclowns and foist them on all of America. Also the idiots who don’t vote.

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