Gov. Mike Pence Declares The Storm Has Passed While GOP Keeps Voting For Discrimination

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Embattled Indiana Republican Governor Mike Pence told reporters on Tuesday that the storm surrounding the state’s decision to pass a discriminatory religious freedom law had finally passed. Pence confidently declared:

I think the difficult time that Indiana just passed through two weeks ago is behind us.

Reeling from his declining approval numbers, and a sustained backlash from passing the law, Pence is trying to put the controversy behind him. Indiana hired a global public relations firm, Porter Novelli, and the state is paying them over two million dollars to try to mend Indiana’s tarnished image.

Pence defended hiring the PR firm, and he stated:

We’ve got a great story to tell. I really do believe that we are through the storm, that now’s the time to heal.

Whether it is wishful thinking or cynical damage control, Pence’s words came against a backdrop where Indiana Republican lawmakers are continuing to cast their votes for, rather than against, anti-gay discrimination.

Republican lawmakers shot down a bill introduced by Democrat Rep. Ed Delaney (Indianapolis) on Tuesday which would have extended statewide protections to gays and lesbians from discrimination in housing, employment, education and public accommodation. They also killed a separate measure, on a 40-10 party-line vote, simply to create a committee to study the possibility of adding statewide protections from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

So while Governor Pence is trying to declare the storm is over, members of his party continue to keep the issue alive, by refusing to reject discrimination against LGBT residents. No matter how much Governor Pence spends on pricey PR firms to repair Indiana’s image, the Hoosier brand will remain soiled, as long as Republicans continue to dominate state politics with their antiquated, homophobic views.  Instead of hiring a PR firm maybe the Republican Party should shift their focus away from damage control, and actually try to do the right thing, by rejecting discrimination in all its forms.

9 Replies to “Gov. Mike Pence Declares The Storm Has Passed While GOP Keeps Voting For Discrimination”

  1. Yes, the storm has passed because no one’s going to bother with Indiana anymore. Let them live happily ever after with their discrimination laws as fewer & fewer people will bother to go to or through the state of Indiana again.

    Indiana residents ought to be outraged their governor is using 2 million of their tax dollars to pay a firm to improve the state’s public relations when he shouldn’t have damaged them in the first place & since it won’t help.

  2. Too little, too late. The damage is already firmly entrenched. Whether you’re for discrimination or against it makes no difference.

    Indiana = discrimination = religious bigotry

    That is what the nation has seen and continues to see. Pence and his PR firm can do nothing but remind us of the state’s discriminatory political policies.

    Indiana has a lot of company, but they’re considered the poster child of this evil religiosity. They’ve just begun to suffer the negative consequences as businesses and sane people cross Indiana off their list.

  3. I live in IN and draw attention to it whenever I can. I go out of state to buy big things like cars and electronics and when I do, I tell the people around me why. Most of the time I get “good for you!” but every so often someone gets pissy about it. I let them know they can drive to IN and support bigotry all they want but not me so fuck off.

  4. No PR firm will be able to salvage the presidential aspirations he had going into the fine mess he created, either.

  5. The sad part of this is that the majority of Indianans DO NOT support discrimination. BUT… and it’s a big but, the fake christians in the legislature hold sway with their bigoted policies. The sane people in Indiana forgot to vote in the last election, we’ll just have to wait and see if they correct their mistake in the next election cycle.

  6. The best PR cannot cover up bad Law. Sad that the ‘Governor’s’ response is not to improve governance and move closer to the ‘more perfect Union’ of the Constitution, but to throw more high-priced bullshit, paid for with our tax dollars.

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