Even His Home State of New Jersey Believes Chris Christie Should Not Be President


The 2016 Presidential election news cycle has been consumed this week by Democratic juggernaut Hillary Clinton’s official entry into the contest, as well as Republican junior Senator Marco Rubio’s Monday evening announcement. The narrative, such as Rubio would have it, pits tomorrow (himself) against yesterday (Clinton). Meanwhile the former Secretary of State cools her heels waiting to find out when and if any real competition is going to show up.

Whatever Rubio’s fitness level, or lack thereof, for becoming the next Leader of the Free World, it is doubtless that he can count on a goodly amount of support from his home state, should he survive the primaries. A recent report from The Hill puts Rubio’s approval rating at 40 percent in Florida, a figure that might be higher if the Senator had stuck to his immigration reform guns. The Sunshine State’s 24 percent Latino demographic would certainly have rewarded the lawmaker’s relative gumption.

But I digress. You know who from the potential Republican field can’t depend upon love from his home turf? That would be New Jersey Governor and Bridgegate star Chris Christie. According to an April 15 release from Rutgers University’s Eagleton Institute of Politics:

“An increasing number of New Jersey registered voters think Christie would not make a good President, according to the latest Rutgers-Eagleton Poll. Just 24 percent think Christie would be a good President, while 69 percent say he would not, a 10-point increase in negativity since a February poll.”

The summation is damning enough, but a further drill down of the report gleaned from interviewing 860 registered adults puts the situation more starkly. David Redlawsk, Director of Public Interest Polling at the Eagleton Center observes:

“Voters who know Governor Christie best simply do not see him as President… New Jerseyans have watched him in good times and bad. While his strengths were on display after the Sandy disaster, he was seen as just another politician after the Bridgegate scandal and the investigations it spawned, and he has never recovered.”

What is an overbearing, bullying, misogynist State chief to do? Although Capitol Hill talking heads are prone to over speculation, it seems conventional wisdom may have gotten it right in early 2014 in declaring Christie’s White House run over before it started. Last month Washington Examiner reporter T. Becket Adams wrote that the Governor “has seen his Presidential ambitions shrink to little more than a pipe dream.” Ouch.

Chris Christie is learning a humble, overdue lesson: do not mess with the people, especially the rush hour commute to their livelihoods, over petty personal politics. That said, it seems New Jersey voters are accustomed to Christie’s unique variety of hubris and fully expect him to run away – tarnished brand and lack of local support notwithstanding. The Eagleton report notes:

“Despite declining job ratings at home and his apparent status as an also-ran in national Republican polls, a majority of respondents – 58 percent of Democrats, 55 percent of independents, and

63 percent of Republicans – still expect Christie to run for President.”

Sometimes a good case can be made for predictability. But when it comes to the 1-2 combo of Governor’s Christie’s abrasive corruption mixed with delusions of grandeur, New Jersey voters encourage the nation to look elsewhere for our next POTUS.

16 Replies to “Even His Home State of New Jersey Believes Chris Christie Should Not Be President”

  1. Christie will be one of the numerous also-ran gopers chasing after the impossible. But I hope he runs. The more the merrier. Each new goper candidate just splinters the party even further. The repugs still haven’t figured out that a vision for the future can’t be found looking in the rear view mirror.

  2. If even his home State of New Jersey does not see him fit to be President….that will translate to the rest of the country that: DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT VOTING for our Governor. YOU’LL BE SOREEEEEEE!
    With that said, Christies is toast. End of Story. Don’t even try Christie, it will be a waste of your time and effort—plus you WILL tire out. All those flights, running here and running there. Up and down Aircraft steps, not eating enough on the road, not sleeping enough on the road—it wears a man out.
    And frankly speaking Guv. You don’t look like you are in SHAPE. There I said it. ;)

  3. It looks like there isn’t money in the state for TAX REFUNDS.

    TAX REFUNDS seem to be taking longer to get processed. Normally, I would have received my refund, but it’s April 15th, and the status still shows ‘being processed’ with a 2 week ETF delay after that.

    I guess they have to wait for money to come in before they can send anything out.

    This is what happens when you have budget shortfalls, yet continue with 5 years of $1BILLION tax cuts for folks making over $400K a year. You know, the “job creators” who haven’t created anything, because NJ is lumbering along in its recovery.

  4. Just like the fine print disclosure on so many insurance policies and warranties Chris Christy bid for the oval office is “Not applicable in the State Of New Jersey”

  5. He says he would only cut SS payments to people making over something like 100 grand and phase it our for people making 200 grand on investments. How many people believe that bullshit?

  6. Christie’s big mouth, bravado & large size just mask his deep feelings of insecurity & inferiority. It’s laughable that he believes he is qualified to run for president when he can’t even run the state of NJ.

    In 2016 Christie won’t be governor or president, he’ll just go the way of Eric Cantor into a Wall Street private sector job if he isn’t in prison.

  7. Telling one of your constituents to sit down and shut-up at a press conference really demonstrates that he’s presidential material. Not!!

    I hope he does run, though. I agree with John Taylor — the more, the merrier. Wait until they all have to start picking each other apart to show they’re the better candidate. Pull up a chair and get the popcorn ready. This should be fun!

  8. The whole SS suggestion is to get a shoe in the door of denying folks their benefits- that’s it.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what Republicans will do with such an ability.

    And Chris Christie? More mayhem.

  9. The same idiots who screamed “no to government healthcare and don’t touch my medicare” may vote for him

  10. I’ve watched Christie bully and browbeat New Jersey for the last few years and he’s a one trick pony. He thought he could make the transition from Federal prosecutor to Governor to President. He ignored the fact that you need a personality and the ability to compromise and negotiate to get what you want to be successful at higher office. The Blob still thinks he’s a prosecutor and that’s how he treats anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

  11. With his stance on criminalization of marijuana and social security/medicare cuts, I think it’s pretty clear that not even *Christie* believes he’s got a snowball’s chance.

    He’s evidently doing this because running will take him out of New Jersey for the campaign and away from all of the NJ residents who hate him.

    He probably should just resign, like Palin, and get a gig on Fox News.

  12. Mike Pence and Chris Christie — both of these guys have literally killed their own pipe dreams of being President with their own arrogance, hubris and stupidity.

    This election season is going to be fun to watch — perhaps the complete destruction of the neo-Republican Party.

  13. Just before Christie got elected we had looked at moving out of NJ. After having Corzine as our governor it seemed like nothing would ever change especially with all the corruption that goes on in NJ politics. We actually traveled to other states and looked at homes. Then came Christie who seemed like an honest man that would finally get things done for the people. Well we are still waiting for him to do anything.I even voted for him and now there are no words that can describe the utter disappointment I and my family have in this man.

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