For The First Time Since 2009 More Americans Approve Of Obama’s Handling Of The Economy

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A Bloomberg Politics/Selzer & Company poll conducted from April 6-8 and released on April 16th finds more Americans approve of President Obama’s handling of the economy than disapprove. The national survey of 1,008 U.S. adults found that American optimism is growing. 49 percent of Americans approve of the job Barack Obama is doing with the economy, compared to 46 percent who disapprove. While those numbers show fairly modest backing of the President, they are his best marks on the economy since September 2009.

The survey also found that Americans view President Obama and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton more favorably than any prominent figures in the Republican Party. Barack Obama was viewed favorably by 52 percent of respondents to 45 percent who have an unfavorable view. Hillary Clinton had a slightly less robust 48-44 favorable rating, but her husband, former President Bill Clinton, had a 60-32 favorable rating, as Americans still recall the economic boom that took place during the Clinton presidency.

By contrast, none of the GOP presidential hopefuls, or Republican members of Congress are viewed positively, except for Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who barely registers on the plus side with a 32-31 favorable rating. President Obama’s chief antagonists in Congress, House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell both are viewed very negatively by the American people. McConnell has an upside down 25-35 favorable rating and John Boehner sports and even more dismal 24-48 favorable rating.

The polling company’s President, J. Ann Selzer said the results demonstrated a growing optimism about America’s economic future and a revival in President Obama’s popularity as well. Selzer stated:

The uptick extends not just to Obama but to the mood of the country and to things getting better. This will be an interesting potential transition, if it’s a movement that signals the country is more cognizant about things turning better and that, in an indirect way, they’re feeling better about Obama.

Since the poll was last conducted in June 2014, Americans have become more optimistic about future job growth, the housing market and America’s standing in the world, all positive signs that President Obama is steering America forward, even though the economic recovery has not been felt evenly across the nation.

When Barack Obama entered the White House, he inherited one of the deepest recessions in American history. From the beginning, he took bold steps as chief executive to try to get the economy moving again. Now, well into his second term, Americans have begun to recognize that those steps worked and that the President should be commended for moving the economy forward again.

10 Replies to “For The First Time Since 2009 More Americans Approve Of Obama’s Handling Of The Economy”

  1. That poll would show a higher approval number if they didn’t keep polling damned Republicans who will NEVER approve of anything this Black Democratic president does, and who are the reason why President Obama’s approval ratings barely tip above 50%.

    There was a poll that showed that, comparing polls during Presidents Clinton and G.W. Bush.

  2. I think the recent activity by the GOP, the estate tax cut, the budget that so blatantly favors the wealthy at the expense of the nation, is tilting the tide against the GOP.

  3. If America votes these corrupt, evil republicons back into the White House with control of the House and Senate, America is doomed.

  4. Just think where we could be economically if he had ANY help. He has dragged our corrupt government out of the ditch. The GOP has sacrificed our citizens at every level to spite his efforts. History will treat him admirably and those who stood in the way with disgrace.

  5. If by some Diebold chance a Republican President gets elected in 2016, he will attempt to take credit for the improved economy.
    And when the inevitable recession hits- will be blamed onto Obama.

  6. Silly poor americans had to approve him and go to polling stations during both ’10 and ’14 midterms. Instead they stayed home and gave the Congress to stupid gop morons. The result is a pending AG confirmation, a stalled immigration and climate bills and so on.

    Wake up lazy voters: ’16 is nearing!

  7. Turtle McConnell already has tried to take credit. He played his bogus hand during the midterms. He’s not only delustional — he’s certifably insane.

  8. “Now, well into his second term, Americans have begun to recognize that those steps worked and that the President should be commended for moving the economy forward again.”

    Short term memory Americans have finally come around. A record string of job growth months, 401ks rebounded ,millions now with health coverage at a cost lower than projected. And still only 49% APPROVE. Sickening the shallow intellect of Americans.

  9. Ok you have one favorable poll mentioned. Look at the real clear politics poll which is a listing of many polls. Obama is below 50 percent approval in in just about every poll. Except the one mentioned in this article. This also is a lesser known and less respected than other major polls. Can anyone dispute this fact.

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