Bad News For Republicans As Americans’ Optimism About Finances Hits An 11 Year High


The bad news keeps piling up for Republicans as a new Gallup poll found that American optimism about their own finances has reached an 11 year high.

According to Gallup:

A majority of Americans, 52%, say their financial situation is “getting better,” the highest percentage to say this since 2004. It is also the first time since the recession that this sentiment has reached the majority level.


Gallup has been asking Americans whether their financial situation is getting better or getting worse since 2001. Americans were most positive about the outlook for their personal finances in 2002, when 60% said their financial situation was getting better, while they were least optimistic about their condition in 2011 (29%), as the government showdown over raising the debt ceiling led to instability in the stock market.


Not only is there a sizable gap between young and older Americans’ views, but there is also a significant divide between Republicans’ and Democrats’ perceptions of whether their financial situation is getting better. Thirty-eight percent of Republicans say their situation is getting better while 63% of Democrats say the same. Republicans barely budged from 37% last year, while Democrats jumped 11 points from 2014. Independents’ views fall roughly in between the two main parties, with 52% saying that their situation is getting better. This matches the overall percentage of Americans who say this.

Optimism about the economy is horrible news for Republicans who have been arguing over the course of the entire Obama presidency that his policies were failing and making the economy worse. The 2016 Republican candidates have all embraced the mantra that President Obama has failed, and that the path to true economic recovery is tax cuts for the wealthy, deregulation, cuts to programs that benefit the middle-class and the poor.

The Gallup poll reveals that the only people who are buying the dire Republican rhetoric about the economy are fellow Republicans. Republican candidates who badmouth the economy run the risk of looking like they are out of touch with reality. The growing optimism is a perfect match for what us likely to be Hillary Clinton’s campaign message that she can turn the Obama economic recovery into an economic boom.

The Obama recovery is rolling, and the American people are noticing.

13 Replies to “Bad News For Republicans As Americans’ Optimism About Finances Hits An 11 Year High”

  1. meanwhile while all these side shows are going on, the corrupt swine in both houses are about to give the prez super secret ability to make rules under this new TPP. its going on RIGHT NOW. but no, lets have stupid crap to beef about while the corporations screw everyone again. its called, shafta.


  2. yep… as Pinhead Mitch claimed… the economy got better as soon as the 2014 election results were in due to the overwhelming optimism generated by the Republican takeover of the Senate…

    stand back and watch their dust as they give a lesson in how to govern…

    frozen in positions and getting dustier and dustier by their lack of movement…

  3. “——Hillary Clinton’s campaign message is that she can turn the Obama economic recovery into an economic boom.

    The Obama recovery is rolling, and the American people are noticing.———”

    It’s rolling even for the Republican voters, even if they don’t like to admit it, because, well just because they don’t want to seem as if they are touting Obama’s successes. Or, Republicans just are NOT participating in the boom, because again…well they are spiteful. Offer them a hand and they slap it away just because it comes from the Democrats and the Democratic President-Obama. You know what comes to mind: Ted Cruz is against Obamacare and want’s to repeal it, right?, YET, YET he has enrolled in it, because his wife no longer get Work place insurance so he and his family are NOT covered by any employers. So, their safety net IS….tadaa: OBAMACARE. Astounding irony no? Republicans. Ugh! Democrats fix the broken bus, they get on instead of walking, then curse the driver …

  4. The democrats have been cleaning up since 1981. Reagan and the great SS heist in 1985, 1987 Iran-Contra, 1991 the first Iraq war, 2001 NYC hit, 2003 that war of LIES started, 2007 wall street/housing crashed casusing the economic meltdown.
    Trillions of tax $$ have been flushed by the GOPee.

  5. It doesn’t give President Obama any super duper powers, it makes it where the bill goes to the House and the Senate for an up or down vote with no amendments. I think it is a bad deal, but as much as I disagree with fast track, it still has to be voted on, so it can be shut down.

  6. I’m more inclined to think they’ll try to persuade people the economy is not really so great. Fits in better with the doom and gloom, socialists are destroying America meme.

  7. Who do I think are socialists? Sanders is the only socialist. What do RWNJs think? Any Democrat or liberal is a godless Marxist or fascist (or both!) — hellbent on destroying what made America great.

  8. History seems to show Republicans rack up debt by giving it away to the rich(their big business donors)and Democrats consistently have to come in and clean up after them. Repubs are the definition of a spoiled child that wont clean up his toys.

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