Senate Democrats Push Mitch McConnell To The Breaking Point By Refusing To Back Down


Senate Democrats sent a strong message to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell by refusing to back down on their demand that anti-abortion language be removed from the human trafficking bill.

In remarks on the Senate floor, Democratic Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) said:

The most important question for a party in power is simply: “Can you govern?” Or in other words, “Can you steer this ship? Can you pilot this great nation of ours?” We are just over 100 days into this Republican-controlled Congress, and it is already clear that the Republican Leader and his side are not up to the task.

For evidence, look no further than Republican’s botched handling of the human trafficking bill before the Senate. The Majority Leader and the Assistant Majority Leader took a good, bipartisan piece of legislation and steered it right into the rocks.


What has taken place on the direction of human trafficking is an effort to obfuscate, to hide the real purpose of the legislation. We all agree that human trafficking should stop. With this legislation we have before us is a step in the right direction and we want to support that legislation and our friend the republican leader says all ire complaining about is a sentence or so. That’s why people spend all these years going to law school and taking these contracts courses. That’s why my friend, Assistant Republican Leader who served as a trial court judge, a Texas Supreme Court justice, he dealt during his entire career with lawyers coming to him talking about sentences in a contract or sentences on a piece of legislation. That’s what this is all about. And we should eliminate those sentences that here allow Hyde to be expanded to non-taxpayer money. We cannot allow that to happen.

It’s over 100 days into this Congress, we should move forward and get this bill done and it’s time on this legislation Republicans right the ship. If human trafficking legislation is any indication, Republicans haven’t a desire to govern dependably and I think that’s unfair. I hope, I hope that this cloture vote will be defeated. Perhaps at that time people will finally come to the realization we’re willing to do whatever needs to be done to change this language so that Hyde language does not apply to taxpayer dollars.

Like I said, we’re just over 100 days into this Congress. It’s not too late. There is time for Republicans to right this ship, if they want to. But if the human trafficking legislation is any indication, Republicans haven’t any desire to dependably govern.

Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans are trying to prove that they can strong arm their agenda past the Democrats. For Republicans, this legislative battle is about demonstrating their power. Democrats don’t want to set the precedent of agreeing to anti-choice language that gets unnecessarily attached to legislation. Senate Democrats have a legitimate complaint about what Sen. McConnell has done to this piece of legislation.

Reid pointed out in his remarks that Democrats have offered four different potential solutions, but Republicans have rejected them all. Senate Republicans are tanking their own legislation by turning it into a partisan power play, Republicans have demonstrated that they aren’t interested in coming to the middle and governing. The difference is that it is Mitch McConnell’s job as Majority Leader that is on the line.

McConnell has grown increasingly desperate to demonstrate that he can lead a majority that is capable of governing. Democrats are well aware of McConnell’s desperation, which is why they aren’t backing down. Pushing is coming to shove for Sen. McConnell, and he has to make a decision. Either he is going to come to the middle and govern, or he is going to go down with the sinking Republican ship.

One thing is certain. Democrats aren’t going to be strong-armed, and they are not going to back down.

10 Replies to “Senate Democrats Push Mitch McConnell To The Breaking Point By Refusing To Back Down”

  1. It has been clear since Boehner took over as Leader in name Only in the House that the GOP will not be led. By anyone except Satan. They signed their nasty pledge, they took their Koch dollars, and dammit, they are not going to do anything that helps anyone but themselves. Never. Now that they stole the Senate leadership, McConnell is seeing that leading is way harder than obstructing. Compromise? A dirty word to the GOP. Well, good luck, sir. You made this bed, and now you can either remember what it is like to be a human being, or you can go down with the rest of the party. And good riddance.

  2. The Hyde amendment is a simple rework of Jim Crow using religion. Women pay taxes. Religious beliefs have no role in dictating medical funding. Period.

    My military career was spent living under the iron fist of Hyde. It gives cover for misogynist commanders to exclude women from integration under the guise of ‘concern.’

    Hyde is well named. It’s a means to hide systemic discrimination against tax-paying American citizens.

    Tyranny takes many forms.

  3. The tea bag/repubs govern by the 5 G’s

    sprinkled with FEAR and IGNORANCE

  4. Although it’s way, way, way past time McConnell & Boehner stopping putting unnecessary language into bills and/or not allowing bills to voted upon, nothing will change until more people pay attention to what the GOP is doing & hold them accountable.

    Since most people are too busy just trying to survive & keep a roof over their heads and/or they’ve become cynical & apathetic towards civil involvement things will improve at a snails pace if they do at all.

  5. Think so too Moongrim. If the Dems’s had stood up the very first time the thugs tried to seam roll an issue. Like their claiming they were going to impeach The Pres, before he even took office saying they were going to obstruct any thing and every thing. Bonehead and McConnel got the idea they were untouchable. Turns out they aren’t! SOOoo glad that finally, the Dem’s are taking control. Push those evil devils till they scream…Uncle!!

  6. Mitch and his mob of misogynists cannot govern for all. They are Partisan Hacks.
    The President makes things look easy ‘cos he cares and is intelligent; THE GOP MOBsters don’t know how to even begin to govern.

  7. McConnell won’t allow a confirmation vote on Loretta
    Lynch because his Koch masters haven’t given him the
    go ahead nod. Both majority leaders in the House and
    Senate remind me of the RCA logo dog with his head
    tilted listening to his master’s (Koch Ind.) voice. The song
    remains the same people.

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